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youtube video

Form 19a Printable Demand Assistance

hello my charmed ones and welcome back.to my channel for another video.so today i wanted to walk you through.the process of how to print.and cut and punch your own inserts at.home.and specifically of course i'm talking.about the process that you would follow.to print and cut and punch inserts that.come from.my shop thecharmshop.com as you may know.i recently launched the 2021 planner.insert collection and so i've got a lot.of new people who are purchasing planner.inserts from me.and some of you it's your first time and.some of you.may be purchasing um again after.previous years and enjoying inserts in.previous years.but this year something that was new is.that i have completely reformatted my.inserts.to make the printing process even.simpler and so i thought it would be a.good idea and you guys asked as well for.me to do a video.on the printing process now just to be.clear for any of you who have purchased.my inserts either.this year or in the past i always.include.a set of very detailed print.instructions so there is like a pdf that.you receive.when you purchase my inserts that walks.you through how to print inserts but.hopefully seeing these visuals i'll be.able to answer some more questions and.give you guys like a real life example.of me printing and cutting and punching.the inserts so.without further ado let's jump in to.this video.okay so the first thing i want to talk.about in this process.is what you're going to need in order to.complete this process from start to.finish.now obviously the first thing you're.going to need is actually a file.from my shop or whatever file you're.working with i'm hoping that this.tutorial is universal enough so that you.could use it with other planner inserts.but i cannot.actually guarantee that this works with.anything more than the inserts over at.the charm shop.so you're going to start with a pdf file.obviously that you have purchased.and we're going to get to a screen share.in a moment.so i'm going to actually walk you.through how you do the printing but.first i want to talk about all the.things you need so you need a pdf to.actually print.to begin with then of course you need.paper.and i know this is going to sound a.little crumbly i get a lot of questions.about the types of paper that i use and.as a general recommendation.i think that the best sort of papers to.use are anything from.24 pound to 32 pound paper.so um the poundage actually refers to.like how thick the paper is and the.higher the number it means that the.paper is.thicker so um really when it comes down.to choosing the paper that you're going.to use.there is a little bit of personal.preference that goes into this.and i would say that you might want to.consider whether or not you're the kind.of person.that um wants to be able to fit a lot of.inserts in their planner because.obviously thicker paper means.less pages are going to fit into your.planner or if you're someone who uses.like.very heavy inks like fountain pens or a.lot of highlighters or even stickers.right because you might think that.um those sorts of things like if you.want to use some heavier duty inks.or even stickers very heavily on your.pages you're going to want thicker paper.for that so it doesn't bleed through.so that it doesn't tear so that the.weight of the paper.can really hold up to hold a lot of.stickers as well but again this is.completely personal preference.and for me right now the paper that i'm.using.i've changed this throughout the years.as well so if you guys have.seen videos of me in the past where i.set a different.weight of paper this is all like i said.personal preference but right now i'm.really into this 24 pound paper.um this is a piece this is you know a.pack from staples but i get them from.everywhere you can get them anywhere.um so i'm using 24 pounds and i always.recommend as well.to get the the highest brightness you.can get and this one is 98 bright that.seems to be like the highest brightness.you can get for like printer copier.paper at you know office supply stores.so right now i'm using 24 pound paper i.don't use.a lot of heavy inks i just use ballpoint.pens.um i as you guys know i'm not a big.sticker user either although i do use.some stickers i'm not very big into.covering.my entire spread with stickers and i do.use.um non-alcohol based markers so.they pretty much don't bleed anyway but.with the 24 pound paper i will say you.know if i write a lot on a piece of.paper.yeah you're going to see a little bit of.ghosting behind it um so if you don't.like that you may want to go.up to a higher weight paper i used to.use 32 pound paper.religiously but it can be a little bit.it can be a little bit thick.you don't get as many inserts into your.planner when you use thicker pages.um so you know these are payoffs you.know you have to decide the pros and.cons for yourself but of course.you need paper and another thing i want.to mention about the paper is that.this entire process is intended to be.followed.using the full sheet paper that.is kind of applicable to your area of.the world.and or the size inserts you're trying to.produce so.for me i live in the united states our.standard full sheet of paper is a u.s.letter like a full sheet of u.s letter.paper if you live in europe or abroad it.may be a4 paper it might be the standard.for you.and for me personally i am usually.printing my inserts in half letter.which means that when i follow this.process one.piece of letter will produce two.individual pages of half letter and then.if you're someone who wants to.is using a4 if you're doing the half of.an a4 there's an a5 piece of paper.so if you if you start with a4 paper and.you cut it in half.you're getting two a5 pages so that's.something very important to.note as well so i'm not talking about.any other sort of custom paper.sizes some printers allow you to put in.custom pages i know some people.print onto like blank sheets of pages.that have been cut down to like a5 or.or half letter or personal or other.sizes but that's not.this tutorial right so we're starting.off with full.sheets of paper whatever coordinates to.either the paper that you're using in.your country.or the paper the ultimate you know.insert size that you're trying to.accomplish.and just another note on i guess the.page sizes all of the inserts in.my vast majority of the inserts i should.say in.my shop print.personal half letter a5.a4 full letter and now you can also.because of the reformatting.print in any off