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How to Finish the Pregnancy Test Request Form Colorado gov in 9 Steps on the Internet?

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How CocoSign Can Assist to You substitute Pregnancy Test Request Form Colorado gov

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Instruction of Finishing the Pregnancy Test Request Form Colorado gov

we are.very excited to have you here today so.today's webinar we have uh with us.uh naomi letter or the title of the.webinar is food energy water health and.informacion on espanol uh web guides.featuring u.s government websites.naomi is professor emerita at colorado.state university libraries and was the.government information librarian.at csul which was a selective deposit or.is a selective depository.in the years before she retired she.completed the fdlp.coordinator certificate program as part.of the 2018 cohort.and used government documents throughout.her entire career.so we're going to hand over to naomi and.get started.so a little bit about me i'm also part.of the accidental librarian even though.i've used them my whole career.because um it was added to my other.responsibilities.i've been a generalist and then mostly a.humanities subject specialist.in my career and then but i did take.government documents.at library schools so i i've been into.them.i'm gonna this is a rough outline of.what i'm going to be talking about i'm.going to be talking about.recommendations for building guides.and there's going to be repetition.because.i i know that with webinars sometimes.children cats dogs and other assorted.uh animate objects can.interrupt so i wanted to.make sure that the key important points.get repeated often enough.and then i just want to encourage you.just like linda has.to type any questions or comments in the.chat.and i'm happy to talk with you after the.session as well.i've not put my email on here because.this is going to go in.on youtube but your librarians and i did.chat yesterday and i'm still in the.directory so you can find me.and uh the first thing about building.guides that i think is important is.to have an introduction you know what is.the purpose of the guide.and then it is also sometimes helpful to.mention the audience and how you're.arranging it.and then key access points or in other.words a rough table of contents.depending on what you're doing.and so for example uh in the government.information introduction there you know.the way the libguides are set up there's.a line up there and.ditto with the history there's line and.then i have an additional.introduction underneath and in the.government documents i'm saying.you know that we're trying to select.items that we believe to be.helpful to local researchers defined as.our affiliates and citizens who live in.our congressional district.but i do go on to say you know.government publications are available to.the entire public.and that's something i think it's.important to emphasize when you're.talking about government documents.and so you know i have the example that.i have from my history one of my subject.areas.um how i arranged that guide.and then i feel it's so so so important.to annotate your entries.i can't tell you how often i've gone to.web pages and there's no annotation.and so i don't know do i want to click.on the first one do i want to click on.the third one.is the fifth one interesting i don't.know so.i'm telling a little bit about what's in.that link.is really helpful and so uh the the.arrow is pointing to you know there's.over.300 collections divided into these.subjects.at the library of congress now i don't.bother to repeat an.annotation that it's a digital.collection but if that isn't obvious.from the title of the page.you know i would have added that in.there and then i think it's also.important for databases and i have an.example here from one of my history.pages.where i'm saying hey by the way this.covers the us and canada.and some latin america and then these.are terms that i recommend to search.subject terms that identified.and then going on when trying to share.these things you want to have the.shortest.tidiest url you can you can get.uh one of the things i i wish was always.possible is the url should fit on a.pencil.now i know just you know from my own.personal experience that sometimes i.can't control what's going on at the.beginning of the url.but the minute you have control make it.as brief.and as clear as possible that's.that's going to be important uh if for.no other reason you want to be able to.find your own paper.page quickly later as well you know.you're teaching a class and you say oh i.have a page on such and such.and you can just quickly say oh well.it's going to be health or food or.something at the end of it.and so now i'm going to talk about the.information on espanol.and i do want to thank the two women who.translated the pages for me.since spanish is not my second language.or my first language.but you know i had a rationale for.creating the page after i became the.government information librarian i'm.thinking hey wait a minute you know in.colorado we have a lot of spanish.speakers.and you know part of our land grant.mission is.reaching out to the entire state.community so.i think it made perfect sense to create.a guide.in spanish showing the government pages.that are are useful.for them my plan is after i get through.my slides to go visit the pages.on the web directly but you know here's.the url.we have libguides now at colorado state.so you know i'm i'm stuck with.libguides.colostate.edu.but then you know okay gov info keeping.that great brief.and then s-penal without the nice little.tilde.for the the rest of the url.and then so i talk about the general.usgov.site and then i put things.alphabetically.i did notice i had a lot on health so i.made that separate.and then since i'm in colorado i said.okay here's the stuff.that's available in spanish here in.colorado.and then i'm still a librarian i can't.help myself and then stuff in print.that is in spanish.and so these were the categories.that i uh found and i always think it's.important to come up with your.categories after you've found your.sites because you know maybe there's.nothing on