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hey guys welcome back to the first citysocial uh of the 2021 season today we'regonna diveuh through a big kind of preview of theseason upcoming it's kind of crap to putus out absolutely you know where theseason is actually here manchester cityare finallyafter taking their turn waiting back onmonday against walls and it's joined bytwo guests today tohopefully not die too negatively throughthis season previewi've got dan moody dan mooney god therewe gonow i got david mooney this is thesecond tape by the way starting thisvideoi've got david moody from the blue moonpodcast andwhy it always does not knight your freetwenties said that last time oh free erexcellent podcast for what it's worthbut yeah got david mooney here and ofcoursedan from what football as well formallyand occasionally i'll be moon as wellguys how you doing you're righti'm good you're not too bad yeahhopefully uhthis this video is a lot better thanintroduction anyway um like we'll startwith the scene i'm just hoping it's nota precursor for the season to be honestwith youi think genuinely this is i mean this isit two minutes in pause the video therethat is the season in a nutshellit should be positive some good playerson the pitch and all that kind of stuffbeen messed up bydefensive uh deficiencies basically umbut yeah uh we'll startkind of looking a broadly about howwell prepared manchester city that youfeel they are or not or basically i'llstart with you david that's all rightum it's a simple question really howwell prepared you feel our city are forthis season and are you feelingconfident with it alluh it depends what mood i'm in when i'vewoken up really umbecause part of me goes well like you gointo a season with last season's squadminus david silva with you know a coupleof additions like aka and torres do youthink well they must be in a decentenough shape they finished secondyeah yeah they had the problems invarious games but they're notinsurmountable and then other days youcan wake up and go good god nicholasottomendi is still at the club you knowjohn stones is still not gotnot found his form how have they endedup going into another season without aleft back right likeso it just really depends on what moodi've woken up in umtoday i'm feeling quite confident but imean roll on monday i don't knowi don't know how i feel monday morningdan's uh upturned frown there she saidit's different dan how do you feel aboutmeuh kind of the same really i mean i'vegone from you know a few weeks ago whenwe were linked with lenal messito my sort of expectations of the seasonbeing up here now just kind of beingdown here i think really so it's likewe're going into the new season we'venot really like made drasticimprovements to the score we've notreally boughta player who uh you know like messi whowould have liked such a transformativeeffecton things but we've still got wellhaven't we i mean i'd like to think thatthey willbe a bit fired up to kind of put rightthe wrongs of last seasonand uh go out there and try and you knowout of embarrassment more than anythingtry and close the gap to liverpool butthenyou know you watch that liverpool game1against leeds at the weekend and again1they've like1played quite badly and found a way to1win at the end so i'm thinking are we1gonna have another season of this of1yeah i mean we lost nine games last1season didn't we we can't you know1afford to lose anything like that1i think they've got to be looking at you1know three four defeats at the absolute1maximum1so yeah hopefully i'm i guess i'm1cautiously optimistic that things are1going to be a bit better this time1around but who really knows1how much you kind of touched on me there1but i do feel like that's the major part1of it for me actually the messy thing i1feel like that really has kind of like1i feel like we'd never known that was1going to happen it's like when you've1found that you're one number away from1one a lot of reasons1it feels that kind of really frustrating1i feel like if i didn't know that i'd1probably be a little bit more relaxed1but it's almost like1everything feels a little bit1underwhelming after we've been sold1those promises doesn't it not promises1and such but1it did feel likely at one point didn't1it and like i kind of got massively got1caught up in hype about it1um do you think it's there's an element1of that david like the fact that the1messy thing kind of1got us so high up there that anything1else after that can feel a little bit1underwhelming1there is a possibility of that um i1think1i don't know i i got caught up in it all1as well and i thought1there was a there was a good couple of1days where i thought it's happening and1so on1um and i just i i don't know how you1kind of1i don't know how you recover from that1as as a fan because like like dan said1like1like what what on earth could compare to1that now yeah they could they could1go out and sign 10 players and spend you1know a billion pounds on bringing in 101quality players and you'd go1it's still not the same though is it you1know do you think the um the thing that1uh i mean this is just speculation1territory done but like1um a lot of people have debated how much1city you put into that messaging in1general and like the idea that i've been1a distraction um1do you buy into that personally because1i mean we have seen it does feel like1from