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Tips: A Detailed Guidebook on Finalizing National Sunday School Lesson Form Online

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The Stepwise Tutorial to National Sunday School Lesson Form

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Guidelines with regard toNational Sunday School Lesson Form

and welcome to another treatment of the.international sunday school.lesson today's lesson is entitled.victorious love and it's for.september the 20th 2020.fall quarter lesson number three.and it's taken from genesis the 42nd.chapter verses 6 through.25..now a little background information i.want to.remind everyone the previous lessons.that we've.had about joseph in egypt how he was.sold into slavery by his brothers.he went into prison he was.taken from prison and through a.miraculous set of events.ended up being made the second.in command of the entire country of.egypt which was uh one of the.most powerful countries in the world at.that time.and uh this was in preparation for a.time of famine and.god had planned this out to.uh make sure that joseph would be in.that position.to be able to supply uh.salvation to his kinfolk.and we're getting into that situation.now.where this is happening there have been.the seven years of plenty uh.the people of egypt had uh saved up.and stocked up on their food and then.there were two years of the famine had.already hit.and we see where jacob and.and the boys up in uh canaan land.were getting so hungry and so.jacob sent his sons down.to egypt to see if they could buy.some uh food down there.to save them and he kept benjamin with.him.because benjamin's brother he thought.benjamin's brother joseph had been.killed and he wanted to make sure that.he kept benjamin.safe so he sent the.10 brothers 10 of the brothers down to.egypt and that's where we.find ourselves in today's lesson where.these 10 brothers.come down to buy food.and little do they know but they.are coming before joseph.the brother that they sold into.slavery okay.genesis 42 6.and 7 now joseph was the governor of the.land.the person who sold grain to all its.people.so when joseph's brothers arrived.they bowed down to him with their faces.to the ground.as soon as joseph saw his brothers he.recognized them.but he pretended to be a stranger and.spoke harshly to them.where do you come from he asked from the.land of canaan they replied.to buy food.so we see here how that uh.joseph is standing there in all his.egyptian.clothing and he had been in a.good long time down in egypt he had.taken on the.language had gotten the accent.down uh.shaved himself and hair dress.everything just like an egyptian.and so his brothers.did not recognize him at all.but joseph recognized them.now how surprised do you think joseph.must have been when he looked out.and saw his ten brothers.now the two people that are real.critical in this.is his daddy whom he still.loved and.his little brother benjamin.and if you think about it benjamin is.the only brother.that joseph.knew did not have anything to do.with selling selling him into slavery.now there was another brother who didn't.have anything to do with it.but joseph in all.reasonable likelihood joseph did not.realize.that his oldest brother didn't have.anything to do with it.okay so the ten that stood before him.are the entire.ten that had.a hand in selling him.in to slavery.so there joseph stood okay.now 42 8-9 although.joseph recognized his brothers they did.not recognize him.then he remembered his dream about them.and said to them you are spies.you have come to see where our.land is unprotected.now we know that this happens this.has happened all through history that.uh various countries will send somebody.into a land.to look around to see.its weaknesses its strengths.assess its manpower.assess its wealth what kind of.weapons do they have in preparation.to possibly invading that country.and all the countries of the near east.were under uh in the middle east.were under severe.hardship from this famine.and so they would feel very.insecure and there was a lot of that i'm.sure.going along going around because you get.people hungry.hungry people will go to war quicker.than just about.anybody and the whole middle east.had that hunger to where.the famine was in the land and people.were dying of starvation.and so various countries were looking.for.one country or the other to invade in so.this was completely reasonable.that a ruler of egypt would make that.accusation.against these ten.brothers so it seemed.very reasonable to the brothers.but now joseph.was remembering his dream and you.remember back.several weeks ago in our lesson where we.talked about those dreams.that joseph had of.of his brothers and his uh.parents uh bowing down in and giving him.homage.and so joseph was remembering this.okay now.verse 10 and.through 12 of the 42nd chapter.no my lord they answered your servants.have come to.buy food we are all the sons of one men.man your servants are honest men.not spies no.he said to them you have come to see.where our land is unprotected.now i personally believe that at this.point.joseph in the back of his mind there are.two.critical questions he has.how's my daddy and how's that little.brother.and he's really wanting to kind of.pressure them.into uh telling him.all this information where he doesn't.have to.tell them who he is because he's really.wanting to.put a little pressure on them to see.what they're made of.and to get that intelligence about his.daddy.and his brother at this point.okay.now 42nd chapter verses.13 and 14 but they replied.your servants were twelve brothers.the sons of one man.who lives in the land of canaan.the youngest is now with our father.and one is no more and joseph said.to them it is just as i told you.you were spies so.joseph kept pressuring them.in pushing them and they told him.a couple of those pieces of information.that he was.so concerned about.how's his daddy and house's little.brother.and they they gave it up they told.joseph.that critical piece of information.okay.now 42nd chapter verses.14 and 15. joseph said to them.it is just as i told you you are spies.and this is how you will be tested.as surely as pharaoh lives.you will not leave this place.unless your youngest brother.comes here joseph wanted to see his.little brother.and so he has.come up with his plan.y'all are going you have to get you have.to bring your little brother.because that's the way i believe that.you ain't spies.of course he knew they wasn't spies but.he wanted to see.that little brother