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Hand-in-Hand Teaching Guide to key in Oklahoma Form Real Estate

youtube video

Oklahoma Form Real Estate Demand Assistance

all right welcome to episode 72 of the.Oklahoma City real estate show on.today's show it's all about the maps and.I don't mean Maps the tax incentive.program I mean the maps of Oklahoma City.I've gotten many questions about the.layout of the land here especially from.you out-of-state investors this is the.episode for you to understand the layout.and geography of where the properties.are selling where they aren't selling.where the improvements are going on in.Oklahoma City where they are not this.episode as you can imagine is best.viewed on our YouTube channel OKC real.TV.that's OKC real estate TV you can check.out OKC real TV com or if you've got the.YouTube app just look up OKC real TV.it'll be episode 72 it'll be the layout.on the maps.we'll be posting that alongside the.podcast if you're still wanting to.listen on audio while you're driving to.work or let's say doing something else.where you need to be paying attention.then I'm gonna do my best to try to get.the audio to make sense in lieu of the.actual map so without further ado I.don't want to waste any more time let's.jump right into this vital information.on today's episode from the middle of.America welcome to the Oklahoma City.real estate show covering local market.data news and reports to arm you with.information you need to empower your.investing and strengthen your American.rights top realtor investor husband.father and veteran here is your host.Landon wit for more information and to.listen or watch online visit OKC.real estate show.okay like I said before I'm gonna try to.keep this as audio friendly as possible.when you look at the layout of Oklahoma.City I'm gonna be using Google Maps for.this early demonstration you have.Oklahoma City broken up into four.corners or crosshair if you look at.downtown Oklahoma City if you pull up.Google Maps Oklahoma City the letters.Oklahoma City is considered the actual.core downtown of Oklahoma City okay this.is important as your guideline of that.middle centers who are looking in the.middle of Oklahoma City a little bit of.history in Oklahoma City in the in the.late 70s early 80s we had an issue which.the oil crisis was occurring OPEC and.all that movement combined with a couple.of local banks that were practicing.lending outside of federal guidelines.and lending to friends lending to.institutions that didn't really have the.financial records that they needed to.and that resulted in these companies.essentially going out of business with.these fraudulent loans and also resulted.in a lot of people losing their jobs all.at once it would become the biggest bank.failure in which the government did not.back deposits over a hundred thousand.dollars those uninsured deposits totaled.a hundred ninety five million dollars.most of them belonging to other.financial institutions.the feds unable to find a buyer for Penn.Square moved in over the Independence.Day holiday declared the bank insolvent.on Monday July 5th 1982 and on Tuesday.the 6th depositors lined up in the.Oklahoma Heat outside the Deposit.Insurance National Bank of Oklahoma City.the next few years would see dozens of.other financial institutions follow Penn.Square into financial ruin and while a.number of the banks officials were.eventually indicted only a handful were.convicted and viewed through the lens of.history their most notable crime seems.to be naivete about the stability of the.energy business in general and oil.prices in particular.in fact we had a broker who was the.director of our MLS or that the the.realtor's association here in Oklahoma.City stating that in 1980 people were.driving around with bumper stickers on.their cars saying the last ones to leave.Oklahoma City turn off the lights and.that infrastructure those homes went.decrepid for a good 15 years and you can.still see that today especially if you.move south of Oklahoma City remember.that square that corner where Oklahoma.City is so right in this area here right.in the middle if you go south of here.this whole area south of downtown that.south of the river really kind of like a.little little tiny Mexico in terms of if.anybody's been traveling to one of the.towns in Mexico you've got this kind of.third-world setup look there well South.Oklahoma City is like that in a lot of.ways however that being said there has.been a trend in the right direction.specially the last five years on the.south side this is primarily where.you're going to see your highest cash.flow numbers okay but a lot of the.experienced investors know that areas of.town with the highest cash flow aren't.always trouble-free there usually comes.higher costs associated with that in.terms of higher tenant turnover crime.rates that kind of thing and that is.something you want to pay attention to.on the south side although when you find.a deal and the house has been maintained.you have the correct property management.company that knows how to deal with.these type of rentals this is a great.area now mmm if you do that Foursquare.again with the middle the crosshairs of.that Foursquare being right over.Oklahoma City the northeast corner are.square number two that top right is.North East Oklahoma City this.experienced a very similar history to.the south side in that this was part of.a redlining district in the 70s where.this area was earmarked.and this is historical for.african-american homebuyers only like.this was if you if you were.african-american in 1970 and you wanted.to get a home loan this is the only area.that