agriculture.so you know you don't want to have an.agriculture entry.there was and as you can see um.i alphabetized them on the or well you.can't i mean i have it here alphabetized.in spanish and on the page itself.they're alphabetized in spanish but.if it was going to be english health and.housing would of course.have it have different locations.and here's an example of the social.security page in spanish.and uh information about.you know disability helping with drug.costs retirement.i love the spanish word for retirement i.thought that was a wonderful wonderful.word.uh jubilation i can i can get into that.and you know as i said multiple entries.so i created a separate section but.because of my alphabetical list i said.okay.go go to the next box and.uh had you know entries.there i made the annotations in spanish.what i did is because.again i don't know spanish really well.i wrote things in english and then gave.them to the translator.to translate into spanish because you.know having the stuff in spanish i want.to describe them in spanish and.since i started this whole conversation.talking about the importance of.annotations i want to make sure.that i followed through with them.and then here's a section of colorado.information in spanish.and then some information from the.department of labor.they have some listings of things in.spanish and then.i have these things in english so that.if you know people asking.okay colorado resource guide for.families with children because.i wanted to be able to come up with that.quickly.and then you know for your own purposes.you will want to customize for your own.state.your own community whatever that happens.to be.uh you'll are there enough people in.your area that justify another language.and then if you don't know the language.yourself find a translator.and you know someone.who's familiar enough to to help you out.i was lucky enough that my.translators included a another librarian.so.i knew that things were going to be on.point for me.another thing is if you can find someone.else's page.you're welcome to you know i mean that's.the whole point of the web pointing to.other people's.stuff but i would recommend if you do.point to someone else's.page you you might emphasize say if you.were to point to the one at colorado.state university libraries.emphasis or subject you know divided.talking about colorado.and then include information about your.own state or region.on your own page with your own.annotations.and so uh the topical government.information guides.they were designed for the first year.composition students i was so excited.when there finally was a topic that lent.itself.to uh government information and.and it was food the first one.and they're listed on the government.information guide.uh on the left hand side you can see.there's the home page.and and then i have arrows appointing.the food water energy and health guides.and under them by the way is the.infamous spinal.and then on the right hand side i.have the screen snapshot of the page.from the.librarians guide for co 150.and you know she's nicely pointing to.the guides as well.so one of the things about government.information i felt is a lot of people.don't seek it out.because they don't really know they.exist and so what i'm trying to do.is get them outside of their own little.pigeon hole.and say oh you know i'm doing.composition and oh there's government.information that's that's really neat.and my hope is that the students will.get excited about these sources.and they know they exist and you know.they're learning they exist and then.also.they're useful because when you graduate.from university.you don't have access to all those.proprietary databases that we pay.mucho dollars for so the government.documents will be available.and so you know these were the guides.and um i i was so pleased because when i.came up.with the idea i started building the.page and i.shared it with the students in the.spring semester before.the food became the theme and you know.because well i i.think it's okay but what do students.think i mean they're my audience and so.it's very important to show these things.to students.and it was so flattering the students in.the class were really excited.their topic was not food but they were.really taken with the page.and i even got at least one possibly two.emails from students in the class.afterwards who said hey please share.that url with me.because i want to look at the things so.that just really pleased me a lot.because you know my.intended audience of first year.composition students.liked where i was going with it and and.the reason of course they needed the url.is i hadn't linked to it yet i was still.working on it.and so there's a table of contents so.that uh.one of my thing feelings about building.pages is.partly because i do tend to be.prolific shall we say but i also.recognize that it's no fun to scroll.through a lot of stuff.i just want to jump to thing i'm.interested in.i don't want to be scrolling i don't.know if food allergies is going to take.up.you know three clicks of the mouse or.whatever but i can just click on it.and get to where it is so i unless your.page is really brief i think a table of.contents.is really important and so you know i.talked about how food impacts life.and and because you know i'm at an.academic.library with access to reference.databases online.i did link to some proprietary databases.but i always made it very clear hey by.the way this is for csu affiliates.you can read more you know here.you know if you're a csu affiliate and.it's a sort of thing that if you know.someone from another library were to.point to it for.uh which would be lovely i don't think.anyone has but you know should that day.come.that they would say hey by the way.here's a link to our proprietary.database.that has definitions for these things.just to show that it all fits in nicely.so here are some urls for.things on you know eating.recommendations.and i really love the my plate um we saw.those on the spanish guide.and they're in multiple languages so if.you have arabic.speakers in your community you can have.choose choose my plate for them.and uh and one with that and then you.know another thing.food safety so talking