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Hand-in-Hand Teaching Guide to key in Annual Physical Examination Form

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How Do You Get Annual Physical Examination Form and Sign It from Computer?

hello and welcome to the clinic my name.is dr. Hastings and I will be performing.your annual physical examination today.as part of the service of our clinic we.will be performing this examination in.the style of ASMR ASMR stands for.autonomous sensory meridian response and.it is the sensation of deep relaxation.and sometimes a nice goosebump feeling.sometimes experienced on the top of the.head down the neck down the arms and.legs so I will be performing your.examination in this style so that means.I will be speaking softly maybe.whispering doing some personal attention.to you so this will not be your.traditional physical exam that you are.used to okay I also want to apologize.for any extra sounds that may be.happening as part of the ASMR exam.everything needs to be perfectly silent.and perfectly still so it's not.distracting for your relaxation it is.pouring with rain outside so hopefully.that won't distract you too much.although sometimes people who experience.here Samar find the sound of the rain.very relaxing.so hopefully you do too good so let's.jump straight in I need to take a couple.of your details but not an awful lot.because I've got some of them here.but could I please get you to confirm.your name yes your age and your date of.birth excellent thank you so part of the.annual physical examination I will be.asking you the series of questions just.to determine the state of health that.you are in now and get a little bit of.your family background any sort of.family history of diseases in the family.as well any allergies any medication.that you're on and so on and so forth.and I will also be doing a thorough.examination from your head down to your.toes checking over all your vitals.making sure there's no underlying causes.of any disease any information any pain.and I also be taking into account the.answers that you give me whilst.performing your examination okay good so.I will start right away.how would you rate your overall health.at this moment in time on a scale of one.to ten one being the worst and 10 being.the best.do you smoke okay.do you drink alcohol and if you do how.often do you drink that throughout the.week how many units of alcohol do.roughly drink on a weekly basis okay and.what exercise do you do do you exercise.on a daily basis weekly basis if so what.exercise do you do and how long for okay.absolute and what is your diet like at.this moment in time do you follow a.strict diet routine are you lactose.intolerant any food allergies okay yes.all right okay it's good okay and what.would you say your stress levels are.like at this moment in time do you get.often stressed about things quite easily.or are you quite a mellow person okay do.you when you do get stressed do you have.a go-to relaxation technique that you.will adopt to try and help lower your.stress levels.and how would you describe your sleeping.pattern do you sleep a solid eight hours.every night or do you wake up often.throughout the night okay do you take.any medications or supplements okay how.often a day okay and to your knowledge.are your vaccinations up to date okay.okay.well that's pretty there all my.questions done so thank you very much.for answering them so now what I would.like you to do is to just stand over by.that wall over the head over by the.height chart and I'm going to just take.your height and then if you can go over.to the back side of the room there's.some scales and I'd like you to just.stand on those so I can take your weight.and then I will work out your BMI your.body mass index just to see if you are.at the correct height see if you are the.correct weight or your height okay.excellent.so you can just stand over there for me.good straight as you can.just make your way scans over here good.excellent.break you can sit back excellent okay.just quickly work up your BMI here in.this chart good okay so based on your.height weight and age I would say your.BMI is perfect okay okay so I'm just.gonna put a cuff on your arm here good.stethoscope pretty it's may feel a.little bit tight on her arm but if it's.uncomfortable in any way then let me.know.scoot excellent very good blood pressure.appears to be normal that's very good.then just take this cup of your army.excellent everything appears to be.normal now I just like to listen to your.heart and your lungs so with your heart.just sit normally just breathe relax.normally and when I check your whole.thumbs I just want you to first of all.breathe normally and then when I ask you.to take a deep breath in and a deep.breath out okay great okay so I'm just.gonna check your heart just checking for.any palpitations heart rate.good everything appears to be normal.that is good now I'm just going to check.your lungs so first of all just breathe.normally as you would and then when I.ask you to take a deep breath in and a.deep breath out and I'll be checking.each side as well as route