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do you mean by that it means that.even if you trust the government today.what happens when it changes and in our.democracy we're never more than eight.years away from a total change of.government suddenly everybody is.vulnerable to this individual and the.systems are already in place what.happens tomorrow in a year in five years.in ten years when eventually we get an.individual who says you know what let's.flip that switch and use the absolute.full extent of our technical.capabilities to ensure the political.stability of this new administration.when we think about the future and where.we go from here the question is are we.going to change and enter sort of a.quantified world where everywhere you've.been everyone you talk to its indexed.its analyzed its stored and its used.maybe against you within our.technologies here we have our laces play.reader system which can capture dozens.of license plates in a matter of a.second or well we recognize the danger.of that and embrace the fact that people.should have space to make mistakes.without judgment to have sort of the.unconsidered thought or conversation.with your friend but if that was.recorded in a database where you know.now you say I think Donald Trump should.be kicked off a cliff and Donald Trump.becomes president someday and everybody.who said that ends up getting thrown off.a cliff that's a very dangerous world.and I think this really is the question.that our political structures are not.yet comfortable even discussing but.whether they like it or not it's a world.that's coming and we're gonna have to.confront.[Music].[Music].[Music].

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