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Zoning Petition Application Mainegov Maine : Customize, Finish and forward

this is occupied main TV on Portland's.community television network hi I'm.Brian Leonard and I'm Regis Tremblay in.today's show Antonio make umber a junior.at Casco Bay High School gives us a look.at Occupy through the eyes of a 17 year.old Brian Leonard interviews Jennifer.London who collected nearly 10,000.signatures through her online petition.against lepage's proposed cuts to D HHS.and main care and I'll share an.interview with Susan chandelle a.Brunswick occupier who in the past three.years has lost two jobs her mother.partner and son and is in danger of.losing her home hi I'm Susan chandel and.I live in topsham and I'm afraid I might.lose my house and the bank has been.fairly nice they've said well you do.what you can do and I do have a lot of.equity in the place it's all I have I've.lost three jobs since 2007 my lover my.mother and my son and right now I'm not.working I have no income and all I can.hope for is to possibly sell my house.and i'm hoping i can do that before it's.foreclosed on i supported my family.working in social services for 30 years.and since 2007 two of the companies I.worked for went under so currently my.unemployment has run out I haven't been.able to find another job in the field I.am working with occupy Brunswick and I.stand in front of bank of america every.Saturday morning with my son who's still.alive one of the reasons I do that is.because I've worked in social services.for so many years and I've seen economic.inequality up front and how people are.treated.and I don't like it I just hope that.that people will be able to afford a.house or even be able to get a job.there's so many cuts right now in social.services I find that there really aren't.even very many jobs out there and.agencies are struggling to serve people.that they do serve people are going.without I see it in Brunswick all the.time I work with the homeless I work.with senior citizens and I've known so.many people who have lost their homes I.knew a man who was living in his car.with his wife his children were living.with her parents and they got stopped.because he couldn't afford a.registration he got a warrant to go to.court and he couldn't do it he living in.your car if you can imagine it's very.difficult it's hard surviving every.single day he ended up in jail for two.nights because he had no money and.because he didn't really have the means.to get to court on the day he was.supposed to be there this needs to stop.it's not a it's not good it's not right.it's not fair grandfather was the.Penobscot Indian and he had to leave.mean in the 1930s he he couldn't afford.to live here he couldn't support his.family he loved me he came back here all.the time and I love Maine and I moved.back here because I thought it was a.great place to raise my kids and I raced.the Peter in this house my partner died.we lost our jobs I had no money I she.said sell the house and I said I want to.wait till Jake graduates he took a next.year of school at the in commercial art.and he graduated in that September he.was dead.um I think it was just too much for him.I think it was afraid we were gonna lose.the house I don't know I mean I have no.idea but I have lost so many things that.so many people in my life lately that I.just I can't lose my house I you know.all I can hope for is maybe somebody.will buy it or the bank will just give.me some time to make sure i could sell.it or maybe some people can move in and.share it with me I don't know but I.can't it I can't even believe I'm still.standing here after everything I've been.through I know a lot of people have been.through worse I know people that have.lost their homes who you know have had.catastrophic illnesses have lost their.jobs I mean I'm not alone in this I know.this because I work with the homeless.every single day and I have other.friends who have who have had horrible.things happen to them in the past four.years so I know I'm not the only one but.I just pray every day that I'll be able.to find some kind of solution because if.I lose this house I'll have lost.everything and I I just can't do that I.can't.hi i'm here with jennifer london who is.a counselor in portland and she's also.the founder of the creative for center.for creative human general how are you.today I'm good how are you doing oh.great Jennifer had I wanted to talk to.you about some of the work you've been.doing in the community with petition.drives the two of them now yeah we have.some film of an original interview that.we did with you around the first drive.I'd like to know what what are the what.does the outcome of that first drive and.then maybe we talk some more about the.current one okay when I found out that.the governor was planning to cut 65,000.people from Maine care I felt like um it.was a crisis and and it isn't just.65,000 people from Maine care that he's.talking about in his proposal is 220.million dollars cut from from DHS which.means 220 million dollars of care of.various kinds of health care for a wide.swath of