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How to put to use The Kaiser Disabled Dependent Enrollment Application Form ?

hi everyone and welcome to your 2020.benefits training um thank you so much.for taking the time to listen to our.benefit offerings today we really do.appreciate you taking the time to learn.a little bit more about it so my name is.Willie your I am a benefit specialist.here at amn healthcare I have been with.the company for about two and a half.years and I work primarily with our.clinicians on their benefits so I am.super excited that I get the chance to.record this for all of you to help you.become familiar with the different.offerings we have here at AMM so I know.as O'Grady paetynn nurses that means you.are new to the US healthcare system and.that there is a lot for you to learn.about it so today I'm gonna take things.from the basics and try to explain them.to you as thoroughly as possible but.let's say you do need additional.clarification after listening this.training I am also going to go over some.of the awesome resources we have.available to you to help you learn more.about our benefits and also help you.choose the plan that makes the most.sense for you and your family so with.that I am going to get started today in.this recording we are going to cover.eligibility and enrolling in your.benefits we're gonna talk about the.tools and resources available to you.we're also gonna go over the different.medical insurance plans that we offer.the medical coverages and in that.section I am also going to dive into all.the cool tips and tricks and I know that.will help you save money on your.benefits and then towards the end I'm.gonna go over HSA their health savings.accounts just to make sure y'all are.familiar with that and then at the end I.will direct you to some places that you.can get your questions answered so let's.get started so.the first part is your eligibility and.enrollment so as an as an OG p clinician.you are likely working over 30 hours per.week and that is the minimum number of.hours you have to work to be out to be.eligible to enroll in our benefits.so once the so if you're working over 30.hours per week you'll have the.opportunity to enroll in those benefits.you when you are a new hire you will.have 30 days from your very first date.to finalize what benefits you want to be.signed up for you will be automatically.enrolled at our consumer choice plan.from the very first day of your.assignment but we offer a couple other.plans that I'll talk about and you if.you wanted to change at the beginning of.your assignment you will only have 30.days to submit those changes and then.outside of those first 30 days of your.assignment you can only make changes to.your benefit plans during open.enrollment which happens once per year.or through a qualifying life event um so.it's really important that you are in.your first 30 days on the job that you.do make sure to dive into our benefits.and make sure you're choosing the plan.that is the best fit for you and your.family.um because if you do not if you decide.you want to change after those first 30.days are up you will have to wait until.open enrollment so open enrollment.happened every fall in the late October.to November timeframe and those are.changes you can make to your medical.insurance plans that will go into effect.the following year so if you complete.open enrollment in November your benefit.changes would go into effect the.following January 1st and there are a.few one-off situations where you are.able to make changes to your benefit.elections outside of your new hire 30.days and outside of open enrollment and.that isn't quality.they're called qualifying life events if.you have a qualifying life event you can.reach out to our benefits team and they.will have helped you make those changes.to your medical benefits so you're.probably thinking to yourself what are.those qualifying life events there are.quite a few of them so if you think it.applies to you.I would definitely reach out to our.benefits team to talk it through but the.most easiest way to think of it is that.you if you have any changes to the.accessibility of insurance coverage for.you or if you have or if you lose.coverage elsewhere so an example would.be lets say you and your spouse are on.am and health care's insurance and then.your spouse gets a job where they are.offered health insurance and you decide.that you would rather be on this other.health insurance that is not through amn.in order to drop our insurance you will.need to provide documentation that you.gained coverage through your spouse's.employer and we you can use that as a.reason to drop your insurance with a MN.of course the the it does work in the.other direction as well so let's say.that you go on your spouse's employer's.insurance and you're not on am ends but.then your spouse loses their job and.then lose if their access to that.insurance um you can use that as a.qualifying life event to enroll back.into a immense benefits you will just.have to provide that documentation that.does show that you lost coverage from.outside the company and that will be.work as a reason to show that you