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The Implementation Guide for Application For Duplicate Certificate Of Title NH gov Nh

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Guide of Application For Duplicate Certificate Of Title NH gov Nh

hi everyone Cristian here with another.episode of the barefoot genealogist.today we are talking about birth records.now most of you should be looking for.birth marriage and death records for the.people in your tree that's the basic.life information that we want to fill.out it also helps us identify whether or.not we have the right people when we can.connect all those dots connect the.evidence that we're discovering and make.sure that we're climbing our own family.tree not somebody else's sometimes that.birth information is the key identifying.information that we need to.differentiate people of the same name.living in the same place about the same.time however one of the challenges that.we have particularly here in the United.States with our research is that a lot.of states did not start keeping official.birth certificate records until the.early nineteen hundred's some started.keeping when they became a state such as.Oklahoma in 1907 some like North.Carolina didn't start keeping births or.issuing birth certificates until 1913.and even then there wasn't complete.compliance by all of the counties in the.state until nineteen until the 1920s so.it's a little bit of a challenge when.we're looking for a birth date to fill.in that blank to know where to go to.find it so what we're going to cover.today is all of the different.possibilities well maybe not all of them.but a lot of different possibilities for.places where you can find birth.information sometimes like on a census.record it's just going to be an estimate.and sometimes after you've done a.reasonably exhaustive search that's the.closest you're going to get is an.estimate of time in place you're not.going to get an exact date sometimes and.I'll just put this out there up front.you're going to find conflicting.information you may have a tombstone.that says one thing and a military.record that says another thing and you.need to know how to resolve that.conflicting evidence because if you.can't resolve it it could be that you're.looking at two.entirely different people so with that.introduction let's go ahead and dive.into alternates for birth certificates.let's let's start with those state.records okay I mentioned that a lot of.states didn't start issuing birth.certificates as we know them until the.early 1900s however many counties kept.birth records much earlier at a county.level so you need to decide if the.county has surviving records sometimes.the surviving record is just a register.not an actual certificate but just a.notation made in a ledger of a birth.that occurred sometimes it is an actual.certificate or a copy of a certificate.and sometimes all that survives is an.index so there may have been a.certificate or a register at some point.an index was created from that register.and then maybe the original was lost in.a fire or destroyed or whatever okay so.just be aware that you need to check in.both a state and a county level before.you decide there's no birth record at.all now there are a couple of tools.available on ancestry.com to help you do.that the first is going to be the family.history wiki you're going to find it.under the learning center so if I just.come in here hover over learning center.click on family history wiki that's.going to take me to a page that looks.like this in the family history wiki we.have the red book that is a resource for.all american states and counties and.towns that tells you what records exist.for that location so when you click on.that it's going to take you to the table.of contents for that book if you scroll.down you're going to see lists of states.so let's use North Carolina as an.example here I'm going to click on North.Carolina it's going to take me to a.research articles about the state of.North Carolina and doing research there.over here in the little sidebar I can.drill down by record type so I'm going.to click on North Carolina vital records.not going to take me to this page that.explains that registrations of births.and deaths in the state of.Carolina was required by law beginning.in 1913 and virtually full compliance.was achieved by 1920 and then there's.further information about where those.records are kept what some records that.might exist earlier okay so that's the.first place that I always go when I'm.trying to see what records exist for the.location that I'm interested in okay.then the next place I go because once I.decide if the record exists I need to.see if it exists online at ancestry I go.to the card catalog you're going to find.the card catalog under search so if you.hover over your search button it's going.to be the bottom option on that menu.that's going to show you all of the.databases that are available on.ancestry.com if I'm interested in North.Carolina I'm just going to type North.Carolina there that's going to tell me.that ancestry has 194 databases with.North Carolina in the title I'm going to.use these filters over here to filter.down to birth records specifically even.further here and you'll see that this.lists that ancestry has 6.9 it looks.like million birth records in an index.from 1800 to 2000 now the question of.course is if the state of care of North.Carolina didn't start keeping birth.records until 1913 how come this.database goes back to 1800 well again.it's because a lot of times the counties.kept those records at a county level.before the state started keeping those.records and those records a lot of them.have been indexed one of the little.things that I like to do when I'm.looking at a new database besides rather.than just jumping in and searching for.my people I want to understand the.records a little bit so in this case I'm.actually going to put 1810 in the birth.year field I've got that marked exact so.that I can use my little wild card thing.here I'm going to adjust that to plus or.minus ten years so that's going to go.all the way back to 1800 and all the way.through 1820 I'm just going to go ahead.and click search with nothing more than.a birth year and what you're going to.see is that there's only 60.three births recorded in that twenty.year period of time from 1800 to 1820.one of the things you might notice in.these results as well is that many of.them have the word delayed birth written.as the type of record that we're looking.at okay so that is a type of birth.record that you need to be aware exists.so just because you find out that your.location did not start keeping birth.records until after your ancestor was.born doesn't mean that some kind of.birth record doesn't exist.very often delayed birth records they do.exist and so you