the outside and looking at that1everything else did seem to pause i1don't know that's a thing but1i mean what's your take on that do you1believe that to be true or i don't know1really i mean the the1the big saga of the summer really has1been cooler bali hasn't it which is1probably the dullest transfer saga i1could ever imagine1you know you look at it like the tweets1from city extra and what have you and1every day it's like1oh there's still five million away in1valuation or whatever it's like i don't1think this is a crucial thing we know1what he signs like yeah exactly yeah1he's seriously packing his bags and all1that seriously1yeah i just supposed to do it cautiously1yeah what1i don't understand is if the money was1there for messi why is it not there for1cooler bali why are they why are they1haggling over1the last five million for cooler valley1if that is the case yeah there's some1chat now that they're moving on to1day from1sevilla today is like the big one isn't1it yeah um1and there was what i found interesting1was i've been2um saying sort of since the end of last2season which granted it wasn't very long2it was only three weeks ago wasn't it2i thought they needed they needed2another forward player2and my pick would have been aubameyang2you know given his contract situation at2arsenal2and the talk after he's now signed this2contract is that two clubs made an offer2for him this summer that were rejected2and i do wonder if city were one of them2and if they are still in the market for2another forward player2i would like to think they are because2i'm not sure our options in that2department are2particularly strong especially with2aguero coming back from this injury i'm2worried about that i'm worried about you2kind of this messy thing yeah we had2this messy thing where it was like2all of our problems were gonna be sold2for this one signing it seemed and2all of a sudden those problems still2exist and it's like well how are you2gonna address it now2yeah i mean yeah it doesn't it does feel2that entirely for me i mean2the the aguero thing does kinda i am2worried about that because the meniscus2thing is famously a really horrible2injury that kind of recurs an awful lot2even though in the moment it can only2last you out a month or two out he just2kind of comes back and2i i do worry about the that's one of my2biggest concerns the forward situation2because i've got to feed i'm going to2see someone out for an awful long time2especially given this condensed season2um do you think the city david will be2likely being for everyone else because2it has been quiet hasn't it i mean other2than center-back targets thrown around2i've not really seen anything2about the field those left backs2forwards or anything like that yeah and2we live in an age where you know like2you can't help but find out either2yeah yeah like i i don't remember a time2when city went wham we signed such a2body and you go oh god2i just did not see that coming at all2that was it yeah2it was nothing was there i was gonna say2the last one genuine the last one i can2remember is2bernardo silva like that other than that2it's been um it's been2you know long drawn out uh negotiations2which is normal2it's like it's been it's been going on2for what feels like a decade almost2nowhere2um so i'd be surprised if there was2anybody else that they were working on2that we'd not yet heard about2um but equally you know i'm i'm i'm open2to surprises i'd quite like city to2surprise me with a new forward player2like guns after you know it's2it's i agree entirely on that front um2like you say with it with aguero's knee2injury you don't know how he's gonna2come back i saw a video of him2uh doing a few drills in training today2with the ball at his feet darting out2the cones2nothing too intensive but yeah he's2running and moving again he i don't know2if he'll be fit for it for wolves or not2but he's2if not then he'll be close um and2gabrielle jesus has never2really got the fans that excited as2a potential aguero replacement he blows2really hot and cold at times2so i don't know i i don't know if i2don't know if part of the problems last2season could be addressed just by2bringing in someone who is a clinical2finisher and someone who2you know will bag an extra 10 or 122goals in those sorts of games but that2city were losing last season where they2created i mean to the point where they2were creating almost open nets at times2and missing them2you just need someone to get to get the3ball in the net however however it3happens and3when aguero's not on the pitch weirdly i3think city struggle with that despite3the talent they've got in the team3so that's basically there's another it's3another area that i feel like3i mean it's not easy to find someone3who's going to be like aguero i think we3all know that immediately but i mean you3do3wish sometimes there was someone other3than gabriel jesus i think it's fair to3say i i really admire his work prayer3admires dedication his versatility3all the you know all that kind of stuff3but then there is a gastric next to his3name which usually3means he's not really that great in3front of goal sometimes i mean that's3probably a fair thing to say3and if you wish to with someone who3isn't sergio aguero who probably could3be injury-prone3and who isn't gabrielle jesus he's3proven not always to be that reliable in3front of all3to rely on you know it would be