can.enroll in our benefits there are quite a.few variations of that so if you do ever.need to talk it through with someone the.benefits team will be happy to help you.out and then the last thing to know.about our benefits is that you are two.for sort of eligibility and enrollment.side of things if you do decide to.enroll.your family in a MNS health insurance.you will have to provide dependent.documentation to get them signed up so.to break that down a little bit you are.allowed to enroll your immediate.dependents and family members on two am.ins insurance so that would be your.spouse or domestic partner it could be.your children up to age 26 and disabled.children over age 26 you can enroll them.in our assurance um you will just have.to provide the documentation to show.that they are your family members so for.your spouse you would provide a marriage.certificate for your child you would.provide a birth certificate and those.would be documentation that we could use.to enroll your family the dependent.documentation does have to be submitted.within 30 days of starting years of you.enrolling your family member so the.easiest way to process all of this will.be that when you assign your family up.for our benefits you will need to have.their date of birth their social.security number and then also that.documentation so you can enter all of.that into the connect to your health.portal and get them signed up for our.insurance as quickly and as easily as.possible.so on that note those are sort of the.administrative things to keep in mind up.front.now I want to change your gears a little.bit and talk about the resources we have.available to you here at am and.healthcare so you probably heard me.mention it during the last slide but the.first and most important resource for.you is the kynect tier health portal.this is our one-stop shop for everything.benefits related here at Oh GP so you.can access the connect to your health.portal by going to it through the.service connection or by typing in that.website directly i'm WW your benefits.portal net you can also go directly.there and create your account and from.once you are all signed up for the.connect your health portal.this is where you are going to enroll in.your benefits it's where you'll make.your changes it's where you can find the.plan documents in case you are hoping to.read more about your medical insurance.plan and as you'll hear me mention more.throughout the training this is also.where I will where you will be able to.get access to our other cool resources.and so the first of those cool resources.that I like to talk about and you'll.hear me say it a lot during this.training because they are the best is.the health advocate so the health.advocate is a group or an outside.company we partner with that has a staff.of trained medical professionals so.these are folks that have worked in the.medical work in the medical industry um.in a variety of ways and now they have.been trained to act as a consultant and.also sort of a guide for navigating our.benefits so what are some specific.things they can help you with they can.help you find in network providers on.your health insurance plan um that is.super important and we'll talk about it.one more soon they can also help you.resolve billing disputes so let's say.you go to the doctor and the bill the.hospital sends you does not look right.you can work with the health advocate to.help resolve that billing dispute with.the hospital and your insurance company.and then what I personally think is the.coolest thing the health advocate can do.is is they can help advise you on which.of our medical insurance plans are the.best fit for your family's needs so if.you if you are looking at all of our.different health insurance plans a.little bit here and you are saying wow I.do not know which of these I should.choose your recruiter won't be able to.give you advice on which plans are the.best fit for you and that is not.something we can do as your employer but.that's why we partner with the help.advocate because they can help talk you.through different situations they can.help you look at your medical history.and what your cost.have been like in the past and they can.help you decide which of our medical.insurance plans will be able to help fit.those needs in the future so if you need.help figuring out which benefits plan.you want unrolling the health advocate.at the phone number listed on this slide.is a great place to start next we have.your benefits team they are available by.phone and by email and your benefits.team are the folks that will help you.with a lot of your general benefits.questions so if you need help navigating.the connect to your health portal.they'll be able to help you if you have.a question about what benefits are.offered they would be able to help you.as well - and let's say you are trying.to enroll in the portal and you just.would much rather talk to another human.being that can help you sign up then you.can call the benefits team and they will.help submit your benefit selections for.you just to make it easier for you um I.personally know that I like to talk to.another human being when I do things.like