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Instruction of Finishing the Annual Audited

he's undoubtedly capturing everyone's.attention with customers and the.partners Holloman turned the robusta.business and it generally achieved they.expect the business results.it also laid a foundation for what I'm.going to say today at the very least he.deserved to me from launching and.extremely difficult annual reports the.crota WOD corona virus outbreak is.undoubted capturing everyone's attention.we certainly hope it will pass quickly.so that everything goes back to normal.given the outbreak being controlled in.China and a developing outside of China.Huawei has attached a great importance.to the immediate and the full.implementation of a prevention and.control ensuring the health and safety.of our employees we also work to respond.and satisfy the needs of accurse.customers and governments in the fight.against dependent epidemic as of today.of all was production in China has.generally been restored at the same time.we worked together with operators to.ensure secure and stable Network.operations and help fight the pandemic.with digital innovation and applications.in 2009 Huawei focused on ICT.infrastructure and smart devices and.achieved a sales revenue of 850 a 2.8.billion are in RMB a young in earring.increase of 19.1% and a five-year kegger.of 21% now the profits of RMB 60 2.7.billion a young year increase of a 5.6.percent and the five-year kegger of a.14% operating cash flow was RMB ninety.one point four billion a year on year.increase of twenty two point four.percent in a five-year kegger of 15.percent looking at back at a 2019 Huawei.has achieved the robust operations in a.mint and a stable net profit margin and.a healthy cash flow breaking it down to.the three businesses consumer business.grew rapidly with a sales revenue of RMB.460 and 60s.7.3 billion dollars R&B a young year.increase of a 34% enterprise business.achieved this year's revenue of R&B.eighty nine point seven billion yaya.increase of a eight point six percent.the carrier business impacted by Clary.investment fluctuations realized the.revenue of R&B two hundred ninety six.point seven billion a nearing increase.of a three point eight percent break it.down to Regions China Rio last a revenue.of R&B five hundred and six point seven.billion increased by thirty six point.two percent due to the external.environment outside China the revenue.decreased by one point six percent.year-on-year among them EMEA achieved.the revenue of a two hundred and sixty.billion RMB a slightly on-year increase.of the point seven percent a Pugachev's.seventy point of five the building are.being revenue affected by Korea.investment fluctuations and GM s outside.of China dropping by nineteen point nine.thirty point nine percent America's.reached fifty two point five billion up.by nine point six percent in 2019 the.company's Nash cash reached the RMB 250.eight point nine billion an increase of.a 32 percent asset liability ratio.remained at a relatively stable level.who has always pursued Anna mentioned.the stable capital structure despite the.changes in his business and external.environment the overall capital.structure remains stable technological.innovation the basic research of.fundamental to hallway every year we.invest more than ten percent of revenue.in research and development R&D spend in.2019 was RMB one hundred and thirty one.point seven billion or eighteen point.nine billion u.s. dollars accounting for.approximately fifteen point three.percent of annual revenue over the past.ten years are in the investment exceeded.six hundred billion RMB equivalent to 86.billion u.s. dollars we have more than.ninety six thousand R&D staff globally.making up about a forty nine percent of.our total headcount.respecting and protecting IPR is the.only way to innovation Huawei has been.respecting and the intellectual property.rights of others what protect a zone in.2019 while we obtained a total of a.sixteen thousand two hundred and forty.three granted the patents worldwide but.for which five thousand and one hundred.the forty-seven were granted in China.eight thousand seven hundred and fifty.six were granted in Europe and America.County for fifty-four percent according.to latest data from the European part in.the office while we ranked the number.one in patent applications in Europe II.2019 hour has been rendered a total.number of more than 85,000 of patents.around the globe this is a snapshot of.our a financial numbers in 2019 you can.see those numbers in our financial.reports next I want to show what do you.my outlook about the future and also our.strategy for different of businesses.since the Industrial Revolution in.nineteen sixty seventy sixty human.society has never been more prosperous.and at the same time has never seen.greater social challenges this.challenges include global warming.frequent and natural disasters and also.the ongoing coronavirus outbreak social.divides and increasing inequality the.network has become a basic part of human.life is impact on the road will only.become stronger therefore the.cybersecurity challenges will only be.greater not smaller unilateralism and.economic confrontation are growing such.actions based on anxiety and panic are.not helping because they are hindering.the fixes geopolitical unrest everywhere.politicizing almost everything is an.emerging dangerous trend which we only.add to the turmoil we're also seeing.inadequate drivers behind a sustainable.economy development leaders the core of.the issues without a strong economic.route that can sustain the problems will.be hard to crack despite the global.turmoil.humankind carries on his perpetual.pursuit of prosperity and development.how to overcome the challenges to get.rid of turmoil and to achieve a high.level of prosperity our top priorities.before us we believe that developing the.shoe to come first we must not abandon.development just because there are.challenges without a development there.will never be an answer.second the global cooperation must be.strengthened the many of the problem.facing the world today as we knows of a.globalization that can all be solved by.returning to the agrarian age nor can.they be a solved with the.anti-globalization measures the ongoing.coronavirus outbreak reminds us that the.problems can only be resolved the best.friends than the cooperation global.prosperity and challenges are both.rooted in technological innovation.finding the answer depends on innovation.resolving the technological challenges.primarily depends on technological.innovation as well.innovations know the ultimate answer but.it's the key for us to get there we need.to develop trust with these dangers and.the rebuild a mutual trust there's a.pressing need to come up with a.technological innovation that copes with.the growing cyber security challenges.you.it is a global consensus to address.social and industry wiring issues.especially the underlying problems in.development one must have sorted.infrastructure in particular the ICT.infrastructure however there is a lack.of a global efforts indeed many of the.problems our tribute to the two patchy.infrastructure across the world there is.a pressing need to review and redefine.the policies of infrastructure with the.goal of effective enhancements the ICT.infrastructure has become the most of.fundamental among all kinds of.infrastructure building of fully.connected a digitally intelligent.infrastructure is the essence of any.solution to promote the development and.address challenges this is our.understanding this also our suggestion.for global development it is also what.we are working towards we firmly believe.that humanity will enter the intelligent.world in 20 to 30 years according to.research by far away and some.universities industry digitalization the.intelligence are now in the face of.rapid development bringing a lot of.opportunities in 2019 the global digital.economy reached fifteen point six.trillion US dollars accounting for 19.7.percent of the world GDP the number.would expect to grow to 24% by 2025 the.distro economy is outpacing the global.economy in 2019 the digital economy grew.at a rate 3.5 times faster than a global.economy and analysis shows that over the.past 30 years every US dollar of digital.investment abroad about a 20 extra.dollars in GDP whereas every dollar in.non digital investment it could only.generate a $3 in the GDP how it focuses.on the ICT infrastructure and smart.devices that enable digitalization.intelligence our investments are.centered on connectivity the cloud and.computing and intelligent e-service.devices 5g featuring Auto a hybrid a.broadband with ultra-low latency and a.massive connection will bring automated.experienced consumers accelerate digital.digitalization intelligence and provide.a new momentum for social and economic.development will actively promote a.global.development work with the industry.leading enterprises to beautify three.industry applications that can be.replicated on large scale and contribute.to a thriving 5g ecosystem helping.telecom operators in their partners many.consumers