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How to Customize the Lifetime License Application Tngov Tn in Detailed Guide on Mobile?

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Lifetime License Application Tngov Tn : Draft, Finish and share

[Music].- take a look video will deep dig deep.down into Tennessee and talk about some.good things Tennessee got going on over.there.I like Tennessee it's and and and and.what I do these particular videos it's.because I like the state something about.the state moves me we've had success in.the state with multiple and numerous.providers and and you know and I want to.see others catch on before it's too late.because there is a such thing as too.late so our website is NB HFS llc.com.again in beat HS LLC comm we specialize.in licensing and certification of.healthcare businesses nationally that's.your nursing home home care home health.agencies durable medical equipment.supply companies that's your supported.employment agency we develop probably.some thirty plus business models.nationally so you can give us a call.also at eight hundred to one four to six.one one again eight hundred to one four.to six one one or you can visit that.website again in BHS llc.com click on.feature consult and you can schedule a.consultation.how to become a provider in tennessee.let's look over here talk about some of.this I'm gonna muddle through this with.you.we're gonna muddle through this.I had an au pair sitting right over here.and I guess somebody took it I don't.know write groceries I guess it was our.department committed to quality service.and support of individuals with.intellectual and developmental.disabilities qualified and credential.providers are essential partners in.accomplishing our goal of delivering.quality services below you will find a.list of information specifically related.to being a provider in our system this.link I'll put at the bottom of the video.if I don't forget you called me and.asked me for it or call my office and.ask my office for it.but I want to try to put it down in the.video and there'll be another link as.well in the video effective February 1st.2014 D I D be implemented the new.provider application policy and I want.to say and just below that you can look.at that policy look at that policy.because there are going to be some.torques and tweaks and some torques and.torques and tweaks the language and.regulations in there that will be.applicable to your program so submission.of your program without reading this is.gonna be you probably don't want to do.that I'll say that much read that policy.thoroughly so that you don't understand.what's going on as a provider as a.potential provider of services within.Tennessee all di DD provider.applications can be found on our.simplified and improved website.I like their website it truly is.friendly it is the epitome of friendly.and simplify as they say.[Music].let me see here let me look and so the.information that I have achieved and.having called some of these these you.know Tennessee has really shown me that.Tennessee and the people that I've.spoken to with in Tennessee know their.stuff they are where the program that.they're sitting on and very comfortable.and and confident in delivery of that.particular information now the IDB.provides application forms for.interested providers potential providers.or applicants the applicant forms are.interactive informative sessions held.prior to the beginning of the open.enrollment period and you must attend.these provider meetings you must attend.that provided me now typically the.information discussing the provider.meeting they give it to you in advance.and that's where it is right here the.applicant form presentation is available.online and you can actually review that.in advance and use that to help clarify.some things draft your questions right.now more questions or generate more.questions but I would suggest that you.read this particular link and that.information in that PowerPoint.presentation to help really develop your.questions and help you formulate.knowledge about where you're trying to.go what you're trying to do and help you.to plan your your business model out.help you to plan your full process out.now we recommend if you attend an.applicant form prior to submitting new.provider application I would suggest you.do it don't do it don't you must attend.this application you got a ten this is a.must I'm telling you there's a must it's.mandatory don't submit that new provider.application without coming because.there's always new information be.presented even though it's coming off of.a PowerPoint presentation there's always.new information being presented there's.always questions and people from all.around the world that are present in.these meetings that are asking some very.thought-provoking questions and and.providing helpful information as well.themselves so don't disrespect that.provider meeting by any means necessary.try to make it okay an overview of the.application process looks like this.applicant obtains the appropriate.application from the IDB website there.are multiple applications okay so take.your time.you know you need clarity on that.you know you can call our office well it.will help clarify which application to.get but again we're consulting firm and.we offer consultation so it won't be a.whole lot of conversation we're gonna be.giving you on the phone but we will help.clarify a question or two for you but.you know keep that in mind when you do.call the applicant completes and submits.the application to di dee dee the.provider enrollment coordinator submits.the qualifying application to the.regions for recommendation number four.the applicable regions submit a.recommendation to the provider.Development Committee for recommendation.number five the provider Development.Committee submits his recommendation to.the idd commissioner for decision okay.and that's a general pretty much general.flow of things irrespective of what.business model or medicaid business.model or Medicaid program you're trying.to come up under you know then that's.the general process the application.process will take or assume now for.detailed information on application.process please read the Department of.intellectual developmental disabilities.work title new.provider application policy please read.that it's a good read.okay it's a good read here the business.models that we all support long-term.business models and these are just some.of them that we support with in.Tennessee and in fact these are the.primary ones we support nationally but.they're short quite a bit okay supported.employment respite medical residential.residential rehab semi independent.living in-home day behavioral