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hey my name is Benjamin Kraus thanks for.checking in here on this tip fantabulous.Friday we are gonna be having office.hours today I know that normally I've.been trying to do this every Friday.unless something comes up and this past.month something did come up so I was.only able to do one of the office hours.that I intended to do but nonetheless.here we are here we are for another.office hours today is again Friday the.time is 1:30 Central Standard Time so.1:30 p.m. here on Friday for those of.you who are new to the forum I am the.the forum founder created this back in o.9 if you have any questions during the.course of this definitely feel free to.write a comment in the bottom box and.ask away and I'll try to answer any kind.of questions I can I also ask people in.the group earlier to provide a list of.any kind of questions that they may have.and a few of you did so I'm gonna make a.point to answer those here in a little.bit so we're going to be talking about.Volk Rehab we're going to talk about the.importance of understanding what.reasonable accommodations are whether.you're at school whether you're at work.why this is super important to.understand but also very simple to.understand you know how to communicate.about these things we're going to talk.about you know some of the you know kind.of broader requirements that employers.have including the federal government.we're going to talk about you know some.of the requirements that many colleges.have when you're you know going to.school there and also some of the home.accommodations that you may need to.succeed that voc rehab can help you with.when you're trying to do well in school.so you know that's another thing we're.going to talk about because you know.most of us know that in order to get.access to voc rehab you have to have a.disability that affects your ability to.work so by by the fact of being in the.program you're essentially saying.through implication that.you probably need reasonable.accommodations of some kind at some.point not everyone is like that but you.know a lot of the people in the program.might need reasonable accommodation at.some point in the future so we're going.to be talking about that a little bit.what that looks like we're going to talk.a little bit about questions that other.people have so questions about master's.degree approvals we're going to talk.about the feasibility study we're going.to talk about how counselors how many.people get assigned to a counselor so.you can understand kind of their.workflow which is helpful because then.you know whether you're basically being.ignored for a good reason or a bad.reason and then also we're going to talk.about pretty much anything that you guys.have a question about so you know.definitely if you have a question you'll.see or you should see at the bottom of.this a little box and the little box.should allow you to type in a question.so questions here that boom okay there.hey Dane thanks I appreciate check-in.and real quick I'm also going to be.answering questions I'll look at that in.a bit I'm going to first talk about what.I have to talk about and then we're.going to get into questions from Jenna.from Jackie from Donald Stoops Ty and.then also Glen so we're going to talk.about those there are questions first.I'll get to yours Dan so definitely hang.in there and I'll get to in a bit so I.have a little bit about this group real.quick for newbies I know there's quite a.few or at the 25 over a little over.25,000 members right now so that's.awesome I mean that is a sign that this.group is successful and that people are.checking in trying to get help and.getting feedback etc etc I want to thank.all of you not only for joining here but.for those of you who are supporters of.what I do is an investigative journalist.you support everything that I do by.purchasing the voc rehab Survival Guide.and related materials forward somebody.can get a subscription really appreciate.that.that's the guide that I had written.while I was in law school we're about to.put out the updated version of that to.incorporate the m28 are and also.the newly paginate Adem 28r there are.some updates from last year that I'm.going to be putting up on the new.website the new website is right now.it's on what's called the customer hub.so I have everything housed in 2016 2012.rather I had some developers build out.the program and it's really expensive.but I did it you know using my you know.monies and whatever from disability to.build that out because I thought that at.that time you know a lot of folks would.be you know needing this and then of.course the size of our group was much.smaller everywhere maybe a two to four.thousand members in this group so you.could see how the trajectory has more.than doubled or not even doubled like.that would be 1,000 times bigger yeah so.in the past eight years or nine years.since we created this I mean it's grown.by leaps and bounds now here's what's.awesome about that though not only do we.have this huge following here in social.media right between this group and then.there's also the the VA as line group.that I used to help with with rhyme.nessler and so like between these two.fundamental Facebook groups and then.some of my friends that run other groups.I mean we have such a huge whip with.respect to policy and how to get the VA.to do the right thing so we can reach.out to veterans through social media no.problem through my website to save old.veterans org that I