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The Implementation Guide for Producers 88 Lease Form

The easy way to fill in Producers 88 Lease Form online is by using a dedicated tool. While there are tons of it, CocoSign seems to be the most convenient tool online. To use the tool, follow the process given below.

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Instructions regardingProducers 88 Lease Form

ww adab calm we do it all baby.okay welcome back to another video after.a year so I already know that I say that.every time I just wanted to say it one.more time I'm back again and maybe I'll.make a video in 11 months or maybe I'll.make one tomorrow I don't know.I'm gonna show everybody the basic way.of getting paid for royalties and.setting up your your uh what you call.your your beat store basically to accept.royalties a lot of you guys are asking.me constantly the same question and it.is how do you track artists who are.leasing your beats and how do you make.sure you get paid for I don't know the.streams or the the the performance that.that song does so say II lease a beat to.somebody and they end up cracking you.know top ten on the Billboard charts or.something that means the song is doing.very very well.which means you're missing out on a lot.of money usually with the least beat.this won't happen it's usually only with.like exclusives you usually know when.this is gonna happen but sometimes you.don't take designer for example I mean.that's what everybody's kind of worried.about these days is someone like.designer buying a beat and then years.later blowing up that's just the.business that's the nature of the.business if you have a good relationship.with these artists when they blow up.they come back to you they like to stick.to the roots so that's just how you.handle your business basically and how.you set up your contracts before that.ever happens so if you set your.contracts up in a way that makes you not.get paid later on then that's your fault.and then you learn from it so a good.thing is if you land one placement like.that you'll probably land more so that's.nothing - that's nothing to get upset.about but um let's just say you are that.position where you leased a beat to.somebody they ended up breaking.billboards charts they're like top ten.and hip-hop.you're missing out on a lot of money.more than likely and it's not easy just.to reach out to somebody and start suing.them it's a process so this is what you.guys should be doing with every song.that you're actually advertising to a.lot of professionals I'm gonna assume.that you already have a bunch of traffic.I'm gonna assume that you're already.leasing hundreds of beats so this would.be something you're worried about.so under copyright gov this is a website.I have pulled up here you'll see there's.different ways that you can file.copyrights you're gonna do is you're.gonna register a copyright you're gonna.click on this button here and then.you're gonna find performing arts and.that's gonna handle music that's gonna.handle your beats so that's where you're.gonna go next thing to do is to actually.go to the e Co registration system which.is down here and you're gonna click on.that link right here and then it'll open.up the electronic office window so this.is how you're actually going to register.with the United States government to.copyright any works you have do you have.to do this with every beat no you don't.have to copyright anything should you.copyright something that's going to be.advertised to a lot of people and.potentially grow to be top ten yes you.should probably copyright your material.here you're gonna actually sign up right.here if you were no you just you a user.click the register so that's where.you're probably gonna go unless you've.already been through this process after.you click through there you're gonna.you're gonna be able to copyright more.than one track you can do I don't know.if they have a limit the last time I.copyrighted a bunch in a batch setting.was I think I did fifteen or twenty.tracks altogether and it was thirty-five.dollars so maybe if you do 35 dollars.per you know 35 beats you'd actually be.doing pretty good I mean it's a dollar a.track at that point so you're doing.you're getting more bang for your buck.so it's probably smart to do it that way.and just have a bunch of beats that.you're just gonna release you know like.what I would do is I'd make 20 beats.copy write all of them and then plan to.release those 20 beats over the course.of two weeks and then just keep working.on material after that so now after.you're done copywriting it you're gonna.get a claim.get a claim number or something make.sure you use your you don't use.fictitious names make sure you use your.first and last name as I do next thing.you're gonna do is you're gonna have to.find some sort of company that I'll help.you pay or help pay out your royalties.they basically do all the work for you.and then they pay you out i use BMI BMI.is what I've always used another one.everybody knows of is ASCAP ASCAP so.ASCAP and BMI they're gonna handle the.royalties what you're gonna do is you're.gonna sign up with BMI or ASCAP after.you make an account you're gonna see.this