nice3just for the sake of challenge i guess3but3um dan i mean if if city do sign a3center back now so we've got to send3center back um3then we've got nathan aka as well comes3in who i think probably3is probably fair as he'll be a good3squad player for antares um little3wonder kid from spain um3are you happy with that transfer window3i mean where does that rate for you when3you know3uh in terms of transfer windows uh yeah3i think it's3it's a reasonably good transfer window3like you said earlier if the mercy thing3had never been3mentioned then you know we wouldn't have3been bothered about that we would have3looked at the signs we've made and3thought you know3ferran torres i think he's a good3signing i watched him play for spain a3couple of weeks ago and thought he was3really impressive there so3he's younger i think he will add the3thing that we lacked without sun a3uh well he was injured last season aka i3think he's a good cover player at the3back who can play with laporte or3um as cover for laporte he can perhaps3play left back as well which is quite3interesting3um if if they do get another center back3i mean i would like it to be cooler3bally3if possible because i think he is a that3kind of enforcer3uh sort of defender that we've lacked3since company left um but like i3mentioned earlier this this jules kunday3from sevilla3that's been mentioned today there's some3talk that they could be getting him with3otto mendy going the other way which3would seem like a really good deal for3me3he's a guy who can play um on the right3or the left he's like pretty much3ambidextrous with his feet and he can3play full-back positions as well3and he's a big strong and he's a lot3younger than color valley as well so3that to me3seems like that would be a really good3investment if we got him i think3um that would you would have to deem3that a good transfer window yeah but3you know would it be enough to bridge3the gap so to speak and do you think i3will get onto3like the rivals later on because i want3to talk a little bit about certain teams3later on video but3do you mean that would be enough for3city to bridge the gap with liverpool3those three signings say3presumably or current day and then3obviously the other two that we've3already signed3i think so yeah because i mean i think a4lot of the season you4will defend depend on how liverpool go4and how4where they can maintain their level of4the last couple of seasons4uh you know they'll it looks like4they're going to get tiago now so that's4a pretty4frightening signing from their point of4view um you know so you've got a great4squad we can't forget that we've got4kevin de bruyne who's you know4probably the best player in the world4aside from leaning on messi at the4moment4uh you know sterling mahrez bernardo4silva hopefully he can come back next4season4you know laporte is going to be fit4hopefully for for much more of the4season than he was last4last time edison surely can't have as4bad a season as he did last4last year so yeah yeah there are plenty4of reasons to look at that squad and say4it's a great squad4you know it's the envy of everyone else4in the league probably including4liverpool4but we did finish 18 points behind them4last season and you do think4you know how are they going to bridge4that gap are they going to it's do you4think4it snowballed out a control though last4season i think that there was a point4where where i don't think city were4were as far off the pace as liverpool as4the table suggested off liverpool4and i think once it got to kind of4christmas and they were that far behind4it became very easy then at that point4to start dropping the odd point here and4there4more than they were dropping already at4that stage why do you think he worked4david well i just think i i you get to4certainly i look at the season post4lockdown for instance and there was what4four or five games there where they won4five nil and a couple of games where4they4where they just couldn't score for love4in the money and i i suspect if they4were still in a title race at that stage4if liverpool would drop more points4those those five nil batterings might4have been a bit tighter games because4they were4they weren't going all you know blood4and thunder for the throughout the 904minutes4and those games like the southampton one4i feel like they'd have found a way to4get over the line but as soon as that4game becomes less important than than4the cup games for instance4the only real important games that he4had before the champions league kicked4off was that arsenal4semi-final and they phoned it in with a4with one of those performances that4that they like they put in at4southampton and it just became habitual4and i think4the fact that we're going into a new4season with a hard reboot and the fact4that there is4you know it's a completely blank slate4from here on in4i just it just resets everything so i4don't necessarily think that you needed4to add that much to the squad to get it4back to where it was again4you know give give edison a bit of a4break and you know he comes back4making saves that he should make again4um bernardo silva finds his form again4suddenly you're looking at a a4completely different city side than the4one that finished 18 points off4liverpool last season4um how much do you feel uh in the even4you can jump in on this um4lockdown and no fans and all that kind4of stuff um4i feel