respite.personal assistance supported living.family model residential support support.coordination individual transportation.for respite and personal assistance I.love all of them I say become an agency.and do you two three for those in your.agency that's the direction to go.because if you look if you really look.at this you're supported living and your.residential habilitation residential.habilitation is pretty much your group.home model where you may own at least a.home and up to four individuals can live.in the home and you provide 24-hour.staffing with supported living you do.not own a home but yet you're providing.the staffing for that particular model.in both of those you're still providing.staffing right so how different is that.than a private home care agency or doing.behavioral respite where you're sitting.out individuals sending out staffing you.know to support an individual in their.own home or respite okay or even support.employment where you're sending staff.you know your training and ability at.individual and you're sending staff to.support this individual say at Publix or.Kroger or Home Depot or Lowe's to help.them.you know stop that shelf or bag those.groceries and you know and and and.provide that level of support that they.need to get through the day you know.without any conflict or issues and to.help them learn that process and to come.back the next day and do it again so.they could learn that process and that.person can ultimately be a productive.member of society so that's the.supported employment business model but.they all are so intertwined and so.closely related that I would say to want.to get you an agency especially if.you're a nurse healthcare worker you've.been in this industry for some years.making somebody else rich you understand.the business the business model very.well I say doing both I say do three or.four of them and make your own self well.you fire your boss I've done I fired a.few of them in my lifetime and and I'm.done you know by the grace of God I'm.done with that thing they call 9:00 to.5:00 o'clock in the air for somebody.making the next person or somebody else.rich off of your sweat equity though.right think about it open enrollment for.long-term services okay open and roll.Michele meaning designated period of.time determined by di DD during which.entities may apply to become providers.here the to open enrollment periods okay.check it out they'll announce the.session period prior just prior to the.open enrollment that session date where.you go and you hear the information you.can talk to the state I said again I.cannot overstate the importance of going.here to these these forms these sessions.which take place just prior to the open.enrollment period so that you can meet.individuals ask ask the appropriate rub.or relevant questions about the the.business model or the waiver model that.you have in mind and and get the.questions acts that you need an answer.Aksum get a chance to ask the questions.you need to.have ax and and get the answers that you.need take somebody with you recorded it.they will allow you to let me see what.else but just don't negate going because.there's so much information and.opportunity and get all the elites and.friends get five or ten people's numbers.and talk to them and and and exchange.information and share information and.don't be selfish you know and in stare.and try not to become what should become.successful whether you come through us.or our agency or you you know you go.somewhere else so you do it on your own.you know don't be the selfish person.that cares not to pull the next person.up or give them information or you can.refer them to us you know we have a lot.of clients you know they they will not.even they use our services nationally.and they have used us for years but they.won't refer people to us because they.you know for whatever reason itself is.they're scared that that somebody is.gonna open up down the street from them.and and and there's gonna be one less.dollar that they get you know who knows.the support and employment services.located in the long-term service.application keep in mind that okay.applicants may apply for support.employment services at any time of the.year however to aid in a seamless.application process if applying for.other services for long term service.applications with support employment you.are only able to apply during an open.enrollment period here look this right.here is a beautiful thing right here.this is probably why many of the.providers are tight lipped out there you.can do multiple services so you can't do.an agency off the rip I mean with your.initial application coming into.Tennessee that's a bit another beautiful.thing about Tennessee right there that.you can do multiple service lines some.case they say uh-uh nope just one one.for your first year you're stuck with.that one mass.so that one get that one right and come.back to us and we'll talk about maybe.allowing you to do another service line.okay let me sit up my mom always say boy.sit up pop me on the head boy sit you.sit up sit up one of the people talk to.you oh you're doing something important.okay so new provider application for.long-term services I'm not going to go.through all of this because you can go.through it on your own right I've.already brought you here I've given you.the information new provide an initial.screening questionnaire for long-term.services and for supports go through.this and go through it before you call.us cuz I know every time we do this.these videos we get multiple clients.people always and they call back and I.said look I've seen you before.we're with you we'll roll with you we.want to make this happen but read all.this anyway because when you come to us.we're gonna do this together it's gonna.be just so much information that we can.only do so much to support you through.the process of licensure certification.but it is necessary that you have the.knowledge because once we're gone then.hey you need to be able to run your own.company and keep the wheels turning.alright let me see here new provider.application for support coordination.complete applications must be tight I'm.going to go back for a minute oh you.know what I'm gonna put a second link in.here because they actually post their.rates they have it rakes posters so I.want you to go and see their rates and I.want to say that their rates are good.another reason I'm not saying that rates.are really great but they're really good.and they also have what's called.negotiated rates where if that client is.up there and you feel that those numbers.that they're offering is not the case.then they're open for negotiating those.rates and a lot of times hard to place.individuals within