from behind.okay okay.just breathe normally for me good deep.breath in don't same on this side.breathe normally deep breath in and out.good.good.that good Oh your breathing rate and.your lungs seem to be clear normal and.healthy okay so now what I would like.you to do so just open up your mouth and.say ah okay so I can check your tonsils.your throat and your tongue just you.check and see if there's any.inflammation there we're becoming a.little bit close to you so just open up.your mouth.say ah okay have you ever had.tonsillitis before okay persistent.throat infections.good okay that seems to be normal you.can manage now I'd like to check the.muscles in your face if you can give me.a big wide smile I'm just going to be.touching your face and the muscles.around your jaw and your cheeks forehead.just around your throat okay thanks keep.smiling pretty good little bastard.chapping the sound of stopping soothing.good okay you can relax all the muscles.in your face seem to be fine.I did notice a little bit of tension in.this part of your jaw can I ask you do.you clench your jaw do you find that.you've you clench or do a little bit too.hard sometimes in your sleep.okay well the muscles around this part.of your face are quite tense so maybe.this is something to bring up with your.dentist next time you see them mm-hmm.does your drawer ache sometimes okay I.definitely mention that to you the.dentist next time you see them sometimes.they can prescribe a mouth guard for.when you sleep so this helps you not to.fully compress the jaw down at night.when you're asleep when you're not aware.of it which just alleviates some of the.pressure.around the jaw another method and the.technique or treatment that they might.offer you is a little bit of.hypnotherapy sometimes the splint in the.mouth mouth guard doesn't necessarily.work because it actually sometimes.encourages patients to chew on it like I.suppose a dog with a chew toy so there.are a variety of different cognitive and.behavioral treatments as well for.clenching so just bring them up to your.dentist as well everything else appears.to be normal so I will actually ask you.to open your mouth once again I'm just.going to check your teeth in your gums.and your tongue I know that your dentist.does this with you but very thoroughly.I'm literally only checking to see for.any signs of illness that may have.presented itself within the mouth.sometimes illnesses and other things.that we may be experiencing sometimes.Prince sent themselves in other ways so.I'm just going to check your tongue your.teeth in your gums so we just open up.your mouth slightly I'm just going to.just open a little bit have you ever had.a brace or a retainer.you have a beach to your teeth how often.do you brush your teeth and floss good.everything seems to be normal.great so now I'm going to be checking in.ears just to see if there's any um.detection any denying swelling or if.you're I'm good now is blocked did you.wax ideas I can prescribe you some.treatments that perfect should be do bad.to scope check lighters art so we coming.a little bit closer to just be checking.inside your ears okay good this is.uncomfortable tell me and I'm just going.to be putting a little bit of pressure.on the outside of the ear as well as.looking in there and if you feel any.pain then please let me know because.this may be a sign of an underlying.infection.it seems to be perfectly fine target are.striking with snidey you see where I can.see a little bit of it works but nothing.too bad have you ever had your is.syringe out of earwax at all okay how.often do you clean your ears okay.no that's fine this there is a little.bit I'm congested but I can't see any.sign of inflammation or even in this one.either.this here does seem a little bit more.congested than the other one so I'd.focus more on cleaning this ear.okay all right.everything appears to be no now um I'm.just gonna dig up your nose this is a.little bit weird for some people so I do.apologize if this is a little bit.uncomfortable but all the ears nose and.throat are all connected and sometimes.you can get a little bit of you know.infection in the nose like Ryan itis or.other such things so I just a little bit.goes dude this feels weird and I do.apologize okay everything appears to be.normal.it's good that I know before we move on.to the eyes I'm just going to UM just.put a little bit of pressure along your.glands also under your armpits as well.so this is just to see if there's any.swelling in the glands and lymph nodes.this could be a sign of infection good.if you can just lift your arms up like.that for me sorry if it's a little bit.ticklish.excellent.everything seems to be.so I'm going to get Union for my.otoscope and we'll be checking your eyes.so within this test I will be shining a.light into your eyes just to check for.pupil dilation to see if everything is.functioning normally and I'm going to be.coming a little bit closer to you just.to check your the actual health of your.eye - so it's just stopped good so I'm.just going to wave the light across your.eyes just to keep looking forward at me.excellent.it's perfect