purchased with my.own disability compensation money after.getting income at the agency back in the.Owen I know ten and pretty much anywhere.else that I can publish so whether it's.you know military comm or the hill you.know or anywhere that you know.interviews mean Newsweek was a recent.one where I was interviewed for a book.and then and then part of that book was.I included in the massive Newsweek.article exposing the opiate scandal and.some of the players behind it so what.you do when you support this and you.tune in really helps me kick the VA.square where they need to get kicked to.help them wake up so that they remember.oh man we're supposed to help veterans.my bad I thought we were here you know.just for our own edification so so your.support here just chiming in sharing.articles from my blog you know.supporting us financially I just you.know really helped a really hope that.you continue to do.you can whether you can you know you.want to buy the the the cheap guy that I.put together that has helped a bunch of.people get in law school whatever else.paid for or you just want to share.articles I mean every little bit helps.getting the word out in the truth so.that the public knows that their.taxpayer dollars are being misused by.the agency you know I mean that money's.created for us and a large portion of it.is going into the pocketbooks of.government contractors and their cronies.that aren't really creating any product.or adding real value to veterans you.know at the end of the day the real.value are in the VA employees that.interface with us and we really need to.focus on making sure that those.employees whether they're contractors or.whether they're VA employees do the.right thing that they follow the law.that you know whatever and instead you.know everyone seems to focus on all.these other red herrings without really.focusing on improving the attitude of VA.employees so we really need to you know.continue to get the word out you know.Roseburg VA is a real recent example.where you know exposure and the media.allowed removal of that director Doug.Paxton I wrote about it today I'm.disabled veterans org so you can kind of.see what the issue was but basically.they were using real life you know the.equivalent to death panels to decide.what veterans got healthcare and which.ones didn't they were denying veterans.access to healthcare if they believe.that the healthcare they might receive.would result in a death or an injury so.that their numbers wouldn't get hurt so.they're refusing healthcare in Roseburg.VA in Oregon of all places of all states.you know super liberal organ that is.where they're refusing access to health.care how ironic is that they should be.ashamed of themselves at Roseburg it's a.pathetic excuse for an agency they.brought in that director that they just.removed to fix the cronyism and culture.there and they weren't able to do it so.ah what do we do you know and again I.love Oregon I lived there it's a really.interesting place because you know super.liberal on the very center down the i-5.corridor and then it's are more or less.Republican on the outside of that you.know where people have machine guns and.whatnot it's like the Wild West for sure.but I'm just not sure how or why in that.state of.all states where you know you know the.majority of the residents that are in.roseburg probably and also often down.the I 5 quarter believe in you know.access to real health care how they're.denying veterans the ones that are.supposed to be getting health care from.the VA how are they denying them health.care at the VA it's incredible and you.know then they push them off and try to.force them into the community but then.they block access to veterans choice.which is a program run by TriWest and.also Health Net and of course TriWest is.the company that was responsible for.administering a big chunk of TRICARE in.the DoD and as was Health Net and Wow.you know I mean the thing is upside down.man but I'll guarantee those CEOs are.getting paid we know they're getting.paid we know that those VA employees and.the chief of staff and directors they're.getting paid man lots of folks are.getting paid but lots of veterans are.not getting the benefits that we deserve.so you know your support here sharing.the articles purchasing guide etc helps.me expand what I'm working on I myself a.little background about me in case.you're new here and you don't know who I.am my name is Benjamin Krause I'm a.disabled veteran I fought for my.disability benefits from 2001 until.right now in fact we just had a board.hearing about my effective date going.all the way back to 2001 just earlier.this week and you know basically if.fought for my benefits from 10% low wall.all the way up to how 2% permanent total.in part because of exposures and.injuries that I had was in service or.actually that's that's that's you know.injuries and exposures and you know also.some of the experimental medicines that.they tried to get us to take based on.Saddam was saying in a blah blah blah.get and all that but anyway so the good.news is I'm kickin VA in teeth and where.it counts as often as I can to make sure.that they're accountable we're.supporting as many great VA employees as.we can there are a lot of VA employees.in the system in voc rehab and health.care and elsewhere who really want VA to.work but there are a lot of cronies in.there who are trying to create their own.fiefdoms who are intimidating veterans.who are denying veteran employees access.to things like reasonable