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The Steps of Customizing C 2 Conversion To Joint Petition With Childrenpdf Second Judicial on Mobile

Search for and design the perfect C 2 Conversion To Joint Petition With Childrenpdf Second Judicial in the CocoSign template library to autimate your workflow and Choose. If you are still wondering how to fill out C 2 Conversion To Joint Petition With Childrenpdf Second Judicial , you can check out the below key elements to start.

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  4. Select the check box if you meet the condition.
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CocoSign's Tips About Customizing C 2 Conversion To Joint Petition With Childrenpdf Second Judicial

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C 2 Conversion To Joint Petition With Childrenpdf Second Judicial Inquiry Instruction

hello folks my name is Doug Pinkham with.Pinkham and associates we are a.dedicated family law firm in Orange.County California we exclusively do.family law and divorce in California I.am now going to do a step-by-step.line-by-line.instruction on the fl100 the petition.for dissolution or legal separation or.nullity of marriage so whether you are.filling this out for a divorce legal.separation or annulment you're going to.use alright now keep in mind I'm looking.back and forth here some of you can.actually see the form while I'm going.through this and some of you cannot but.I don't want you to worry about that if.you cannot see the form on your screen.please download the form right now.there's a video or excuse me there's a.download button right here on this page.download the form and put the form right.in front of you as we go along you can.handwrite your answers into it if you.write neatly you can file a handwritten.legal document so here we go I'm going.to presume that you've paused this and.everybody's put their form in front of.them and everybody's ready to go okay.the fl100 the petition for dissolution.of marriage or legal separation or.nullity okay we're going to start at the.top just like every other form it's.going to work like this your name is.going to be go on the top it has firm.name you can also put your own name in.there if you're doing your own documents.then it asks for your address and the.city where you live and your phone.number off to the right it's asking for.the state and the zip code obviously now.if you don't have a fax number you don't.have to put in a fax number so that's.okay.email address is also optional you don't.have to put any an email address if you.don't want to there are some counties.that will ask you if you are willing to.put your email.address and receive notice by email.it's a certainly a handy way to make.sure that you don't miss anything.important at court so I would recommend.that you put your email in there and.agree to receive things by email if.you're in one of those counties that.asks for that okay then the next line.it's asking for attorney for so if.you're representing yourself if you're.filling out your own paperwork you put.your own name in there obviously it's.your the party then it's asking for the.county the county in which you're filing.your form in whatever county you're.filing that's what it goes that's the.name of the county goes there then the.address of the court that you're.actually filing your documents in that.you can google and find online that's.not hard to find so look that up real.quick and put that address of the court.in there it asks then for the branch.name the court that you are filing in.may very well be in a large County where.there are multiple branches LA County.has several north court east courts.south southwest central so if you're in.one of those counties make sure you put.in the right branch name then the next.line is asking for petitioner the.petitioner is going to be the same name.throughout your entire divorce if you.and that's whoever's filing the initial.paperwork so if you're filing the.initial paperwork you are the petitioner.if you're filing a response then you're.the respondent but keep in mind if.you're the petitioner you're gonna.always be the petitioner and if your.spouse is the respondent they're gonna.always be the respondent that's even if.you file some paperwork to modify child.support or spousal support ten years.from now it's still going to be you as.the petitioner and your spouse as the.respondent it never never never changes.all right moving on the next box asks.for it says petition for and then it's.giving you an option whether it's a.petition.for a dissolution of marriage a divorce.or a dissolution of a domestic.partnership then the next line down.asked if it's a legal separation of a.marriage if you're filing for legal.separation of a marriage then you'll.mark those two boxes if you're asking.for a legal separation from a domestic.partnership then you'll mark legal.separation and domestic partnership if.it's a nullity if your follow of filing.to annul your marriage then you'll put.nullity I'm gonna go back up and just.put dissolution of marriage as that is.the most common filing so off to the.right it asks for the case number if.this the if this is the initial filing.you're not going to have a case number.yet so you leave that blank if you had.already filed a petition and you are now.filing an amended petition then you.would mark that box that says amended.next to petition for if it's your first.filing and you're not filing an amended.petition leave that box blank all right.moving on the next step it asks for the.legal relationship check all that apply.so if you are married you're going to.mark married if you are domestic.partners and our domestic partnership.was established in California you're.going to mark B if you are domestic.partners and your domestic partner was.established outside the state of.California you're gonna mark C in a mark.egg which is we are married again most.common filing residents requirement now.what this means is to file for a divorce.in California you have to have lived in.California for six continuous months.prior to filing for your divorce you.also have to have lived continuously for.three months in the county in which you.file so if you just moved from Los.Angeles County to San Francisco County.and you've only been in San Francisco.for a month