like it's not really been talked4about a lot to be honest in the4mainstream because4we've already gotten used to this5horrible no fans world that we live in5um that i think it's probably fair to5say that's going to affect some other5teams more than others and really i5don't want to be like really lazy and go5you know liverpool it's all about the5anfield atmosphere5and that i mean that might be true but i5don't want to immediately jump to that5conclusion and say liverpool won't be5able to play new year's effectively5without them because5i mean look they still had that energy5to get back against leads but that could5also be true i mean how do you feel that5this could affect monster city5and the league as a whole uh dan in5general5well we're used to playing with without5fans aren't5sir5i mean if we're still uh you know5playing play behind closed doors by the5time we go to anfield that would be5quite nice actually because i think city5do5definitely bottle it every time they go5to anfield don't they with the5atmosphere there yeah so that's the5certainly the best way to test the5theory isn't it yeah yeah we've got a5control group in everything haven't we5now this time so5double blind test standard and that kind5of going on too many5pandemic terms i've learned5a lot and stuff um what about you david5i mean like do you think that could5actually play in a city's hands5potentially because i mean5maybe 10 football or something like that5yeah i think i think if any team's going5to benefit it's likely to be city i mean5i guess liverpool would benefit as well5because5purely because of the talent in the5squad and if you take out the emotional5side of having5and having to go to a way ground with a5a yeah you know versus set of fans5um suddenly it's all about the football5that you play and nothing else5and i guess that that probably plays5into city's5city's favor the only thing i'm a bit5kind of unsure about i didn't think5i didn't really think i'd feel like this5but you know i kind of i wasn't really5that bothered when people were talking5about playing games behind closed doors5not being right in the in the back end5of last season because5because oh what's football without the5fans and i think well you know if it's5safe and we can get the season finished5then that's fine5but all of a sudden i suddenly feel like5going into a new season5without fans being there and actually5starting a a5something that yeah yeah without the5fans that doesn't feel quite as5uh as as easy to swallow as yeah5finishing the back end5because that last season was half5complete so it was all about the money5wasn't it and sponsors and all that5everyone's like we have to because the5sponsors and we have to finish the5contracts and we have to do all that and5like like it's not like last season5there was unfinished business so i5understand that i totally agree and it5does feel different this time doesn't it5it's like5actually no everything all the sponsors5there you can just5start them whenever you know so but i5mean i think we know the5the show won't really stop because5because money and all that kind of stuff5um5moving on to cities a squad um obviously5kevin de bruyne is the main one that we5spent the most things from largely but5um away from kevin de bruyne because he5feels like we need less of what i mean5the answer still could be coming to5brain of course you have different5reasons but6who are you expecting to um be important6for manchester city this season like6mostly um dan like is there anyone in6particular6that you think could surprise city fans6this season or6anyone that we just need to step up6particularly away from de bruyne or6anything like that all right i'll give6you i'll give you two one's pretty6obvious6and one's a bit of an outlandish6prediction from me6the first one is rodri i think he's6gonna have a much better season this6year i think he was good at times last6year6he sort of struggled to adapt to the6pace a little bit um6and i think he after you know a season6of premier league football under his6belt will be a bit better6the outlandish one that i think you know6this could look stupid if he gets sold6in a few days or something6i think john stones might end up having6quite quite an important role to play6for city this year6i could see him sort of working his way6back in you know i could understand why6he wouldn't want to leave city at this6moment in time especially if ottomany6leaves because he thinks well6i'm still going to get game time in the6cups and things like that if i can6impress guardiola6he bought me for a reason a few years6ago if i can impress him in these games6then i might be able to force my way6back in and i don't have to6take a step down and go to newcastle or6whoever so6that's my crazy prediction for the6season that john stones will actually6end the season as an important player so6does that mean we don't sign6kilabali barley couldn't do it doesn't6mean one of them gets injured or doesn't6mean stones as a stormer6it probably means we don't end up6signing someone together that's simply6the way that goes with city these days6with some of our sort of transfer6dealings we'll haggle and haggle and6then eventually comes the point where6the deal just ends up being off uh on to6you with that question6i agree with dan on rodri um i think he6needs to have a6a big season he's had a year to bed in6now and um6you know there's