achieve greater business and.societal value as enterprises a.satellite digital transformation they.need intelligent IP networks that.provide higher bandwidth reliable soas.and intelligent O&M in 2019 we released.a series of solutions such as AI based 5.to integrated parent Network.intelligence zero loss dcn and all.wireless campus network we will continue.to invest in innovation carry out joined.innovation with customers and lead the.development of intelligent IP networks.and standards fiber networks are driven.by experience instead of bandwidth last.year we released the intent driven or.optical narrow strategy.why was fiber networks provide not only.ultimate experience for households but.also more reliable and higher bandwidth.connectivity for vertical industries as.a leader in the global optical.communications industry we will remain.committed to key research and actively.contribute to the standards in terms of.cloud and computing businesses to meet.the requirements of the intelligent.world for heterogeneous and diverse.computing we release the quintonk plus.ascend computing strategy illustrating.things we do in things we'll leave to.the partners and these strategy aims to.build an open and thriving ecosystem to.better serve our customers we have.integrated organizations related to.storage computing and cloud services and.they establish the cloud in a IBG in.2000 and.you.test AI training cluster Alice 900 while.we allow Earth's and cluster service and.mines poor AI computing framework to.complete our full stack o scenario AI.portfolio we have also released the.Huawei Developer Program 2.0 we plan to.nurture 5 million developers with.universities and the community in five.years and invest 1.5 billion u.s..dollars to promote the development of.the computing industry we are committed.to providing reliable secure trustworthy.and sustainable public cloud services.and hybrid cloud solutions cloud.services AI and 5g together can well.enable data analytics and applications.we provide such an enabling platform for.the intelligent world while working with.partners to facilitate industry.digitization and intelligence while a.cloud services were developing at a very.fast speed and grew more than three.times in 2019 last year Kwami smartphone.shipped a red car high of over 240.million units a global brand awareness.increased to 93 percent winning the.trust and love of global consumers with.excellent products and experience.looking into the future Huawei is.committed to fulfilling its vision.omission on intelligent devices Huawei.is dedicated to building a smart life.with ultimate experience for consumers.in all scenarios and Huawei adheres to.the 1 + a + + o scenario strategy.through HMS including app gallery hi.link and other industry software.hardware applications and service.partners Wow is able to meet consumers.requirements for all scenarios smart.life.in addition last year we launched a 1.billion u.s. dollar signing star program.for device developers as 5g ai ai and VR.become more mature and ma critized.around the world.Wow a smart device business will.continue to gain traction for his.development the fast developing ICT.industry is not without his challenges.Moore's law and Shannon's law.approaching capacity therefore while we.upgraded its innovation strategy from.the 1.0 era of Technology and.engineering innovation based on customer.needs to the 2.0 era of vision driven.theoretical breakthroughs and basic.technology invention inventions the core.concept of innovation 1.0 is to meet.customer requirements and challenges.innovate technologies and engineering.innovate products and solutions and.solve the problem of one to n the key is.to help customers and partners enhance.competitiveness help customers increase.revenue or reduce costs and help them.achieve business success now we are.talking about innovation 2.0 strategy.the core concept is that we believe that.the future world is an intelligent one.it's a fully connected one and we'll.explore the erratic of breakthroughs and.basic technology in finish inventions to.solve the world's intractable problems.with one with zero to one innovation as.a leading global ICT infrastructure and.intelligent device provider Huawei is.committed to sustainable development we.work with customers partners and third.party organizations around the world to.advance the United Nations SDGs ICT.technologies will play an increasingly.important role in delivering sustainable.development last year we incorporated.inclusion into our sustainable.development strategy the other three.components are security and.trustworthiness environmental protection.and an harmonious ecosystem again last.year we officially released a safe for.all programme which aims to cooperate.with multiple organizations around the.world in education Environmental.Protection health and well-being.technologies could pass it on leaving no.one behind in digital in terms of.security and trustworthiness.we provided Network assurance for more.than 200 major events and natural.disasters worldwide and missed the.ongoing coronavirus outbreak we will.honor our commitment to shoulder our.responsibilities and work with customers.and partners to overcome the.difficulties wows vision and mission is.to bring - though to every person.home and organization for a fully can.acted intelligent worlds thank you thank.you Eric so now it's time to hand the.meeting across to the media ask their.questions before we start I'd like to.invite Madame cheetah there to the stage.welcome.just some explanatory comments before we.start this is for media who can ask.questions we're going to switch now from.nine languages to to soak em Wong is.joining us on the stage as interpreter.Ken will be talking a threatening.Mandarin - English.if you're online on the on the.conference existent to ask a question.there's a little button you click it and.you raise your hand we will see your.questions come in we will try to choose.those who ask questions in the order we.see them come for now every journalist.line is muted once we've identified you.to ask a question we will manually.unmute your line please wait until we.confirm that we can hear you before you.start to ask your question your voice.will be heard here in the room and also.on the call itself.you.ask please that you unmute your.so we can see when you ask your.questions so if you're a journalist that.plans to ask a question or hopes to.please unclick that the video so there.will be a slight delay please bear with.us and finally there's a many.journalists on the line please restrict.your questions to one if you can to give.many people an opportunity we have 60.minutes for the Q&A so we have time to.address many many questions so with that.I'm going to start with China Business.News number 2 Dave Carlin Reuters get.ready for your question so can we all.mute the line please of Lena from China.Business News Gerty window these had in.the be not now you get to enjoy sure.David your question is in the teach.arena whether one used to say inside.change shoulder each in the.dimension that's under each scene Samuel.ship away paraphrasing and the jungle.thing in such a demeaning son oh wait I.take the English under you go I said ah.you share naked tunnel I'll take each.ship on quickly paralytic economy or its.Argentinian our the employed.functionalization I'm with China.Business News the global pandemic is a.steel spreading whether that would have.impact on hallways business operations.throughout the year well whether.hallways the supply chain would be.affected as well.what is if always planned to address it.woman ship and or eaten and gotten quite.a doctrinal syncretic figure take the.state out - yes you are fluid abundant.and got a dog home fuu-chin camp in 2000.woman the Nissan hotel you can even.shown in this gym I mean they couldn't.have done in got an GU photo into me or.J pufn pufn turns off you see what's -.so you can turn shall a woman so we are.your part on fergenson my ego gained an.engine so eating sushi why would your.tongue koala she did the toast.night yo shut down en condenser sunshine.chain tensed about Don Englander the.ancien régime on job now Shannon change.oh the careful Orton for the country in.the future in Catania with the girl.woman tight uncle a fant important agent.remain faithful under the Blanchard a.woman man to change Oh careful employees.since the very beginning of the outbreak.we've taken a whole series of measures.to ensure health and safety of highway.employees and on that basis we also work.together we also work to satisfy the.needs and requirements coming from our.customers and the governments around the.world as they fight the pandemic - today.all the production activities in China.have been fully restored therefore there.would be no problem in a short term for.us to continue supplying our customers.and partners around the world at the.same time as everyone knows the corona.virus is a steel super adding.especially outside of a China if that.cannot be well controlled it will cause.challenges on a daily basis we have been.briefed by our supply chain division.around how our global