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Notes: A Stepwise Guidebook on Signing State Of Wyoming Application For Certificate Of Title Online

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The Definite Guide to State Of Wyoming Application For Certificate Of Title

youtube video

Check How to Enter the State Of Wyoming Application For Certificate Of Title

[Music].welcome to the YouTube channel of SEO.lobbies I am your lady lawyer at their.new Maria Cecilia in this video I will.talk about the cancellation of.encumbrance and I think that in your.certificate of title but before we.proceed to this video please click.subscribe the bell icon and please give.this video a thumbs up without further.delay let us start the discussion with a.everybody we will be talking about.translation of encumbrance annotated in.your certificate of title so I am not.sure if everybody who's watching this.video has already seen what a.certificate of title looks like okay so.I will be showing to you an example.so now that you've seen an actual.certificate of title I would like to.make an emphasis that in this video we.will only talk about certificates of.title covering real properties like land.or condominium units okay we do not talk.about personal properties like cars and.other items here so what is the.importance of a certificate of library.number one it proves that the property.described in the title is a registered.property obviously no we want to make.sure that if we are going to buy a real.property is registered of a duly.registered another importance is that it.proves who the registered owner is okay.we will be discussing later on what is.the significance of knowing who the.registered owner is and of course.another importance of a certificate of.title is when you buy real property like.land or condominium unique the title.will show whether the property is.subject to any years or encumbrance we.will discuss later what is yen or.encumbrance so we have discussed the.importance of a certificate of title now.we will talk about the significance of.the certificate of title if you are the.property owner or a potential buyer so.let's prepare let's start first with the.significance of a certificate of title.if you are the property owner now as.long as you remain the owner or the.registered owner of the property covered.by a certificate of title then you are.free to exercise your rights as.the owner me what are the rights of a.property owner I do not discuss every.single Bettina I only give you a.generalization okay so if you're a.property owner definitely you have the.right to use the property however you.want okay and also have the right to use.whatever boots are generated by that.property okay a more concrete example of.a right to use if you want to leave your.property as is let's say if the property.is just a bare piece of land and you do.not want to do anything with it you are.free to do so.if you intend to plant something or if.you intend to harvest whatever is.planted there or if you intend to build.structures on your property you can do.that okay and if for example that.property it's occupied by illegal.settlers then you have the right as.property owner to institute action to.eject these illegal settlers okay if you.would like also to lease let's say the.land why not you can do that of course.as registered owner you also have the.right to mortgage this property in.layman's terms of Filipino sahadeva.let's say this is important because una.multa casa bank the sometimes they are.required to present something as.collateral to that principle note so if.you are the registered owner of a let's.say parcel of land you can execute a.real estate mortgage in favor of the pan.so that we will have a collateral to.your principle or another right that if.exercise as the registered owner of a.real property is that you can dispose.the property and when I say dispose you.do not throw it away no you cannot throw.away land maybe a little portion of the.land you can throw it in the air but the.land itself the parcel of land no you.cannot throw it away you can sell.nothing so that is how we mean by this.pose the real property we sell it to.other persons ok so those are the rights.of a property owner some of the right.something now what about if you are a.potential buyer of a real property.covered by the certificate of title if.you are a potential buyer of the real.property that's covered by a certificate.of title like this one I already learned.it's like that one you will definitely.see who the registered owner is now if.if the person holding this title is.telling you I am selling this parcel of.land you should you should be under it.because if that person was telling you.that he or she is sending the property.covered by the title but then he or she.is not the registered owner you have to.ask we have authority to sell this real.property because here in the Philippines.specifically in the Civil Code no if you.are selling real property and you are.not the registered owner your authority.must need in writing so that usually.takes the form of a special power of.attorney the special