need to look and see if.they exist a delayed birth record can be.recorded for any number of reasons if.they needed to apply for some kind of.benefits or pension if they needed to.apply for a passport or I mean like.there are a lot of reasons throughout.time why delayed why a delayed birth.record might be registered so in this.case we have Mary Evelyn Belton she was.born 17th of July 1819 in Surry County.it lists her parents names it lists the.original role and volume and page number.and then we can click through to an.image of the index okay this is not an.image of the original register or an.image of the certificate itself it's.just an image of the index provided by.Surry County so that we can just double.check the information that's been.transcribed also determine if there's.any additional information that was not.transcribed that we need to just look at.or verify okay.so delayed birth records sometimes exist.so just be aware of those now and let's.come back over here so state and county.level check at both now another kind of.record you're going to be looking for.particularly the further back in time.you go as you're looking for a birth.date are going to be church records a.lot of our ancestors belonged to faiths.where christening or child baptism was.practice.and sometimes the birth may not even be.recorded for that child.but the christening date and gives us.some kind of a clue so sometimes you'll.see the christening date and the birth.date written in the same ledger okay so.if you're looking for a christening.record sometimes it will also list the.birth date however sometimes all you get.is the christening record so one of the.things you can enter a christening fact.in your tree one of the things I do.because I want to keep the birth.information or I want to help my.searches in the birth information I will.just put before BEF is the excepted.abbreviation for before before and then.the christening date in the birth record.or birth date field so and then just.make a note to myself that that's the.christening date and of course we know.the child was born before they were.christened so that I can keep looking.for additional information so.christening and baptismal records.ancestry.com does have some of those as.well so again if you just come in here.and let's go to England for example we.have them here in the United States as.well but I'm going to come here and.you'll see here England select births.and christenings from 1538 through 1937.and so I can come in here and and do a.search again a lot of times I'll do just.a test search to see how the database is.organized what kind of records I'm going.to get out of this collection and here.you see there is a baptismal date for.this Sarah.Armitage but no birth date sometimes you.have both sometimes you only have one.and in this case there is no image okay.so these records were transcribed as an.index but there's no image to the.original record so you're going to want.to try to find the original record.because the original record might have.the birth date on it either as an.additional column that just was not.indexed or as some kind of a later.notation sometimes different parish.priests made notations even when there.wasn't a column or.wireman to record that information one.of the other things you can kind of look.for when you go look for original.christening Records is look for other.children of this couple sometimes you'll.see them consistently throughout a.ledger so you'll see you know every two.years or every three years or whatever.you'll see a child of this couple.showing up to be christened what that.lends me to believe is that they were.pretty conscientious about seeing to it.that their children were baptized.shortly after birth so one of the.assumptions that we can make in our.searching then is that this baptismal.date is within just a few months after.the child was born sometimes when you go.look at that original Leger what you'll.notice is that children of this couple.are all clumped together you'll see.three or four children all baptized on.the same day what that lends you to.believe or lead you to believe is that.this couple was maybe a little less.conscientious or travel was more.difficult or illness or whatever but.they brought three or four of their.children all to be christened at the.same time which means the oldest of.those children could be six seven eight.years old and the youngest could be you.know a few months old so look through an.entire ledger to get context for how.this couple had their children.christened or baptized again to lead you.closer to some of that date or age.information for each of those particular.children christening and baptismal.records as I mentioned ancestry.com has.a large collection of them online for.particularly for European countries a.lot of them for Mexico and some of the.Latin American countries where some of.those Catholic records have been.transcribed into indexes in the United.States it's a little bit more difficult.and some of those records are available.online some of those records you have to.access through the churches themselves.or through local historical societies.where those churches no longer are in.existence okay another obscure but.goldmine information for birth records.family bible now you may have the family.bible and if you do bless you i would.hope that you would digitize that before.it's too late and and that fades away or.something happens to it and then put.those pages online so that everybody can.enjoy the the fruits of the great.grandmother or great-great grandmother.who's so painstakingly took the time to.record the births marriages and deaths.in that particular family bible some of.us are not fortunate enough to have the.family bible or to even know in some.cases where that family bible exists now.in my mom's family we know who has the.family bible but in my dad's family we.we don't have a clue right and so.sometimes what you have to do is you.have to determine and you know like.let's say i was looking for my.great-great grandmother's birth record.and there was some rumor floating around.that there was a family bible I would go.back a generation so I would go to her.parents and I would trace all of the.descendants of that couple and then.start contacting somebody in each branch.of that family to see if they knew who.had inherited the family Bible a lot of.times it comes down in a branch of the.family that may not even have any.interest in family history everyday and.new family treasures are coming to light.because they've been in a box in.somebody's attic for the last 60 years.since grandma died and and just now.they're coming to light sadly some of.those family bibles also end up as part.of estate sales or in antique stores or.even in used bookstores I've seen some.so it just it just depends on how