Tennessee.you know I come with negotiated rates.and they already know that this is it's.necessary complete applications with.some tight signs.and that should be in sin sent and it.should be sent well I guess I don't mean.Who am I you know I just had dr..Fredericks Osman as one for English.professor okay sent in PDF form to di D.D provided that application at t and gov.alright so they're telling you don't.send us no paper we don't want all this.paper piling up on our desks cuz we.don't we don't want to read it anyway.I'm just kidding that tells me and say.that I'm not trying to say nothing about.Tennessee I just fitting really well to.go in there right there if you have.questions or need additional information.after you've read through your through.the policy you may contact the Office of.provided development at blah blah blah.blah blah blah I'm sorry.di DD provider that application at TN.gov or by calling this number but I do.want to say and tell you this much if.you call these people please have more.than one question though be on the phone.stuttering and I've arrived at iPad I.and asking one question and no I called.with 15 questions all right two of y'all.call and get all your information you.can because any and go to that provider.meeting do not disrespect Tennessee in.their provider meeting do not disrespect.Tennessee in their provider meeting.there was something else I wanted to.know what the resource with you okay no.we'll do it again one of the most.knowledgeable persons down there in.Tennessee that I had an opportunity to.speak with her name is Linda and I want.you to if you see Linda you tell Linda.there's somebody named Ernest flag just.mention your name and as you would one.of the most knowledgeable persons out.there and that woman knows her program.trust me.she knows her program.she knows the.rams and can spit that information to.you so have it be clear with your.questions and be ready to write up and.be ready to have a pen and paper ready.these are other ancillary services right.here.clinical also that you could enter so if.you're a nurse behavioral specialist.behavior analyst physical therapist you.can come in get a provider number become.Medicaid Waiver certified and actually.put up your office brochure a business.card stationery website get your.commercials going and you can actually.deliver these services you know what if.you're walking around with any of these.degrees there's no way you supposed to.be unemployed and or not living great.because you know what you can be self.employed advocate being self employed I.love me and self employed I want.everybody to have their own business I.think everybody should if it's the way.to go it's I mean long gone to the days.when you nine-to-five until you are 65.and your knees don't work anymore you're.blind in one eye.can't see out the other eye you know and.then they talk about oh you could retire.retire with what you got nothing you got.no knees your back going out and you hip.almost on its way out this you know so.there there's the notion of owning your.own and and using your skills and sweat.equity to empower yourself and your.family to you know to live a different.life another life another type of life.where you don't have to worry about.where a dowel is gonna come from in the.morning you can use your skills to own.your own business and and I don't buy.that that business ain't for everybody I.believe that we all have some degree of.skills in us to run our own business.effectively skills resources and so you.know keep that in mind.yeah.you know that if you got that fear in.you that's stopping you or preventing or.paralyzing you work on that prey only if.you got a bunch of negative folks around.you there's preventing you from moving.into your vision and preventing you from.working your your your your desires and.your visions and your mission you may.get get them about your life you need to.put them just where they need to be in a.box in a corner somewhere excommunicate.them from your mind set so that you can.move on and do what you've been trying.to do for ten years for five years for.three years because now's the time.Tennessee is open there's no way and.Tennessee is in great need of quality.providers statewide to fall upon this.Medicaid Waiver program deliver.excellent services to these populations.and and and help them grow and help the.individuals grow and also help Tennessee.grow so why not you why not you look at.this big old line right here these.applications can be submitted any time.okay for these targeted services the.ancillary and the clinical services and.supported employment they are you.telling you right there start right here.if you can't start right here because.they said we have a need we have a need.and also a little birdie up there told.me in Tennessee the big greatest knee is.in happens to be in the rural areas of.Tennessee okay and then and and and and.specifically told me to stay away no.mention to me to stay away from those.cities those major cities the major.urban cities down there are those major.cities because they're saturated.my name is Ernest flag that's that this.concludes this particular piece I'm not.talking about no more this this stuff.look at this look at this this is good.good information here now they're.telling you what your application needs.to look like for clinical and ancillary.services to hold the credentialing piece.right here we've got to read this stuff.it's right here right here to be read.and there's other link I'm gonna put on.the site is right here it's how to.become a DD provider directly off of.their website wwt n gov for /div v4.slash providers with an S for a slash.provider and this link will be in the.email here are the dates right here here.the different regions here are different.service models long-term services as to.what I was looking at right there.nursing services right there you could.be them to become an independent.individual provider you can become an.agency.it's your choice all right visit our.website get a counsel we help you make.make that thing happen we we are.excellent at what we do trust me we make.a lot of people wealthy rich and wealthy.over the last 20 years it's something.that we do we do very well didn't just.fall into this industry I not only went.to school for this.there's my graduate degrees in public.administration I am a registered nurse.in many states and you know what I'm.even a registered nurse in Tennessee I.do believe I you know also also it is.2018 okay it is about time for you to.swipe that time clock for the very last.time surrendered on that medication cart.and turn in those keys and badges okay.again my name is Ernest flag have a good.day.[Applause].[Music].[Music].[Music].