but you were in LA for five.years before that you have to file in LA.unless you want to wait two more months.until you have the residency requirement.of three months in the county in which.you live in frankly I would suggest that.you do that unless there's some other.reason why you have to race to the court.now just as a side note on this there is.a way to file before you are a resident.in the state of California let's say for.example you move to the state of.California from Mississippi if you moved.here because of domestic violence in.fear of leaving somebody else contact an.attorney there is a way to file certain.paperwork here in California.additionally you can without any.residential requirement you can move.here and you lived here one day you just.moved here from Nevada or Cleveland I.don't care where you've moved from.Florida or you've moved from New York.City if you've lived here for one day.you can file for legal separation and if.you put on the box where it says.petition for and you mark legal.separation and then you hand right in or.if you type in right below those of the.boxes you're going to fit it in and if.you right and in the alternative divorce.or dissolution then as your six month.time starts running once the six months.is up you can change it to a divorce and.get divorced.even through that same six month waiting.period okay.so talk to an attorney about that please.talk to a local attorney about that that.is a tricky way to get this done but the.people that I'm talking to and the.people that I'm providing this.information for should be those people.that have lived in the state of.California for six months and lived in.the county in which you're filing in for.at least three months if you have both.of those standards met there's no issue.you can file for divorce in that County.moving on alright so legal separation or.legal relationship we've done.residential requirements we've started.if you have lived in the county for six.months if you lived in the state for six.months and you're counting for 3 months.go ahead and mark petitioners box if you.have not but the other party has you can.use their residential you can use their.residential requirements to meet the.burden alright if your domestic.partnership was established in.California you do not again have to be.have to meet the same kind of.requirements but you'll mark B if you.are a same-sex and we're married in.California but currently living in a.jurisdiction that does not recognize.California divorce and will not dissolve.your marriage because of that the.petition is filed in the county where.you were married so if you got married.in San Francisco but moved to a.jurisdiction that will not give you a.divorce from a same-sex marriage mark C.and you will file that in San Francisco.County where you got married all right.then again I'm just gonna go back up.mark the the usual boxes number 3.statistical facts you're going to mark a.and you're going to put well you're.likely gonna mark a and then your date.of marriage put the date that you got.married ok then the data separation goes.after that off to the right your data.separation is that day that one of you.told the other one this marriage is over.I do not intend to continue this.marriage in the future and then you do.not get back together after that if you.are separated for five years and get.back together for a week you now have a.five year longer marriage so it's the.it's the day that you tell your spouse.I'm done it's over.and you don't get back together the last.time you broke up in other words that's.the date that goes in data separation.now keep in mind data separation there's.some important information that goes.along with that the data separation is.important because the day after you.separate your income is your separate.property now it's no longer community.property if the day after you separate.you go take out a lease for $600 a month.on a new car that is your separate.property debt if you put money into your.401k or an IRA or any other kind of.investment that you've earned after the.data separation that too is separate.property of course any investments or.money that you invest during your.marriage that was earned during your.marriage is presumed to be community.property so that's the difference that.data separation is a big deal okay if.you are not married but you have a.registration of domestic partnership.then you're gonna put the date that you.had the registered date of the date that.you registered your partnership and then.of course the data separation is after.that and then it asks by the way for the.years and months length between date of.marriage or data partnership and data.separation so put those in the.appropriate boxes there then on the.bottom are a number for it's asking for.the minor children of this marriage or.of this Union so if there are no minor.children of this unity Union even if you.have four children from a previous.marriage in this marriage if you have no.children with this spouse it's no minor.children you'll mark a if you do have.minor children mark B and provide the.appropriate information name date of.birth age and gender then you're going.to move down if there are more kids than.you can put in here and it will take.five if you're typing them and it'll.take two or three or four if you are.handwriting them even.if you write small if you need more mark.this box and then do a just mark it you.can even use a single sheet of paper.regular lined paper and at the top put.attachment for B that's fine you're.allowed to do that and then put the.other children's information that didn't.fit on this form if there is an unborn.child of this marriage you're gonna mark.two there okay.all right so we're gonna go forward to.as if there's only one kid er one child.all right and if there are children it's.just telling you under D that you need.to fill out this use JEA form where we.have a video on that and it's it's a.form that's just about children that's.the FL 105 you'll see another video on.that no problem and then if if there is.a voluntary declaration of paternity.filed or that was signed by one party or.the other.mark that box and then put that it is.attached or if you don't have it that.it's not attached but at least mark that.there was one okay moving on to top of.page to top of page two asked for