suppliers have.been doing in light of the current.situation we've also been doing what we.can in our power to support our partners.and suppliers as they fight the epidemic.as they help to ensure supply to huawei.as well.at this point of a time we certainly.cannot say for sure how they are.pandemic will evolve if it cannot be.well our controlled if some individual.suppliers of a hallway cannot continue.supplying to us it will cause long-term.challenges and it also caused.uncertainty regarding what weather.Huawei will continue to supply to the.market of course this is a something.that we definitely don't want to see and.we are also working hard on our side as.well okay thank you.we're gonna come secondly to Charice.farm from CNN Cherise can you hear us.can we unmute erases line please okay.yeah I said on you can you hear me yes.we can greetings from our Hong Kong.apartment thank you so much for holding.this virtual press conference I you know.Eric I hear you and you're saying that.China is trying to get back to normal.and always trying to get back to normal.but it just really feels that as the.pandemic is sort of rolling out globally.it really feels like we're sort of.entering this stage of before.coronavirus and after coronavirus so how.do you see always business being.fundamentally changed because of the.corona virus and the pandemic do you see.changes in how you approach the supply.chain or changes in how maybe you.approach HR I've heard that you're now.giving virtual tours to carrier clients.for example how do you see some of the.things that you've rolled out because of.the current a virus pandemic you know.they were sort of emergency measures but.will you continue them in the future.seeing the teacher sociopaths Hunziker.sank on the communicate at a local.coffee machine sandwich engine the.science you need a fabric we can certify.Hinda Erica nintedo.chunko cioppino Hodgins and read away.food Shanghai power higher than you read.away from Shanghai noon to the logical.eating above papa hoo-boy realms which.was an English sure that you hold hands.like you're French and language here and.Bhutan the sure that each Indian eating.whole some weenies are critical for his.Shangguan de just yo u GE Qing hua way.so here we mean use a young man shaken.when the Bhutan beautiful flowers a.communion Simon attorney cut slowly.emerge mapping ha sorry and it's the UN.Shana Tova your mayor may not be my.Americans wow it's a museum in Sonic oh.ho chi Chi su NIDA take a country so.it's this year Lisa visions in G's.holder to hit such a charge on each in.go ho ho ho an issue for a fontanel.potential that solitary my eager Jack in.my colon talk way to my ego into the key.whether the pandemic would mark a.distinct distinction between the two.IRA's of a before and after the pandemic.I'm not sure but for many families and.for many individuals what has been.happening.we definitely be there unforgettable.memory that would always a stay there.paralyzed i'm cinda honey or sugar camp.or teenie just how will i the Girl.Guides Amalekites in motion concluded.each other.triple infant King unchanged Marcia not.some work now question in Oman to change.home the crew for bhaga bhaga and eaten.food their woman.Connie data cache which OH as for.highway there's no time or effort on our.part to think about what kind of the.changes what kind of improvements to be.made in our business operations because.currently our priority is how to fast.respond and satisfy the needs of our.customers around the world including.governments in their fight against the.pandemic provided that the health and.safety of our employees can be.guaranteed the control unit ratio to.that session for Yi fashion guru.sessions on rotation know the one sheet.a student.nowaday one know that when Dean and.Commission.young another cotton for attention show.if a a walk with her you fool woman.scientist a quadratic Ruffo Horton phone.died Fannie took a triple 191 division.not lucid and God and God pardon Susan.this is future ethical conduct as we.know in light of the current situation.online conferencing online shopping.online living and also Online.Entertainment's has been undischarged.that has caused a dramatic increase of a.network traffic that also makes it ever.demanding to ensure safety and stability.of networks around the world Huawei.serves more than 170 countries around.the world we have been working closely.with our customers and also local.governments to ensure a stable and.secure operations of the network were.also working to address the ever growing.demand from increasing online activities.and then to go fast in teaching Romania.the fashion a woman to die in one in Sun.the girls under the issue 24 meaning she.thought that I can't the girl way to the.woman that you can guess we can you / -.attention guys didn't owe you one of.course during the course of the pandemic.we have also identified some issues and.challenges in our operations management.that we need to work on so when this.whole pandemic is over we definitely.will take measures to address those.issues to drive continuous improvements.do you think we are mean the MOOC have.we e.paprika ho hey woman we are mid-america.family and McCutcheon and scowl for.example is part of our findings that you.don't have to see the face to face to.have a good meeting and you don't have.to really all sit in a one room to have.a good press conference such as this one.we are having today.tell me in fashion today no wait Ellis.in the cover we also find what's going.on will certainly bring about a new.perspectives in terms of how people look.at the networks and how people look at.a5g thank you thanks for the question.Cherise we're going to go to Dave Kurt.and next David curtain from Reuters just.wait for your line to be on mute it and.then Global Times Chan ching-ching get.ready I'm sorry I went your chin Ludo.showed us ago David host global times GJ.r km beta 70 hi David.we can hear you how much of always.revenue last year came from 5g equipment.sales outside of China and what sort of.impact did us-russia happen those cells.are in your journey far away cheetah.take a short short was also lied to each.chunk or a wider horizon I'm a coda yari.three Taguchi DeShazo solo you're.totally innocent and are in Antonio.which is all sense to imagine some who.consider solar PV hotel means an assault.official all revenue from a5g last year.was more than three billion dollars so.percentage-wise is very small no matter.when we look at a total revenue of.hallway or a total revenue of our.carrier business Susana Union son go.Jane Chu she has this we go poof.GT point deployment was just a kicked.off we haven't seen a large-scale a5g.outro out yet which is that can show.that the girl took a little away all.that time where you could tissue and.gosh angle ji-yong sample to Mach 1 and.got lunch and show me you :.since the Santa coupon Union tonin got.stop just say on the Y table miss to.where the shop wizard I just want a good.tissue to go to get just not understand.bottom.we seen a single technology in history.that happen for example is part of our.findings that you don't have to see the.face-to-face to have a good meeting and.you don't have to really all sit in a.one room to have a good press conference.such as the daijaan the girl me.you.we're certainly bring about a new.perspectives in terms of how people look.at in networks and how people look at a.5g thank you thanks for the question.Cherise we're gonna go to Dave Curtin.next David curtain from Rogers just wait.for your line to be unmuted and then I.understood Jen to come the co foregone.the photo whole Benko in the girl case.someone told him once you go to Jason we.had to take a lot of a time explaining.with our customers partners and also.government regulators Omaha protocol 9g.santa 31 open as to how it didn't occur.to you got a union my ocean the highway.the woody tissue for the province she.may be deficient owada tissue there are.also several cases well highway.equipment was already used for there are.2 G 3G and 4G networks and yet the.customers did not choose what was a 5g.or did not continue working with Huawei.in selective geographies for different.types of reasons the other the other the.cooperative for ESA America DC no way.d'Italia the station Ukrainian equal but.often condo go those examples include.Optus and the VH way in Australia TDC in.Denmark and Italia in Norway and I.believe some of you have all may have.already seen those reports mr. Hinton.Bay woman which is solo some boy it was.a hurry it was but I did not prepare.that numbers bleeds in terms of a 5g.revenue in China and outside China thank.you thanks for the question David Chen.ching-ching from Global Times were.coming to you Omar from CG TN get ready.for the question afterwards.chanting Jing the Messiah awaits the.girl on TV Globo times the change in.gene Jung ho gelada to couldn t wear.your chin CGT and as you catch is that.you want children back.no Shabat irritable jessimae one mighty.part out show by going on on.technologies and seeing a true whole.country to torture the present all court.I didn't a NATO single Cynthiana Jia