only so long you can6rely on fernandinho as a holding6midfielder6we saw last season as soon as you take6him out holding midfield it suddenly6becomes a lot harder for the team so i6think i do think robbery needs to needs6to step up6um i think one of the new signings is6actually going to have a bigger impact6than a lot of people think i think6nathan aka6will be will be quite a key player for6city city6yeah well the more i think about it and6the more i think city aren't really in6the market for a left back and6you know he's he's on record as having6said6he's been training in various positions6across the back which to me screams code6for i've been playing left back in6training6yeah um so i i suspect he'll play a fair6bit there but but guardiola has that6thing where he doesn't have his full6backs necessarily bombing on down the6line getting him balls into the box like6liverpool do they took in and become6kind of holding players6and if our case you know comfortable on6the ball as we saw at bournemouth6that he's he's naturally a centre-back6playing left-back coming inside into6into a kind of holding position might6almost be something that suits the way6city want to play and might be something6that guardiola will look at not6necessarily as as someone who can kind7of fill in and do a job as delph and7zinchenko have been doing7but actually somebody who could do the7job that he wants for the theme well he7has four7at least as a left back he hasn't played7that before in his career so it's not7unfeasible to see him actually there7he plays that for neville's for example7so yeah so i i think he's going to be7quite a key7key role in this hit team whether or not7they go out and and sign another7defender so i i suspect he'll be a big7player7and i also want mahrez to to kind of7pick up again in the same way he picked7up last season from the season before if7we can see another step up from him7yeah um i think a lot of the mahrez7doubters will will finally be coming on7board because i i really like mahrez and7i think he i think in this city side7um he could be such a great player for7this club7oh there's still morris doubters i think7i still see a lot of it yeah7but he's won me over definitely now yeah7i think he's a quality player but i7do think he he could easily be out the7team if someone else steps up uh7bernardo i think bernardo steps up i7think mars would immediately be on the7bench7personally um but i think maurice's7quality but i mean we're just guys we7just have to7i mean for me by the way the answer to7that is bernardo i mean he's so7important i mean7largely after losing david silva you7know um we felt like bernardo was a7passenger last year and a lot of players7were so maybe went a little bit under7the radar no but i wouldn't see one of7the radio we're all aware of it7but i guess there was less tension to7draw on it because certain plays like7edison had an off season rodri was still7adapting a lot kind of stuff and city7largely were a little bit7you know all over the place and i think7bernard i think he's just so important i7really want bernard's final form of 18197because he was7literally up there for the ballon d'or7we forget that he was nominated for the7ballon d'or like um7what happened like you know bernardo7last season i'm hoping it's just7a blip because sh bernardo turns up next7season i i feel7vastly more confident about our chances7the number of names we've come up with7there7tells you how what what the form was7like in the squad last season7yeah yeah i mean that's it entirely um7one of the questions you had to had uh7why to ask is we're in a world without7david silva now which is nowhere for7what it's admit but7um as it exists yeah it still exists7it's just not a city anymore7just we'll rob him back anyway we'll7just get him in the coach um7but it's fun to see you have to adapt to7that as well because7you haven't got david silva can you play7like you did with david silva anymore i7mean7are we expecting to see a different7manchester city this year is it7necessary can we even7replace that david silva that pauser7effect that kind of calm approach that7he brings to the game7um are you expecting to see a similar7setup to usual dan or i think guardiola7will start to7guardiola i guess is the word who knows7i mean i could see him maybe7sort of going with the three at the back7thing a little bit more uh7uh like he did against leon which you7know worked very badly but7maybe maybe there was like the genesis7of a good idea in there i don't know7um i mean the player we've not mentioned7yet is phil foden who8expects some big things from this season8um you know8the the sample size of his sort of city8performances is quite small8but he's been you know brilliant pretty8much every time he steps onto the pitch8for city hasn't he and you kind of think8if he really gets a chance if he's8considered like one of the first names8on the team sheet from now on which is8but which is possible i think you know8now silva's gone there's no excuse not8to play him anymore you know he's8he's never let us down has he i think he8could end up being a really important8player8where'd he go i would imagine that he8will play sort of alongside de bruyne in8that kind of number eight position8um and you know let's be honest david8silva has been a fantastic player for8ozark is the best player in the club's8history but last season he wasn't