accommodations.access to FMLA leave it's.real pathetic situation that we're.dealing with where it's almost like.you're dealing with folks in the Dark.Ages right where they somehow believe.that the a da or the modified a da.doesn't apply to them it's it's amazing.and of course if they get caught you.know who cares because they won't be.held accountable at the end of the day.they just want their own buddies to work.there so that they can continue to have.their fun a little whatever you'd call.it so that's enough about me other than.letting you know I am now an attorney so.the VA paid for my disability comp that.I then used to create my media platform.disabled veterans org which is owned by.my company arm oppress and then also pay.for me to go to law school and paid for.my accommodative systems in my law firm.like man I'll tell you Uncle Sam when.Uncle Sam works he works really well and.you know my benefits overall were over.350 grand and I am using every bit of.that education and those resources to.help other veterans access that program.and also to fight for their jobs so one.element that's new to my law practice at.Kraus law is representing good VA.employees particularly disabled veterans.who are disadvantaged or discriminated.against or retaliated against or all.their above you know whistleblower.retaliation etc it help them either keep.their jobs or at least get some justice.and so at the end of the day you know.we're all about justice and sometimes.that justice comes from the courts and.sometimes it comes from the courtroom of.public opinion and that is part of why.the VA is concerned about what I do here.and the website is because not only can.I beat them in court but also you know.if if justice doesn't prevail because of.some technical nuance well you know we.got the courtroom public opinion and.they can explain to the press why they.did what they did so that's the beauty.of this type of system I'm the only.attorney as far as I know to have built.out a system quite like this and here we.are rocking and rolling so if you're.here you're checking in you're wondering.about reasonable accommodations right.and hey Gabriel thanks for checking in.laying thanks for checking I appreciate.it and Dane I already said hi to you so.anyone else on this that has questions.definitely ask them so we're going to.talk about reasonable.nations you know basically.accommodations generally but also.reasonable accommodations hey time you.good to see you.so basically reasonable accommodations.are things that you get to if you're.disabled and you have a qualifying.disability that affects your ability to.perform the essential functions of the.job or or you just needed depending on.you know the circumstance it is it is.these are things or systems or.provisions that can help you perform.your job or go to school or study you.know so in this context you know.veterans are going to be wanting if they.of course require it are gonna want.reasonable accommodations maybe in their.home so they may like me I required a.certain type of desk certain type of.screen system computer etc because of my.traumatic brain injury residuals and so.I had have a desk that was long and.spread out ready to have a monitor or a.double monitor system that allowed me to.see what was going on and scream bigger.than a laptop and in systems like that.so like an ergonomic chair from Herman.Miller that I do love so those are just.systems that were real beneficial for me.through law school and you can imagine.like I didn't have those in my undergrad.and I had problems man I'll tell you you.know I the chair I had to study then was.rock hard and I ended up you know just.having tons of problems with my legs nor.a path II wasn't able to feel you know.and walking so I couldn't study sitting.down anymore I had to study laying down.and that's not effective because of.course have a TBI and deal with fatigue.you might fall asleep while you're.trying to study or you have other issues.you know so it's a snowballing effect if.you don't get the stuff that you need.you know right away can cause a hell of.a lot of problems luckily you know.despite my traumatic brain injury I'm.still a high functioning and you know.still need accommodations but.nonetheless you know we were able to get.it worked out so so in that instance you.know just kind of the pain out a more.clear picture for you the difference.between the accommodations before and.after the conversations before we're you.know zero sit in a hard chair study at a.desk that doesn't go up and down no.organ amah care and no you know.appropriate.or systems that you need to be able to.visually see what you're reading in a.certain way that makes sense for you and.so then after you know the agency bottom.