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Instruction of Finishing the Download The Student Questionnaire In Pdf Format Tasis The Bb

good afternoon everybody and welcome to.the very first episode of class Wars.this is a brand new segment and today we.have the boys and girls of class 25.going head-to-head together in a game of.brain and the winning team will get a.thousand draw it's really ok ok so let's.meet the teams.all right today so we have the girls.team and the boy seem let's meet the.ladies first.I'm jasmine I'm Debbie I'm Cherilyn I'm.Denise Abby.all right let's give it up for the girls.team all right that's a beautiful blend.of beauty and brains over in this demon.let's meet the Macho Man class T watch.the fight who do we have here I am gonna.win why the boys I'm Vincent and we much.won the first the first segment with you.don't say that man make us sound bad.today we are going to have four.different sections just like an exam.papers each section will be in a b c and.d and section a we're gonna have a.general knowledge quiz all right each.team will have 90 seconds to answer 20.questions in a quick-fire route so.before we begin let's see how our.contestants are doing girls you guys.have any plans they need to look very.varied trouble.I cannot perform well understood and.this is the only invention ever.[Music].look at this like she's not even.supposed to have this right now well.coming for someone who heads actually a.double degree it's it's really no.surprise right there at the least you.guys are pretty confident so what's your.plan what's the game plan here winning.winning so I don't think we came into.this with a plan.none of us however I think who do you.think is their weekly journeys over.preparation is the worst thing you can.ever do so that is you should be nervous.[Music].I don't know answer oh my god and I saw.like cheryline but actually share.Elena's like she's pretty good at school.right.sorry with these lists you are in the.Wadley it doesn't matter what all right.girl so the boys have a lot of things to.say to you right there's a lot of vent.on the guys side so who do you think is.the weakest link.good luck you'll need it boys all right.so this is a team quit so boys will let.the ladies go first yes Ben seems.awfully quiet yeah.fancies also is Ben learn work a weapon.what's going through your mind right of.it.so you'll have 90 seconds to answer as.many questions as you can all right you.guys have to discuss amongst yourself.and one person we have to shout out the.answer towards me Denise you have to.listen to me right you're listening.right cool cool just make sure if you.don't know the answer to the question.you can choose to skip it's general.knowledge right so this question can be.about anything and everything timekeeper.I'll be ready are you ready girls your.time starts now.who is Han Solo son.[Applause].[Music].what is the famous were produced by Jedi.Knight in the Star Wars series.lightsaber who painted the Mona Lisa.hello does an eyelash live before it.falls out skip Cruella de Vil is the.villain in which Disney movie on.donations Peter Parker woods as a.photographer for what company skip all.right KITT what is the only mammal that.can truly fly Kip.for the fashion label DKNY the initials.stand for what what is the third side of.the zodiac horoscope horoscope.all right and your time is up.and the girls have a total of five ma.all right out of 20 questions well the.boys you can tell they was so excited.the moment I set out the first question.guys can you please explain to the girls.who is Han Solo son Ben solo aka.that's right.[Music].what is the memo that you are is a bet.until it is the only thing I thought.almost like Oh will I go so how do you.feel after your first round I think.right to save time one person decides to.skip and that person should be me.because if everyone requires time to.skip then I think it will take about 3.to 5 seconds so we need more questions.more answers if I decide to skip you.speak okay all right let's do it.all right see the boys came with a plan.very practical 90 seconds on the clock.starts now.what is another name for Supergirl who.was the first Disney Princess based on a.real historical figure Cinderella Snow.White's no contest Pocahontas what is.the profession of Mario and his brother.Luigi plumbers plumbers how did.spider-man get his superpowers.what about him what's my name.what is the name of the city that.Supergirl protects how often she replace.your mascaras skip skip.which version been made the genius jeans.that became part of the Guinness World.Record skip you guys have to choose on.one answer gay adults have 32 teeth how.many teeth do kids have 42 47:30 16 you.guys can just keep twisting that's a.chop.what is Superman's only weakness what.color is Mary Jane Watson hey hey how.many dots are there on a six sided dice.six chopped 21 21 what is the name of.Princess Jasmine tiger Simba good time.with that I thought all right boy it's.your only mistake was not choosing one.answer someone might have said the.correct answer but no one came to a.conclusion but we got the right answer.by you guys didn't choose together it's.a team back in how many did we get I.believe we got six right.but when he came in and said who say.Gucci I got it right.three months oh come on Supergirl.Wonder Woman Super Girl Super Girl don't.even happen so guys at the end of.section a the girls currently stand with.five points and the guys have a total of.eight points ah.All Right girls so after the first round.or Section eight how do you guys feel.all right Julia vary quite a bit.anything dance moves and.alright boys so after the first round.how do you guys feel I think we crushed.it I think we crush it and I think I'm.excited for an extra school so this time.you'll be going up another route of.quickfire but you only have 60 seconds.and as long as someone shouts out the.right answer and I hear it will count.that mark all right so girls do not.worry we let the boys go first all right.this time 30 seconds on the clock starts.now.what do you call a group of lions all.right a pride which Disney princess.movie takes place in the USA