sizes for example the.happy planner standard size i know.that's a question i get asked a lot.anything that you can print onto.a4 or full letter you're going to be.able to.adjust the print settings to do that so.that is what i need to tell you about.paper.and paper sizing now of course next.essential element you're going to need.to have is a printer right.so i've got my printer behind me and it.is an hp.office jet let me check the number 90 25.i will of course leave links down the.description for.all the things that i show you today.whatever i can find and as many helpful.links as i can.obviously you're going to need a printer.now my printer happens to be in.officejet which is a duplex.printer which means that it will print.double-sided now you do not need a.duplex printer to print my insert so i'm.going to actually show you how to do.that.today without having to um.without having to have a double-sided.printer yes it helps.but it's not the be-all and end-all it's.not you.absolutely have to have a duplex printer.you can achieve the same outcome.on a printer that only prints a single.side at a time it's just a slightly.different process.going to show it to you today also other.things you're going to need.obviously you're going to need something.to cut the inserts if you're not.printing just directly onto full size.pages and.leaving them full size so you're going.to need something like a paper trimmer.now i highly i highly recommend a paper.turner trimmer and specifically i.recommend one.where the flap right is actually clear.so that you can see the lines of the.pages so that you can clearly.cut your pages this one is also great.because it has.the measuring tool on it i also.recommend something like this.it just makes it so much easier to line.up your pages like i said earlier i.usually print half letter.so it's easy for me to just line this up.to the.five and a half mark i believe is yeah.five and a half inch mark.is where i end up cutting my pages.when they're in landscape um and i'll.show you how to do that obviously in.this video.but you're gonna want a paper trimmer.you could use scissors right or you.could use a straight edge and a ruler or.something like that but i just highly.recommend.this makes it so much easier then of.course.last thing you're definitely going to.need is a punch.so some form of punch that works with.your.binder system of choice right now i'm.using a discbound system so i have my.arc.heavy duty disc bound punch that i've.owned for several years these can be a.little bit pricey.but if you get a good one it lasts for.years and it's one of the most important.investments i think.if you are a planner user who prints.their own inserts or at least likes to.customize.your planner um with you know different.pages and things.that you might find you know here and.there um it's a really great investment.i've had mine for oh geez louise at.least since 2015.right probably before that honestly but.um.yeah so we're talking this has been five.years going on strong no issues with it.um of course if you're not someone who.uses disbound you might be someone who.uses like a filofax.or franklin covey and so i have one of.these as well.i'm not going to be demonstrating it.today but this is an adjustable punch.for six ring binder systems.um that's handy as well and there are.i'm sure many.other different systems that i'm.actually not going to be able to touch.on in this video.but yes you're going to want to have the.actual punch.that is compatible with the binder that.you're creating inserts for so that's.very important as well so with those.sort of essential elements um.kind of laid out for us right let's go.ahead and i'm going to actually walk you.through what you're going to do um on.your computer to print out the inserts.properly.okie dokie so now that you are ready to.go ahead and.print your inserts um the first thing.that i want to.make you aware of is that for my inserts.i.highly recommend that you use the adobe.acrobat reader as the program that you.use to actually print your inserts from.now this doesn't mean that you.absolutely have to use this.program there are probably other.programs that will.help you print the pdf files.appropriately.but for this tutorial this is what i'm.using and i always recommend.this software because it is a free.download online.so most people are going to be able to.get access to this.also i also say that i do recommend that.you use a computer.as opposed to like a phone or a tablet.to print because i think that you get.the full range of options and again.because i'm going to be using my.computer.i'm just want to make sure you have a.one-to-one equivalent as you follow.along this process as well i can't.guarantee that.the process is going to be the same.across.you know different pdf readers or across.different devices.so okay so as a example here i've got my.2020 charmed life.planner here um the the inserts for that.and actually i'm just going to shrink it.down a little bit for you guys just so.you get a little bit better view.um on the screen share but the first.thing that you're going to want to do.when you have your actual pdf right that.you're going to be printing is inserts.is you want to be very clear on what the.range is.of the pages that you're printing right.so what are the actual pages.of this file that you're printing for.some inserts.um the files may be and this is the way.it is in my shop at least some inserts.you'll buy.one file and it will have just one.insert maybe.one design or maybe a front and a and a.back design.so it's very clear what you're going to.be printing and you may just be printing.you know a number of copies of that same.insert.but for some other files in my shop.specifically.you may be choosing to print only a.selection of inserts.um so that's actually what i'm going to.show you how to do today.is just kind of do a selection of.inserts to help you kind of.understand the way this process works so.that you know um what to expect when.you're printing things out so.what we'll do right now for this.example is i will go ahead and just.select like in.sort of like an easy sort of um.a range for us so i'm going to skip all.this in the beginning.the planner stuff in the beginning and.we'll start at the calendars i think.that makes the most sense okay.so you can see here this is the first.page of the calendars it says that it's.page.13. and so i recommend when you're.reviewing the pages that you want to.print.get a piece of paper and a pen out and.just make a note of the pages.so that you don't lose track