$1,000 desk that was about see I'm.looking at right now.that desk was about maybe six to eight.feet long you know and had a couple.monitors on it had these Mac because Mac.systems make more sense than the more.intuitive so for somebody with a TBI.that would be very helpful and and you.know I don't necessarily like where Mac.is going with their platform and all the.Steve Jobs isn't around but I really.like the system when Steve Jobs are.still in charge where all the all the.different systems and are related and.they all worked and you know the systems.they were using they were getting cheap.with their equipment which I kind of.think they are now where you know as.it's becoming the system to start.lasting as long as they used to but.nonetheless you know the ecosystem that.jobs created an envision allows easy.integration and not a lot of you know.problems so anyway I was able to get to.that accommodation there now in my.workplace and at school will talk about.accommodations there and also for.studying for the LSAT so so when you go.to study for an LSAT or something like.that you're going to need what is called.the you're going to need a so like we.have a TBI you're gonna have to.basically prove objectively what the.impact is or at least you should want to.do that if you're asking for.accommodations from you know for the.MCAT test or LSAT tests or GRE you know.a CTE SAT stuff like that.so you're gonna want to go get a neuro.psych eval or a psych with diagnostic.evaluation for education so it's a.little different than what the VA does.so don't don't get what VA does and then.think some how that's going to work for.like the LSAT it may not you're going to.need you know Nelson Denny tasks and.some additional tests on reading speed.that the VA usually doesn't use so if.you're in rehab and you need.additional testing time or breaks or.something you need to prove the extent.to your brain injury or PTSD or whatever.the condition might be that's affecting.your ability to take high-stakes tests.you're going to want to definitely get a.psycho diagnostic evaluation or.psycho-educational evaluation at webicon.and that's going to help so you want to.get that from a trained senior.psychologist clinical psychologist.preferably and and use that to get.support for accommodations from the high.stakes testing boards so as long as you.submit the evidence and sometimes your.disability letter might be sufficient.sometimes not so you're going to have to.be careful to avoid sending evidence.we're like VA likes to use what are.called flag words in their reports.because it makes sense to the VA but.when you show it to like Elsa or others.these are considered flag words you know.and and they may or may not scrutinize.your application harder and VA doesn't.care about that they don't really know.about it so they just do it and it works.for VA purposes but not you know for.outsiders outside of VA so you need to.really consider those types of things.that's why I would suggest hiring a pro.that's familiar with doing testing for.high stakes exams then you take that.information or even just your va.disability letter for your college and.you need additional test time or you.know testing in a separate room which is.what I needed as well as I was approved.for additional test time so you think.breaks if I got fatigued and lay down.because of my cervical spine issues so.we were able to work out a lot of.accommodations for mr. Crouse here and I.was able to do pretty well you know I.graduated magna laude from a top 20.at the time offer or law school I don't.know if they're gonna top 20 any more.than University of Minnesota's like.maybe 23 min evasion now which is still.pretty good and so I did well and then.you know the same health for the bar and.you're able to take you know whether you.need to break the testing into.additional days or hours or you know.your desk that goes up and down or a.chair or multiple monitors you know you.name it you can get it you know sort it.out if it's reasonable you know and as.long as you own the systems and you.because voc-rehab should pay for them.for you so you should have them.I have heard recently that oftentimes.voc rehab is tending to kick veterans in.the direction of DHA and for prosthetics.and they're just not good they're not.good you know they don't they don't give.really two reps and so voc rehab kind of.shirks their responsibilities they're in.some offices for some veterans to go in.that direction when really you know they.have the authority and ability to take.care of it and they have the training to.use common sense for reasonable.accommodations they're supposed to do it.but sometimes they don't that's fine.anyway so then likewise at the employer.level voc rehab has the ability to.purchase for you accommodative systems.that a person you know in your situation.starting in a company might need I'd so.for me it was again a desk so I had a.long desk before then in the law firm it.was a desk that goes up and down and.bigger monitors you know a server system.for a law firm you know stuff like that.so so it's really blessed to have those.kinds of accommodations and I think all.items about 35,000 give or take that the.agency ended up spending on my stuff for.work and you know since then of course I.exposed a bunch of huge scandals at the.Department of Veterans Affairs that cost.the agency you know probably over a.billion dollars over the past few years.so we've been real real lucky so a.traumatic brain injury scandal I exposed.we expose the emergency room non VA.wrongful denial scandal that's not going.right now and then before then it was.the crow flies idiocy from the VA choice.that we exposed as well so three pretty.significant major changes to VA policy.as result of what I've been doing up.here.you know the frozen tundra of Minnesota.so anyway so that's a little bit about.reasonable accommodations now one thing.to consider too we're at work and the.voc rehab is supposed to help with this.but sometimes they don't because they.don't know what they're doing but voc.rehab counselors are supposed to be.trained and we have both reasonable.accommodations to help veterans put in.the request with their new employer or.potential employer that could mean the.systems that I just described to you it.could