power of attorney.must specifically state that he or she.has the power to sell the property.specifically described in the title not.what happens if you actually purchase a.real property from somebody who is not.the registered.and then one up on spe.I love their significance if you are the.potential buyer and then you are.presented a certificate of title now.it's that you will know the description.of the property covered by the CCP.I'm sorry I cannot really show you the.entire entire BC even because it.contains some very sensitive information.and as we know here in the Philippines.there are a lot of people in each.impulsive buying these kinds of.documents so again I would like to.emphasize that if you get a copy of this.one you'll be able to determine the.technical description of the property.conferred by the title of course you.will also know the location of the.properties and then Mahanama property.NASA Kansas City by NASA Quezon City a.non barangay another significance of a.certificate of title for the prospective.buyer is that you will be able to.determine if the property is supported.by a clean title I believe that the term.clean title is familiar to most if not.all of the viewers ok so if you pay.attention to the very start of this.video I actually mentioned the third en.sand encumbrance right so how is this.the Antonine conference related to clean.title ok so when you talk about clean.title it means that the property covered.by that certificate of title is without.any ends or encumbrance ok so what is.Yin's.and conference now I don't want to get.too technical about this and instead I.want to give you an example of a yin and.unconference for example you are the.owner of this parcel of land that's.described in this certificate of title.of a now you went to the bank to loan.some money let's say you know five.million pesos that's a huge amount of.money here in the Philippines right so.you have to expect that the bank will.ask for a collateral for this loan so.that if you cannot feed the principal.amount then at least the bank has.something has something to go after just.in case you cannot pay in cash right so.what usually happens is that the.borrower and the back will execute.another document and that document or.sorry will execute another contract note.and that contract is what you call a.real estate mortgage so when you talk.about real estate mortgage you are.making that real property as a.collateral to the principal loan so that.if you cannot pay the principal loan.then the bath has the option to sell the.parcel of land covered by the real.estate mortgage at the public auction.and then apply whatever proceeds from.the public option to the balance of the.principal loan okay so that's basically.what you mean by yens.and encumbrance okay so I think that's.clear now if you executed this real.estate mortgage.then you need you will expect that it.should be annotated to the title okay so.what do some things that are how will.how will this annotation look like no.that is very important now if you can.see this title here has three pages one.the second page second page is actually.a continuation of the first page.especially if the parcel of land has a.lot of owners yeah so if the.continuation will be found on the second.page and the third page here I'm not.sure if you can see that but you can 13.yeah.it says here memorandum of and.conferences so this is what you need to.look for if you want to ensure that the.property covered by the title is with a.clean title meaning to say if the.certificate of title contains this page.talking about Memorandum of encumbrance.then the property is not clean the.property is not with a clean title so if.you are a potential buyer of a certain.real property like a person of land how.do you insure how do you protect.yourself that you are about to buy a.property that is that's you know please.like the good property stuff like that.or how do you ensure that you are.dealing with a person whose document is.genuine no because again the way I.mentioned earlier that there are a lot.of people out there falsifying these.kinds of documents now.if you take a look at the first page of.your title you will see their registry.of these for the area okay so let's say.this title is registered in the registry.of these partisan Sydney you go to the.registry of these for Kansas City and.then you ask them to tell you if this.document is genuine if this property is.actually registered in the registry of.these for Kansas City and if the.registered owner in their records is.also the registered owner as stated in.this document okay so that is how you.ensure that the certificate of title.that you are holding or that's being.presented to you is a genuine document I.have another tip now if you are a.potential buyer of a real property near.in the Philippines you have to make sure.not that the title that you are being.presented by the seller or the.registered owner who's planning to sell.the property is actually the latest copy.now all the title bucket Letus kapinas.into law the CD not in island during the.intervening period the current Palin an.encumbrance