Mainers who would be devastated.by these cuts and I felt so powerless.that even after i had written a letter.and sent it to every person on the.Appropriations Committee I still felt.like it wasn't enough I went to sign on.and found out it was actually really.easy to start a petition I just wrote a.short little piece about what I see is.the devastating impact of these cuts and.how it will actually cost made more in.the long run when people can't get.health care they if they don't stop.being sick in fact they get sicker and.then they wind up in emergency rooms and.hospitals pick up the bill and then.those bills get translated to private.insurance expenses so Mainers are going.to end up paying rather whether they pay.in their taxes or they pay in their.private health care health insurance.premiums which actually would mean that.private health insurance gets more and.more out of reach for more and more.people leaving more and more people.without insurance or needing to get to.on main care so it makes zero sense at.all half of my clients.our own main care that's how they're.able to see me so without main care they.wouldn't be able to come in to see me.for counseling and the Occupy movement.is all about an assault on the middle.class in the poor and it's been.happening all over the country and our.governor is no exception to that he.actually promised when he was.campaigning not to hurt the mentally ill.and these these 220 million dollars in.cuts from DHS is nothing but an assault.on the mentally ill in the poor the.thousand pages of paper of signatures.and the cuts that LePage is talking.about is 65,000 Mainers so this is 160.if we thought of a manner as a page of.paper this is only one 65th of how many.people would be cut if LePage gets his.way how high would this petition go up.if every single page were one of the.65,000 I think it would be higher than.the ceiling of this office so the first.petition started off slow and then sort.of took off and at this point it spends.its it's somewhere over 9000 people who.have signed and it's pretty much petered.out and the second petition that I.started the first petition was.specifically saying like don't cut I.forget the number how many how many.people 65,000 right so the first.petition was just saying don't cut.65,000 people from off of main carols.that was the first one when I made that.petition I didn't realize that the.governor had promised large sums of tax.cuts to the top 1% of well not just the.top percent of 1% of Mainers but to.Maine is across the board but the tax.cuts to low income and middle class.Mainers came to seven dollars for the.year or two hundred dollars for the year.and four for the top 1% they came to.closer to three thousand right.and and you know to me it's really clear.and the other thing that I didn't know.is that Maine's wealthiest citizens are.not paying their fair share of taxes and.so well the and I actually have some.numbers about that but for me are pretty.stunning that the the bottom twenty.percent of main families are paying for.every one hundred dollars of income.they're paying $17 okay so they're.paying almost twenty percent of their.income seventeen percent of their income.for foot taxes and the average main.household is paying about twelve dollars.twelve percent of their income for taxes.but the wealthiest one percent are only.paying ten percent so if we lined up if.we had the wealthiest one percent paying.their fair share of taxes we could.actually not only solve this budget.crisis but we would have a surplus and.so when I learned all that I decided.that the first petition that I had.written hadn't gone far enough and so I.decided to write a second petition and.that petition at this point probably has.about 3,000 signatures and what happens.with these petition I didn't know.anything about petitions you only just.keep talking yeah I didn't know anything.about these petitions are writing a.petitioner any of that before I did one.I've signed petitions but I'd never made.one before and I didn't know and I did.it through sign on org right and I.didn't know that when people sign their.petition their signature and if they've.made comments go directly to their.legislature to their specific.legislature or whoever I've written the.petition to in this case of the second.petition about taxes i also made sure.that they're going to go to the governor.right let me ask you this how much time.out of your day does it take to start up.on this petition yeah that's a that's a.really good question so when I started.the petition I was surprised it took.much less time to actually write it than.I thought I'm sure it took less than an.hour I wrote it I sent it out and sort.of distributed it by email and on.facebook and and then it got really.every time that I pushed the refresh.button to see more numbers coming all.right just it's kind of like being at.Vegas and watching like three cherries.come up on the whatever that thing is.called and so the excitement really.drove me and I felt really fired up by.all the comments that I was seeing on.the petition and also people who were.emailing me through