Jie.Zhao Shang to awaken for us and she went.away Geon woo hoo into economic and I.encourage entrepreneurship from Global.Times there have been recent a report.saying that the White House is a.constraint new export control.restrictions.restricting companies such as a GSM se.to supply Huawei how far away would.address such escalations of Export.Control from the United States the some.were just so the same visitors have fun.we're not on the wind she the journalist.of a CNBC was asking the same question.during our interview this morning.there's also them by the way not that.way the idea I can only repeat my answer.that I was given to CNBC so Khandala to.see the political heat I saw that us our.report from Reuters through the way.Khandala the Guru bow samia's your.relationship I also saw the report of.China Daily on March 29th about sound so.you go make well didn't host negatives.singleton fool a biosensor so then they.know you can substitute immunity was the.China Daily report says if the measures.were taken by the United States the.Chinese government would be left and no.other choice but imposing similar.measures on some companies wanting to do.for a long while London that good for.the highway suitably I think the Chinese.government we are not stand asked just.to stand by watching far away to be.slaughtered on a chopping board.something to atone for a feta cheese.here fans that it was and I believe the.Chinese government.they also take some countermeasures with.mobile until to me on day one 19-teens.amigo consider booty simcha what the -.Hinda is a sudden Shoji Hawkinson.Anthony.by satsang Gaussian why did.you.bah cyber security reasons you think.that didn't you answer some gorgonzola.we had in some Hangul dissension hair.endemic a fellow the dashing go machine.came that's intense.the girl so he even the situation.you mentioned happened Huawei and also.other Chinese companies can choose to.buy chipset from say Samsung from Korea.mtk from Taiwan and spread apart from in.China and use those chips to develop.their own smartphones just operating.with some simple and sometimes in p.m. a.total ass system Jonghyun that don't go.for your Honda him pinchy its and don't.you like even in the long-term hallway.was denied access to chip manufacturing.I believe there will be many Chinese.companies that would have started.working on chipset in the long run our.highs the creating goal.this is yet Oh Hank Elizabeth uncle.Taiwan.although the synthesis on chicken the.simply youngja wasn't intention those.could be the sources far away could look.at together with other sources in Korea.Japan Europe and also Taiwan as we.develop and the design our products you.can make one for you like yoga why could.this happen in prison she's a poet and.show that you sometime.if the US government can arbitrarily.change the forum made a director product.of rule that would be a destruction to.the global technology ecosystem you go.through life don't wanna find the time.if we chosen some way on the issue tell.such didn't profession that the agenda.and then if the Chinese government also.follow with the counter measures we can.imagine what kind of an impact that.be on industry this type of a.destructive repo effect on the global.industry would be astonishing and Olaf.was the identical till you change over.the time yes and I call ins to finishing.the insertion the per watt for a.daughter :.Safari yeah here if the Pandora's box.was to be opened we are probably going.to see catastrophic destruction to the.global or industry hm and by them is not.gonna be only one company of hallway.that could be destroyed.well mr. Jia Qian Josiah Hodor.juju for tiny demon in the counter way.to enjoy the Kevorkian gondya course in.data consumption it is our hope that the.global industry can work together where.everyone can focus on the challenges.that the industry and also the customers.are faced with and work together to come.up with a trustworthy products which he.wanted in society in that context I hope.this are our story but this is not true.for the FA hoping wishing well otherwise.we might be seen an endless flow of.disastrous aftermath and change what I.need in the north we go find Wan Jia.don't toss and season if that happens.not a single player in a global our.value chain can stay Emil thank you.shiny changing Omar from.CGT and Simon Cowell Kon from Bloomberg.get ready your your coming next so I.Quintus the GTN alcohol.publisher does a good teacher shooting.jaya hotel inside volunteer I'm a.constant here and so last year 2019 you.could say probably a tough fearful for.Gua why having that FCC litigation the.entity list but also the last year we.saw while we invite a lot of media.personnel to come visit their.headquarters in Shenzhen a lot of.interviews were given by rendering with.a I kind of want to go with this going.forward this year what.that's what we want to do in terms of.transparency in terms of countering.those claims by several governments.specifically in the United States.how does wali wants a better showcase.who they are to kind of deflect those.claims that they have any connections to.the government you could just expand on.what quality plants is in going forward.in 2020 thank you.sorry our denote Union College was.charged on the Union handle or we can.FCC does an ecology teaching done thanks.to the homie akanda away knock on door.de Medici - Yeo Jin - engine of the.transient engine failure solo Honda made.his - so it was a winch as I realized I.are in arlenian Howard said son told me.- for Mia how are you nauseous in de.Chivo.so our negotiation was yet doing our.jungle gym for the consider Johnny's.year Fujiko just dancing record she.challenged to convert at home in two.hours early our union UT and achieve our.mission the girl.we are hassan de re Tony and the girl.phone fine this retention I think.primarily we are going to follow the.same approaches that we are talking two.thousand and a 19 thank you Thank You.Omar.Simon guy were coming to you takagi from.Sankey news and Massey from China dilly.get ready you're coming next but for.another Simon guy from Bloomberg Simon.can we hear you Simon only nama okay.creating de ce soir 20 case you told.Nina change on short take American.tingling on David away the year with.insulin Santini Taiwanese are a leading.Antonia teaching ha sido nearly in.rapaho would see the social Tijeras.without the wind I'll quickly I waiting.at the social dat initiating sir.in why sure when you consider how I saw.thought we'd see nominal get got Eric.Lee you mentioned it just now the us fam.of always business has had a very.substantial impact can you share your.outlook of hallways business in 2020 in.light of the us band and the.difficulties Huawei is going to face in.markets outside of China when it comes.to the 5g business what specific impact.that can be expected and Acacia with a.some numbers regarding the 5g smartphone.sales in 2020 use the Giardini go mr..fergenson 2,000 3,000 yen that's the.woman pitching higher we're still hard.to change it in Bamiyan the questions.are I kept saying that 2019 was probably.the most a difficult year for hallway.however even in 2019 we still had.enjoyed very fast eyebrows before May.16th.Omaha Italian that the good ship a now.in the coalition shop and we also had a.substantial stockpile in our inventory.on to respond to customer needs the ala.nadya will show the survival the yin and.the yang in that context I think at 2020.will be more difficult it's going to be.the most difficult year for our you know.the girls in Asia because we will be.subject to our anti listing entity.listing throughout the year yes I wonder.the God should be younger Kawana.and according to some in the industry.are hallways are inventory that we put.in place beforehand is about to run out.so challenging a woman the girl.unionization super southern Gulf a free.so in the Ukrainians in yet there for.2020 is going to be a very crucial year.to test.whether always a supply continuity.program can really work in an effective.way on a single region you see Romeo you.shan't other team are on top of that the.outbreak of our corona virus is.something unexpected decide June June.punt on it is fun fun fun.he didn't he so not even in yet you said.other Hindi doubt that it brings about.our new unexpected challenges like.economic decline financial turmoil and.also shrinking market the demand you're.using a change of the agent identical.quest of the father and Cotentin woman.town change future - Jota toboggan.ganancia and gosh onion careful hold on.for the coin in future just a message to.the changing don't even go to total.computer she's in the yeah Harlan.talking to the king who who you think.when the global pandemic is a still fast.developing our current priority is to.first ensure a health and safety of our.employees and on that basis respond to.the needs and requirements of our.customers and also governments around.the world in their fight against deep.and amic we don't have the time yet to.either forecast or evaluate how our.whole your numbers would look like as a.matter of fact at this point of the time.is very difficult to make