a federally backed loan would loan.you are you looking for a new.neighborhood to live in then come on.down to redlining Beauty sanctioned by.the US government.there's depressed infrastructure.underfunded schools know white people.they're all in the suburbs heck we'll.even throw in free shoes now doesn't.that sound nice call redlining Realty.today and we'll get you a house built on.the most American foundation of all.racism interesting story about our past.some of the darker history of the.American Dream if you will on the north.west side okay this is square number one.on that crosshairs where we have.historically the highest appreciation.okay so that's coming from this urban.core and sprawls out towards Lake Hefner.which is in the northwest corner all the.way to Lake over holster all of this has.statistically had the highest.appreciation with the exception of a few.pockets and we talk about those in.detail when we go on our Investor tours.or if I'm talking to you one on one we.get into those pockets to avoid you can.also just see them on something like the.heat map that we've talked about from.CoreLogic where they talk about the.appreciation heat map so you can also.see it on Zillow with theirs estimate.scores those areas especially like along.i-40 up till about 15th Street same.thing just no appreciation speaking of.no appreciation but interesting value.proposition if we go east of Oklahoma.City towards Midwest City this is going.to be north of Tinker Air Force Base so.take our Air Force Base is in quadrant 4.which would be the southeast side just.north of there is Midwest City Midwest.City is too.mystically a linear market to the book.and I mean to the book almost zero.appreciation over the years it is a.solid investment in that if you get cash.flow and you and you rate your.investment numbers off of cash flow and.you expect cash flow only you can do.really good with your your portfolio.packages in Midwest City just understand.very very very minimal cash flow I've.personally experienced cash flow that's.actually less than inflation so one.could even say you maybe even get.negative cash flow over there our.negative appreciation.however the cash flow works because of.the low appreciation you've got a good.rent to value ratio a lot of times on.those properties so make sure where.you're buying you're buying a property.in this area of town that that is theirs.doesn't need massive repairs okay.bringing it down south to the fourth.corner this is nearing Del City which is.outside of Tinker Air Force Base Del.City during the 1980s went through a.tough time just this arrest of Oklahoma.City and they came out into the 90s they.didn't really surface even until the.2000s they started getting more and more.homeowners and investors buying in Del.City up until the housing crisis happen.and during the sell-off or as these.mortgages started you know being.recalled.the city of Del City said we've got to.stop these surge of investors who were.buying these properties that that had.been foreclosed on due to the the.housing recession or the are the that.recall of all these bad housing loans.and they created an a home inspection.program this home inspection program is.a beast okay and the reason why it's a.beast is because nobody knows what.they're checking for they give you a ten.point you know rough outline of some.things that they may check but then if.you ask for the actual list of things.that they look for there is no list in.fact they just say the inspector gets.there and he'll tell you what things.will not pass as you can see that opens.up the door very widely for your rental.property or your investment being.subjected to the whims of whatever the.inspector decides that day and this.inspection happens every single time the.occupant changes so that's a city.ordinance that when your occupant.changes in other words when another.tenant comes in you have to do this.inspection each time so does that mean.you shouldn't invest in in Del City no.it doesn't mean that what it means is is.that if you do invest in Del City you.need to know this your property.management company is to be familiar.with this okay and those two things.working together and also giving.yourself enough buffer on that rent to.value ratio to where you can make up for.that you know that hassle of dealing.with this additional layer of.inspections even if your home is Section.eight approved you're still getting.you're still going through the city's.inspection following that Oklahoma City.not no inspections like that the only.time Oklahoma City comes through your.house is when you change the mechanicals.and you request a mechanical permit or.an electrical permit or a plumbing.permit when you're renovating the home.putting new things in there that require.permanent that's when the inspectors.going through but they don't care you.can change occupants once a month if you.wish they're not they're not going to be.coming through the home so that brings.us to south of the art wet east of the.airport so we're going south of Oklahoma.City south of 240 getting into what is a.Southwest 80th 89th Oklahoma Community.College's here we start to gentrify and.what I mean by gentrify is the.properties start to increase and quality.and value due to.a large portion of homeowners lot less.landlords and a lot more homeowners.taking pride in their ownership getting.south of 89th still some pockets here as.we work towards more more as the home of.one of the largest tornado attacks if.you are tornado natural destruction that.occurred in Oklahoma I think that was.2005 was when that occurred still.affecting the homeowner insurance rates.in more