about safe.temperatures.and and you know the food safety from.the view of the agriculture department.food safety from the view the centers.for disease control.it's showing you know the students oh.the government documents aren't just.one voice coming from one perspective.they.have uh you know various.goals purposes and as a researcher.you're going to have your own focus.and then i i really love that trash can.with the artistically.draping banana but you know food waste.is a.is a big topic.and then you know i feel like uh you.know as a librarian i'm trying to help.my students and so.while food insecurity is a topic i'm.also thinking to myself i could have.part of my audience who is food insecure.themselves so i'm like okay here by the.way.here are the programs that are available.so if you want to look at it from an.academic point of view be my guest.but then i'm also saying okay here are.our local courses.so if you need some assistance you might.be embarrassed to ask.but i've put it on this guide i i'm.trying to be helpful i'm not being.judgmental i'm like hey if you need some.food get some food.and hopefully there will be enough for.you.so you know particularly during these.times of the pandemic that's been a real.worry i understand in some of the k-12.but that's not what i'm covering now but.at any rate so there are opportunities.when you're pulling together these.resources.to point out things that can be useful.to your.your particular audience and so food you.got to grow it and harvest it.and so you know the department of labor.is going to be involved when you're.talking about who's planting it and.harvesting it.and then you know the government.accountability office is going to be.talking about.okay how do how do these programs work.uh.you know there's a committee so it's.hopefully informing the students about.things going on.uh food isn't just growing it and eating.it it's importing and exporting it.so hopefully the business students are.seeing some things and saying oh.oh okay that that might be interest for.me be interesting for me later.and then i also included on the page.some non-governmental sites and.and this was because the the then person.working with the first year composition.program asked me to do it.and i'm like hey you know you're you're.the person who's promoting it for me.so i want you to be very very happy i.mean i didn't say that to him but you.know.i'm thinking that and so he wants.international organizations.boom you're getting some international.organizations.and and it was legit i think because.it's something that does come up.uh as far as that's concerned.and then i did have a couple of things.in print.and then i'm a big fan of subject.headings so i included.subject headings for things so people.could look in the library catalog.and find not only print but additional.electronic resources.individual hearings for instance we have.those cataloged in our.collection and then uh so then.the next year two year two passed and.the first year composition said hey.we're not going to do energy and water.so i'm like okay and i really really.like the food they said please please.please.so i'm like that made me happy it's you.know again my audience is not me.i like to think i like them but i'm not.the one using them so.if the head of the composition program.likes them that makes me please.because that's a key audience for me.and so you know and then i'm also having.a conversation with the researchers.students whomever and um so i'm giving.advice there i'm saying hey you know you.see something on a website.and you think you might use it print it.out save it.keep it somehow because um.the pages can change and do i give this.advice also when people are using.newspaper websites.because those can change you know you.you clicked on it at 10 o'clock and it's.different at noon so.um you want to have documentation that.you can.show yes this is what it said at 10.o'clock on tuesday.and so here's some examples solar energy.so that's one kind of energy that.was out there and then i'm thinking oh.hey there's green jobs so careers.that's another aspect you can use i mean.how about jobs in the future are there.going to be jobs uh.and then you know energy.gov and so.maybe people will start thinking.oh that might be a useful place for me.to look for things.on another occasion and then you know.there's different kinds of energy.so radiant electromagnetic energy and i.found this rather fun.uh video.that that explains things in a charming.way so.hey it works for me i'm not an expert in.this area.and then you know a nice picture of the.spectrum.and then electrical energy and this is.example of one where i'm saying okay.look up electricity in one of our of our.databases.and uh i like the little dam with its.arrows showing.me where things are going and then you.know you can test your iq.about things so hopefully.you know a fun way to engage the.students and me i have to admit i took.some of the tests myself to see how he's.doing.and then you know wind energy is showing.you know there isn't just one kind of.energy and.uh being creative with it.and you know how do they work the wind.turbines.and um.and then nuclear energy is another form.of.energy by the way these are selective.i'm not showing you examples of all the.ones on the.web page and uh.you know and so global climate change.nuclear energy is one of the.guides this is a student's guide so.chances are.pretty good uh that i mentioned you know.the audiences.students and whatever.i did these a couple years ago so i.don't remember exactly what i said on.all of them.but there was something and then you.know energy consumption you might not be.interested in the.creation of it or how it's developed but.how how do people use it.and so you know energy prices is another.thing that.can impact people and uh.you know things like that.and then one of the things about the.libguides.if you're familiar with them is you can.repurpose.boxes from other pages and.i had already inherited as it turned out.some agency websites for energy and.statistical resources.and so i just put the boxes on my page.and then as i say on the screen there.i realized there weren't pictures there.and that was one thing i thought