an accurate.forecast an Iranian woman eaten for July.Nina had an fob Union Bob 2020 would buy.everything we can to continue to survive.so that we can release our 2020 annual.reports at the same time next year.kuan-yin Yoshida Horatio so yes Italians.whoa whoa machine they continuously ho.ho ho mentioned SOT Tom afar you don't.occur.we call that the EMS system regarding.the sales prospector of the highway 5g.foams in markets outside of China you.all know that after May 16th of last.year or our newly launched the Huawei.phones could not have GM s pre-installed.well above who change our incidence of.GM food the knee holes in TN y with a.drastic action as hidden in order to.protect the increased and also user.experience of all highway smartphone.users globally Huawei launched HMS.momiji that green and go the highway.that the girl in Sudan APB calories and.some ja Kyung Tae Bo the Ibiza to sow.some yeah yeah we also hope that the.applications from Google can be also.hosted in Huawei's App Store our App.Gallery just like how they are doing.with our Apple's App Store you don't.tangle shop with you to come how the.Union this can help deliver are more and.better applications that can be made.available to consumers so how is the.highway the tsuyoku so cheap tolling.gods and we go in that info that could.also help to ensure all Huawei all the.users of hallway 5g smartphones outside.the China can also be the users of a.Google's applications only today didn't.have an American door.that's not missing that Justin if I saw.conjecture the you t GJ you woman thank.God.HMS intelligence it is certainly our.hope that we can sell more 5g.smartphones in markets outside China but.it's truly difficult for us to make an.accurate of forecast as of now it.largely depends on how the progress.would look like in terms of our.ecosystem around HMS thank you.thank you we've lost son Cain you so.we're gonna come to China Delia next and.then two down strum from The Wall Street.Journal Massey from China dilly are you.there.I'm sure I couldn't eliezer using China.Daily.and Jesus realized every bomb you know.it was a little shoes on multi rotor.needs income that you ge.don't IET me identities of the indicia.don't worry its introduction Trejo means.Apollo GT and sure did so many always.McKenzie and wanted OGG way this is it.currently Europe is one of the region's.does been hit them worst by the pandemic.and how the 5g network deployment would.be affected by the pandemic in Europe.and look at the China China has clearly.accelerated 5g network deployment after.the pandemic is brought under control.was what was view regarding 5g.opportunities for hallway in the China.market although there's ago we continue.and ho each oxygen oxygen 5g deployment.in Europe will certainly be delayed.twist to the extent and to the time when.the pandemic will be brought under.control and single Zarrella single.decision so Jakarta region which is.agency much instant is a total the.contingent in China after the pandemic.was brought under control indeed it has.accelerated 5g deployment currently all.the three big telecom operators are in.the process of tendering sergeant.Sunday in San Quentin dominant who took.a jihadist go didn't go so good.and you cannot have waste understand jag.India and I believe for all the three.big telecom operators in China they will.complete the planned amount of the 5g.deployment or even slightly higher than.their a year beginning plan which is.India dosa ugochi je woman blinken the.sound now all the sudden boom PAH ijen.take some so that you create chili.how did she give the Tanyard you thought.in terms of how many more 5g systems.that could be deployed versus the year.beginning targets of telecom operators.that depends on several factors the.ability for vendors such as well way to.supply and whether they roll out it.would be fast enough so that we can win.back the time during the pandemic and.also of course whether the telecom.operators would have sufficient of.budget thank you thank you mercy.dance from Wall Street Journal were.coming to you and then we're coming to.see your chin from South China Morning.Post Dan can you hear us.I mean you watching watch your report -.shall I should know about.I hear you can you can you hear me they.here yet thanks a lot.I was just my question is you so Huawei.posted your up for the year was about.three years but your revenue grew pretty.pretty substantially to what do you.attribute the slowdown and profit growth.last year and I was also hoping you.could answer why your share of overseas.revenue declined last year what what do.you what do you attribute that to is it.is it to the u.s. restrict.or did you see other other factors at.play if you could address that as well.please thanks Conda hallways Union.children De Sica Jung han-soo.DBMS onion as a.leerin Sanjana Jenna Kazuto you know not.really sure how it's out in your Union.Lear interns who suffered a guy in.susima you won't be a candle or in your.junior while we hi why show the champy.she is a father so you may question to.the gamma I saw your harder to go.against out Honda and a neat young and.even the gurney shot young the.collegiate I think it's a pretty easy to.understand why the growth rate of our.net profit last year are decreased women.that were yesterday up a long time ago.take the ice allow you to kitchen than.you ho woman continued now the bottom.after hallway was added to the entity.list on may 16th of last year by the US.Commerce Department the B is we.certainly had to invest more into R&D to.so-called a fix the hose in students.again Valley on the green sample inquiry.the communion momentum cool-lookin Union.because out of a sudden a large number.of suppliers of a hallway could not.continue supplying to us so we had to.reboot to a certain degree our supply.chain bucola and judicial weights eager.to the garden a bunion each younger to.continue any good citizens so a woman.has a same bottom which like but unions.can go home now how is in some way.t-mobile in that context it was a.certainly impossible for hallway to.continue pursuing as high growth rate in.our net profits as 2017 or 2018.we we had to fix the hose we had to.reboot our supply chain and the survival.turned out to be the first priority how.I salute the ticket ambi the shotgun.this is so we are you who took oppa.Nagato woman singsong honking chickens.EMS on time your question as for.the lower percentage of our overseas.revenue in our total revenue mix one of.the big reasons for that was no more.excess of a newly launched as.smartphones from hallway to the Google.GM s after May 16th moment Union the.shop opened the single you had a shot.with you there is no hostage and Nicole.shootin down we do hasta ho hi sausage.on this would you do now how you gonna.start with yourself reason the consumer.business outside of the China was.growing very fast before May 16th and.was declining very fast after May 16th.it only started to bounce back since cue.fall of last year now you got to ninja.highway young woman.the girl who deal with the saloon so.subtly by Imogen to you the impact on.always consumer business revenue in.markets outside of the China was at.least 10 billion dollars to continue.that horizon be this young naturally are.the percentage of our overseas revenue.as of our total revenue will be smaller.thank you thanks for your question Dan.Celia from SCMP we're coming to you next.and then we're coming to Brussels to.political to Laurens after that Celia.chain from SCMP.which I waste years ago no mama okay.Tina da with some additional power shows.either Canadians.Don daddy Johnson that she's like well.why do Rio show to gender Juanita tongue.Sonia Kashuk ginger how is their golden. huh.so he said you know why we show CEO Eli.she Rubik in munzo qualify jankevicius.I'm using highway smartphone has.captured a very big market share in.China well is not doing as well in.markets outside of China we also noticed.that many Chinese are phone vendors.start to penetrate premium segments.outside of the China so how far we were.the balance is domestic and.international phone business especially.in light of the current pandemic this is.a woman is gender again that this is the.call a tremendous woman edia partying.they chant engine so wasted on you.decision our choice is very simple in.China we are committed to implement ours.1 + 8 + M seamless AI life strategy and.the 2d Tata woman's and graduates is.some time now it's as Susan she woman.that the authority to hire and gosh also.at the same time we would also work to.build the HMS ecosystem so that we are.able to sell our smartphones in markets.outside China only time this human woman.the the students of G then got issues in.the EMS system we certainly hope to see.continue to access of always smart forms.to the GMs as the contingent but also.some woman so cheek we need to do that.just a good game woman that HMS and that.hold the IPP gallery but that decision.is not for our way to make what we can.are choose to work on ourselves is to.develop the HMS as well as the.application gallery that goes with it.Jenna that's the imitations it certainly.is going