really8doing much he wasn't great8um so there's a possibility that that8changed that sort of having8david silva come out the team and phil8foden come in i know they're not exactly8the same sort of player8could even make city a little bit more8uh of a threat going forward8a little bit more quicker in the8transitions even the pressing might be a8bit better under foden which was a big8problem for city last season so8i'm optimistic about that i think the8folding era needs to start and i don't8think we8necessarily need to well i don't think8we are going to sign anyone to replace8david silva i think that's the8replacement right there isn't it8i love the idea of the folding era it's8just such a beautiful sentence8the new era starting in and well before8we go into the whole like season kind of8like how we feel about the season of8religious expectations from the season i8want to turn a little bit towards um8city's rivals i guess um8it's been a a differing um level of kind8of like success in the transfer market8chelsea of course have just gone8pure chelsea like i'm not in a bad way8i'm just saying they've really been8on it at the transfer market they've8spent an awful lot of money almost like8like it we don't care what chelsea8we can do that i'm8kind of slightly admire the balls of8that they've strengthened um8all over i guess uh largely liverpool as8as recording this you know8as dan mentioned earlier said again8tiago and they've signed a great right8back as well he's just basically squad8playing back up8united so far he's just van der beeke8isn't it i think um8and that's it spurs are a little bit of8a wild card as well they signed doherty8he's a good you know good right back8from walls they've got uh8regular coming in according to all the8reports today and v comes in they've8improved both of their full-backs and8they've got hoiberg in lasalle so8confirmed8gareth bale could be going there uh8spurs could be um a little bit of a dark8horse but8i'm looking around david i mean uh i've8not mentioned arsenal as well by the way8so i'll quickly summarize what they've8done they signed gabrielle8um william they've got that saliva guy8the defense defender back8and they've obviously got a bomb young8beside the contract which is big for8them and obviously got a tatter kind of8adapts in it what you expecting from our8rivals and who8um how did you how did you see that8liverpool chelsea united arsenal8spurs getting on this season is there8anyone particularly worried about or8anything like that8i honestly don't know the answer to this8question and that i8i don't know it troubles me that um9that it's not as quite as easy as oh9well arsenal do what arsenal always do9and spurs will do what spurs always do9because9like if some of those players get over9the line for for spurs9then they are an absolute wild card for9this season i'm not suggesting9that they'll go on to win the title or9anything like that but they they'll9they'll upset some people in some places9and that could you know all that does is9like throw a cat among some pigeons so i9i suspect city in liverpool will be top9two again9um what the order is i honestly don't9know at this stage i'm i'm not that9convinced by liverpool either9um leads give them a good run for the9money okay liverpool dominated the ball9leeds didn't create that many chances9but they still scored three times from9not creating that many chances9so that i mean you can read that however9you like like dan said before liverpool9fans will quite happily look at that and9go well we found a way to win that game9and city fans can quite easily look at9that and go god liverpool are there for9the taking this season9yeah you know throw thiago in it it9changes the game i guess9as well um so i honestly i honestly9don't know chelsea again9they've spent a lot of money and and9brought in some some quality players but9bright not a great side and so like is9it going to take time for those players9to start working together9properly and does that does that stop9them doing any any real damage this9season i don't know9um and then again like you look at look9at city's problems they said he just9solved their problems from my season is9that enough to finish ahead of everybody9else i'm not i'm not sure based on on9everybody else's transfer window so i i9don't know9um like dan i think i i think aubameyang9would have been a great signing for city9um so therefore i think i think9arsenal's snapping him up has been9a great move for them again um and9you know i i can't help but like arteta9um he's9been playing some good football with9arsenal and you know watching9watching some of their goals recently9has reminded me of9of another team that i quite like so9they they could be a bit of a dark horse9for this season9yeah dan how do you feel about um how9the rivals have strengthened anyone9particularly you fear any signings that9stand out for you anything like that9uh well i love how moody didn't mention9united at all there that was yeah9that was a very very subtle bit of9bertie in there uh i mean well yeah9arsenal i mean arsenal finished ninth9last season so i don't see them really9sort of being title challenges this9season i think they've9they've got focus on sort of getting9back to the top top six top four level9first and foremost9um i don't see spurs being being a9challenge for us well while mourinho's9there9um i think he's you know he's