the petition saying.how much they were how grateful they.were that I had taken this up and was.giving them an opportunity to have a.voice and it energized me so much like a.handsome time question it energized me.so much I did end up putting more time.than I expected that I would write but.it felt so good that it was so worth it.what I loved about the first interview I.was that you you mentioned some women.that lived in a retirement community.yeah and and I just want to point out.that your your movement in the positive.let's say how it how it creates ripple.effect and waves that just continue to.go out into the community yeah and it's.very end so what you've done is started.this ripple effect and even if you.refresh this on the believe is two women.in that retirement community that helped.further that drive to people that didn't.have any net access or know how perhaps.yeah yeah so um so I had two separate.calls when one was a woman and one was a.man actually and they lived in two.separate retirement homes and both of.them were fired up by the petition they.heard about it through an op-ed that I'd.written in the Portland Press Herald.they they didn't I don't think either.them either even has internet access.know so they couldn't sign it and they.wanted to know like how could they make.this petition accessible to all the.people in their retirement homes and so.one of them decided she would just make.up a sign up sheet and then she would.send that in to their legislators the.other one somehow finagled it so that I.made I made a sign up she.made like a sort of copy of the petition.and made it so that people could sign up.and told him where who you know who his.legislators were and and who the the the.appropriate that the best people on the.Appropriations Committee to get it to.and so he collected about 200 signatures.i believe and sent those off so that is.so exciting to me that that's that me.doing this thing that actually hasn't.taken that much time heads has inspired.other people who were feeling as.powerless and helpless as I was what do.you think the difficulty level from 1 to.10 would be for you and for others to.move in in this positive way I mean it.seems relatively straightforward amazing.it making a petition is something that.anybody can do that's what I believe if.you have trouble with spelling and.grammar you might want to have somebody.to do a spell check well sure but but.other than that it's it's very simple if.you have a internet access to make a.petition yeah and and and sign on.actually has really great support.they've got pages on their website that.sort of help you know some ways to sort.of get more leverage out of the petition.how to get it out to more people and so.yeah thanks London you've been a shining.example of people in the community.taking it on themselves this is our.democracy yeah and and we need to take.it back yeah take it back Thanks thank.you.hi my name is Antonio mccomber and I'm a.junior Casco Bay High School in Portland.Maine I've had involved interest in the.Occupy movement since it began back in.September particularly with Occupy made.recently the media has portrayed occupy.made as a dying movement because of the.loss of camp at Lincoln Park in Portland.but in reality we were only moving into.phase 2 and are just beginning in the.following segment you will see the.positive outlook of the future from many.occupiers in the final days of the.Lincoln Park occupation still 26 well.and I think we're longest in the country.eyes look at these hell sure you I think.gotta sign for horses they go shut their.shut down to that this one doesn't write.that down it may sing so we are now.longest we are the longest occupation I.feel bad celebrating but well so we're.gonna get evict you Dev Anand a 128 is.there coffee over there.which i think is a good day to get.eviction you know yeah turn to the seven.22 the seventh even though the occupiers.were packing up camp they were still.positive about moving forward with the.movement as they removed all of the.structures that the city had called.permanent like the LM dome shown here.they kept this mentality oh I look at.that from a rupture just fly away.the kitchen 10 was probably the most.complex of all of the structures.but it still came down easily.Oh.now you will see the views of other.Casco Bay students and teachers and let.the view future of Occupy Maine should.look like.so I think the Occupy movement did a.great thing and that is it brought to.the public attention the social and.economic injustice that is going on in.this country it brought into the news.media words like the ninety-nine percent.and social and justice and economic.inequality and wealth distribution words.that like not even not even a year ago.were not even mentioned and I think.they've sort of they've made their point.and gotten enough attention is to bring.these topics to I guess they've gotten.the attention to these topics and now.everybody's talking about them not.everybody in the 99 percent is willing.to occupy I mean they have jobs they.have houses that they need to and.families that they need to take care