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The Implementation Guide for Ceqa Appendix G Environmental Checklist Form

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Guide of Ceqa Appendix G Environmental Checklist Form

we're going to avoid this impact but we.promise to do so and here's how we're.going to do it generally say here's what.conditions were going to pose to make.sure we do that generally you can do.that but there are some certain.circumstances when you can't do it if.you don't know that the mitigation is.feasible you can't defer it and if you.have a suspicion that mitigation is.being proposed for something and you.don't think they can actually do it ask.them why they think it's feasible and if.they can't explain it as feasible they.can't defer it they need to provide.so-called performance specifications.when they defer very typical area for.deferral is in well life impacts they.say we've got this rare plant we don't.know exactly where it is because it's.not blooming season now we pretty much.think it's out there but when we find it.we promise to dig it up and put it.someplace else and if it dies we'll get.some more put it in the ground too and.that's a very typical approach dealing.with a scuff and so what you want to do.is say have you really got any track.record making that rare plan survive.after you've dug it up and replanted and.do you have any place to replant it that.is there any other habitat is there.something already in that habitat these.are these are questions that can be.raised in connection with that kind of.mitigation that's been deferred and.unless they can demonstrate that it is.feasible then I think that it's not.reasonable for them to postpone it and.they should be required to come up with.a much more definite set of mitigation.proposals impact fees is another area.that's almost bound to come up with this.project impact fees are typically used.for traffic mitigation and you will see.references to payment of impact fees.that are for example the transportation.agency of Monterey County Tam she has a.development impact fee for as developer.impact fees there are some simple rules.about those that you should pay.attention to the impact fee is typically.going to build facilities that the.project requires for mitigation it needs.a left turn signal it needs a widening.it needs.that the other if those facilities were.included in the list of projects when.they determine the impact fee in other.words the impact fee is actually raising.funds to pay for those particular.facilities and if the program those.facilities are committed that is there.they're scheduled for construction and.presumably they're going to be available.online before the product is needs them.then that's okay but quite frequently.they will invert to impact fees which.are not fully funded because the.development developers only pay for new.impacts they don't usually have any way.to fund the impacts in Monterey County.all the roads are operating many drugs.are operating at levels that are you.know degrade it already and they can't.exact from the developer the cost of.mitigating for past problems because.they wouldn't be nexus of.proportionality they don't have a source.of funding for the rest of it for.example in the Monterey County a lot of.the tansy impact fees pay for you know.anywhere you know maybe as small as ten.or fifteen twenty percent of the cost of.the needed improvements and they have no.source for the remaining ninety eighty.seventy percent of the source of those.improvements so those improvements are.not likely to be constructed and.therefore that impact fees is not a.reasonable approach to mitigation it's.not a pop up on dirty well it's kit has.explained it sounds a bit that way and.the point is is that you should you.should take the time to dig into whether.or not the traffic mitigation to the.extent it relies on impact piece is.reasonable now you could go look all.this stuff up or as a commenter you can.simply ask the question and that's the.best that's the first defense if you.don't want to go to the library and look.all this stuff up yourself ask them for.the information because they should.provide it and we're going to get two.questions in a minute.oh you know I'm at a secret all you're.hearing is my voice this is a secret mic.which is making a transcript which is.going to moderate down so okay so it's.not actually broadcasting my boys okay.light mitigation alternatives are.another way of dealing with significant.impacts and there are two ways that a.project can deal with them they're both.ballad the alternative is basically an.alternative location or an alternative.configuration or instead of basically.usually it for a development project.it's going to be an alternative.configuration fewer units units.reconfigured in a different place in.this case they probably won't look.carefully at an alternative location.because they will formulate the.objective so that basically only this.project location would be sufficient you.can ask for an alternative location and.we'll see it's unlikely that there is an.alternative location for a project of.this magnitude the again the project.objectives are what frame the.alternative the alternative is supposed.to be formulated to address significant.impacts now some impacts are going to be.found in the e ir to be what are called.unavoidably significant they're going to.say we can't do anything about this one.other impacts are going to be found to.be miserable to less than significant.and other impacts are going to say they.aren't significant to start with so.anyway the alternatives should logically.be formulated to address the most severe.impacts which are the ones that are.found to be unavoidably significant they.will freak leave however identify.alternatives which address some of the.impacts that can be mitigated through.mitigation measures and but they don't.address the mid the impacts that have.been found unavoidable so say they're.unavoidable traffic impacts nothing we.can do about it we've got some.logical impacts that we could mitigate.or we can do an alternative which will.move this around and that'll dress it.don't stand for that ask for something.that will address the unavoidably.significant impacts because usually.unavoidably significant impacts can be.addressed by reducing the density and.that will there will always be a reduced.density alternative but as for even.smaller one and as for them to cluster.the development more ask for them to.take up a smaller footprint these are.alternatives that are frequently.resisted in development projects and.which make a lot of sense from Smart.Growth principles but also tend to.reduce impacts okay i'm almost done.comments in the final EA are there's.going to be a comment period it's going.to be 45 days or 60 days a lot of times.these things happen over holidays just.by coincidence and you should get right.on it you should spend some time up.front you don't need to submit your.comments before the close of public.comments but if you don't get them in by.then they don't have to respond to them.and quite likely they will not you need.to focus on proposing mitigation because.they have to respond to that again like.the e I like the draft dir the final dir.has provide facts and analysis they.can't just blow you off they don't have.to do every new analysis you asked for.but they have to do reason good faith.responses to comments and in the process.of responding to comments they will.probably if they're doing a good job.revise the draft dir and don't be.alarmed that's the way sequence supposed.to work alright I talked about a few.process issues what issue here is.whether they can fix it all up on a.staff report at the last minute the.answer is no they're not supposed to.they're supposed to put the analysis in.the e ir so what you should get is a.decent draft eia are and