okay see the dilation of.pupils it's fine it's gonna now come a.little bit closer to his check.in each eye okay.okay good just keep looking ahead for me.that's wonderful thank you thanks.Annette brilliant I have this good do.you wear glasses or contact lenses just.for reading okay now I would just like.you to just look straight at me and keep.your head still.and then with your eyes only I want you.to follow the light okay just follow the.natural course when the light goes good.it's good.do a little bit faster now good just.keep following the light.it's good excellent very good when was.your last and sight test did it all come.back fine now I would like you to just.keep your head straight at me and I want.you to tell me how many fingers I'm.holding up I want you to just keep.looking me don't look at my hands.okay are you ready yes.good.excellent okay so now I would like to.just put a little bit of pressure on.your abdomen and just feel your liver.and your bowels just to check for any.signs of hernia any sort of swelling as.well just to check the normal functions.of it I'll also be using my um.stethoscope as well just to check your.bowels but I'll do that in a moment.so I want you to tell me if the pressure.that I'm putting on your abdomen hurts.in any way okay this is very important.I'm just gonna come close to you just.put some pressure on your abdomen here.just take your liver and your bowels.does that hurt at all just a bit.uncomfortable that's fine do you suffer.with IBS any bloating okay have you had.a food intolerance test right okay spine.suggest that you booked in for retest as.we get older my food becomes our body.becomes less tolerable to certain foods.okay.just headed missin a few pills look at.the stethoscope on your stomach area.here just your lower stomach.okay everything seems to be normal.I think the discomfort that you may be.feeling in the lower portion your Bowser.that maybe at food intolerance and.sometimes when we eat wheat or dairy.products our stomach can swell and we.can feel quite lethargic and and bloated.so I would definitely suggest going for.a retest for your food allergies because.there might be an underlying food.related intolerance okay great so now.I'm just going to take that you test.your facial sensitivity and the.sensitivity in your arms and your hands.and for this I'm going to be just.touching your face and arms with this.pen here and I want you to tell me if.you feel it and when you feel it okay.okay shine I'm just gonna put pressure.on your face just hate that feel.uncomfortable what about now and now.it's fine the same in your arms yep yep.good good good okay now I'm gonna put.pressure on your own I mean okay so if.you can just take my hand and squeeze as.hard as you can that's good thank you.any other wrong yes great - thank you.if we can just take your hand again and.I'm just going to check your nails and.your skin on your hand my nails are very.important in telling us clues about our.help sometimes our nails can tell us if.we have an underlying heart condition so.it's very important to check the nails.and hear from addition of the hand route.excellent everything seems to okay so.now I'm going to be testing your hearing.when was the last time you had though a.hearing test well this won't be as.intricate as that I'm sure just going to.test how well you here on a very.generalized way so I'll be using a.tuning fork just to test the sensitivity.of each ear and then I will be.whispering a word in each ear and I want.you to tell me which where'd you hear.then I'll be doing a variety of.different sounds just a test how well.you can hear them okay.I have my ginning Falls and we'll be.using that biggest one as it's the.nicest sounding one so I'm just going to.resonate this and I want you to tell me.when you hear it and when you stop.hearing it okay.okay good.gathering excellent.it.okay so now I'm going to whisper and.maybe softly speak the word from ear to.ear and I want you to repeat what that.word was okay are you ready.music.cute excellent okay so now I'm going to.do variety of different sounds from ear.to ear.and I want you to tell me when you hear.them and when you stop hearing them.good good excellent.good.good wonderful for your head hearing to.me seems to be perfectly fine but I.would go and read book a hearing test as.well just to be on the safe side so that.is our examination complete I think.overall you are a very fit and healthy.person I can't see anything physically.wrong with you and I think that your.general health and physicality is.absolutely perfect so there's nothing to.worry about but what I will do is just.refer you to have some blood work done.just a test for diabetes and any.underlying blood conditions sometimes we.don't know really what's going on inside.of ourselves when we may appear fit and.healthy on the outside there might be.something going on on the inside so it's.very good to check these things so I'll.central for blood tests as well thank.you very much for coming in to see me.today and I will see you in a year's.time for your next physical examination.so take care and I will see you very.soon.