mean.a variance in the work schedule it could.mean you know pre-filing like FMLA leave.if you're if you know that you're gonna.be needing a regular on a regular basis.like leave for for work and for medical.appointments rather and you're gonna.need you know some accommodation they're.related your work schedule you know.these are things that they can help you.with in theory they may not know what.you're talking about but you know that's.that's life so the reasonable.accommodations are when it comes to your.employer these are things that they're.required to do that they have no choice.if it's reasonable and you can prove.your disability which of course you have.your letter from the VA that proves that.you have a disability and many times a.service-connected disability will also.serve as appropriate verification or.evidence supporting your request for.reasonable accommodations from the.employer so don't be shy I know a lot of.people tend to be shy especially male.veterans who kind of have this idea of.sucking it up I encourage you to not.suck it up and to push for your rights.you know I mean this is a 21st century.for pete's sake and come on now you know.I mean computers used to be what the.size of a block and now the computers.that we have in our hand or more.powerful than what they were using you.know 50 years ago and yet we're still.clinging to this 50 year old idea of.sucking it up you know Lone Ranger style.when it comes to getting our our.reasonable accommodations and that's.just stupid so I think it's time for us.to grow up and to as a country you know.start to acknowledge the people with.disabilities so long as they're.accommodated can do a great and.sometimes even better job depending on.you know the circumstance then other.non-disabled parties so I really want to.highlight that you know some a lot of.folks think that although you're.disabled you're going to do it as well.I'll tell you what I know that I am most.certainly a person with a BA qualifying.disabilities and I do need.accommodations and yeah I know that of.all the attorneys that do this and I'm.the only one that does expose scandals.at the VA and also represent veterans.against the agency in courts or in.Appeals that I do it better than anyone.else in the country right of course you.know the competition's not steep I'm the.only one doing it.but nonetheless here we are and I'm good.at it I'll tell you what.you know I exposed those guys and.they're afraid so that's always you know.how it works but nonetheless that's what.I have to say about reasonable.accommodations you want to check into.the EEO so the Equal Employment.Opportunity website that's a government.agency and find all kinds of information.about veterans and and and reasonable.accommodations that you might need I had.an employer if you're running into.problems you should definitely file.complaint with the EEO to get help and.support if you work for the federal.government and you get knocked out.you're not able to get the reasonable.accommodations you seek obviously you.know file a complaint there and if you.end up getting fired or having some.other issues file what's called an.appeal at the Merit Systems Protection.Board to try to get either get your job.back or go you know get some kind of.settlement anyway you can also file if.you have an FMLA leave issue you can.file with the Department of Labor and.they'll investigate there's a lot of.different animals out there that'll help.investigate a lot of different issues so.I would encourage you guys to really dig.in especially if you want to work at the.VA and right now I've been hearing.reports from central office from my.whistleblowers inside the agency there.that people with disability is just are.getting hammered when they're seeking.reasonable accommodations and the agency.is just not doing the right thing right.now and they're acting like they don't.know what the hell they're doing it's.pathetic I'm really disappointed that it.you know this year of 2018 my god you.know that they're still acting this way.acting like schoolyard bullies when it.comes to you know people's rights it's.absurd and it creates an environment of.fear wherein veterans do not receive the.benefits that they're supposed to get.because their pleas are in a constant.state of shock and fear that's pathetic.I'm disappointed and embarrassed that.I'm embarrassed as a taxpayer that I am.through my tax dollars funding an agency.the can't pull its head out of its ass.it's you know it's amazing you know and.I think the roseburg issue is chief.case-in-point right just you know.they're not doing the right thing and we.have a president in power now who's.proud.to hold them accountable we don't even.have under secretaries in charge of.veteran benefits or veteran health they.not even appointed yet what in the hell.is going on.president Trump come on yeah you know.geez for a guy who said he was really.Pro veteran men it is taken forever to.get help.uh why it was delay you know it is just.shocking but you know nonetheless here.we are we don't have the help that we.were promised you know we have the.stupid law that ends up you know really.going after allowing management to to.hammer disabled employees or employees.that they don't like and just fire them.with Barrett we can barely do process.merely evidence you know just the whole.thing is just a real sham.meanwhile of course you know senior.leadership man they're hard to get ahold.of hard to get rid of but you know the.little guy that disabled that