are very good.finally I are and if they haven't.addressed it by then they they have a.problem and they need to fix it in the.way they fix it is through recirculating.the draft dir and if they have new.information that comes up.to the finally a are in response to.Planning Commission comments or the.board of supervisors or whoever is.making decisions on a project they.suddenly are doing brand new analysis.that doesn't fly they need to do a.recirculated vir in this case we have.heard that they're going to be doing a.subsequent a ir which is a fancy process.that's allowed in sequel when you have a.dir for a project and then you change.the project or you don't do it in the.circumstances change or you don't do it.for a long time and there's some new.information comes up you can do a.subsequent dir in this case it's not.very clear how they can do a subsequent.Dar and we'll just have to wait and see.what happens there was never a monterrey.downs project a ir before so it's.difficult to understand how they can do.a subsequent a ir now I've heard that.they may be planning a subsequent a ir a.subsequent to the base reuse plan e ir.and that's an odd approach and I don't.expect as you as lay commenters you'll.be able to make much headway there but.we'll take a look at it I suspect that.if that's what they're doing that maybe.for the purpose of trying to take.advantage of an obscure rule that allows.them to characterize the baseline for.their analysis as the existing project.this is an issue that we'll just have to.take a look at and see and if this turns.out to be a difficult thorny legal issue.I guess you should rest assured that.somebody will catch it but it is it is.an odd idea that they're doing the.subsequent dir let me take a few more.remarks about water and also sit down.water is going to be an issue here.there's already been an issue raised on.this project there are a couple of rules.outside Asik whether there's some.statutes that were passed SB 610 is a.statute that requires a formal water.supply assessment.and for project over 500 units there's.Bantam been one that I believe it's the.Rena Coast water district has rejected.it and that's the right and agency that.who the lead agency in this case against.the city of seaside will be allowed to.make their own conclusions they can.reject Rena coasts opinion on that it's.quite possible there'll be a new water.supply analysis as a result of that.rejection under under sequel there has.been a lot of water fights and because.of that courts are somewhat more willing.to wade into the fray they may not be.willing to talk too much about.biological impacts they definitely want.to defer to the agency's there but with.water I think courts fancy themselves.better equipped to deal with the actual.facts and they will for example way into.a dispute over water accounting if.you're if you're saying here's how much.the supply is and here's how much the.cumulative demand is and where's yours.guys the courts will actually take a.look at that stuff and so you shouldn't.feel afraid of the deference to the.agency in this particular area this is.an area where somebody who can somebody.who can count can figure out there is an.overdraft and the basic somebody can.account and figure out that the water.supply has been over allocated.over-promised overcommitted so these are.areas where this is placed we're digging.a little bit really does help and I.think the courts will look carefully at.water balance accounting in this case if.it gets to that point finally you know.an agency can do a sequel analysis and.they can do a really good one and they.can say there's a lot of impacts and.they say we admit them what we don't.care and there are overriding.considerations we care about jobs we.care about providing whatever and they.can do that and you cannot likely.challenge a statement of overriding.considerations because if you think.there's deference in the agency on the.sequel factual findings I there is.almost total deference all they have to.do is waive the jobs flag and say.this is it now if they haven't done an.adequate analysis and they say it looks.like it's going to be unavoidably.significant next move on then you can.get them for you know they have to.actually say how significant the effect.is they do have to do that analysis but.they don't necessarily have to not.approve the project they can just say.they're overriding considerations and I.can imagine a situation in which there.will be a lot of overriding.considerations identified for this.project and they will be difficult to.challenge water is an area where there.is one possibility here which is it.event there is um there are general plan.requirements for water supply I don't.I'm not familiar with Seaside's plans.but Monterey County had had plans and.not sure how that will apply now that.Monterey County has deferred to the sea.scientists lead agency but there's also.SB 2 21 which mandates that there be an.adequate water supply so it's important.so even if sequa even if the project.could pass muster with sequa with an.unavoidably significant water supply.impact it may very well be that it can't.be approved under SB 2 21 which is a.thing of mandates that you make a.finding of an adequate water supply for.a subdivision so it's important to.develop the water record in this case.alright that's everything I have to say.I'm sorry I don't know anything about.the project itself I understand the.thing they are only on shortly how I.should say yeah.many of the issues that i was going to.address but it doesn't hurt to have a.little reputation it comes to the.California Environmental Quality net I.know many groups will divide up the work.to to review an environmental impact.report instead of this one promote your.own and if you have people who have.expertise in a particular field have.them focus on the area where there is.expertise many environmental analysis.require a lot of expertise which the.general public just doesn't have and.John talked about some of those areas.and I may be repeating a little bit but.there are areas where people who are not.expert air quality or staff or expert.biological resource people there are.areas which the lay public is able to.review and comment on first when you.comment on an e ir confine your comments.to be an adequacy of the environment.document don't mix up your comments so.that you don't like the project with.focusing on the adequacy of the.environment document and that is one of.the common mistakes that people make.they mix those two up because the.looking at an environmental document is.separate from looking at the project.itself frequently the hearing for the.project and for the environmental.document will be in the same hearing but.when you're writing comments on an e ir.this focus on the e ir and leave out how.you really feel about the project get a.copy of the California Environmental.Quality Act guidelines there they're.online and we can provide you a link to.those they're pretty readable and it may.help you look at look at an e ir in.particular and john reference that there.is a penance gene which is the checklist.which basically provides a broad outline.of what significant and what is it.significant for example under.agricultural resources it's considered.serious significant if you are going to.convert prime agricultural land to.entities that is the finest significant.so the.Pemex G is very very helpful one thing I.done didn't mention was that the.preparation of a dir is the function of.the lead agency which is the county or.in this case B cell and even though a.consultant may do the preparation the.staff is required to basically say that.this document is our document it has.been independently reviewed and these.are our findings so even though a.consultant may prepare the document the.staff is responsible for all the.findings in that particular document and.has