those.records have been cared for or not and.but you can sometimes do some work you.can do some legwork look for the.descendants of a particular family start.contacting cousins in that family.contact them on Facebook look them up on.white pages calm and give them a call.and see if they know if there is a.family Bible in existence and if they.know who happens to have that family.Bible those very often are like I said.gold mines of information not just for.births but for marriages and deaths in.the family as well we talked briefly.about delayed.certificates I just wanted to highlight.that again and just because your.ancestor was born in a time before.births were required to be registered.does not mean that they did not at some.point apply for a birth certificate so.be sure to check the databases and check.with the state and check with the county.to see if any kind of a birth record.exists that has ever been filed for them.even if it was prior to the requirement.marriage records sometimes have birth.information at the very minimum what you.you're going to get on a marriage record.is that they are either of age or not of.age sometimes that requires you to do a.little bit of research to determine what.the law was in their state at the time.they got married to determine what of.age means and it does it hasn't always.meant the same thing and it does not.mean the same thing even now in.different states different states have.varying ages at which people can get.married without parental consent and.even some states have multiple laws they.have a minimum age at which people can.get married with parental consent and.then an additional age at which people.can get married without parental consent.and so so marriage records at the very.minimum will often record whether or not.they are of age and if they are not of.age it will have information about the.parental consent sometimes you get lucky.and a marriage record actually records.an age in that case it's much like a.census record where it's it's minimal.information but it's useful information.that age gives us the ability to.calculate an approximate birth year and.that approximate birth year then can.lead us to additional records or not.sometimes you get really really lucky.and a marriage record will actually have.a birth date recorded on it that is very.rare but there are some forms I have.seen in some marriage records I have.seen where they actually record a birth.date more often you're just going to get.an age or a notation that they are of.age another great alternative to birth.records and these require you to put.your research cap on and think a little.differently but newspaper announcements.now of course in the local paper in the.town where.I was born I've seen my own birth.announcement basically what it was is it.was a list from the hospital the.hospital every week would publish in the.local newspaper all of the babies that.were born the previous week and so there.I am just a one-line notation and it.actually just lists my parents names and.it says a daughter so born in the last.week in this hospital to this couple a.daughter now I know that's my birth.announcement because I know when I was.born if you don't know when you were.born when the your ancestor was born not.a little trickier right which is why.information off of marriage records or.census records is valuable if you know.that a male child was born in this.family in 1894 and you find an 1894.newspaper blurb that says that this.couple had a son and this is the son's.name.last Tuesday now you can calculate a.date based on the newspaper date and.what Tuesday was you have a birth date.now right even if it doesn't have the.name of the child those newspaper blurbs.or announcements sometimes serve a.purpose another kind of announcement.that you need to look for and sometimes.you have to look in the newspaper four.months after the supposed birth date or.the assumed birth date of the child is.look for family members visiting there.are newspapers particularly across the.Midwest of the United States where their.society column or their local columns.were like the Facebook of their day.where they recorded the comings and.goings of everybody in town so for.example I have a newspaper blurb from.from Iowa from the 1880s that lists.mr. and mrs. joy welcomed her parents.this week visiting their newborn child.okay and so now I have it narrowed down.to a really specific time frame because.her parents came to visit and the.newspaper made a notation of it that.they were coming to visit because there.was a newborn child in the house so Eve.again if the child's name is not.mentioned sometimes in addition there.will be a little thing that says you.know their newborn child who was born.last Monday I've seen notations like.that so so newspapers are a really rich.resource even back into the 1800s for.those birth announcements really not.what we would call them but sometimes.it's just a little one-line notation on.ancestry.com you're going to find.newspapers here you're going to see a.whole section of newspapers you can come.in here you can put in the name of the.particular state that you're interested.in it will show you a listing of the.newspapers for that particular state if.you happen to know the nearest town or.what County the birth likely would have.been recorded in or what.what location recorded local news for.the town that your ancestors lived in.you're going to look for that particular.title once you find that particular.title and you can search but actually.what you're going to want to do is come.over here and look to see what years are.covered okay in some cases you're going.to have multiple titles for the same.location and that's because the the.titles sometimes change the newspaper.changed hands and so it might be called.the you know Iowa City press citizen one.day and then the Iowa City Daily citizen.and in the Iowa City and Citizen Evening.News and the it right so some slight.changes in the paper title sometimes.affected by ownership of the newspaper.means there could be multiple newspaper.titles for a single location so pay.attention to that when you're looking.for those newspapers both on.ancestry.com and on newspapers com okay.okay let's keep going we've got a whole.nother slide and only about 8 minutes.left here military records military.records are an excellent resource for.birth information sometimes just about.the person serving in the military.sometimes also about their family.members so let me just give you some.examples enlistment records okay so if I.come over here and I do a search for my.grandfather.and my grandfather served in World War.two he actually enlisted in World War.two out of California and so I can come.here and I can look for World War two.enlistment records I'm going to look for.my grandfather there he is okay again