was.important.for the first year composition guide uh.and i'll be talking about this more.later.that i thought at least on my computer.screen that there would be pictures on.every screen.the things i imported from elsewhere.might not have happened so much but i.did add cute little pictures.for these two energy sources.and then of course i created the water.one.and water you know i want to.there you know i have a template for.these guides i sort of have a direction.i'm kind of going but.you need to give yourself some.flexibility so the the water actually.had two kinds of introductions.i started with uh talking about how much.water it takes to make a t-shirt because.you know.a lot of my audience college students.you know you pick up a t-shirt for.signing up for something.or you do a marathon or you know i just.i'm trying to raise awareness.of of this and and then.i you know included some scholarly.articles.you know so that you know it's not just.your librarian saying this i have some.scholars.who who have done lots of research on.this.and so thus the you know the asterisks.and the daggers.you know the sources from my information.i i think it's important.you know to cite my sources trying to.set a good example for the students.and then i you know have an introduction.and and then you know i go on to say hey.you know government documents are great.for this.so you know and we need water to grow.food and.uh you know i'm trying not to be.controversial here at all i'm just.trying to say hey by the way.here's some information to get you.started thinking.and and i have to admit and i've.mentioned this.a couple of times to people the the.water was the most depressing one i.built because there's so much about.unsafe water that.you can drown in it i learned about.radioactive material you cannot get it.out of.water so oh okay.so um but you know drinking water safety.we need that.and i remember when we put up a display.i included the u.s hearing.from flint michigan so it's certainly.not.an abstract topic about having safe.drinking water.and you know it's it's a genuine.need concern and uh you know.i would say a human right but you know.we'll try to avoid that kind of thing.and then we have uh water conservation.so that's another area.that has you know things to talk about.and then water use.how do we use it and so the students.could write about oh.using water and then hopefully they're.getting some good terms so that when.they're going and searching for.non-governmental sources.they you know have places to start.and then of course water and agriculture.one of the things i learned.is that although it didn't surprise me.is that most of the water used.in this country is for agriculture.and then you know we can get power from.water.this is the guide that we saw for the.nuclear.and there's one for water and there are.these rather large.documents that are available as pdf.online so i think you know particularly.during this pandemic it's nice to know.that it's more than just some of the.general generic things that are online.but some of the.documents that were traditionally in.print are now in pdf so students can.still access them.here's an example of okay i'm in.colorado so i'm going to talk about.colorado topics and you know you're in.another state you talk about your stage.topics.so you know colorado boulder denver.fort collins different.concerns and again you would customize.for your.your own place.and the usgs has some wonderful.information and so you can change your.water resource to whatever geographic.area you might be in yourself.and uh.we have a wonderful caro state.publications library.she sends things out they're quite.interesting and i said hey can i just.put your blog entry on my guide and she.said sure.so uh you know so i did get permission.for just copying and pasting her.her list and i just set it off with an.introduction if you have a list of.titles isn't.necessary to annotate every single last.one of them but you do want to set them.up.so you know and i do warn people that.that water plan is.almost 600 pages so you know a little.entry warning and then.the water also had some maxed i'm sorry.mapped.box entries and i don't think i actually.put pictures on these yet but.um just to round off.what that was doing at any rate.um the guides happily i'm so pleased.because i.spent a lot of time on them uh proved.popular among the composition people so.when health came.around the first year comp person said.hey can you do this.and i said bye when she said before.summer semester and i want to know i.beat it.they had it done the friday before the.monday classes.so so in this one uh you know again i'm.going to have my introduction.and some links to affiliate sources i.have some quotes about.health and uh.the table of contents for health ended.up being so long i put pictures.even on the table of contents because it.was like oh my gosh.i i i am trying to have my policy of.images on every screen.uh well every one of my screens.and uh the tablecon's got really long.and it has all these subdivisions and.then my suggestion about table of.contents is to make.uh to finish the page first and.uh and then put the table of contents.together because you want to have a.sequence that makes sense.um and in fact um.i changed the sequence at the request of.the current co 150 librarian.again i need that person to be happy.happy to make that person happy that's.and she said okay if you could shift.things this way i said sure.happy to do that so the sections.have their own little introduction.and a little information about what's.going to be in that.area and then.um these were the other subsections from.that table of content so i'm repeating.the stuff at the top.and then i'm including it in the middle.and.you know lower parts of the document.because again.it is lengthy and i'm trying to be user.friendly so someone can just jump.and click on the individual thing they.want.without having to scroll endlessly.and so in addition to the um annotations.that i feel so strongly about.is uh you know give some research tips.hey by the way.uh you know it's on the web anyone's.going to get to this so.i can say oh search your browser for.this.and uh this is my recommendation for.coming up