page here and it's gonna have BMI.live works registration now and then.they'll have works catalog that's all.the stuff you've already registered so.after you copy right to your beats.you're gonna go into the works.registration and then you're gonna.actually register your works through BMI.so BMI will now be able to to basically.follow your beats as they make their way.you know through charts or whatever so.any royalties that you get paid BMI will.handle that so as you see in here you'll.have I think this is my BMI account.number.I made a new account for just to show.you guys but this one I believe is my.account number basically add a new work.so I'm gonna click this button here I'm.gonna add something select the type of.work you're registering all other genres.this is where it starts asking all the.information about the about the track.they're doing so you're gonna put in the.work title so that's why it's important.like I tell you guys to name your beats.even if you just named them like beat.zero zero four beat zero zero five or if.you guys just wanted to just come up.with names as you go to kind of inspire.the artist it's very important to do so.so you're gonna put the work title.you're gonna put the content which is.just music only they're not you're not.gonna have lyrics unless you have a.course or something for your song but.you're gonna just do music only you're.gonna select the exact run time the.duration on it.and then you can also add alternative.alternative titles so this work is also.known by another title please enter it.here so you have a lot of options they.asked for a lot of things so it helps.separate everything that's not the end.of it okay so it's not just about.copyrights BMI and then they magically.just get get you your money so the next.thing you're gonna have to do is is what.I do now there's a million ways you can.go about doing any of this so remember.all the stuff that I share with you guys.is just the the process that I use in.the process I'm familiar with and the.process that I know works I've been.doing this for man twelve years so I've.learned a lot in those twelve years to.figure out what the hell I'm doing.necessarily so after say you get the.copyright done you do the BMI next thing.is to make sure that your artist is.aware of your works registration number.so after you register your your your.track here you're gonna get the summary.and after you submit it you're gonna get.a works registration number so that.works number should actually be.something that's in the contract with.that artist what I do is I put it in.every single contract or in a follow up.email or whatever I can do depending on.what you guys use for me I use beat.stars so beat stars I upload all my.beats to there and then in the.description I put the works number in.all of that so they have it not only in.the in the title of the song they're.gonna have it in the description they're.gonna have it in the contracts so if you.if you do all this they should be able.to see the works number there and then.the next step is you should always have.in your contracts like almost like a.disclaimer part like it should give them.instructions on how to you should give.them instructions on how to actually.proceed with setting up the royalties.with you so if they leased a track you.need to put in there you know this is.your limit so make sure you put your.works registration number in there so.when they.copyright their lyrics don't go through.the same process you're doing now this.is exactly what they're gonna do they're.gonna put theirs through the copyright.gov they're gonna copyright their lyrics.not the background music you're gonna do.the background music which is the beat.they're gonna copyright their lyrics and.then in there they're gonna say that.they sang over your track they're going.to put your first last name so the next.thing they're going to do is they're.gonna go into BMI they're gonna do the.exact same thing that I'm doing and the.only difference is now is that the works.that they're registering is just gonna.be basically the music and lyrics so.since they have lyrics on it after they.do that they're gonna they're gonna have.to tell BMI that there's pub I guess I.guess you'd be a you could be composer.or a publisher so after you get to these.steps you'll see there's work info.there's other works publisher and.writers through this process they're.gonna be able to name you as the you.know as the composer or the whatever the.writer or whatever whatever they want to.name you as the only way you're gonna be.able to get your royalties is if they.are able to either put in the works.number or your first and last name so.that the system can find you they can.search you through BM eyes database to.find your your number for your account.and all that stuff so there's a process.that they have to do as well if they.fail to do this and you already have all.the set up I mean that's when you're.gonna have to start reaching out to them.or another good thing you guys can look.into is publishing companies if you find.a publishing company that can help you.with publishing your beats and tracking.this down for you that's probably a good.idea if you guys are leasing a lot