this so the phone is a great option.to give them a call at now these first.three I've talked about these are you're.going to be great resources for anything.in regards to your medical insurance the.next two are a little different but they.are still great resources so I did want.to include them the first is Prudential.Prudential is the financial institution.that manages our 401k and a 401 K is a.retirement savings account so helps you.put money away to save for that day when.you retire and if you do want to learn.more about our 401 K or get signed up.for it.you can call Prudential at the number on.this slide and they will be able to help.you sign up um you'll be able to sign up.on the Tuesday after you receive your.first paycheck and 401 K it's important.to call out you can make changes to your.401 K at any time that does not follow.the same rules as your medical insurance.next we have the Employee Assistance.Program so the Employee Assistance.Program is a free confidential.counseling service that we provide to.all employees and anybody that they.share a house with so anybody that lives.with you as an employee of ogp is also.available to use our Employee Assistance.Program and the Employee Assistance.Program can help you deal with a variety.of life stressful situations um let's.say that you decide you want to start.doing some counseling with your spouse.over relationship counseling you can.call the EAP here and they can set you.up with an in-person licensed medical.therapist in your area to for five free.counseling sessions between you and your.spouse to help go through that couples.therapy.it does not have to be couples therapy.though because they can help you deal.with things like substance abuse.managing stress parenting problems they.can help you with a variety of the.stressful situations that life throws at.us so if you ever need somebody if you.ever need to access free counseling the.EAP is a good place to start and beyond.that they can do a lot more than just.counseling to they work sort of as a.personal concierge so if you ever need.help let's say finding childcare or.finding a school in your area for your.child you can you can call the EAP and.they can help you find a babysitter in.your area they can help you find your.resources near you um I've heard.somebody even got assistance finding an.apartment through the Employee.Assistance Program so I highly encourage.you just to be creative and give them a.call and see if they can help you out um.their phone number is included on that.slide here and with that those are the.five resources I wanted to share with.you we are now gonna dive headfirst into.our medical insurance.rings but before we talk about the.actual plans I wanted to go over a.couple of key terms to consider wedding.but I'm going to be using to describe.these medical insurance plans to me so.the first term I have for you is a copay.a copay is a flat fee you pay for.covered services under your medical.insurance plan so that would be.something like going to have a check in.with your primary care doctor it would.offer co-pays or going to pick up a.prescription medicine so the to be.specific our PPO plan has a thirty.dollar copay to go see a primary care.doctor and you'll notice on the right.side of the slide here that there are.two columns the PPO column and the.consumer choice column our PPO plan is.the our PPO plans are the only ones that.offer co-pays for you our consumer.choice plan does not offer any co-pays.so what exactly that means for the.consumer choice plan is that if you have.not used your plan at all and you need.to see a primary care doctor you will.have to pay for all of that cost until.you hit your deductible which is.actually our next term so it's nice to.tie in here so a deductible is the.amount that you pay each year before.your plan starts to share the cost of.the care you receive so what exactly.does that mean so if you need to have if.you need to receive care and you have.not hit your deductible yet and you're.on the consumer choice plan that means.that you will be paying for a hundred.percent of that care until you hit your.deductible so it's important to be aware.of how far your you've gotten on your.deductible and how close you are to your.insurance company sharing the cost of.your medical care with you.and since our consumer choice plan does.not offer co-pays that means for.anything any type of care on the.consumer choice plan you will be.responsible for a hundred percent of the.cost until you hit the deductible so.that means that you pay the pay the.dollar amount required by the deductible.before your coinsurance kicks in our.coinsurance is our third term here and I.you heard me say a few times now that.after you hit your deductible your.insurance company will share the cost of.your care with you and that exact.percentage of the cost that they share.with you is called your coinsurance so.that means in the coinsurance is.percentages you are paying of the total.cost so a common one would be twenty.percent if you are if your coinsurance.is twenty percent that means after you.pay off your deductible that you will be.paying twenty percent of the total