to be very difficult but we are.left and no other choices where it isn't.good.so then students and I knew can improve.8q ain't that gaudy.yeah too little time you go change her.the you we certainly do not position.ourselves as a domestic a player for.these smarter devices of business we.certainly look at a global market for.this business.thank you hi thanks for taking a.question I wanted to ask about the.European market specifically in light of.the measures that European governments.are taking to restrict the role of.what's called high-risk offenders.a lot of European governments count.Huawei as being part of that group of.high-risk offenders.first of all I just wanted to ask again.whether you could break down a little.bit the impact of the measures being.taken across Europe right now on the.carrier business figures in Europe.specifically and then secondly I was.wondering if one way considers these.measures taken in countries like France.the UK perhaps other European countries.as being discriminatory or unfair in any.way and whether it considers taking.steps or actions to address.discrimination or unfair unfair.competition.Thank You Liza people oh sorry.our political now some to go Windsor.tutti quanti Auto Show Honda 2000.generation is a gentleman Canada also to.atone for sin side Chandra so where the.Californian concern that's high showing.in the Jews for knock on door.autocorrelation for Yahweh quake.offensive Queen some known in dominant a.treaty that yes Aisha.Otto.was hard as it was to you far away also.the Queen song Yahoo chuchita la da da.Dada Ginza the murder hot news live or.wrong way sound Fargo in gorkon hired. her daughter pooja I'm a merchant I.should add sources in the serpentine de.rigueur should offer for quotes her.sheets and Yanis got you saw his.shinbone like inverters when she's.become hinge in John thought about Sam.Romeo kills for gold night Google yeah.think about how do we work on Samantha.Turner sure you can go eat in pasado.at the very least from pública reports I.have never seen or heard that any member.state of the European Union has labeled.the hallway clearly as a high risk of.vendor because you know UK now is not.part of European Union anymore but you.did go go go go yeah has that huge it to.me European countries as to you are.based there are decisions on facts.nene-chan the agent who one line change.you it was more and they clearly know.what cyber security cyber security.actually means moment ago Google added.on food though the episode is forgotten.we have been engaging and communicating.with various European governments yes.sitting happier person to put into a.fasten decision to head to the tip of.India there are so many things that have.not happened so I think is not good to.make a comments on things that have not.happened.thank you.Thank You Lawrence takagi from Sankei.News is next and then Guangzhou ins and.my name is Carlos Takagi quite refugee.service started in Japan last week and.Japanese mobile companies cooperating.with beauty in the technology of 5g but.you are all directed by the government.and please tell me your strategy about.5g in Japan for example joint research.or sales of base base station and mobile.phone wichita ribbon division she's.agenda each in chula which is Jana Jana.cocoon saw me a Khandala.wow it's a ribbon which is a page in.time video machines are forward side.droop and then G for minutes Korea.should sing yonder so shockwave a job to.teach an Asiago ji Hye Jin Qin Yun Hui.angioma mutton-headed awesome Milken's.to go the girls open till our tender.terminology from all different types of.open sources I have never heard that.Huawei is banned from participating in.5g in Japan so it's woman that can care.for Canton for the jingle to go yet.Dakota we have been are communicating.with our customers as well as our.regulators they wanted a bumpin Evelyn.Kane and Kiki toka mo and clickety I own.my own on hold to go you don't you the.photo we have had a no collaboration.with the NTT DoCoMo and KDDI in Japan in.the mobile auto may once again eaten.yahood or only work together with a.softer bank our mobile the one missing.that is the photo has rewritten destiny.a recurrent collaboration as a steel are.focused on our Fuji Seneca the figure I.mean you don't.which is a software Softbank mobile r2.today has not deployed a large number of.a 5g Playstations the woman she that.woman going to Runyan you didn't know.gotten Sugie Sugie and we hope that.hallways cooperation with the software.Bank of mobile can be extended from a 4G.to 5g and then until hi didn't she give.you coverage it JD and of course this is.a decision that needs to be made by bad.customers thank you thank you Takagi.we're now coming to guangzhou in zoo are.you there.in Kannamma she's only ha ha if you got.anything else.she'd only how was your quite hard to.enjoy are we going to just jinghuan for.a person due to a power that's in the.short run about 10 and a half year that.she's 19 function an enum for concern of.the Pangaea a lukewarm a button for.equalling interest and watching me check.junk to make watching me and Chang here.sergeant a yonder initial damage.ontology under torture.you've said that further escalation of.US export controls to where the far away.with a cause systemic risk but what if.the US government was determined to.escalate his restrictions to what what.way.what kind of an impact that would be on.the semiconductor industry of the United.States and any way to saluted the fancy.which were taking it you can you fund.the gamma go politician hey Chan PC key.to the - Papa Shango Molly you hotel.Jamie cope and out here high in addition.qe2 humbug up beneath the going chief.with other engines.I would not share in-depth analysis here.instead I would refer you to a BCG.report commissioned by the United States.semiconductor industry association is.called a halt restricting trade with the.China to the end you as a semiconductor.leadership there is a very good.explanation in that report around the.question you raised which is also is.that jewel and social thousand from Boca.catalytic and imbued on the Goosen rule.a simple search would help you to.located that report I think that the.analysis there definitely would be more.in depth compared to you or the answer.that I could give here thank you thank.you.we've now got a change we've got two.questions I will read out the first is.from roberto company who's an analyst.with analysis Mason how do you believe.that multi-vendor.open R and T IP solutions will challenge.Wow his business over the next five.years now Jacob when te o a line in July.way later Union - a journey into the.torchon song open Bram egt IP chases.llamo who devoured a lie as any other in.some wooden way 10 edition with with you.way I think the impact on our business.would be negligible and who has the.generally channel to open right and I.want to elaborate a little bit on open.ran so here open run no singleton.pupusas so whether would even whether.you go build.tatsu eager machine Chaco was hinge.first open brand is not a standard is.not another five g's standards in.essence is only an architecture and a.method of implementation the overruns.shakkaho solution tissue total either.the good time so young y'all month we.took a Gucci belt on.so you're yelling go Mon twins and take.on how they Ceylon they took a paddle to.go syncope bassist stations that are to.be designed and developed based on the.open brand architecture and the.technologies still have to follow agree.to 5g standards still have to satisfy.the needs of telecom operators around.power consumption performance and a.value for money over lanterns and how.long have you go is that what well I.didn't function open brand advocates.openness and open source is only an.implementation method to implement the.5g base stations or possible base.stations of a 60s some the good thank.you sir that understood.eaten the eating penguin sir looking.back into history of this mobile.communications industry there was one.revolution we saw during the times of a.3G in terms of how base station was.implemented just of our work has under.from Buddhism as one that's when Huawei.are released is distributed base station.a phone booth on the chain energy time.PB you who are you society that so fun.that you go from your container fund a.given in yet before distribute.distributed the base station were.launched to the market BB you the.baseband unit and are you the radio unit.were integrated into one equipment and.was a sheltered in air-conditioned room.why would you to the fundus design Cuba.io signa Fondulac Edison sander why it's.a good idea to go kiss another goods.international now how awful god.now how to hold him wait up Sookie Keith.Anderson Jocko somewhere like us captain.until the Belgian was the most eager.down which he better with the invention.of the distributor base station from.hallway are are you was separated and.separately mounted on tower that.substantially increased the performance.and also coverage of a base stations and.that solution also has become a way of.implementation of a fuji and 5g base.stations and actually it has become