sort of9football balls in the dark ages now it9doesn't matter who they sign that9they're not gonna be uh9at that point gareth bale then not9really no i mean i think he's a good9signing for them uh obviously they're9paying him an awful lot of money i think9um but i don't i don't think i think9again you know they finished outside the9top9six last season today and then the d56 i9can't remember but9um they've their aim is getting back in9the top four i don't think they're gonna9have the consistency to sort of9mount a title challenge i mean he lost9the first game of the season against9everton as well and we're really poor10there10um liverpool like i mentioned earlier10you know they got what was it 197 points10over two seasons and yeah and the10previous two seasons before last one we10got 198 points and you10you saw how city dropped off so my big10hope is that liverpool are going to drop10off as well in this this coming season10yeah there was the stat during the round10no team was done north of 90 points10three seasons running10um city didn't manage it yeah so it's10like if liverpool manage it it would be10the first time it's ever happened10uh yeah i mean the tiago signing is is a10very good one but you know he's has10injury issues which could be a problem10for him10and i also think like liverpool i don't10want to sound like a wishing injury on10on10other players and stuff like that but10like they're important plays you know10like van dyke salah monet10like they've just been constantly fit10for like three seasons whereas we've had10all these kind of10really really good painless you know10yeah we had de bruyne are out we had10laporte out we've had aguero out from10time to time like they've got to have10something like that happens to them at10some point something that's going to10really affect them so10that's my sort of sort of hope for the10season but10i tell you what's annoying me like you10know my maybe this is a bit of a tin10foil hat time10but they they'll have played two games10before we even play our first game of10the season10they could be six points ahead of us10before we've even kicked a ball that10that seems really unfair to me weirdly10though10i mean that's what we wanted though10isn't it because we wanted to break10after the japanese league10didn't we so yeah but then but we're10still going to finish our season at the10same time as then so we've still got to10cram out10all our games into the same period of10time whereas i'll have had an extra week10and like i said the psychological10impacts of them being six points ahead10before we've been played10yeah i know you you've got to i'd love10it if the solution to that was10the fa saying right well city can just10finish their season a week later and10then they've been three points in it on10the final day and liverpool just sitting10at home waiting to see what happens10it seems only fair to me that's all i'm10saying i think basically10it's it's all a show and we don't10to ride along with it anyway10so finally um i won and you don't have10to be don't worry you10none of us are gonna get this right we10know we won't but i'd like to see i had10some kind of like10expectations or relative predictions i10guess for each of the competitions10uh so the four major ones um i've10definitely appointed caribou as a major10one because i would love that10go on david um what's your expectations10for the trophies in manchester city this10season10um i think i always hesitate to say that10i think it will be a bad season if they10don't win the league because purely10because anything can happen10in like such fine margins then it can10take one thing10if they if they finished a point off the10title you wouldn't go oh well look at10that that was that was awful10but equally if they finish 18 points10behind the title again you go well10something's not quite right so i i mean10i'd like them to win the league i think10they've got enough in the squad to win10the league i think10they will be in the top two at the end10of the season yeah um11it's i think my the only thing that's11holding me back is that i feel like11they've got more issues to sort out from11last season than liverpool did11yeah um whether that whether that has a11major bearing on this season i don't11know11um whether they've solved the issues i11think you know we kind of wait and see11it on monday don't we and find out on11monday11yeah um i if you if you were to push me11for an answer i think city will win the11league but i do think it'll be tight11well i've just pushed you and there we11go so um were you expecting the domestic11competitions or the champions league how11are you expecting it'll go they're all11knockout competitions so again it's it's11the bounce of the ball sometimes uh the11one thing i will say is guardiola takes11all of them very seriously um yeah11the reason city have won the league cup11as often as they have done is because11guardiola plays a strong team in it11it's it's not because you know uh city's11kids are better far better than11everybody else's kids11if if all the teams took it as seriously11a city did then you know it would be a11much more of a11more teams more different teams and win11it so i11i i get i guess they'll probably win the11league cup as11you know because that seems to be what11happens until they're told otherwise at11the moment11um sorry i've totally brought a question11i forgot