of.beats I don't know why you don't have.publishing companies already I don't.know why you don't have all this figured.out cuz I get a lot of you guys that.that write comments on here and you guys.say that you lease and sell so many.beats and I don't understand how you.guys can do all this and leave so many.beats but still be lost in the process.so I'm making this video assuming you.guys are all leasing beats and.everything because that's whatever he.keeps telling me but um.you know nobody's the expert I think.everybody kind of does it their own way.there's no right or wrong way a lot of.my videos I give you guys a lot of.options on how to copyright your stuff.how to protect your stuff without.copyrights I give you guys information.on how to sell beats more effectively.and professionally this is a way that.you're gonna have to get paid with.royalties it's not just with recording.artists BMI will actually work with TV.network stations movies production.companies so if you're if your song ends.up on like I don't know a TV show you.know it's gonna be a my is gonna be able.to find you and they're gonna pay you.out now the bigger companies you have.nothing to worry about so if it's a TV.show that's used to paying people for.scores and background music they're.gonna have their figured out and.they're gonna be able to just have a.department in their in their company.that just basically finds the people who.are responsible for making the music and.then they find their BMI works number.and BMI handles payments and just.separates basically what the show run.time was how much of the show run time.your song played how much you get paid.per minute it breaks it all down just.like that so it's very similar with.artists a lot of people wonder how much.money they make with royalties if it's.if it's an artist that's selling you.know a couple hundred thousand copies to.give you an idea it depends on what they.buy obviously with their ownership.rights if you're doing like an exclusive.rights contract and you're doing a.royalty split the the going rate is.three to four percent so it's important.to know that that's why you ask for.money upfront so you ask for five.hundred to a thousand dollars upfront.from the artist and then they give you a.road world royalty share of three to.four percent so that'll be your base.basic pay structure is you know if they.sell X amount of dollars just figure out.what four percent of that is and you.guys usually if it's a sign artist.they're gonna have contracts ready for.you they're publishing companies gonna.send it to you there and ours are gonna.set it to you I mean you're not you're.not alone it's basically anybody who's.watching this trying to get info I'm.assuming you're selling beats but you.don't have any help and you're doing it.all by yourself so.there's systems out there like BMI and.ASCAP and publishing companies.there's TuneCore there's all sorts of.places that you can actually upload your.beats and they will do all for you.I know TuneCore has a way where you.upload beats and then they track it on.YouTube so anybody who's playing your.beat on YouTube you actually get all.their monetization.so if they're monetizing their videos.with your beat you actually get all.their money and it'll actually work its.way in to actually garnish their wages.from YouTube so if you own the.copyrights and everything like that so.there's options out there guys if you.have any questions about this about this.process just let me know I want to make.another video going over this just for.artists later on so if you're a.recording artist and you're trying to.figure out how to do this it's the same.process but there's a little bit more.involved with looking at the ownership.rights and stuff like that so all else.fails always ask your producer if you're.buying a beat from them ask them what.they want figure out what their contract.says and if you have any negotiations.where you want to make something.different in the contracts you have the.freedom to do so you can negotiate with.them nothing is ever set in stone so you.know if there's money involved people.usually change their mind so all the.producers who are watching this let me.know if you're having trouble with this.or if you're having a hard time.understanding how it works it is.processed just like anything with owning.your own company it's a process and.there's there's stages to everything so.definitely share with your other fellow.producers too because the reason why I'm.gone for so long is that the the channel.just kind of hit a wall and it's a lot.of the same people asking the same.questions I notice I get a lot of.comments and emails from the same people.so if you guys don't share these videos.then people aren't gonna really know.about it the words not gonna get out so.I basically will make one video here but.if that's the case so I don't want to do.that and I don't think you want me to do.that so keep sharing the videos alright.

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Producers 88 Lease Form FAQs

Here are the answers to some common queries regarding Producers 88 Lease Form . Let us know if you have any other questions.

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