cost.of your care and that your insurance.company will cover the remaining 80% and.then our fourth term here is the.out-of-pocket maximum and that's the.most you will have to pay each year for.the healthcare services that you receive.um once you hit your out-of-pocket max.your insurance company covers a hundred.percent of the care that you receive so.that is a nice number to know cuz it.does mean that you won't have bills that.keep climbing up so high that you can.never that you could never afford them.the out-of-pocket max is a safety.blanket of sorts to make sure that the.bills do not get that high and then our.fifth term that I know folks are always.curious about and that is the premium.premium is the amount you pay per.paycheck to have coverage so that's the.amount that you will be deducted from.your paycheck for your insurance plan um.I will include those a little bit later.but first before we get to the premiums.we are going to go to our next slide.that has a lot of information.on it this is a good opportunity for me.to call out that you do not need to take.notes on this recording you will be able.to access the deck the PowerPoint deck.directly from directly from OGP so you.can review it there and we also have a.benefit enrollment guide and benefits.summary that you can look at that will.have all this information and it will.you won't have to work go on the timing.of my recording so this slide with a lot.of information is our 2020 medical.insurance plans that we are offering.looking at it from left to right there.are five plans and it goes from the.least coverage on the left so the this.plant the preventative plan on the far.left gives you the least amount of.coverage then if you move right you move.into our plans that will offer more.coverage so that means when you do have.to to receive care the plans on the.right will pay for more of the care than.the plans on the left now I'm gonna jump.around a little bit between the plans.here just so we can cover the.differences between them but first our.Kaiser consumer choice plan that plan is.only available in certain areas of the.country and that's in areas of the.country where Kaiser is available if you.are not in a Kaiser area you will not be.offered this plan I mean it won't even.show up during your enrollment process.one thing to note about Kaiser if you.are in a Kaiser area is that Kaiser.their medical insurance plan is in.network only that means you can if you.are on that plan you can only go to.Kaiser hospitals and see Kaiser doctors.so if you have a doctor you know that.works somewhere that's not Kaiser that.you love going to see this would not be.a great plan for you luckily we do offer.several other plans that offer end and.out-of-network choices.but of course you will always want to.stay in network because that will be the.cheapest option for you so the consumer.choice plans if you are taking a look at.the slide here you will see that their.individual or if you go down about three.or four cells from the name of it you.will see the dollar values of three.thousand dollars flush sinks six.thousand dollars and those are the.deductibles for those plans so if it is.just you the individual enrolled in the.consumer choice plan your deductible is.three thousand dollars on the consumer.choice plans that means that you have to.pay three thousand of your own dollars.for the medical care that you receive.before your medical insurance plan the.consumer choice will start to share any.of the cost with you so that's important.to call out because you will have to do.pay that three thousand dollars and then.your insurance kicks in if you are going.to be enrolling your family onto one of.our plans you will have the higher.deductible then so on the consumer.choice plan that's six thousand dollars.for in-network so that means for all of.the care that you and your family are.receiving you will have to spend six.thousand dollars out-of-pocket before.the insurance starts to share the cost.with you at all so it's important to.think of those dollar amounts when you.are making your to fit your decision.which plan to enroll in if you are a.family that is has regular maybe higher.medical costs you would want to consider.whether you could pay that three.thousand or six thousand dollars of the.deductible before your plan starts to.hear the cost with you and then if you.keep going down the consumer choice.column there you will see that there are.some percentages that say after.deductible beneath it the primary care.and specialist visit you'll see it says.thirty percent after deductible and that.is a coinsurance which means after you.hit that deductible you.we'll be responsible for 30% of the.total cost of your medical care and the.insurance company will cover the other.70% now I'm going to jump back to the.left here back to our preventative plan.because the preventative plan is an.appealing option for a lot of folks just.because it is our plan with the lowest.premiums and as a reminder that means.that it having the lowest premiums means.it has the lowest deductions taken out.of your paycheck for you to be enrolled.in that plan the preventative plan it's.I like to