in.this case it's just a birth year but.that's you know that may get you closer.than not sometimes it actually lists a.complete birth date if nothing else this.is information that I can then contact.the National Archives because this is.just an index there's no image I can.contact the National Archives and see if.they have actual enlistment papers that.might give me some additional.information okay so enlistment records.are a great resource service records.where they exist very often also will.have birth information sometimes an.exact birth date and place listed on.that service record pension files are a.goldmine if you have not spent time with.pension files you really should just go.look at them whether you whether it's.for your ancestor or not go take a look.at some of the pension files that exist.both on ancestry.com and on fold 3.com.just to get an idea of what kind of.information is included I have seen some.pension files that have more than a.hundred pages with affidavits of people.who are present at the birth of the.children of the man who served right.because the man died and the widow is.applying for a pension for herself and.her underage children and so she has to.prove when and where they were married.she has to prove that her children are.indeed their children and that they are.underage and so if they're in the.absence of a birth record they would get.affidavits so I have a pension file in.my possession where the oldest daughter.and attended her mother at the birth of.all of her younger brothers and sisters.six younger brothers and sisters.that were noted in this pension file and.the oldest daughter in this family has.sworn out an affidavit that she was.present at the.of each of those children and here is.the dates they were born and here is the.place they were born so again you have.to sometimes think outside of the box if.you're looking for a birth record think.about the father was the father did the.father serve in the military did he die.before those children came of age could.there be information in a pension record.pension records sometimes also include.pages out of family bibles copies of.some certificates lots of really really.rich information in those pension files.and the beauty of pension files is that.they date back a long time.so people who served in the.Revolutionary War in the 1700s people.who served in the war of 1812 the Civil.War all of them were applying for.pensions from the time those conflicts.ended until the last of their survivors.their their widow or their underage.children and we're eligible for those.pensions so sometimes really really.great information in those files a.little bit more modern time we're.talking about Social Security.applications so if your ancestor lived.in a time when Social Security was in in.place then they would have filled out a.Social Security application usually for.themselves listing their birth date in.place and their parents names the.applications themselves are not online.so if you have to find them in the.Social Security Death Index and then you.have to send away for a copy of that.Social Security application from the.Social Security Administration okay but.it does have birth information on it and.then finally death records sometimes we.are so busy focused on the beginning of.a person's life looking for the birth.date in place looking for the parents.names that we sometimes forget to look.at the end of their life to get that.information some of them are some of the.death records that exist or a little.obvious right like a death certificate.but sometimes that doesn't exist so.there are alternatives obituaries that.are published in newspapers and not just.in the location where the person lived.but maybe where they grew up or where.their family members live.funeral-home records sometimes exist.sometimes still with the funeral home.sometimes if the funeral home is no.longer in existence those records have.been turned over to a local Historical.Society or archive and then tombstones.which I hope you're familiar with but.also cemetery records one of the.benefits of cemetery records over.tombstones is that the cemeteries often.keep detailed information and sometimes.it's more information than what is.recorded on the tombstone right and so.sometimes it might have additional.information about the person even an.exact birthdate if only a year is carved.into the tombstone it also sometimes.will list when the tombstone was placed.which helps you know how valid that.information is or if there's room for.error a lot of our ancestors died and.then sometimes that tombstone wasn't.placed for 20 30 60 years later and so.the cemetery may again have additional.information or more accurate information.than what was carved onto the tombstone.so lots of different alternatives for a.birth certificate birth certificates do.not always exist as a matter of fact.they rarely exist but the other records.that can help you get closer to that.birth date and then ultimately once.you've performed a reasonably exhaustive.search in all of these different kinds.of records then you'll you know you may.luck out and find an actual birth date.one of my final word of caution is just.to let you know and I know some of you.struggle with this you need to be okay.with the fact that sometimes you may.never find an exact birth date there are.some people in my tree for whom even.after doing a reasonably exhaustive.search even after looking for all of.these different kinds of records even.after looking at the records themselves.they don't they just don't contain the.information that we're looking for and.so be okay with putting an about and.then a year into that birth date field.now put it in there because you know I'm.of the mind that it's better to estimate.then to leave it.that will help you with further searches.it also helps you again make sure that.you're tracing the right people that you.know that you at least have a general.idea of when or where you think this.person may have been born and that helps.you focus your further research.it also helps those who come along after.you and look at your tree understand.what they might be able to do to.continue that research.it also helps validate your research a.little bit that you've made an effort of.course I make extensive notes about what.I've looked at and what I haven't looked.at and why I chose to estimate that.particular birth year so include some.notes but put that information in there.so that it can help with hinting and.with further searching that is all I.have for you today if you're watching.this live I will be on chat in just a.few minutes to answer any additional.questions you may have if you're.watching a recorded version of this on.youtube please feel free to leave a.comment until next time this is Christy.Cohen have fun climbing your family tree.