because of that wind threat now.Oklahoma City does have higher insurance.rates overall compared to national.averages much lower property taxes.compared to other states so we kind of.win on the property tax side but lose on.the in the insurance side it ends up.still being a far superior especially.compared to states like Texas okay so.we've talked about the four corner.concept okay that gets us kind of our.core in Oklahoma City that four corner.right we've got like this four corners.okay.corner number one highest appreciation.Corner number two by-product through.that redlining district is coming up in.value but will be a long play okay same.thing with corner number three okay.one two three and corner number four is.Tinker Air Force Base and again that.superlinear market based on cash flow so.taking what you've learned from this.video you're going to be able to go and.and look at the market now whether it's.on Zillow or whether it's on redfin or.Trulia comm or OKC real kaamdar OKC real.dot store which is our MLS backdoor.access if you haven't been on that you.should check that out you can also go to.OKC real estate show com gopher search.homes at the top there's a drop-down box.you can search through there either case.there's a map.there and when you gather through that.map it begins to make sense where to.kind of begin your search also take into.consideration that as you get into.multi-family housing especially if it's.a house that's been converted to a.duplex you do run into zoning issues a.lot of these properties were converted.into a duplex but the zoning wasn't.converted so we want to check those kind.of things but this video will give you.kind of a prompting idea of what to look.for in 2020 a lot of the updates we.talked about of the in the new.infrastructure and things that have been.added to Oklahoma City are gonna occur.at the urban core okay that's like the.convention center Strawberry Fields.development plans which is the.urbanization they're doing the the condo.development scissortail Park which has.already been our 75% completed that's a.hundred and thirty million dollar park.project that is gonna be from the north.side of the river to the south side just.a wonderful outdoor environment and.amphitheater and that kind of thing.going on you've also got next to the.airport okay that's Will Rogers Airport.in this area you've got the Amazon.Fulfillment Center that has been.finished last year so that that bringing.in new and hustle-and-bustle I think.there was a thousand jobs generated out.of that and before we in this video when.you look at the future of Tinker Air.Force Base look at 230 aerospace.companies that occur already here in.Oklahoma City that are bringing on more.and more people as Tinker Air Force.space is expanding twelve different.massive hangars they've already finished.one they're gonna continue one just.about every year and they're also.incorporating 3d print technology here.on sites so they're not shipping in.aircraft parts as much as they were.they're actually using shipping in raw.materials and then printing on-site the.materials to overhaul the air fort the.US Air Force's plane inventory things.like the kc-135 stratotanker that the.in air refueler the b-1 bomber incoming.the B what is it the b21 or the the.Raider is the replacement for the b-2.bomber that one's coming here in about.two years we'll start to see that.airframe being maintenanced here so and.that's a total stealth technology.aircraft there's probably some other.super-secret stuff going on over there.but exciting stuff as well as the.medical industry again on the next to.the urban core over here we've got the.VA Medical in just in hospital as well.as an eight-story new patient seeing.facility going up just south of there so.that northeast corner that corner number.two I talked about that's why I'm saying.long play good play solid play on the.northeast side but just hang in there.you guys that buy a property from me and.you want to sell it in six months dude.take a hike or just wait go buy stocks.do something like that don't buy into.the north east side of the south side.with a two-year plan now things happen I.get it but these plans are five and.ten-year plans and you're really gonna.see some value investing in Oklahoma.City as far as that corner number one.that northwest side tons of competition.the D of the margin for the deals is.getting so narrow now because we've got.California New York Florida investors.flooding I get three emails a week.Landon what inventory do you have I got.nothing in that area right now the stuff.that we do find goes in add a half a day.or it's it's a property that you know no.one can make money off of right it's.stuck in a situation where again.somebody bought it six months ago they.got or sell it and they're not wanting.to lose a dime the tenant may be.destroyed the property something you.know some kind of situation like that.conditions on the property that enable.it not to sell so thanks for watching.make sure to subscribe and hit that.notification bell if you're on the.podcast make sure you subscribe with.your podcast generation I'm gonna try to.keep these things rolling through 20.20 again we're on inventory shortage.which means that education and knowledge.is key okay.key when you get into your margins.you're going to be coming up with more.and more creative ways to be able to.maintain these properties and be able to.win over your competitors and do it.right to stay in the game the longest.and for the long run thanks for watching.guys.[Music].for more information and to listen or.watch online visit OKC.real estate show calm.[Music].[Music].