describe it in a certain way.to kind of help you understand the.intent of it the preventative plan a lot.of folks look at it like as a safety.blanket so they think that if they have.a catastrophic medical situation come up.let the preventative plan will sort of.add a safety blanket and stop them from.racking up or starting to get a very.large medical bill on the preventative.plan but that is not the intent of the.plan the plan actually does not cover.any inpatient or outpatient services at.all so that means that if you do have a.medical situation come up where your.hospital lives this plan will not help.you cover any of those costs it is meant.to be a preventative plan just like the.name says and so it does give you access.to give have a preventive visit to your.doctor once per year and the costs are.covered at 100% I mean that is actually.true for all of our medical insurance.plans all preventive care is will be a.hundred percent covered by the plan and.so those are things like going to see.your primary care doctor and having a.check in or having a women's wellness.exam or lots of those other annual.checkups annual physicals that people do.have to stay on top of their help so the.preventative plan is intended to.give them access to going to see their.doctor to make sure they can detect any.of medical abnormalities as early as.possible and the plan also does give you.a limited number of emergency room and.urgent care visits per year just so you.can get access to that care if you do.need to go to Urgent Care but again it.does not cover any in or out of pay.outpatient services at all so if you do.have to expect a more if you are.expecting a more expensive medical.treatment this plan might not be the.best fit for you and then finally we.have our two PPO plans on the right side.of this slide there are two there is the.PPO basic and then the regular PPO or.the PPO enhanced is what it's called in.some spots and these plans are cool.because they offer co-pays to all of the.offered co-pays to our employees for.covered services so if you need to go.see your primary care doctor or a.specialist you can you will have a copay.for that on the PPO basic and the PPO.plans come if you need to go to the.emergency room or you need to go to.Urgent Care there are also co-pays.available there as well.and those are our PPO plans you'll see.that the full PPO plan has a quite a.good chunk lower deductible than the.rest of our plans.so it's $1,500 for the individual and.$3,000 for the family when you stay.in-network but the PPO basic plan.actually has a much higher deductible.and that is because the PPO basic plan.while it does offer co-pays it is much.more affordable on or as much lower.premiums than the PPO plan.due to that it does require a higher.deductible but the trade-off is that.you'll have access to those co-pays so.you can go see the doctor when you need.to so kind of wrapping this slide up and.as a review there the PPO plans on the.right side of this slide are our highest.coverage offerings and they while they.do have higher deductions taken out of.your paycheck for the plan you will have.lower out-of-pocket medical costs.throughout the year if you are enrolled.in one of those plans okay so I know.that was a lot of information and I.would and I will definitely be going.over some more tips and tricks of how.you can save money on your healthcare.once you choose your plan um but for now.we are going to move on to a slide of.the little less information and right.here we have our Medical Care saving.tips so I just wanted to go over a.couple tips and tricks with you for how.you can get the most out of your plan.I'm here at a MN we really like to.encourage our employees to be savvy.healthcare consumers are become informed.about their health care a lot of people.when they are spending their money on.health care don't approach it the same.way they do other major purchases so if.you're buying a car you are going to go.look at how much that car costs in every.car dealer in your area to make sure you.can find the best deal and get what you.want for as little as possible most.people don't think about healthcare like.that and we like to give you the tip.give you the tools to allow you to be.able to approach health care like that.so your dollars can go the farthest so.my first tips and tricks for you to.become a savvy healthcare consumer is to.always always always stay in-network to.receive the benefit and credit towards.your deductible so.if you stay in-network you will always.be working towards the lowest the lowest.deductible possible for you so your plan.will start sharing the cost of your care.with you even earlier if you go out of.network then that money spent will not.count toward your in-network deductible.and your out of no drug deductible is.much higher and will take longer for you.to reach so whenever possible you should.stay in-network and if you need help.finding and network doctor the health.advocate that I mentioned a couple.slides ago they can help you find an.in-network doctor you can also reach out.to your insurance carrier directly to.help find out what doctors and hospitals.in your area are in network