to own that just a pretty ranch.where we were spent many hours at today.that that particular project in that.case the developer provided a lot of the.maps that were used for the scene view.shed that does not represent an.independent analysis of the data you.have to develop your all in particular.days so that's always something worth.looking at I John said how it's really.important to look at the project.objectives and you know it's one thing.to say that this project is we.provide a market rate housing for 200.residents or whatever that in contrast.to a more specific objective like we.want to build 212 houses on ferrini.ranch that that's not a good objective.that's not a general objective that is.not something that enables you to look.at future analyses or feature.alternatives to see whether that.alternative meets the objective of the.project so I jective should not be so.specific that you can't come up with an.alternative to that objective mitigation.measures are really important and again.you need to look at are these mitigation.measures feasible and the most egregious.examples in this county is they're.always talking about projects that are.going to be that are going to be funded.with a in luffy if you go and actually.look up whether those projects are in.the project list have a schedule for.construction and have funding ninety.percent of the time they don't this.county has very very limited resources.for funding the projects that have been.identified as.to improve congestion if you as a again.if you don't want to go to look up the.regional transportation plan that the.transportation agency modern County.prepares just ask what is the schedule.for construction of this project where.where is the funding for the project.coming from is it a funded project ask.questions you don't always have to know.the answer but you can always ask.questions and they have to answer the.question it's also important to look at.whether a mitigation major is.enforceable sometimes you know measures.will be proposed that there's no funding.to enforce it there's no county staff go.out and of course it so it's really.important to make sure that a mitigation.measure for a significant impact is.enforceable and one thing John didn't.mention is the mitigation monitoring.program which that has to be ultimately.adopted by the lead agency and it tells.how the lead agency is going to ensure.that mitigation measures are monitored.that's not part of the e ir but it falls.out from the e ir and the.tons of approval and it's something that.you have to look at after the project is.approved again it's important to look at.alternatives and also an ni r us.identify the environmentally superior.alternative and hopefully give you.reasons why or why not it's a being.accepted or rejected so that's an.important part in terms of looking at.cumulative projects making a little.impact look at the cumulative project.risk if it's for traffic gore's.biological resources or water look at.the list of projects eir's typically.will say these are the projects that are.included and our cumulative impact.analysis I have reviewed she ours where.the cumulative impact for one section is.totally different than for another.section which would be all right if it.covered in a different regional impact.area but frequently they don't and it is.it's an embarrassment for the lead.agency to have a list of existing and.proposed reasonably foreseeable projects.in one area and that that differs from.your.for another area and look at that list.and if you know that there are projects.that haven't been included in that.analysis point that out I have been.reviewing environment technique works.for 20 or 30 years and I have learned.one secret mask to avoid the boilerplate.I can assure you that you can pick up.any air quality analysis section from.any dir and it says the same thing from.one document to the next is boilerplate.and sometimes they forget to change tell.us Boyle I could the important thing is.to focus in on the impact section the.mitigation measures and the alternatives.finally make sure your comments are.responded to them the final a ir and.you'll only have 10 days to do that when.a final a ir is released.it only had to allow the 10 days before.it goes to the final certification or.consideration of certification so be.prepared to look at and see if your.comments have been responded to and note.if they have not been in comments to the.lead agency so those are some areas that.require work but you don't have to have.a lot of expertise to look at and.hopefully that is helpful so John and I.are here to respond to questions a.couple things I thought of a couple of.examples while they were both talking.for instance I was adhering when a.project in Carmel Valley was approved.the sep tember ranch project and a big.point of contention was that there were.a hundred and sixty mitigation measures.that's a lot and so when press uh folks.in the public asked the county you know.how do you have the staff to enforce all.these mitigation measures on this.project and the counties as well and.they you know how many code enforcement.officers do you have in the entire.county there's three so that's one of.those areas where if this project has.you know hundreds of mitigation measures.you really have to ask a question like.is it feasible for the city of seaside.or the county to enforce those.mitigation measures so I just I thought.about what we were what they were.speaking and the other thing I want to.say I think cumulative impacts will be.really important with Monterey downs.because there's so many projects in the.forward area that have been approved and.aren't yet constructed yet land watch.keeps a list of these.projects I'm happy to include them in.the email that I send to all the.attendees tonight we keep it varies.actually Janet keeps a very detailed.list of projects that have been approved.throughout the county and within.jurisdictions that haven't been built.yet there's a lot i think there's about.46 4700 homes just in the former 4-door.that have been approved and haven't yet.been built and so it's one thing that we.bring up all the time it's like hey why.are you considering another 1,200 homes.when you haven't built the ones that.have already been approved so I think.cumulative impacts will be really.important on with the Monterey down cir.okay so lastly before i open it up for.questions like i said before i'll send.out an email with these outlines i'll.include a list to the sequel guidelines.on a link excuse me all include a link.to appendix g they both mentioned.dependency a couple times within the.sequel guidelines and i'll also include.a link to this book if you don't get a.copy and the video as i said before so.who has the first question and and we.will be ending um you know 8 45 or so.John was a long drive back to San.Francisco so we don't want to keep them.all night yes sir planning listen it's.the latest we ended up with a lot more.liquor stores that we can't imagine.eating.and during the processes of the county.and the City Planning multiple people to.open set this meeting to build more.liquor stores doesn't actually mean.they'll be more sales tax revenue will.not only so tricky a lot more liquor so.what's the quite a discussion the.question is none of the mitigation.suggestions were even acknowledge those.questions how we make these comments.such that they actually get acknowledged.and respected and responded to what.specific way of doing them let me go let.me ask echo something again which is.dead now if you read your comment they.have an obligation to respond to them.and you need to go and see whether.they've done that there and one thing is.frustrating for me as a person reads a.lot of a IRS it's hard enough for me to.see whether or not they've responded to.my comments I'm always wanting to know.it really go through and respond.