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How do I fill out the MHT-CET MBA exam application form in detail?

DTE Maharashtra has discharged MHT CET 2018 application form as on January 18 in online mode, can be filled by competitors by following the means said in how to fill MHT CET application frame 2018. Applicants who need to enlist themselves for the selection test should take after the means as given in how to fill MHT CET 2018 application form to maintain a strategic distance from oversights and entire method to go smooth and bother free. The means to fill the application type of MHT CET 2018 incorporates enlistment, filling of required subtle elements, transferring of filtered reports, instalment and affirmation page download. Hopefuls are required to fill the application type of MHT CET 2018 painstakingly to stay away from dismissal by the specialists. It is essential to take the application shape filling methodology of MHT CET genuinely on the grounds that exclusive those hopefuls who will present their structures effectively will get concede cards. 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Do you have to be in a crisis situation before being given (near) immediate medical care in the Canadian healthcare system?

Last month I caught my fingertip under some firewood and ended up with a blood blister under my fingernail. A minor but somewhat painful situation. I wandered into a clinic by my office, not my own doctor’s office and I had to wait about fifteen minutes. The doctor punctured the blister through my nail (impressive squirt of blood) and I was back at work 30 minutes. I did not go to my doctor’s because of the 20 minute drive each way but I would have gotten the same service there. If I had gone to an emergency ward, I would have waited - perhaps a long time. It was not an emergency and other peop Continue Reading

What is done in a physical examination?

It can be a scary moment when your doctor tells you that you’ve developed type 2 diabetes (T2D). But know that you have control of this disease! Contrary to the American Diabetic Association (ADA) that declares type 2 diabetes is “a progressive disease, requiring more medicine over time”, you can reverse T2D. What’s disturbing is that the ADA guidelines has no goal to reverse type 2 diabetes. Don’t let this frustrate or intimidate you. Here’s the hard truth - your health is a business. Type 2 diabetes is a multibillion dollar annual business. And if our healthcare system was designed to CURE di Continue Reading

What is a Dr release?

So, the first thing to understand is that your medical record is proprietary to the doctor’s office or hospital. There isn’t a universal medical record. Unless you continue to see that clinic, they don’t have any access to any “future medical record” held by other institutions.

What is a PPE form?

The full form of PPE is Personal protective equipment. It refers to protective clothing, or other garments or equipment used or worn by an individual for protection against one or more health infection and safety hazards. So Personal protective equipment is designed to protect many parts of the body, like, eyes, head, face, hands, feet, and ears. PPE may include items such as gloves, safety glasses and shoes, earplugs or muffs, hard hats, N95 respirators, or coveralls, vests, and full bodysuits. Doctors and nurses when treating COVID-19 patients must wear PPE to avoid getting infected. So These Continue Reading

How do you perform a physical exam for a patient?

Yes, if the patient is naive to that happens during a typical physical exam. This is why we talk to our patients in detail about what exam will entail, discuss what we’re doing as we’re doing it, and have a nurse with us during the exam.

How do you do a physical exam?

What most people do is solve a bunch of questions and try to comprehend the way it’s solved. What you should do: Read, search and then think really hard about the idea mentioned before even grabbing a pen, try to anticipate every way the concept can be manipulated, after that you can solve as many questions as you like, if you get the main idea really well almost any question can be solved.

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