next we this.sort of goes along with what I would say.earlier but to get them on get the best.deal or how to save money on your.medical care is to be one good approach.is to be prepared and informed so you.should become a consumer in your health.care like you are and everything else.like when you are buying that car like I.mentioned so to do that you should.always investigate your most.cost-effective options sorry excuse me.the you should always investigate your.most cost-effective options so let's say.you have a sore throat and you need to.go see a doctor about it.you could go to Urgent Care you could go.to the emergency room you could try to.make an appointment with your doctor but.it's important to think about which of.those is going to be the best deal so.going to the emergency room is always.going to be very expensive and it's.you're going if you need to get care for.something minor like a sore throat and.probably isn't necessary for you to go.to the emergency room it would probably.make more sense for you to go to Urgent.Care or a retail health clinic and also.all of our plans offer telemedicine.which I will talk about more on our next.but that is another very cost-effective.option so if you need help finding out.what is going to be the cheapest option.for the care you need you can use a tool.on the connect to your health portal.called cast light cast light lets you.look up the cost of different procedures.in your area so an example would be lets.say you need to get an MRI of your knee.because you injured your knee if if you.have that MRI ordered and you're trying.to figure out where you're gonna go to.get it done you can type in MRI on to.cast light and they will tell you the.cost of MRIs at different air at.different hospitals in your area and so.that will let you pick out based on your.plan which of those hospitals gives you.the best deal um it's a really cool tool.and I highly encourage you to use it.whenever you do have a more expensive.medical situation coming up and then our.third tips and tricks is one that I was.not aware of before I worked in benefits.and that is that most doctors will.negotiate payment terms especially for.more expensive procedures such as.surgery MRIs or braces now me personally.I would not know how to approach.negotiating with a doctor or the.hospital when I have one of those more.more expensive procedures coming up so.another really cool thing that the.health advocate does is that they will.negotiate with the doctor and hospital.on your behalf you just need to call.them tell them what type of carrier.receiving and Inc and where you're going.to get it done and they will go.negotiate with the doctor and hospital.to help you get the best deal on that.more expensive procedure I'm a pretty.common one the hospitals will do is.let's say that you I need to get have a.surgery and they give you the cost of it.so you can ask them or the health.advocate can ask for you hey if we pay.for all of the cost upfront will you.knock twenty percent off the bill and.hospitals will be quite willing to.negotiate.in those situations so definitely take.advantage of the health advocate.negotiating on your behalf if you ever.do have an expensive procedure come up.so those are our three biggest tips and.tricks for you to save money with your.healthcare I do have one more situation.here I talked about it briefly on the.last slide but it is another great way.for you to save money so let's go back.to that sore throat example um you a.sore throat you didn't want to get it.taken care of where should you go so you.can go to the emergency room which we.said was going to be the most expensive.option and a lot of times when you go to.emergency rooms in the u.s. you will.have a very long wait to reform receive.care so you could be up to you could be.in the emergency room for up to four.hours before they see you I know here we.are all busy and four hours in a waiting.room is not ideal so we do that so maybe.you say nope I'm not doing the emergency.room I'm gonna go to Urgent Care so.urgent care or a retail health clinic.such as a little clinic say in a CVS or.in a Walgreens they will have a flat fee.that you pay for the care you receive.anywhere between twenty and seventy-five.dollars so that already is saving a lot.of money from the emergency room and a.lot of times you can get in and out of.Urgent Care in an hour so that is you're.not only saving money but you're saving.three hours versus going to the.emergency room all of our plans do offer.a third option though which i think is.very cool and it is called live health.online or telehealth or telemedicine.some people even call it a tele doc and.what exactly that is is that that is you.doing a videoconference with a physician.to help treat the it treat the symptoms.that you are having so to go back to.that sore throat let's say it's a time.of year when you know you almost always.get strep throat.and you can actually call the doctor and.do your teleconference with them right.there and they can order let's say you.want to get a test before you get the.treatment they can order a test for you.um they can also order a prescription.for you if they do