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Lifetime License Application Tngov Tn FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions along with their answers to clear up the doubts that you might have.

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Does a NAFTA TN Management consultant in the U.S. still need to fill out an i-9 form even though they are an independent contractor?

Yes. You must still prove work authorization even though you are a contractor. You will fill out the I9 and indicate that you are an alien authorized to work, and provide the relevant details of your TN visa in support of your application. Hope this helps.

How many application forms does a person need to fill out in his/her lifetime?

What kind of application forms ? If i assume job application the if you get the right one then as low as 1. Else there are people filling job application forms every quarter also.

How many application forms does a student fill out in his/her study lifetime?

Filling forms is a relative thing. Starts from someone else filling Birth Certificate and goes on till someone else fills Death Certificate. Student as an individual starts filling forms from Class 10, then class 12, then depending on the stream, College application form or competitive exam forms and then college application forms. Most "Students" stop here. However, few of us make the mistake of doing Masters. Which again follows the same pattern. College admission forms or competitive exams form followed by college application forms. However, I have finished my education life (hopefully) 5 years back, but I still fill forms. Visa application forms, to investment forms, to project status forms and what not. Forms are basically Data collected in a particular format, that will help in faster processing of application. Or in some cases to meet the regulatory requirements. Bottom line, there is no escape from filling forms in life! :)

How do I fill out an application form to open a bank account?

It is very simple and easy to fill up this form. If you are in a difficult situation ,get the help of related Bank officials and they will help you to submit the application form.

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