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How can I become a real estate agent in Oklahoma?

You take classes in an approved real estate course, pass the exam, and receive a certificate enabling you to obtain an associate real estate license. Additional study and testing would be necessary for a broker’s license.

Is my real estate agent being honest? He said he has to pay $100 to Zillow each time someone fills out the contact listing agent form on my house. True?

Not to my knowledge. In my area, the way Zillow works is it pulls listings from the MLS (multiple listing service) unless I check a box that says the seller prohibits this. So it’s no more work for me to list your property on Zillow than in the MLS. Zillow sells real estate agents “leads” (queries about specific properties) or (in a new program) takes a % of the brokerage fee after a property has closed. Contacting agents online is free to both parties.

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How much do home warranties usually cost?

It depends. It depends on what other insurance you have, it depends on why you're in a nursing home, it depends on your income, somewhat. First, Medicare only pays for hospital and rehabilitation, and it will only kick in for skilled nursing/rehabilitation care AFTER a three midnight stay in a hospital (or within 30 days of discharge from a skilled center). An individual gets 100 days of Medicare coverage a year, no roll-overs. Generally, according to your State, according to which ginormous Health Care Company owns the particular facility into which you admit for skilled nursing care and/or therapy, and what your secondary insurance is and pays, after 20 days, you will have a cost-share of around $200.00/day. So, if you can get in-and-out in 20 days, Medicare covers it all. That's very, very rare. This is where the sucker's game of skilled nursing/rehabilitation starts: you would think 3 weeks recovery time would be sufficient so you could manage at home with help, right? According to what was wrong with you when you came in, it's possible, but improbable because Medicare requires us to do a form called "Prior Level of Function" upon admit. This form tells us all about what you could do, couldn't do, need to do, and Medicare makes us meet those goals or explain why we cannot. Three weeks is not long enough to get your overweight, deconditioned, new hip-totin' carcass back to ready to climb 4 stairs 7 times a day with a dog on a leash. Not safely anyway. It'll take a good five days still to get the anesthetic cleared out of your system. Most people have a cost-share, which is where most people's secondary insurance picks up. We- in my Facility- will try to get you out as quickly and safely as possible if you do not have secondary insurance, and we will suggest and assist you apply for Medicaid, which will help pick up some of these costs, and pay for home health care should you still require some assistance after discharge. However, Medicaid has a catch: There's an income cap. In most states, you cannot have over $2,000.00 income per month. You also cannot have transferred tangible assets in the last five years- say, sold your house and gave the kids the money while they gave you a bedroom and half bath in return. Medicaid is for those who did not plan for retirement- or whose plans fell through. Medicaid pays for long-term care. Residents on Medicaid do not have any out-of-pocket costs associated with the medical part of their stay/residency. In fact, they get around $100.00 a month spending money. So, for your breakdown: Medicare will pick up the total cost of a skilled nursing/rehabilitation stay for the first 20 days, after which there is a co-pay of $200.00 (approximate), and if you do not have a secondary insurance to cover that, you pay out of pocket. If you come in Medicaid (for long-term Residency, respite or skilled therapy/nursing prior to discharge) you pay nada, nothing, zip, zilch. However, if you are a Medicaid Resident, your income has been effectively taken over by Medicaid, and you receive around $100.00 a month, that's it, that's all.

How do I fill out the form of DU CIC? I couldn't find the link to fill out the form.

Just register on the admission portal and during registration you will get an option for the entrance based course. Just register there. There is no separate form for DU CIC.

In Oklahoma if I revoke my probation is there a form that I can fill out and filed to the court that will let me pay my fines and be off probation?

I'm not from Oklahoma but I'm sure that you can't revoke your own probation. If that were possible no one would be on probation. You have no say in your probation. It is all told to you by the Judge and your PO.

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