working at.the VA Wow they can take them out no.problem but if your senior manager well.you're protected you get special stuff.it's just a shame it's a shame that we.live at that time you know all of us.have seen you know countless advances.and a lot of Prayer I mean just we have.transgender rights these days it's a you.know the agency wants to treat.transgenders which is very complicated.by the way but they can't figure out.reasonable accommodations from 50 years.ago interesting you know I mean God.forbid you ever tried to get a you know.sex change from the ages here and end up.with the wrong parts you're gonna get.like a dog park like someone two years.ago crazy but anyway that's the.embarrassing state of affairs in the VA.for today I wanted to you know obviously.reach out about reasonable.accommodations and the things that you.can get and request because you need to.know this stuff and your counselors are.probably not going to tell you that or.they don't know that's really.embarrassing because these folks are.certified rehabilitation counselors with.advanced degrees and they don't even.know how to help people with.disabilities you know get reasonable.accommodations you know what's the.priority really anyway so I want to get.some of these questions I promised Jenna.I'd respond any tips for asking a.counselor to keep me in the program for.my master.honestly I've found that I am benefiting.from the oversight and direct meetings.plus I have a real great role model okay.so I don't know enough from that.question Jenna to really know how to.respond because I don't know where.you're at how long you've been in the.program there's a lot of different.questions there so I don't have great.context to provide you any kind of.feedback so if you're on this you know.definitely clarify you know like I got.my undergrad of the program and know a.lot of masters and they won't let me get.it you know stuff like that.Jackie writes is there a difference.between a work-study program of a work.feasibility study yes I pretty sure.there are work feasibility study is.something where they're trying to.evaluate whether you can become.rehabilitated through support or.sponsorship to the program a work-study.program is really just you while you're.in the program taking you know getting.paid to do work-study so meaning you're.you're in school and you're getting paid.to do stuff in that capacity so there is.a big difference there.Donald Suk's wants to know how many are.assigned per counselor and then how are.they reviewed on their jobs so.counselors are between 80 there are a.hundred and twenty cases and it all.depends on the office and staffing.things like that generally and I'm just.going to generalize if you want to.search for the 2015 national performance.standards related to voc rehab and they.should come up through a search so if.you want to study you know look at what.the jobs are they're supposed to do what.they how they get rated it includes like.timeliness and includes accuracy of.processing things like that so if you.have a counselor that this is you off.and they're not responding to you in a.reasonable amount of time or they're not.doing you know they're not approving.your your payments when they're supposed.to you write a complaint you send it to.the VRA officer and that will deem them.and they won't you know so it's a valid.complaint so they get rated on.complaints and it's important that if.you you know counselors not being.cooperative that you.I complain in writing no telephone for.this crap of like oh I told them on the.phone.write it down send it in you know make.it legitimate take take the extra ten.minutes to do the right way a lot of.veterans tend not to want to take the.time to do things the right way and they.want to just complain on the phone and.that just doesn't get logged.appropriately and you'll never get what.you want when you don't put in the right.time barber says because of a snafu with.being advised and properly and now risk.my education can I attend to different.schools pursuing the same degree at the.same time I'm going to BSN I just.finished my associates but I still need.the RN from junior college.can I start taking my bachelor level.courses okay so there's a lot of details.in your paragraph these are going to be.you know very specific to you and your.counselor generally you I don't think.you can but I don't know I don't know.the answer here it really depends on.what your counsel is willing to prove.but as far as I know your primary school.you can only have one primary school so.but if you need to take additional.coursework like that's not offered at.your school at a neighboring school I.know I did that over the summer a summer.program so that's an option but but I.I'm not clear from your you know.question here it really it's something.you're gonna have to work out with your.counselor I think that's the best way to.go.Glen any tips on how to actually get.your counselor to pay you correctly and.on time again pay correctly and on time.would be that each time that they make a.mistake you write it down and you send.them an email and you send it to their.supervisor who is the VRE officer and.they just say look you didn't pan on.this at this time this is the fourth.time this has happened and you just keep.doing it go go go.eventually they will do it on time.believe me because they're supposed to.be made in that way and if they're not.then that's a failure of the VRE officer.to hold her oklet's accountable so dane.asks i have accommodations