a de.facto standard in the industry doji.Sanji be sued endogenous how do you.judge their food and food from tell.pattern so G which is that design.equation 1 G times G tan so Jen total.Sun nan Guardian done July now angel and.gamma o sanam we are to quantization.function position Jocko in the times of.a 2g 3G 4G or 5g when 3gpp was working.on standards setting the focus has.always been interoperability to ensure.smartphones can inter work with base.stations base stations came in to work.with the core network and base stations.can work together with each other across.different Avengers that is the.foundation to ensure global roaming and.there has never been a time that the.3gpp would look specifically at the.implementation methods and architectures.of different vendors than the ease on.the treta.top in pucón - the girl is under the.same function a chain woman took a unit.of one can make a dishonest pimple on.chaeyoung dope angular-seed a national.she's under the car so yeah joe anderson.JP from the perspective of telecom.operators it's not at their area of.interest in terms of how base stations.are implemented.as a matter of fact the way of.implementation between different the.equipment vendors is different to.telecom operators they care about the.performance the quality the value for.money of a different the base station.products coming from different vendors.adult oh yeah you got single Ram.Cinderella leg open ah just a single.ring huh open I AHA sittin toes llaman.toe bootie Belton monthly engine in the.Delta so at the Sochi no yelling gotcha.gotcha time to time she turns didn't go.the in July she's on your question once.the general didn't got the in July we.know in our industry we have had our.single RAM and now we are seeing from.Ram no matter is a single ran or open.ram they must have followed agreed and.established the 5g standards so that all.smart forms can inter work with the best.patience infestations came to work with.each other and base stations can inter.work with Co network and the single run.beware the training design but the open.run listen to me in season this is I'm.trying to say what means you say it's a.search engine them that's a community.sign Shannon tell you to ensure that.joining design that's about in game 10.to 20 inches hundred hundred.possibilities so really we took you just.H that you hope to me single ran is like.special purpose computing an open brand.is like a general-purpose computing.there has always been this race between.general-purpose and special purpose.computing companies such as Intel.they've always wanted to replace today's.special purpose computing with a generic.general-purpose computing but a to today.we have seen more and more scenarios and.use cases.well special purpose computing seems to.be a better fit especially after the.increasing adoption of a.you know they can say you could go jolly.us out cool.she want she won't go island so that.she's done and I didn't had it because.happens if you don't such a good idea.identical to meet you sir cool woman so.to cover the decline in disaster how the.girl fashion and that's husband.government midoriyama before whole.Ordway what's really needed you should.know with me - did you have fun.there was once a meeting with the former.CEO of Intel Brian and he wanted the.hallway base station to use Intel's x86.processors and I told him this is like a.race between the general-purpose.computing and Huawei self-developed a.special purpose computing if one day the.general-purpose computing can catch up.in terms of a performance and a cost of.structure while we would not use Intel's.general-purpose computing because it.takes more time and investment for a way.to do it itself so it'd take a operand.to Keynesian to me in Japan today you'd.have a come home he had a temper when he.get her then she'd know when he and go.mano the groove the future happened to.some scientists agenda so sometime today.they one day you miss Alicia.open ran in essence is a general-purpose.computing I think that there would be a.long time to go before the power of.consumption cost a structure and a.performance of general computing to be.able to satisfy the needs of customers.therefore in the short term I do not see.major impact on how its business.yesterday I want my Honda again the.kwangin it didn't continue with the.tissue the total solution you know whole.open line home Cinco ran you home within.the are you are you those two young dos.we are data for the future dosoo angles.of the Gaussian and get him but.maybe many people have not noticed what.is the most critical technology in the.area of mobile communications that's in.the area of a radial access no matter is.open ran or single ran you have to come.up with the products like are are you or.a a you that can be able to meet the.needs of customers around the.performance around power consumption and.around the cost of structure thank you.okay I think we're now coming to the.last question and it's again online and.I guess Eric is one for you and it's.from Clinton Lou at McGill University in.Canada could you give some further.information but the new IP standard.strategy raised by Huawei 20 issue when.Eric nice to meet you Ashida so she took.everything yourself.oh it's a new IP shaman Danica champion.the new IP the windchill that's 14 slap.I don't know you but what in time.actually it answered at the same.question yesterday and I would answer.that question again here one caution the.girls on UJ Omega keep on human the new.IP controller one zulan I'm very pleased.that a new IP is joined the attention.from the industry as well as a friends.from the press a new idea to the.minister's to watch them I gave the name.of a new my new IP myself it up without.the means at the very beginning it was a.different name always much for coming.today.just answer woman's and ecology NGO.which is a new radio and one of my IP.mission will I taught assuming which.mission well that means Apatow also you.with me to put on you IPA to new ideas.new radio today in the wiki we had a.discussion around the next generation of.IP where far way was doing a research on.5g new radio and.to me the future mission of the next.generation IP was a similar to the.mission of a 5g nuri radio so I simply.wondered why not call it new IP just.like the way we call the 5g new radio.budget - Taizo the sender the IPT.reunion she thinks in uiju bunyan.England I can use Antonio Jenna tan.ensure that I treat others hang on.we can we can do a little bit of search.on the internet then we can realize that.IP technology was invented first in 1969.and that the protocol was finalized in.1978 is almost 50 years of course IP has.achieved enormous achievements over the.past 50 plus years when I did he reach.out the garbage into the Guinot the girl.Angela - yahoo japan new holiday instant.allah you don't fling 1-pounders - it is.so key - nincada inch line at the very.beginning IP was designed to connect all.the computers of the world for office or.productivity purpose and then it was is.extended to also connect all the forms.that consumer have to deliver mobile.internet services as the Madonna and I.hate lima if I the girl had a tissue a.famine so the senior questo fat under.the köppen everyone that is the yin.unchain the Eason a decision however for.so many years.IP technology was not sufficient to.satisfy the needs of industrial Internet.particularly around low latency and.security key comes to the movie out.yesterday the girl Mantua boudin's and.done there's a shelf with it there's a.girl you don't want us to show the juice.for some young man saw the girl honey.the kiss yeah oh the girl good idea.indeed a the girl wouldn't want to shoot.you.there was a similar story for 5 G as.well while 5g was a.to satisfy the increasing need for.enhanced mobile broadband experiences by.consumers it also promises to deliver.low latency and a massive connectivity.that is required for IOT or industrial.Internet the new IPC yonder.Tata mondo the you don't fall in one.hole the bank gonna show you I hired.shimanto the girl yet.the Cunha fully under the cosh which oh.just give see an ancient and it's the.same story for new IP while it is.supposed to satisfy the needs around.mobile Internet and productivity is also.supposed to satisfy the needs for.industrial engineers things like a low.latency and a security this is what the.new IP is the ocean DeWitt has a weak.yen Siegel NGO that the Kikuchi.woman the Catania when I hit when German.quintessential the coccidia Hawkinson.Daiichi yen dude on top - today new IP.is still a research topic.well the IP experts coming from Huawei.discuss and work together with.scientists and engineers from around the.world this is the genetic kukuku japako.Utah DeYoung hotel at Otago PDC biotin.dosukoi at the exit when German total.three other times the NGO.function G one night I took come to.engage a IP one no mission will I xx.the whole today woman this new IP no the.man who can deny he did use for someone.who can you faii on the future 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How to generate an electronic signature for the Annual Audited online