not need to run a.test and send that directly to your.pharmacy through the computer so this is.a great option because our plans do have.a $49 flat fee for telemedicine so you.are getting a good deal on it and beyond.that you are going to save a lot of time.because you can do telemedicine directly.from the comfort of your home you can.you don't even have to leave bet if you.do not want to to do telehealth so that.is a great option if you are trying to.save time and money to handle a medical.situation and so this really does.capture the spirit of trying to be an.informed and savvy healthcare consumer.so I do highly encourage you to.investigate your options when you need.to receive care now I am gonna change.directions a little bit here this may.not sound like it's a way to save money.but it is a great way to make the.dollars you spend on medical care go.much further so if you are enrolled in.our consumer choice plan so only the.consumer to explain is eligible to do.this um but if you are enrolled in that.one you are eligible to contribute to.the health savings account or an HSA.that we administer through a vendor.called benefit wallet so what this is if.it's a savings account where you will.take money out of your paycheck and it.will go directly in this account the.money that I've taken out of your.paycheck will not be taxed so the money.that normally would have gotten taken.from you and brought and given to the US.government for taxes instead that will.all go directly into your HSA and you.can use your HSA to pay for medical care.dental care vision expenses you can use.it to pick up prescriptions.and most of the medical situation if you.come up you encounter will be covered by.the HF a so you can use those dollars.that you take out of your paycheck that.normally would have been taxed and that.will go to paying for those expenses.it's cool because it offers savings to.you in a few ways so I mentioned the tax.dollars or the money that normally would.have been taken from you that would that.is now going to account so you can spend.it on the care you receive and it also.lowers your gross income your total.income on the year.so when you are filing taxes annually it.will bring your total amount down and.make the taxes you owe less so that is.double savings right there and I highly.encourage you to take advantage of this.if you are on the consumer choice plan.the way it works is you will be sent a.debit card to buy benefit wallet and you.will just use that credit card debit.card just like any other card and you.will pay for the care you receive.directly from there the you there are.maximum amounts you can put in the HSA.each year so this year in 2020 if it is.just you in the consumer choice plan you.can contribute three thousand five.hundred fifty dollars to the HSA but if.your whole family is enrolled in our.consumer choice plan then you can.contribute.$7,100 to your HSA so I know with the.consumer choice plans that large this.deductible can kind of scare some people.but this is what you were able to offer.you to help you counteract that and it.really is a great account to take.advantage of if you have the opportunity.to and if you do need to talk through.that with anybody I know it can be a.little confusing um are the resource if.I went over earlier the health advocate.and the benefits team would both be.happy to talk to you about it okay so we.are getting closer to the end here but.first I wanted to just show you real.quickly the medical benefit premium.for our plans if you look here the we.have the 2020 weekly rates for our.medical plans and they are in the same.order that they are on in the original.spot I sent you so the least amount of.care is on the left and the most care is.on the right these and so for you if you.are paid bi-weekly it's important that.you double these rates so if you don't.receive a paycheck every week you.receive one every two weeks you need to.double the dollar amounts on this slide.and that is how much the premium will be.for you to be enrolled in that plan at.the bottom of the slide I did include.just a few little blurbs about our other.benefits I'm not going to go over them.today but if you want to learn more.about our company paid benefits or.voluntary benefits please feel free to.reach out to the benefits team they.would love to talk you through it and.help you explore the other options we.have that can help you supplement they.care for you and your family and with.that that is all I have for you today um.thank you so much for tuning in and.listening to this benefits training we.really do appreciate you taking the.initiative to try and learn more about.your benefits I hope it was helpful for.and had the information you were looking.for if not please let us know and I.would be happy to make sure that we.could have updated and we can make sure.there is relevant information that.you're looking for included in it so.again thank you so much for listening.today.and I hope you have a great rest of your.day.

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Kaiser Disabled Dependent Enrollment Application Form FAQs

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