with.um health sites for other.states and locations and so.you know not all my audience is local i.mean we have students from out of state.and whatnot so hey i want to be helpful.to them.and then you know given these trying.times and actually it was kind of.interesting working on this health guide.during the beginning of the pandemic.because nearly every single government.information page.had all this information about coved and.so i was trying to filter through.say okay uh yeah is this going to be.useful.after the crisis because uh.you know things are going to move on i.hope eventually.sooner rather than later but you know we.need to be ready for them at any rate.you know colorado has a crisis service.so.my students might be in crisis hey.there's a service.you can use.and then you know health is beyond.physical.and mental there's also you know.financial health and.i'm a big money smart week fan i was.quite crushed but i certainly.did not object uh but you know we.cancelled moneysmart week this year.and you know i'd lined up all my.speakers i'd raised money i've done all.this stuff but anyway.um the new government information.librarian uh.has my money smart week information so.hopefully.when things clear up there'll be another.money smart week at csu libraries.so other things to note in an annotation.is.you know i'm doing my health guide in.english.but hey this information is also in.spanish so.i'm like okay here and i put the term in.spanish.and this is quite purposefully because.that way if someone's just searching the.web.they're searching it in spanish probably.if they're looking for.information in spanish and so this will.come up.and hopefully they know about find on a.page but at any rate.um you know i'm saying hey also in.spanish.that's available to you another thing.that i think is super important when.creating your guides is putting the home.organization.so you know medline cdc i got this from.the department of labor i got this from.energy i got this from health and human.services wherever you get it from.i think it's important to put it there.it helps your students with their.citations.but i've also found it extremely useful.when pages have disappeared from time to.time.i know i have a starting point and just.informationally a lot of the stuff on.the epa's.is under archives just just so you know.you may have already noticed it yourself.anyway um so those are things i've done.but then things you can do in addition.to the things i've already.been discussing is you know.create your own guide you know introduce.the topic.link to the sites and pages you know.please.annotate them describe what's there you.know is it photographs.manuscripts what kind of ears are.covered.uh you know do you need some special.software to use it.um there's all sorts of considerable.considerations.that you um want to make sure you don't.neglect.and then you know here are my examples.where i'm introducing the topic.you know i'm talking about food we need.it for.life and um you know i talk about how.dietary.needs can vary even from person to.person.you know food exists in legend and meth.you know and how water on earth you know.does impact the kind of life we have.and then the kind of energy just saying.hey there's more than just you know.energy is a generic term and then.talking about health.so i'm going to hammer it in again you.got to have annotations.or you know why would i click on this.one instead of that one.oh so give give people a clue i think.that's so important.now sometimes it's hard to come up with.your own text.i mean you're putting together a large.document you're rushed for time i get it.well this is where you can just take.your quotes from the site.i have found that the about sections.about us.you know our mission that kind of.location on a site.can be a useful place to find material.sometimes you can just see it on the.home page.but um and i always put quotation marks.around things.and you know okay i got this from the.solar energy technology office that's.where i got it from.and then that doesn't mean you have to.stop there i have three examples here.where i go on to discuss.other things you know that.you know the science school i quote them.and then i'm saying okay.and by the way they have some stuff in.spanish and chinese.so that's not necessarily going to be in.the introduction.in their introductory text but i saw.that and so i'm informing my users.that this is there and then you know.because government information is so.lovely you want to get it into as many.guides as possible.i was a history librarian and i used.government resources a lot.i knew about them i used them and so.when i'm doing.i i remember being surprised but hey.i'm going to point it out that there.were there was information on european.labor statistics in the serial set.okay i wasn't expecting to see that.there but you know i'm going to tell my.users it's there.for some specific years in the 1800s.okay so uh.i like to think that we're just.normalizing them we're not just saying.oh by the way these are the government.documents i don't do that on my history.or other you know my history guides i'm.like okay here's some resources.some of them are on the free web some of.them are proprietary databases some of.the proprietary databases that are.government documents as well.um but you know this is your topic i'm.just.this is another resource i think i think.we want to keep government information.sources from being the other.or different or scary and it's just no.they're just another resource they do.have their own little quirks.but uh so does everything else so just.slide them in.and uh and then that final comment is.super important because.new stuff shows up all the time so.you never really finish uh a guide or a.web page.you but you know you can have some.closure and say okay i'm done for now i.can teach my class i'm good for.summer semester and hopefully fall.semester.but you know if a student or a faculty.member says hey i found this really cool.source.happy to add up no problem um.that that is doable and then you know i.i fall under they get long-winded so.that's why i have table of contents so.there's the ones for.energy and water.and uh for water i even have water.identifying