and that's how he.had it planned out here.okay 42nd chapter verses.16 through 17. send.one of your number to get your brother.the rest of you will be kept in prison.so that your words may be tested.to see if you are telling the truth if.you you're not.then as surely as pharaoh lives.your spies and he put them all in.custody.for three days so here are these ten.brothers are.joseph who they sold into slavery.now is in a position to put them in.prison.and he does so for three days.and he just to really.instill in him these guys.his brothers and to make sure that they.fully.understand that he is someone that.they're going to have to reckon with.and that he is serious about.things and they need to take him serious.he puts them in prison all of them.and leaves them in there for three days.okay 42 18.through 20 now on the third day joseph.said to them.do this and you will live for i fear god.if you are honest men let one of your.brothers.stay here in prison while the rest of.you go.and take grain back with for your.starving households.but you must bring your youngest brother.to me so that your words may be verified.and that you may not die.this they proceeded to do.now there's a couple of interesting.things here and probably.you know and as i'm thinking through.this and have thought.through this um.it probably hit joseph.that he needed to send that food back.to canaan to help out his kinfolk.so he didn't want to send that all that.food back with just one brother because.he would not be able to protect that.food.and he would not be able to carry all.that food.so he sent.the nine brothers.to help and to carry that food back.for the salvation of his kinfolk.but he still kept that one brother.because he really wanted to see.little benjamin.he loved his little brother.that was the one brother that he knew.for a fact.did not have a thing to do with selling.him into slavery.and putting him under this hardship.that was his little brother.he probably went around protecting his.little brother ever.just about everybody i've ever known in.my life was that way.they would pick on their little brother.and say all kinds of harsh things.but nobody else better do it.i had an uncle that i grew up with.as only a few years difference in our.age.and when i lived my grandparents when.him.uh we were i mean we're like brothers.yeah he was my uncle but he was also.just like my brother he was half brother.have uncle.and he'd pick on me unmercifully.but buddy around gary nobody else better.pick on me.because he he looked out after me and.would protect me.like you would not believe and.that's the way older brothers are.and that's the way jose the way joseph.was.about his little brother benjamin he.wanted to see.his little brother benjamin.and he was pushing hard to see.benjamin.and his brothers were going along with.it.genesis 42 and 21.they said to one another surely we are.being.punished because of our brother we saw.how distressed he was.when he pleaded with us for his life.but we would not listen.that's why this distress.has come on us.now joseph was speaking to them through.an.interpreter so they thought they could.freely.say what they were going to say among.themselves and this egyptian magistrate.would not know what was being said.and there's one thing about.there is one thing about.being a.uh in sin.you do something really wrong when bad.things happen that guilt.begins to come back upon you and that's.exactly.what these brothers.felt they.had this guilt this gnawing guilt.all those years about what they did.to their poor brother joseph.and the minute the hard times hit.the minute the catastrophe happened that.was the first thing they thought about.this is why this is happening to us.because of what we did to our brother.joseph.and little did they know.the magistrate that they were standing.before them.was the brother that they did that to.okay.now genesis 42.22-23.reuben replied didn't i tell you.not to sin against the boy but you.wouldn't listen.now we must give an accounting for his.blood.they did not realize that joseph could.understand them.since he was using an interpreter.now i have a very strong suspicion.that joseph did not know.that he had one brother.who did not want.to do him in.reuben.had came up with that plan.the oldest boy came up with a plan.to try to save joseph.they were going to kill joseph and.reuben was trying to save.joseph's life because he could not.fight all nine of his all nine of his.brothers.i mean he might have been the oldest but.one against nine is really bad odds.so reuben.talked him in putting joseph into that.well and he had all intention.of coming back and getting joseph out of.the well.talking joseph out of turning them into.their daddy.and smoothing everything over.but it did not work out that way.and i have a suspicion that joseph.may not have known that he had.a brother who loved him enough to try to.prevent.and i think that might have been the.reason for that.visceral reaction that joseph had.at this point when he realized.that his oldest brother reuben was.really trying to save him.okay.now genesis 42.24 and the first part of 25..he turned away from them and began to.weep.and then came back and spoke to them.again.he had simeon taken from them and bound.before their eyes.joseph gave orders to fill their bags.with grain.to put each man's silver back in his.sack.and to give them provisions for.their journey so here we have.where joseph.sets everything up he still wants them.to take him serious.so he grabs simeon.and puts him in and and hangs on to him.and bounds him up.and then sends the brothers off.with provisions.for the journey it was enough food to.take.to take care of his kinfolk up in canaan.and then he has them sneak the money.back in his and their sack.okay so we see where joseph has.taken care of everything and he.set the stage up to where.he can see his brother benjamin.and his daddy okay now some concluding.thoughts about all this.first off do not hold.grudges let go.if you have trouble in your family.and people have said or done things that.were hurtful.let things go don't try to get back at.people.but also too don't be unwise.you notice how joseph went through all.these stages.and was careful not to put himself.in a position where his brothers could.do him in again.he was being cautious but he also.wasn't trying to get even with them.and also too.remember that your sins are going to.find you out.you can't outrun your sins well friends.good lord willing we'll be back with you.again.

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