my teachers.have been ignoring them and they.affected my grades what do you recommend.doing okay so this is a problem with the.school so talk to their boss they.with anything you're not getting the.response you want talk to the boss.that's just you know whether you're a.veteran or non veteran or whatever.you're doing when you're receiving a.service from anybody and it's not what.you were promised or not what you.thought would happen you talk to the.boss okay it doesn't matter whether.you're over here or whatever you're.doing I mean that's just at the end of.the day talk to the boss get it sorted.out that's you know escalate put it in.writing you know give it an opportunity.to to respond appropriately and if they.don't owe you jump jump the the stuff so.Jessica seer writes how do we locate the.supervisor it's very easy so you you go.to the website for that regional office.and you look at their leadership page.and that leadership page should have the.full name of the VRA officer VRE like.emails for the VA or you know first.usually not always first name last name.so first name period last name at VA.knock off boom and you fire off an email.you see see your counselor or you send.an email of concern to your counselor.and you see see their boss and that.should get the ball rolling and you can.also put the director of the facility on.there you know again first name dot last.name at VA up boom and then you just.start peppering them with evidence you.know questions so a preacher asks what.is your background I am an attorney.I represent veterans against the agency.as whether it's voc rehab or other so.that's my background and I used VA voc.rehab for about 12 years.you ever take so I have a ton of.experience in there and I wrote a book.about it so there that's my background.hope that helps I you know and I created.this form and the website disabled.veterans our so that's my background.exposed to handles I hope that helps.explain my background tomorrow Brian.asks a question about I you Brian that's.not what we do here so go to uh he'd say.this but just go to a different group.that deals with disability and then you.can get feedback okay or talk to a VR.recounts are not very consular talk to a.ESO or something like that a very.specific question but this group is.specifically focused on bunker yeah so.that's not what we do here okay then.let's see here.who else so we have Dane about.accommodations we dealt with that laying.likes our group thank you.Gabriel says how do you get reasonable.accommodations for okay so one thing to.point out here because it should be very.simple just letting your your employer.know your boss or your supervisor.I need reasonable accommodations but do.it yourself a favor put it into writing.don't be a dummy and just say it but.because if they then fire you you're not.gonna have anything to go back on and.I'll be your word against theirs and.then you get a whole mess and you can.sort that out you know I worked to sort.that out but it becomes a mess what I.would do is send an email from your.personal email so that if you get fired.you have access to it or send it you.know from your work email and then blind.carbon copy yourself or forward that.email to yourself just make sure you.have documentation you say I have you.know I have disabilities I'm a disabled.veteran I believe I require reasonable.accommodations at this time I seek to.engage in the interactive process with.you this is your notice that I believe.my qualify for reasonable accommodations.and that's it boom you fire that off and.then your rocket wall and hopefully you.get what you need and you know not.everyone does but hopefully you do so.that's what I have to say about that.Billy parks says every time I send my.counselor an email I don't get a.response until I send my second request.a week later that's normal because a lot.of them are working on too many cases or.overworked so that's a common problem.since this is happening every time I.still have not received my stipend for.last month so in that instance you.receive your stipend in awhile and you.should have received it then you send.them a note and then you give them you.know if I don't hear from you by the end.of today I will have to forward this off.to your VRE officer to get to help it.help.odds are she will respond more quickly.just knowing that you know that because.most veterans don't know how to do it.unless they came here or there you know.part some other group but that was you.know some of the tricks of the trade.that I learned early on that I've been.sharing with veterans here so I hope.that helps.let's see one other question Sean asks.if you have been deemed permanent total.but not I you so I was deemed permanent.total and I used what we have tons of.people do so I hope that answered your.question it really depends on your.disabilities and whether your.disabilities one thing though to.consider is whether you have a.disability rating for something that.shows that you can't work at all now if.you haven't rating like that your.counselor might deny using logger rating.says you can't work at all so I'm going.with it and you're denied so just be.aware that that could happen now if you.have a rating that doesn't say that well.then you should obviously be able to get.into it but it's not as simple as just.looking at the end result which is on a.percent permanent total or IU veterans.are able to use it with either PT or IU.depending on the circumstance but not.everyone is it is more complicated than.then