books.and that's probably got some nice.subject headings for searching the.library catalog.and then i've talked about i've made a.point of putting pictures on the.first year comp you know the first year.student guides.and so you know putting pictures uh.don't put.this many that would be a mistake if you.do that.no one's going to be able to pay.attention because they're going to be.frantically looking around at goodness.knows what but.um so i did this as a deliberate don't.do this.but it's nice to have some pictures uh.you know i love this water cycle so that.can help explain how water works.i have a snapshot of a particular.publication that's in spanish.you know i've got some nice wind.turbines a nice apple.healthy for eating i also was not going.to remove the chocolate when i was doing.this you know and then.health i'm implying here exercise so.um and i would say over the years uh.i've only once had someone say hey.that's a copyrighted image.and i took it off the person was willing.for me to leave it up if i linked to the.site but i went and i looked and i'm.like.it doesn't quite fit in with what i'm.doing so i just removed the image and i.emailed the person and said i just took.it off and.i said fine so i think a sample size of.one image.out of the thousands i've probably put.up is not bad.and then you know of course you want to.have the images be relevant so when i'm.talking about drinking water safety.you know glass of water we're pouring.water we're having a nice child admire.water.uh you know water use washing your hands.waters used in swimming pools uh.you know in showers and then the radiant.electromagnetic magnetic energy.you know i have things that show waves.radio microwave infrared.visible ultraviolet x-ray and gamma rays.so a nice visual representations.that fit in with what i'm talking about.in that location i i really think it's.important to have.images that connect to what you're.talking about at that moment.now this doesn't mean it can take a.little longer to find the images because.you can't just.go do your search and find something.random you do need to uh.put some thought into it but i i.personally think it's it's well worth.the effort.uh other things you can add in your.annotations or search tips.you know search or browse for recipes.uh you can put in ingredients oh that's.useful to know.uh you know there's an entree it's an.appetizer is it the dessert.oh by the way these have nutrition facts.so that way.the person knows if they're going to.click on this what to expect.this of course only works as long as.they don't change the stuff behind it.one of the things i've occasionally done.over the years is.we don't have students anymore but.occasionally i can get a get a student.in the in the admin office or at the.help desk and.say hey could you go click through.everything on my sites.because while i do look at the link bots.they don't.kick back unless it doesn't.nothing comes up or something and so you.know.does the page actually still have what i.say it has.and you know they can send me a list and.then i can either find where it's.located now or say okay it's gone and.remove it.other things that are important uh i do.try to avoid linking to bad pages.but sometimes it's like wow the.information is so good.i'm going to link to it anyway but i do.want to warn my users.hey by the way the font size is weird.there were some pages that i had i.forget which subject area there were.about.but i would give people advice on how to.change their browser to default to.to white backgrounds and black texts.because.you just couldn't read the color.contrast but the content was so good i.just thought i have to point to this.but you know so if someone can read that.bad contrast that's fine they're free to.do it but.you know they're like me and can't read.it here's some advice.for how you can adjust it so you can.access that material.and then of course now with every you.know everyone but a whole lot of us.working remotely.students working room only whether.they're undergraduates or graduates or.k-12.people doing research they're writing.books they're working on.dissertations or whatever they're just.interested.you know there's some wonderful.government resource stuff that's.available remotely and.when i inherited the government pages.they were so.sciencey science science science science.engineering engineering.it was all that kind of thing and i'm.like wait a minute there's some good.humanities stuff in there and i don't.want to neglect it so.i added history and history and art.because i don't want to neglect those.wonderful resources the smithsonian.institution has some.excellent material and i wanted to.emphasize as well.um you know it's not just our government.that has stuff.uh you can go to the united kingdom the.the british.library has an incredible amount of.wonderful material.and i need to share that with my.researchers.and you're trying to find information.about things.national libraries are a place to go.national libraries are in there.you know probably by their own sort of.by definition a.government document or government.resource so.you know it probably actual mileage.varies but you know this is this is how.the nation is presenting itself to the.world.and i know i found it quite interesting.uh.when i was doing my world war ii webpage.that i found the articles of them.signing the end of world war.ii in japanese.online and you could scroll through the.book.and because of course it was in japanese.you scrolled from.what we would consider the back of the.book to the.front of the book so from right to left.so that was kind of interesting and so.it's also showing students oh there's.cultural differences the books.are put together differently.uh other ways to you know get involved.with getting the government documents on.resources is you know hey talk with your.colleagues.i mean i'll pop up in meetings or i.popped up.i should use past tense i guess but uh.you know pop-up hey yeah there's a.government resource for that you know we.should share that.um you know if i run into a colleague.i've looked at their web page and.they've got a government.document i'm like hey that's great you.know good for you.and that you know uh i'm happy