You must focus on a flexible solution to electronic signatures for Annual Audited. CocoSign will provide you with what you have been Reaching out, a single online software that does not need any many installation.

You just need to have a efficient internet connection and your preferred platform to use. Follow this tips to e-sign Annual Audited easily:

  1. Open the document you want to sign. You can also simply drag the required document into this section.
  2. Click to the category 'My Signature'.
  3. Select the types of signatures you need to add. It can be drawn, typed, or uploaded signatures.
  4. Once you have selected the type, select 'Ok' and 'Done'.
  5. Download the form after signing.
  6. You can also send it through email.
  7. Once you are done, save it. You can also email it with other people.

CocoSign makes electronic signatures on your Annual Audited more flexible by providing more choices of merging two documents, adding additional fields, invitation to sign by others, etc.

Due to our easy features, CocoSign's eSignature tool can help users to eSign the PDF well on all the electronic devices like mobile android or iOS, laptop, computer, or any other relevant operating system.

How to create an electronic signature for the Annual Audited in Chrome

Chrome has gained large popularity as a easy browser due to its comprehensive features, useful tools, and extensions. In this way, you can keep all your tools on your home screen in front of you. You just need to select the one you require without searching for it repetitively.

Using this useful extension feature offered by Chrome, you can add CocoSign extension to your browser and use it whenever you need to generate eSignatures in your documents. With CocoSign extension, you will also get many features like merge PDFs, add multiple eSignatures, share your document, etc.

Here are the basic tips you need to follow:

  1. Discover the CocoSign extension on Chrome Webstore and select the option 'Add'.
  2. Log in to your account if registered before, otherwise select signup and register with us.
  3. On your Annual Audited, right-click on it and go to open with option. From there, choose CocoSign reader to open the document.
  4. Select 'My Signature' and generate your designed signatures.
  5. Insert it on the page where you require it.
  6. Select 'Done'.
  7. Once you are done, save it. You can also email it with other people.

How to create an electronic signature for the Annual Audited in Gmail?

Mailing documents is so popular that many companies have gone paperless. Therefore, it will be a great choice if one can sign document online on Gmail straightly. You can do it by downloading a CocoSign extension on your Chrome. Here is what you need to do:

  1. Download the CocoSign extension to your browser from the Chrome Webstore.
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  4. From the sidebar, drag 'Sign'.
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  6. Create them in the document where you need to.
  7. Select 'Done'.

The signed file is in the draft folder. You can easily send it to your required mailing address.

Utilizing electronic signatures in Gmail is such a easy and simply tool. It is specifically designed for busy businessmen. With CocoSign, and you will surely be among our hundreds of happy users.

How to create an e-signature for the Annual Audited straight from your smartphone?

smartphones are the most convenient electronic devices used at this age. You must be interested in using e-signature from this most used electronic device.

Furthermore, with eSignature capability on your mobile phone, you can e-sign your document anytime, anywhere, away from your laptop or desktop. You can utilize CocoSign electronic signature on your mobiles by following these tips:

  1. Open the CocoSign website from your mobile browser. Login to your CocoSign account or sign up with us if you don't have registered before.
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  3. Open the document and drag the page where you want to put the electronic signatures.
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That's it. You will be done signing your Annual Audited on your mobiles within minutes. With CocoSign's remote signature features, you no longer need to worry about the price of your electronic signatures and use our product of your choice.

How to create an e-signature for the Annual Audited on iOS?

Many tools have a more complicated setup when you start using them on an iOS device like the iPhone or iPad. However, you can sign document online quickly with CocoSign, either using the iOS or Android operating system.

Below guides will help you to e-sign your Annual Audited from your iPad or iPhone:

  1. Download the CocoSign software on your iOS device.
  2. Generate your CocoSign account or login if you have a previous one.
  3. You can also sign in through Google and Facebook.
  4. From your internal storage, open the document you need to e-sign.
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  7. Save the changes and save your Annual Audited.
  8. You can also share it to other people or upload it to the cloud for future use.

Select CocoSign electronic signature solutions and enjoy productively working on your iOS devices.

How to create an electronic signature for the Annual Audited on Android?

Recently, Android gadgets are handy used. Therefore, to help out its customers, CocoSign has developed the software for Android users. You can use the following guides to e-sign your Annual Audited from Android:

  1. Download the CocoSign app from Google Play Store.
  2. Login to your CocoSign account from your device or signup if you have not been pre-registered.
  3. Select on the '+' option and add the document in which you want to add your electronic signatures.
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  5. Create your e-signature in another pop-up window.
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  8. You can also share this signed Annual Audited with other people or upload it on the cloud.

CocoSign allows you to generate a large number of electronic signatures 24/7. Connect with us now to automate your document signing.

Annual Audited FAQs

Here are some questions along with their answers to clear up the doubts that you might have.

Need help? Contact support

How do the JYP auditions work?

well idk for a normal audition but i know for online audition. For the online audition: when you send them your audition they will send you automaticly an email with your perzsonal informations that your wrote , after 2–3 weeks they will send you another automatice email saying ‘’ your audition is completed’’ it means that they saw your audition. After 2–3 weeks up to 2 months if you passed they will send you an email with all the informations that you need to know about your second audition that will have place in korea. If you are a minor they will pay for you and one of your parents . i won’t Continue Reading

I need to pay an $800 annual LLC tax for my LLC that formed a month ago, so I am looking to apply for an extension. It's a solely owned LLC, so I need to fill out a Form 7004. How do I fill this form out?

A2A. FTB extensions are discussed on the FTB website at Page on ca.gov . According to that site, extensions apply to filing but do not apply to making payments.

How can SEBI bring more investment through the capital market?

Well, SEBI is a regulator in the first place and SEBI as a body cannot directly influence investment in the capital market. Investment in the capital market is made by retail investors, foreign and domestic institutional investors, HNI(high net-worth individuals) and traders. What SEBI can influence is the smooth functioning of the market by fair means in terms of demand and supply. It tries to set up rules and regulations for firms which are trying to enter the capital markets as well as for the firms which are already traded in the markets. It tries to protect investors by trying to curb insi Continue Reading

Why do people use accounting firm to register/incorporate their company in HK?

I have worked for an accounting firm, I did not incorporate any companies in my role but I am familiar with the process. Whether to use a professional service or to DIY it online depends on the complexity of the company you plan to incorporate. If it is a straight forward, shell company, 1 shareholder, 1 director, kind of company you're looking for, then I suggest DIY online. Otherwise, having the consultation of a CPA can be helpful. Usually, any consultation regarding structure, disputes, tax implications will be included in the original quoted price. You can usually save more than the fee to i Continue Reading

If the 2nd amendment is abolished, what are ways we can enforce the removal of all guns in America?

If it were decided that removing guns from American citizens was a top priority, it would be necessary to eliminate, or at least suspend, the 4th Amendment as well because without house-to-house searches it would never happen. There is also the minor problem that since the 1930s we have had a complete and total “ban” on Heroin. Possession, in any amount, is illegal. Importation, in any amount, is illegal. You notice how well that is working and has worked so far? This means a completely different way of dealing with citizens and non-citizens at the borders is necessary, as well as dealing with a Continue Reading

How often should a nonprofit have an audit?

Annually with sufficient notice and any other time that the Board or the Directors recognize that there is pressing business. Quarterly should cover that.

Why is an audit needed?

It is required for acertaining whether the provision for doubtful debt needs to be recorded. If there are significant balances that are long outstanding then recoverability for these may be doubtful. Accordingly, provision may need to be recorded. This is now even more important because of the application of IFRS 9 where Expected Credit Loss is required to be recognised.

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