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If you were OK with using a different system, you could create a checklist template in Manifestly and then invite those 100 people to their own "run" of that template. You can then track progress of each of those runs. You can set a due date as well and receive notifications when they are late. You can also integrate with other cloud based apps via Zapier for more automation. Check it out, it might work for what you're trying to accomplish. Manifestly: Easy and Powerful Online Collaborative Checklists

How do I fill out the SS-4 form for a new Delaware C-Corp to get an EIN?

You indicate this is a Delaware C Corp so check corporation and you will file Form 1120. Check that you are starting a new corporation. Date business started is the date you actually started the business. Typically you would look on the paperwork from Delaware and put the date of incorporation. December is the standard closing month for most corporations. Unless you have a significant business reason to pick a different month use Dec. If you plan to pay yourself wages put one. If you don't know put zero. Unless you are fairly sure you will owe payroll taxes the first year check that you will not have payroll or check that your liability will be less than $1,000. Anything else and the IRS will expect you to file quarterly payroll tax returns. Indicate the type of SaaS services you will offer.

How do you know if you need to fill out a 1099 form?

It can also be that he used the wrong form and will still be deducting taxes as he should be. Using the wrong form and doing the right thing isnt exactly a federal offense

How do I get updates about the government jobs to fill out the form?

Employment news is the best source to know the notifications published for govt job vacancy. The details are given in the notices. The news available on net also. One can refer the news on net too. It is published regularly on weekly basis. This paper includes some good article also written by experts which benefits the students and youths for improving their skill and knowledge. Some time it gives information regarding carrier / institution/ special advance studies.

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