to mention is there anything11that you would like to see from this11season and that's incredibly broad but11for example you're asking me and mr11academy i'd like to see11tommy do or start a few penalty games11you're that kind of world is anything11person that you would like to see from11city this season11that maybe you haven't seen before or11anything like that um11i don't know actually i i i'd like um11i'd like foden to get more game time11than he did last season which i think11his trajectory anyway is happening11um in terms of the youngsters i don't11really pay that much attention to the11eds on the youth side so11kind of get i i only kind of get exposed11to the players that are11coming through so like you say tommy11doyle let's be honest11i'll probably phrase that question badly11i meant anything from manchester city11this season that yeah11broadly really not much i said with11academy players or anything like11i don't know like for example i guess11phone having a big season is is one11thing that which you probably11chanted there so um dan's got more time11to think about that question now11but donald trump i guess i i guess from11my point of view11it's just it's just simply you know i'm11i'm such we're in such a blessed11position as city fans then we can go and11just go well11we can actually say i just want to be11able to enjoy the football and11come with me they'll probably they'll11have a lot of success doing that um11there's a lot of other teams out there11that don't get that luxury i guess yeah11definitely we definitely forget about11that dan what are your predictions for11the season then largely11what's it what's a decent season of city11and what are your predictions uh well11i'm i'm about 50 50 honors winning the11league i think11um i have no idea of this obviously11we are one of the two best equipped11teams in the league to do so i have no11idea whether we actually do11we'll do it i think like mooney said11it's going to come down to the five11margins11with the sort of cup competitions i know11this is probably a bit of an unpopular11opinion among city fans but i12quite happily been the cup competitions12this season or you know at least um12you know play play a second string in12the carabao and the fa cup12really focus on the on the premier12league and the champions league with you12know with all the fixture congestion12that's going to come this season i think12it's going to take its toll if12if pep starts trying to play his best12team in all the competitions again i12don't think it's possible doesn't the12carabao cup end12like that we've known the semi-finalists12by like october this year is it not12really really early12i don't know actually but i mean it's12already started it's already started12which is12yeah it's a bit earlier than normal no12it is really normal because normally um12it starts a little bit later i think12doesn't it i know it's because we're in12audience september that's why isn't it i12guess12yeah so yeah haven't they crammed i12think they've crammed the early rounds12all together um in the in the early12weeks so i i don't even know if you12could play your strongest team because12it'd be like playing12you strongly see him every three days or12so no no idea but that would be um12wouldn't surprise me anything going so12um yeah the champions league is still12something that i'm not like12desperate to win i don't think i still12don't have this like burning desire to12win it above all else12so i'm quite you know philosophical12about how we're doing that if we12obviously i wanted to get to knockout12stages and and perhaps do a bit better12than the12quarterfinal that we got last year and12uh you know come up against12a team like leon who are nowhere near as12good as us and actually go out there and12beat them and i guess that ties in with12what i hope to see this season12and that's guardiola just kind of keep12things a bit simple in these games you12know everyone12um you know is still annoyed about12the work the team he picked for leon and12the way he just over complicates things12in these games12just go out there with the team that12we've got with the with our best 1112without you know all in the proper12positions and just play12you know as we know we can do that's12what i would like to see from c um12finally um pep will he be still here in1212 months12david is he going to sign a new contract12yeah um12uh i don't know why but i've got a funny12feeling that he will12okay i mean what about you then i think12he will yeah and i think messi will come12next summer12ah nice i hope so12thank you so so much for joining me for12this episode of the city social i have12loads of talking points there do let us12know down in the comments12your predictions and all that kind of12stuff and i'll be doing a big kind of12prediction as well12on my own in another video separately so12make sure to subscribe if you are new to12channel so you don't miss on that go12check out as well of course one football12i have to talk about one football time12and dan's a legend as well put the both12of you guys twitter's in link in12description obviously12uh believe me podcast and why always12podcasts are fantastic as well so make12sure to check those out12guys have a wonderful day thank you for12watching this video and we'll see you12all very soon12see you later

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