of what you.are printing.so i'm gonna start printing with page 13.and let me see what else i've got going.on here.we'll print like a whole section of.calendar here.so 1314 15.16 17 18.19 20.and 21.um this is january.let's see 21.but that makes an odd amount of numbers.so one of the things that i like to.think about when i'm printing you know.choosing a print range.is you know when you're looking at the.first page of that range that's going to.be.the first page which means it's going to.be when you're putting it in a planner.spread.that's going to be on the right hand.side of the spread.so this calendar is going to be because.it's the first page i'm going to choose.in this range that's going to be the.right hand.then when you flip that page over this.will be the left behind it.this will be the start of a new page on.the right and then this will be behind.it and so on and so forth.so when i go to go down to page 21 which.is the end of the overviews.then i still have a page remaining um.behind it basically so that i can make.it an even.spread so sometimes what i'll do is i.will put.um i'll find a blank page right so this.page number 12 is the blank.so i could say that i'll print 13 to 21.and then i'll pay.print page 12. and then that would at.least give me a nice clean.um break something else you want to.think about as well.is that with the number of inserts.because i'm going to be showing you how.to use the booklet function.um there will be four pages.four facing pages will come out printed.on both sides of one single.sheet of paper um so with this i think.we're looking at not.four pages i'm looking at six pages.total so there's going to be an extra.page that's going to be front and.back blank which is not a problem it's.just something i like i try to.when i'm printing print eight pages.just so that everything is kind of even.if that makes sense.so that i'm not wasting any paper but.that's again a personal preference of.mine so i'm just going to go ahead and.stick with this.with this actual range for now and i'll.walk you through that so when.you actually know the range that you.want to print you're going to go ahead.and go to the print icon.select that and then this dialog box.will pop.up and the first thing we're going to do.is go over to pages to print and we're.going to.actually type in the range so like i.said before we're going to do 13.to 21 and then i'm going to also add.page 12.okay and.that is going to be the print range now.under page sizing and handling usually.it would default to.this option here size but we're going to.go to booklet.because we're going to be printing a.booklet option.and i'm going to show you how to do this.on how to set this up for a duplex.printer first.and then i'll show you how we will print.it for a.non-duplex so a printer that does not do.double-sided so once you have the range.up here you're going to go to booklet.under page sizing and handling.the book booklet subset for now is going.to be both sides binding is going to be.on the left.that's normal orientation portrait.and then what i do is i go down to this.page setup option.another box pops up and i choose the.paper size.us borderless now this is a custom size.that i have added in.to my listing so whatever your.page paper that you're going to be.printing on is i highly recommend it.like i said before it's either going to.be us letter or a4 right you could i.could go in and change.to a4 if i wanted to but i don't have a4.paper so that would it's not going to.print proportionally properly.um so i what i do is i.uh i created the us borderless option by.going into manage custom sizes.and you can see here what i did was i.entered the paper size of eight and a.half.wide 11 inches height and then.the margins here i put at zero so that.meant that essentially a borderless.means i'm not.giving um any default borders for.the limitation of where it can print in.the printer so.that's very important so that i get the.largest um.inserts possible printed out so that the.the design is as um.whole as possible essentially so um us.borderless is going to be selected for.me.okay and then if i hit print right now.we're going to get a double-sided print.but right now we're not going to print.i'm not going to actually print this out.right now because i want to actually.show you the process.of what you do if you do not have a.double-sided because if you hit print.right now this is going to print out.exactly as you want and you're going to.be good to go so if you're double-sided.to duplex printer you are good to go.but instead what i'm going to do is i'm.going to show you how you change this if.you do not have a duplex printer.so if you do not have a duplex printer.you still choose booklet.but the first thing you're going to do.is choose front side only.again page setup i shouldn't nothing.should have changed but i just want to.make sure everything is there i always.double check and then i'm going to hit.print.um but before we actually do that i'm.going to go ahead back to.give you guys an overview of me okay so.we're back here and i'm going to go.ahead and hit print now nothing has.changed i just wanted you to be able to.see what happens.when the print happens.okay printing is happening.okay so we've had some inserts that have.printed.over here okay now first thing i like to.do.is i'm going to keep an eye on the.direction.that these inserts are coming out at.right um so i know the way i need to.reinsert them.once i'm done so they were.i'm holding the top right now okay i'm.just gonna all i'm doing right now is.dropping it on my thing.on my desk and i'm gonna go ahead now.and give you an overview.okay so now you can see that these are.the inserts as they have come off of my.printer now all we have printed right.now.is the front of the inserts so.what we need to do before we reinsert.these back into the printer is we have.to reorder them very quickly.so whatever the first page is you know.this is exactly how i pulled them off of.the.off of the printer what i'm going to do.is take the first one and put it down.put the next one on top of it and then.the last one on top right so i did a.small range here as just like a test.print to show you guys.but we we have to invert or reverse the.order of the inserts.before we put them back into our.our printer which is what i'm going to.do right now.we'll go ahead and i will show you.i'm going to reinsert these into my.printer.okay so now we're going to go ahead and.go back to.adobe.i'm going to go back to the printing and.we have to re-enter the same information.we