of.so I think trying to get the theme or.suburban I guess populist active in the.Occupy movement would be incredibly.beneficial I think I think what the next.step they need to take is sort of.occupying mind rather than occupying the.city parks so I think the future of it.will be a lot of effort spent on where.they're like the physical location and.throw a home base finding and then after.that hopefully they'll actually start.doing some work yeah my hope for octopi.main is that they find a place to be or.they just accept that they can stay sort.of in make Perry Center and buildings.like that and sort of work on more act.more activism and less administrative.work like less trying to find out where.they're going to be and more actually.doing work in me join occupy Maine has.set up office space in the mega.Grayson I believe and what I would like.to see happen is that that may continues.to be a forearm or a location or an.avenue for young people to go to get.hooked into people who are taking action.specific action on issues to make the.country better i think occupy maine was.one of the most exciting developments.certainly the most exciting development.of the year but i would say maybe the.most exciting development in the last 10.years and it really caught teenager's.attention and got them interested in.taking action so my hope is that the new.office space allows is an infrastructure.that allows young people to get.connected and learn how to take specific.action I hope that the movement in.general and in Maine you know continues.and I guess you know there's there's two.things from what I understand about it.is there is the political side which has.begun to sort of coalesce I guess around.certain political ideas and then there's.the cultural side and I guess the.cultural side is is the one that I think.is in some ways more interesting because.ultimately you know cultural solutions.may it probably are more long lasting.than political solutions and the.political system is so dominated by.money that it's hard to see a way out of.that that when you have a you know a.shift in the culture then that is more.of a long-term thing I think right now.obviously they spent a lot of time doing.or trying to find a base in a place.where they can set up for all their.protests but um I think the next step.for them is.to really get the word out and make the.community realize why this is an.important issue and my hope is that the.community will recognize this as a key.issue and join them in the fight my hope.is that it keeps being visible because I.think it has shifted the discourse I.think that the nation is talking about.the one percent and the ninety-nine.percent and our politicians the people.who are running for office are talking.about that equation and so I think it.has changed the discourse I know there's.concern I've heard concern that it's not.pushed for a concrete piece of agenda.you know should it be pushing for taxing.the wealthy and and become but I think.actually what it's doing instead rather.than because that turns it into a.lobbying group potentially I think it's.changing the language and the culture.and so I think it has to remain visible.so I think it has to stay focused and I.think it has to grow its base I do think.that my other worry is that when occupy.main talks about sort of being a.collective and a strong community and.its style of interaction which is all.beautiful I think that gets a little off.point I think that becomes so broad and.so amorphous that then it perpetuates.the stereotype and doesn't get the.message out so you know I consider.myself a part of Occupy consider myself.a part of the ninety-nine percent but I.want to continue to feel that way my.name is Catherine Hewlett I'm 27 years.old I'm from Falmouth main I am a.full-time student at the University of.Southern Maine I'm a double major in.gender studies and philosophy in.addition to being a student I am.activist who has been very bad of the.organization and facilitation process at.occupy main as well as in New York at.Occupy Wall Street I'm here because I.feel like it's my responsibility as the.upcoming generation moving into a new.world when I graduate from school I want.to make sure that I use the talents that.I learned in school to make this world a.better place and by being a philosophy.major and studying the way that.revolutions happen and the way that.people change and ideas change and move.and exist I want to be instrumental and.making sure that the way that my nation.moves is in and the way the globe is.moving is in a positive direction that.is empowering to people instead of.oppressive I don't want people to get.the impression that this is a movement.for radicals or liberals or you know.homeless people are students this is a.this is a movement for everybody to come.together and voice their opinions and.find their commonalities well that's it.for this week thanks for watching and be.sure to share the show with your friends.if you are able to help us financially.you can donate online or write a check.to occupy main TV.you.

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