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  2. Work with your email to put an account, or sign in with Google or Facebook.
  3. Locate the PDF that needs to be signed on the device with iOS system or pull it from the cloud.
  4. Locate the part where you want to include the signature; pick 'Insert initials' and 'Insert signature'.
  5. Type your initials or signature, place them correctly, and save changes to the document.

After signing, the document is ready for the next step. You can download it to your iPhone and share it. As long as you have a great internet connection, you can sign and send documents in an instant.

How to create an electronic signature for the Application For Duplicate Certificate Of Title NH gov Nh on Android?

iOS has many of users, there's no doubt of that, but most mobile phone users have an Android operating system. To meet the needs, CocoSign has developed the program, especially for Android users.

You can gather the app on Play Market, install it, and you could start signing documents. These are the guides to sign a form on your Android device:

  1. If you already have a CocoSign account, sign in. If you don't have one yet, you can sign in using Google or Facebook.
  2. Pick on '+' to choose the document you want to sign, from cloud storage or using your camera.
  3. Locate the part where the signature must be placed and then use the popup window to type your signature.
  4. Include it on the page, confirm, and save the changes.
  5. The final step is to fax the signed document.

To send the signed form, just attach it to an email, and it will reach your receiver in an instant. CocoSign is the best way to sign lots of files every day, all at a cheap cost. It's time to forget all about signing document face-to-face and keep it all electronic.

Application For Duplicate Certificate Of Title NH gov Nh FAQs

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