let's say you were presented.a PCP that was issued let's say 2015.2020 non-iron.Reba so five years I and milena can.animal transaction and Nara during the.period milena tape during that period in.the corona annotation and then you pee.Nikita say Nina even a whisper which was.an old one.a wala annotation toll suppose maybe big.laugh and a Lanka bug not lost on sale.Helen appellate opinion title another.going more on the back so again if you.want to purchase real property here in.the.means you have to make sure that if you.are being shown a copy of the title now.the real property it should be the.latest version just to check nothing on.money miss young okay so I have a.question for you that is quite off topic.but I am interested to gauge your.knowledge okay the question is are not.Filipinos allowed to own real property.here in the Philippines if you know the.answer please indicate your answer in.the comment section below.so let's proceed so what is the property.does not have a clean title what should.we do especially if you're the buyer not.now if you are the buyer and you see.that the title is not clean title I.suggest that you do not purchase that.property if you want peace of mind the.same means an imam and daniel class in.property seminar and conferences Misaki.Segundo okay so let's leave it at that.if you want to have peace of mind when.purchasing a property real property that.is you have to ensure that the property.is covered by a clean title again how do.you know is the properties with a clean.title fitting the new puyol equal or go.to the third page or that pagespeed a.Memorandum of encumbrance camara young.the young entries in the creating.entitled koala known as having a.Memorandum of encumbrance then that is a.clean title now there are instances when.your title meirin Allah JJ and the.memorandum of encumbrance but they.encumbrance is no longer effective okay.like for example the mortgage or who.happens to be the registered owner of.the parcel of land covered by the said.certificate of title now he did not.effective.Magdelena effectively unrealistic.mortgage in an apartment annotate.nonsensical oh I say by admin principal.narottam name so what an unused back.Elenin Department is secured a principal.or do real estate mortgage so conquer a.new situation you need to cancel the.annotation therein okay so party not be.nothing if I cancel not and basically.goes on appeal if happened on your.annotation at Parramatta Ronan and clean.fight volume in your envelope.now you might ask what is the process.for a totally new memorandum of.encumbrance nigh and especially if it's.no longer effective now this this is a.fine that you need to consult with your.lawyer market because if you need to.cancel now the memorandum of and.conference annotated in your certificate.of title you need to file a petition in.order and as we know in the book where.did not indeed lawyer I'm a fine.application yet tell on metal telegraph.I owned ornament represents in your.pocket because non lawyers are not.allowed to practice law in the field in.Nevada's the most common sense Nashua so.again Alana generally patent valium on.annotation Giants of people o cuss in an.expired and ineffective then you go to.your lawyer and you consult my map a.potential okay so well let's see if the.bubble cannot file a petition in order.to cancel the encumbrance and repeated.your titles what do you need to bring.with you okay.of course you need to bring with you a.copy of the PC Ethne or the Python to.your lawyer.kosecki nominee establishment AT&T.kannada roopa and it competed on and.open a tall man maha registered owners.young be tonality piensan a little C key.and of course.Paquita Mouton non-compete anatomy Rocha.memorandum of incontinence okay now you.also need percent documentary evidence.showing the new memorandum of in.compressing on a that number time self.so in this case you can ask for a.certificate from the Registry of Deeds.Nutella Gong Hindi no effective you.memorandum of encumbrance of a non.dinthaana amid Napoleon Revised Rules of.Civil Procedure you are not required to.attach the judicial affidavit of the.witness.okay single young wedding going witness.a consonant of course the registered.owner data doesn't show you my I love.bonamana receptionist or Ramona events.surrounding the CC e vowel animal I know.whom I am nominee registered owner - a.mo execute an action facilitate nastácia.and about say the Philippines in the.Union Puma Perry Casa Philippines para.la materia.padishah Mottola Denham attorney-in-fact.RC after the impact my own hundred.represents upon your support of course.you may need to present the latest facts.bill the latest tax declaration of real.property okay so I hope now with this.video I was able to.you some knowledge regarding translation.of encumbrance annotated in your.certificates of title so again I am your.lady lawyer attorney Maria Cecilia on.devolve MCO law office I am now signing.out.[Music].

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State Of Wyoming Application For Certificate Of Title FAQs

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