again.the name of the petitioner and the.respondent put those in there again.you're not likely to have a case number.because this is part of the initial.filing sliding down it asks under number.5 for the legal grounds of your action.so standard is divorce based on.irreconcilable differences if it's a.legal separation that you're filing then.you can have that be under.irreconcilable differences which is.common the most common you can also put.instead of irreconcilable differences.you can put permanent legal in capacity.to make decisions so for example if your.spouse or if you are yeah under the.under 8 would be spouse so if your.spouse is no longer able met.or mentally able to make decisions for.themselves then you can mark that box.alright so we're going to do the.standard stuff back to divorce due to.irreconcilable differences.B is a nullity if you're following.filing for an annulment you're going to.mark B and due to incest or bigamy.under B those are not your only choices.though C allows you to nullify your.marriage if the petitioners age was.under majority if they were under age.when you got married if there is prior.existing marriage in somebody marry you.or you married somebody else when you.were already married unsound mind fraud.force physical incapacity I would.suggest that if you are going to file a.for an annulment that you get some.direct legal advice on how to fill out.this form at least this section I'm sure.a local attorney would be happy to.answer that question for you for free.it's a relatively straightforward.question based on the facts in your.situation so moving on number 6 if you.have children you're going to want to.mark and you need to mark these boxes so.a is asking for legal custody the.children legal custody is that that.right to make legal decisions on health.education welfare those kinds of things.whether a child can get a passport.before they're 18 whether they can join.the military before they're 18 these are.decisions the parents should make and.their legal custody decisions whether a.child can marry somebody else before.they're 18 they have to have parental.permission to do that that's a legal.custody decision legal custody almost.invariably is going to be ordered to be.joint if you stood in front of a judge.unless there's some serious problem.going on between the parties or one.party is in jail or abusing the chill.children or is completely out of the.picture one way or another otherwise.it's likely to be joint custody so.that's up to you to decide whether you.want to ask for sole legal custody or.joint custody physical custody is.clearly where the children live.primarily if you want that with you then.mark petitioner child visitation if.you've marked B for the petitioner.you're probably going to mark respondent.on C and then it asks if you want to.attach one of these other forms that are.maybe several of these forms that have.to do with custody forms I don't.recommend doing that in the beginning it.kind of boxes you in to what you're.asking for and what you're giving the.other side notice for if you don't fill.out any of those boxes they will still.file this at the court and it still.leaves the door wide open to ask for.what you want and how you want custom.visitation to be handled later all right.specifically how it would be handled.hours days actual visitation schedule I.mean all right moving on to seven child.support you don't have to do anything in.this box they're basically just warning.you if you have children there is going.to be a child support order and if you.ever stood in front of a judge their.judge is going to make child support.order okay eight is spousal support so a.couple different ways you can do this if.you are positively absolutely going to.ask for spousal support then mark a and.mark payable to you if you're the.petitioner mark petitioner if you're the.respondent mark the respondent if you.would like the court to terminate the.court's jurisdiction to award spousal.support to the other party then Mark B.and the appropriate person that you want.the court to terminate jurisdiction to.award spousal support so that they can't.get spouse born this doesn't necessarily.mean that's going to happen in fact it's.quite likely not going to happen but you.can you can mark it if you choose all.right C is a sort of a.easy way out if you want to not set the.other side off if you don't want to.anger them and you're not exactly sure.whether you're going to ask for it later.or not if you mark C and then your box.the petitioner or whatever then what.that does is it gives it says all right.maybe I'm not asking for it right this.minute but I want to have the right to.ask for it later so I'm asking the court.to maintain jurisdiction over that issue.that's what C does other I've used that.box maybe three times in 20 years over.20 years so I don't know what you put in.there I specifically would not generally.put anything in that box because again.this paperwork is just giving the other.side notice of what you want what you.want to do what that box will do is.limit you it'll box you into something.that you've put on this paper don't box.yourself in and leave it open all right.separate property if you literally do.not have a single thing that you've.carried into this marriage or that you.acquired during the marriage by way of a.gift or inheritance and this means a.gift from your own spouse then or or you.haven't acquired anything after you.separated all of this is highly unusual.and probably not reality so that's what.it would be though if you have.absolutely no separate property in the.world if you do have separate property.mark B and even if you can't think of.whether you have separate property or.not mark B and then in the bottom I've.got some standard language here that I.use and that you can put in your.paperwork and it will suffice you can.put that property that was obtained.before marriage during marriage by way.of gift or inheritance I have an O in.here that doesn't belong gift or.inheritance or property that you.obtained after your data separation.those would all be Saif.property so if you put that standard.language in there you're good and then.off to the right you can either put to.the respective party that owns that.property or you could put just to.yourself.petitioner just put petitioner in here.all