had before so.this would be important for you guys to.also make sure that whatever you entered.in your.range um to make sure you have it.written down or copy and paste it to.like a document temporarily so that you.make sure that you're keeping everything.consistent.so down under the page sizes in and.handling booklet again.backside only and again i'm just.checking my page.is us borderless still excellent and now.i'm going to go ahead.and print this.so the printing is happening behind me.okay so now.when i take these inserts off let me.give you the overhead.once again oops overhead half half there.we go that's a good one.and i know you guys are upside down here.but i think you're going to be able to.follow along with me.now the inserts we can check to make.sure.that these are actually the right order.because if we put them in like a little.bit of a booklet.here the calendar is the first page.and behind it the monthly start.the yearly tracker the overview.more of the overview and what we have.last is a blank page and like i said.there was going to be.one blank insert because i had chosen.six pages and not.eight so that's fine i'm not upset about.that at all.now all we're going to go ahead and do.is we will go ahead and cut.the inserts.and get this out of the way okay so.wrong way i am opening this this up.and i hope you guys are still going to.be able to see everything that we're.doing here so i'm opening this up.so that i've got my measuring stick here.essentially.let me just go ahead and you know what.let's just go full page with this.and i apologize this is going to be in.the way my microphone.okay so because i'm.printing half letter inserts i'm just.going to slide this in.and i'm going to go to five and a half.put this down so it's the pages are.tight in there.and then i'm going to cut the page okay.now when i fold these back together.this becomes the booklet for.the print for the um for the inserts.okay.so that is the cutting done.then we will go ahead and get our.punch out and make sure that my punch is.set to the right setting.for arc or disc bound systems um.sometimes they're called junior this.size the half letter is called junior.size.so i have my junior setting on.just putting these in.punching and voila now i have.inserts.right and let me go ahead and turn this.upside down for you guys.there we are now you can see it much.better right so.as we go through we can see.the inserts right and they're all in the.proper order.and i did not need to print them duplex.i did this.with single side at a time right i just.recommend and here's the extra bonus.insert as well.just the blank so i think when you do go.to print.that i think it's very important that.you work with small batches small ranges.of pages.especially when you're first getting.used to the printing process you don't.waste too much paper.and so you're always able to kind of.follow along with what's going on there.is a little bit of a learning curve.to printing your own inserts but once.you get it it's easier to visualize what.the inserts are going to look like the.more and more that you print things out.but hopefully seeing this entire process.has made it easier for you to.start visualizing um the way that your.inserts are going to come out.and how hopefully you can follow this.tutorial to also print and.cut and punch your own inserts at home.okay so the final thing that i wanted to.show you guys is the difference between.the half letter and.the personal size pdfs so we have used.the half letter to.get this insert that we just printed and.cut and punched.but the difference between cutting the.half letter and the personal.is that for the personal inserts and i'm.hoping you guys can clearly see this.there are cut marks that will print.on the pages so where you did need to.use.a measuring guide or a ruler in order to.you know make sure that you properly get.the half of the letter to be half letter.or.half of a4 to become a5.personal size always comes with these.actual cut marks.so this makes it much easier for you to.go ahead and cut the inserts down.so generally what i do when i'm doing.these inserts is i will actually just.take.this whole page and i will cut it in.half and then.double up the inserts and just cut the.four corners.but that makes it much easier to cut if.you're using the personal size.but for that reason i don't recommend.sizing.the personal size for anything other.than personal because the cut marks are.there so it keeps the proportions.half letter pages on the other hand do.not have cut marks.so you're able to actually resize these.in a couple of different ways.like i mentioned earlier happy planner.sizes you can actually.print in happy planner sizes if you want.to.using the half letter and what i'm going.to go ahead and do is i actually have.written instructions with pictures up on.the shop and i will link those.directions in case you're trying to.print for happy planner.but essentially you're going to be.following um a very similar.process that we covered in today's.tutorial you're just not going to be.using the booklet form.so i will leave those specific.directions down below in case you want.to print happy planner sizes or.any other size like i said that should.fit onto.us letter or a4 paper whatever your.standard is so i hope that.this tutorial has been helpful for you.and has answered your questions and give.you a little bit more reassurance that.you can print your own inserts at home.like i said in earlier in this video and.in other videos.this 2021 planner insert collection from.the charm shop.is even easier to print um than any.other.set of inserts i have done in the past.because of the reformatting.so yes i totally acknowledge that it is.a little bit.of a learning curve in order to you know.start this whole process if you're new.to it once you get it though it is very.easy very cathartic.and i love just printing out my inserts.and cutting them and punching them it's.kind of like a little.crafty hobby for me to do and a nice way.to spend some time.um so i would definitely recommend it if.you are someone who's new to it.and hopefully this tutorial will help so.please if you did enjoy this video.please make sure to give it a thumbs up.and of course make sure to follow me all.over the internet at miss trench coat.also you can follow me on instagram for.more of the behind the scenes of my.productivity life and business.and of course if you're not yet.subscribed to this channel what are you.waiting for.hit that subscribe button for more.awesome videos by me and until next time.bye.