to help.if someone have questions that lend.themselves.to government resources and and it did.work.it really did work i started getting.more questions and i can't tell how.thrilled i was i was starting to get.emails from faculty members and graduate.students from around campus.you know the word had gotten now there.was a government information librarian.happy to help as i'm sure my.the incumbent is as well happy to help.there are academic opportunities and.this is where i grabbed onto the first.year composition.where i said government information fits.in.uh i actually was at a welcome party for.the new president of the university.and i talked with the faculty member and.boom i was teaching a class.on government information resources and.you know was of course delighted.when afterwards he said wow i learned.about stuff i didn't know existed.so that was exciting so that's part of.it and then.you know you're promoting the government.information to other places.when you have a service desk i haven't.been on a service desk for years which.means or what the questions are but if.you can get an.ear out i mean are there lots of.questions about such and such.you say oh they're a government document.for that or a set of government.documents.see that if you can put something.together that.um that the people who actually interact.with the public.can find and find useful.and then uh within your community.there's opportunities.to uh i haven't done this myself but.you know create a guide that's aimed at.the younger set so ben's guide is going.to be your friend.um if you can promote your guide to the.local public libraries i.i've tried to do that myself i said.would you could you point to the.government information guide i mean.your you know our our city.county people have access to them i mean.they're free government resources.but i heard back that they won't link to.non-library things.but um i think at least having asked the.question they know it exists.so that's another way to say hey you.know this is still useful for the public.and then you could adapt to what the.public's interested in.uh other ways to see that the stuff gets.done is.say hey i'll create the guide myself you.know you don't have to tell the subject.specialist well you have to do it.uh just do it you know i mean talk with.them don't just go off and spend a lot.of time and say hey would you mind if i.put together a guide.um and with the food one they're like.hey sounds great and then the other ones.were by request.please do this we really like them so uh.you know and do it and actually.do it and then send it to the person.you've created it for.and and take their feedback incredibly.seriously.they are your audience that's promoting.it and as i mentioned earlier i.rearranged a health sequence you know i.had in a sequence that made sense to.me and the co 150 person said you know i.think it would work.great fine changed it and then after all.that then i created the table of.contents.so um you know you really.you know yeah it's my guide but i'm not.the primary person promoting it and.using it so i want to make sure that the.people who are doing that.are happy with what i've done.and then you know other ways and maybe.not creating an entire guide.but you can say hey i'll create this.section of the guide i'll.i'll identify the sources i'll annotate.them.and all you have to do is slide them in.and when i say slide them in.i'm saying hey do the coding however.whatever format you're using.just make it easy just so they can just.grab it.put it in don't have to do any effort at.all and then that's a way.you know i think for getting the.government information out there without.forcing your colleagues.to you know have to spend time on it.it's like okay here i can help.and let me do what i can.and then um yeah.questions comments now i do plan to show.the pages.themselves oh running out of time but um.uh and then i am interested in any.success stories you might have.and if you do create your own.wonderful guides which i'm sure they all.will be i i hope you'll.send me the urls because i'm interested.in seeing what other.librarians might do uh that is of.interest to their own local population.because.you know i'm obviously might be retired.but i'm still wildly passionate about.this.and still very interested um.in you know people succeeding with their.government resources.so um i had.put together i don't know i guess i can.look in the chat and see if there's.something or and if people want to.add their guy you know show off their.guides so you can feel free to put links.in the chats of their guides that you.want to.share with anybody um but if you wanted.to show your guides um.you'll have to share your screen again.okay okay yeah let me.let me let me close that and.[Music].okay yeah okay gotta find the thing.okay share the screen okay um.and there there's a question about um.usage.uh if you look at the usage uh.statistics and.um if there are things that are more.popular things that actually get clicked.on and things like that.oh yes yes yes um i.after the first year of food i looked at.the stats and the food was my number one.um used uh guide on the government.documents.and i do for any of my pages yes it's.excellent look at the stats.you know something's not being used well.then it you know obviously isn't serving.a purpose.but i do know within sub pages.uh if i uh i'm like oh this one i wasn't.expecting.that to be i call them best sellers but.if it's a best seller then i'm really.actively.in a more active way making sure that.i'm putting new and current information.on it.so yeah i have looked at the stats and.um.they've been good were there other.questions um there's.i think if you have questions no other.questions at this point but um i was.wondering.how much and you may have mentioned it.and i.didn't catch it but is there a specific.amount of time that you spend.on these or did you dedicate time.because it is a lot of information.it was a lot of work um i.you know i i didn't add up the time but.i started the most recent one that i did.so i have a clear.memory of that i think i was sent an.email.in late march mid-march that said okay.the new theme is going to be.health and i started working on it.in.april