merely knowing or your rating is.tons of people under how percent do you.use the program it but it's it's unique.to each person so I hope that helps I.don't see any other question so I'm.gonna jump off here but until next time.you guys take care hang in there and I'm.hoping to do this every Friday it.doesn't work out all the time but you.know I try in otherwise you know thanks.for checking in thanks for your support.and supporting each other you know some.of the rules of the group that will.always remember be respectful we're not.here to eat our own we're not here to.attack each other don't investigate.other members and then spew it on the.forum you can email me directly if.there's a problem but I don't encourage.or condone attacking each other and I.will delete you if I see you because.that's just I don't encourage.veterans to traumatize other veterans.the VA does a good enough job.traumatizing us in any way and so we do.not need that crap we don't need it so.we're very focused oh hey.hey April thanks for checking in yeah so.if you have any feedback for anybody.here on the forum needing reasonable.accommodations April is a are a program.manager awesome April are you in the.private sector or you public sector like.the VA employee or where are you at I'm.waiting for you to respond so I know.there may be a little bit of a delay.here most definitely April are you.working at the VA or are you.what agency federal okay cool yeah so.April has offered to provide feedback on.reasonable accommodations that is.fantastic Thank You April and we're.really on naval ship okay so yeah if.anyone has any questions you know ping.April and the message and she'll.hopefully provide feedback again I.couldn't do what I do without reasonable.accommodations I had to get a senior.neuro psychiatrist to get the type of.feedback that I needed and guidance to.help me you know perform at the level.that I do without his support which did.not come from the VA by the way the VA.could have given two shits about me but.you know without that support and.understanding and instruction I never.would have been able to achieve what.I've achieved and you know I've done a.lot of really great things you know pat.myself on the back and I hope that all.of you understand that you know when you.have the proper support you can really.do anything like it's the sky is the.limit but you know you got to have.proper support proper systems proper.accommodative systems whether it's.through technology or just through.processing time at work taking breaks.longer breaks laying down at work if you.have a space for it you know lots of.different options there's so many and if.you don't take advantage of that you.might get fired because you don't.perform well but if you you know do.perform well because you get the right.systems your odds are getting fired or.less so I really encourage you to do.what you can to take advantage of your.rights the things that have been created.for you by Congress through the.Constitution we live in a great country.I'm proud to be an American every day.that I wake up and I look at these.fantastic people here on this group and.elsewhere that I get to work with on a.regular basis you know to make America.better.it's always you know going to be.required a lot of work to do but you.know this this group is just a one small.example of many examples where you know.the American spirit does help us to.achieve amazing things and that includes.through supporting people with.disabilities to do into an incredible.job yes you tell them working exactly.April I mean that's one of the probably.the best re as a person can get and by.the way acronym does anyone seeing this.RA just means reasonable accommodation.that's just a very basic thing so anyway.until next time thank you for tuning in.supporting what we do share the links on.the website disabled veterans org you.know if you need feedback or want to.support us by the guide get a.subscription you know stuff like that.that really helps the next step for me.is going to be building out that.platform creating the database of voc.rehab counselors and officers the.metrans can find them and also you know.create a way to like a wall of shame.kind of where we can rate the bad ones.and the good ones you know so that other.veterans can learn from our example and.experience I am in the process of.building that I was working on the last.night after my son went to sleep and you.know it's close I mean I can just taste.I'm very excited about that project and.you know and turning it out and you know.VA bureaucrats as well so that you know.because right now the VA likes to.shuffle those folks around so you lose.track of them but through this database.that won't happen so we're very excited.to be able to hold the agency.accountable and to share experiences and.transparency because at the end of the.day transparency as it relates to the.federal government is important and we.need to make sure that those that we're.paying to do great jobs do great jobs.and if they don't when we need to find.out why so we can make it better anyway.until next time hopefully next week.unless have another hearing I will talk.to you soon I know.

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GET YOUR 100% remember don’t lie I don’t think there such a thing as 60% ptsd. I certainly ruined my life get your 100% then you get your SS mine is about $5k a mo. don’t say one word positive “ how are you” “I’m hurting”

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