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Do military members have to pay any fee for leave or fiancee forms?

First off there are no fees for leaves or requests for leave in any branch of the United States military. Second there is no such thing as a fiancée form in the U.S. military. There is however a form for applying for a fiancée visa (K-1 Visa)that is available from the Immigration and Customs Service (Fiancé(e) Visas ) which would be processed by the U.S. State Department at a U.S. Consulate or Embassy overseas. However these fiancée visas are for foreigners wishing to enter the United States for the purpose of marriage and are valid for 90 days. They have nothing to do with the military and are Continue Reading

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I was selected for a summer internship 2016. I tried to be very open while filling the preference form: I choose many products as my favorite products and I said I'm open about the team I want to join. I even was very open in the location and start date to get host matching interviews (I negotiated the start date in the interview until both me and my host were happy.) You could ask your recruiter to review your form (there are very cool and could help you a lot since they have a bigger experience). Do a search on the potential team. Before the interviews, try to find smart question that you are Continue Reading

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Just register on the admission portal and during registration you will get an option for the entrance based course. Just register there. There is no separate form for DU CIC.

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It can also be that he used the wrong form and will still be deducting taxes as he should be. Using the wrong form and doing the right thing isnt exactly a federal offense

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Make it fast. Ask them as few questions as possible (don't collect unnecessary information) and pre-populate as many fields as possible. Don't ask offputting questions where the respondent might have to enter sensitive personal information. If some users see you collecting sensitive information, they might not be ready to share that with you yet based on what you are offering, and they will think twice about completing the form.

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First get people to accept you and appreciate your work by learning the norms of the male-dominated culture and adapting your behavior to establish trust. Once people accept and respect you, you can have more freedom to behave as you wish. I give some advice in this article Only Woman On The Team? 4 Communication Tips You Need To Know about adjusting your communication style for a male-dominated environment.

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