i think i started working on it.when i was working at home.and i would say it dominated my life.pretty heavily.for weeks.um the other ones i was able to do.spread out more i mean i did the food.one over a period of four or five months.but i sort of had this the first year.comp wasn't being very communicative.um you know every now and then i'd swing.by my colleague and say so do they have.a theme yet.you know and she'd say not yet and um.she would send them a reminder every now.and then so that one was crushed.together but i'd say.you know it was probably a wild guess 80.to 120 hours.um i was doing other work projects that.wasn't the only thing i did for that.time period.but yeah it was but i think.some of them you can pull together very.quickly it's just that health was.particularly complex.and it was particularly challenging.trying to read through the web pages.when almost as i said.almost everyone had a header about cobia.19. right.like okay this is a big issue.and in fact i do have uh on the health.page.um i do have government information.related to the coronavirus that is.you know the very first section this is.something that i actually have.on the home page of the government.information.guide and so i update this is the one.i'm pointing to.so i had you know here's the home page.of the government information.oh i have it here is the this is what.the guide looks like that's the.incumbent now.but you know i said okay here's the uh.government information guide and you.know we all have different styles for.things but at any rate.um uh.yeah so i talked about that but yeah i.was like okay is there other stuff.beyond coven 19 on this page.so and and you know there frequently was.but i had to go look.um but you know this is where it's so.neat if someone else has it but you know.here's the.and i know we're almost out of time so.hopefully the urls are findable but you.know here's information in espanol.and then again i had pictures and then.you know the food.lots of lovely pictures i've bumped up.the size of my screen so it'll be.clearer.so that's why there's not always.pictures on a page.and then you know the water you know.lengthy table r.um i there's actually a section you know.on hearings specifically about fluid.energy and water and i'm like cool okay.we'll just point to that.um the water resource archive it's.something we have at csu.so i talked about that on the web page.so.i don't know how much they're going to.be getting remotely but you know when.we're in person.people can go to the archive in person.um and then you know you know there's a.recreational water.and you know with travel and then with.energy.uh my energy one you know i talk about.there's a template but then you do.different things.energy was very complex in its own you.know in its own way.and so i'm like okay here's some.reference books where you can find.information about energy.and here they are csu affiliates only of.course.um for these but.um you know sometimes i had annotations.and i said hey you know check our.catalog.for the for the call number or whatever.and whether we own it.um so energy about.sites and then and then this is the.example of the.history us in government resources so.primary sources.but anyway anyway we're out of time so.sorry but yeah.and um to just answer tara uh we will um.have the week recording up um could you.share your slideshow with us would that.be okay.yeah yeah i'm planning on putting it on.my own guide too.okay awesome yeah and just share that.with us so i can link to it and so.on the youtube video will link to the um.the resources.okay okay great yeah awesome well thank.you so much this is very.uh fascinating it's a lot of work and we.really amazing work that you've done.there.so oh great job anything to get those.government.information things out there yeah.definitely definitely so.uh and a lot of information that people.can link to are.um draw from too so thank you so much.for that.um yeah so if you have uh if you have.um uh questions for navy feel free to um.get her guy this will find her guides.and email her.i'm sure she uh has ideas if you um.i i don't make guides anymore really but.uh.in my job but i definitely um sometimes.would run into a.um kind of mind-blowing.blankness about what i should do on.certain things this is.a lot of yeah well my email is probably.better for i don't know how much longer.my name's going to be on these because.okay but um but.but you can go to the directory and find.my i mean it's it's my name it's csu you.know.coliste.edu awesome right um.yeah no it's interesting i i very.purposefully.um one of the things i didn't talk about.in this webinar is.you know i don't like the upper things.being crowded.yeah sometimes it's uh cs.yeah not much you can do there's no.sequence and i think sequence is very.very important.because i am trying to do a research.strategy here.yeah i mean this is where you know so.some of these sort of abstract topics.it's not going to be as big a.thing but you know i'm saying hey start.here if i'm doing a history guide or an.english guide or whatever i'm like hey.start here.this is where you want to start yeah no.definitely.you're going to you know and so.sometimes i'm like hey go out on the web.other times i'm like hey look in some.reference books other times i'm saying.hey here's some books.other times it's like hey you need.journal articles so you really need to.say i'm trying to do it as a research.strategy.you know the the these guides aren't.necessarily research strategy.as it were but in general you do want to.have a research strategy.so anyway awesome and there's a.if you are interested in this topic or.learn learning more about it um.naomi has a you have an article right.that was in duty.yes yes the d and it was in the summer.dttp.okay and we will link to that as well on.the youtube view.yeah well thank you very much everybody.um.sorry we're a little bit over but that's.okay um if you.have any questions again feel free to.get in touch with naomi and um if you.have any ideas for webinars let us know.let me know.i would love to um uh entertain ideas.from the audience.thank you very much and have a great day.everybody.

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