right moving on to page three at the.top page 3 again petitioner and.respondent our name our request it put.those in there again you're not going to.have the case number likely then it asks.for ten ten is asks for community.property now so often I see people that.are doing their paperwork on their own.they say okay we don't want to fight.over property we want to keep this.simple so I'm gonna put I'm gonna mark a.there is no community property or assets.that is very very dangerous there's an.easy way to get through this that is not.the method if you mark a and let's say.for example one of you has been putting.some money into a 401k or you've been.putting money into an IRA or you bought.a car during the marriage even if it's.in only one person's name you need to.understand that all of those items if.there were they were done during the.marriage it's presumed to be community.property and it will be a problem or can.very easily be a problem down the line.if you say we don't have community.property and you actually did acquire.property during your marriage and by the.way when I say property it's not just.real estate it's not land or a house or.mobile there or a you know condominium.or something a property also means the.chair in your living room the silverware.in your in your kitchen the the 401k.account is personal property the you.know the investment account Ameritrade.these are all this is personal property.your motorcycle my garage has personal.property if you purchased or acquired.anything after the date you got married.and before the date you got separated.that's presumed to be community property.and if you don't specifically handle.that property in this divorce.theoretically it belongs to both of you.for the rest of your lives all right so.what I suggest is I suggest that you.mark be determine rights community.property quasi-community property and.assets and debts all such assets and.debts are listed and then I would mark.as follows.do not I recommend do not fill out an.fl160 the fl160 asks for you to name a.piece of property put the value down.then put a column in which there's a.column for petitioner and a column for.respondent and you'll put the value in.that column the problem is if you're not.an attorney.you don't understand that form in great.detail and you file it with your.petition you're telling the court you're.getting all those things and you're.telling the court that he's getting all.she's getting all those things but the.respondent problem is if they're not.equal you might have a very difficult.time finishing your divorce later so I.would suggest that you mark as is and.then in that box put the full extent of.community property assets and debts is.yet to be ascertained and I will name.that property and debt at a later time.when it is fully ascertained something.to that effect will get you past the.filing burden and still leave the door.wide open to later say there is no.community property to make your judgment.really easy or to name the motorcycle.and say that's my motorcycle darn it or.you know divide the 401k as it needs to.be divided properly whatever it leaves.the door wide open if you if you leave.standard general language like that and.it doesn't box you in okay moving on to.eleven other requests so if you're going.to ask if you think you might ask at any.time for the other party to pay for your.attorneys fees you must mark.this box now yes probably going to anger.and upset the other side I get it suck.it up deal with it because if you don't.mark this box now and you don't put say.the respondent because you want the.respondent to pay your attorneys fees or.some of them later if you don't mark it.then you cannot ask later you would have.to amend this petition later to get the.judge to order attorneys fees to be paid.by the other side so let's say you're.filling out your paperwork all on your.own.but someday this all blows up or you.don't figure it out or the divorce melts.down and you need attorneys then you go.hire an attorney and you didn't mark.this box you're going to be in trouble.because the judge can't order attorneys.fees if you didn't ask for it in your.petition next box be petitioners former.name to be restored to so if you have.you want to change your name back to.your maiden name.you can mark B and put your name your.the name you want it restored to to the.right keep in mind you do not need to do.that right now so if you don't know.whether you want to do it maybe you have.children and maybe you want to keep your.last name so it's the same as the kids.whatever your reasoning is you do not.have to do this now this is one of those.things where you can make this decision.later in fact you can make that decision.and it's very easy to file a single.sheet of paper even after your divorce.is final it's one of those things that.is like solely your decision your name.even though you're sharing it with your.spouse your name is your own and you can.keep it or change it completely on with.your as you determine as you decide it's.your name all right other again that's.one of those things I don't know there's.a couple other things I've put in there.in a few years in 20 years.not very often all right then then we.move down understand that this there's.an important thing here it's going to.say I have read the restraining orders.on the back of the.that's the FL 110 and I understand they.apply to me when this petition is filed.now you need to understand what that.means on the back of the summons and I'm.just gonna briefly tell you what they.are here because you have already done.your summons or you're about to fill out.your summons and I explained that on the.FL 110 video but on the.

How to generate an electronic signature for the C 2 Conversion To Joint Petition With Childrenpdf Second Judicial online

CocoSign is a browser based app and can be used on any device with an internet connection. CocoSign has provided its customers with the most productive method to e-sign their C 2 Conversion To Joint Petition With Childrenpdf Second Judicial .

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C 2 Conversion To Joint Petition With Childrenpdf Second Judicial FAQs

Some of the confused FAQs related to the C 2 Conversion To Joint Petition With Childrenpdf Second Judicial are:

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