Cinderella.Cinderella wrong I know this I know this.princess and Princess and the Frog how.many legs does a spider have eight eight.how many legs does a lobster have to.seven sixteen wrong say nine wrong.this 10 what is the organ in a human.body what material is black panther suit.me arrow a vibranium vibranium what.country does the Black Panther rule what.is your dad's last name you may be.served you can't kick that's your last.mission I love you.and times up the answer is he doesn't.have one you were doubting yourself he.doesn't have a last name come on you're.the Stowers geek how can you not know.that it was a trick question.you got tricked the Joker the Joker got.change I don't know that we had trick.question you guys got a total of later.you'll find out so girls are you ready.it's your time to catch up with the boys.all right yeah all right.ladies are you ready 60 seconds on the.clock starts now.in what year was minecraft released you.can't get correct with Chewbacca's best.friend c-3po.[Music].I assure you can't skip you can see it.what is a golf ball made out of skip all.right.Benoit do with the ps4 released.energy Fatima giggling what is.Undertaker's real name the first thing.about MRT station japa you're correct.how many states does the USA have fifty.all right you've got the last question.is just in the nick of time.whoo to be fair I think the girls.questions were actually very tough even.I didn't know so much histories so the.boys got a total of 15 marks they got.seven correct answers in that round and.the girls got a total of nine months you.guys only got four correct answers golf.ball it's made out of rubber I am very.sure because the answer is right here.all right guys so that's the end of.section a and now we will hit into.Section B girls I think you will.definitely flourish in this section all.right.and right now section B we have.mathematics all right this is a.team-based game again once again so.there are two bells in front of you all.right so the first team that can find an.answer gets to ring a bell but if your.answer is wrong the other team has a.chance to answer each correct answer is.worth three marks.so each team will only have one chance.to answer it correctly alright everyone.how you're feeling about Matt's voice I.just want to say that we have the knees.with the knees we are cherylin who is.our GPA SI 4.0 and then we have Jasmine.who is a math tutor so I think we're a.bit unbalanced right here how many how.many of us oh yeah Trev is actually.molecular biology alright girls.how you feeling pretty confident about.this one alright everyone are you ready.yes that is you have a question I don't.have confidence right mine is blank I.think right now so are you.[Applause].all right everyone ready everyone when.your belts are in place let's carry on.with Section B if four students can do.for exempt papers in four hours.how many exam papers can eight students.do in eight hours we already have an.answer and the boys haven't even written.or anything so Denise what is the answer.the answer is 4.one student can do one pipeline in 4.hours so regardless of how many students.you have how many papers you have if.you're gonna take 4 let me just say.first Denise how confident are you the.answer is your final answer this is the.ultimate answer it is a or for an answer.the answer is wrong I'm so sorry guys.you have a chance to redeem this point.what is your final answer at the point I.have to say that in this situation right.I don't think that even I'm thinking.straight like I cannot even process the.question in my head.I'm just literally like I just feel.really intense right now and I don't.know what this guy is drawing but if.it's not poor if it's not eight then it.is sexy are you sure about your answer.but let's look at that yeah we have a.better chance than there are ladies.succeed are you sure about that yeah the.guys are right we're 16 the answer is 16.all right because each student takes 4.hours to complete one paper so 8 divided.by 4 you get to and you got 8 students.with two papers you get 16 all right.boys and girls I'll do the next question.Alvin Theodore and Simon aka the.Chipmunks share the tin of cookies.Alvin took 2/3 of the tins of cookies.and 5 cookies Theodore took 2/3 of the.remaining tin of cookies and 5 cookies.Simon only received 2 cookies.how many cookies did Alvin have just to.let you guys know this is a primary form.question so I got a primary battle.have an answer already you guys have to.choose an answer what is your final.answer is that your final answer.57 the answer is correct 57 - what are.you the machinist well going up against.someone who has a GPA of 4.0 a double.degree and a mathematics tutor so yeah.next question huh Zeke has some pots in.his shop he bought another four thousand.two hundred ninety three pots on.Saturday he sold two thousand one.hundred forty eight pots on Sunday and.was left with four thousand six hundred.and forty five pots.how many possibly have at first that was.a pot full in my mouth.do what are you doing everyone discuss.Debbie already has a finger on the Bell.getting ready to answer as you can tell.the boys group are pretty unified with.Vincent overlooking all the girls have.come to an answer.the girls have came to announce and the.answer is 2500 boys do you even have.your answers yet no classes 2,500 one.question one correct answer is worth.three marks I thought you had any what.were you doing Ben Ben how do you feel.after being pressurized to being the.best at math and not able to answer a.single question so far and it's that I.was feeling confident especially after.we won the first one but it seems like.the nervousness has gone and for us it's.just stress and how many questions in.this section total girls girls girls so.far you've been on a rule how do you.guys feel I saw how they worked I saw.jasmine working on it and then Denise.was working on it as well yeah they both.got the correct answer so they have a.fail-safe where did that book come from.it's part of my preparation strategy so.I'm so sorry guys but yeah I can take.your other question all right question.number four this one you might need to.look at it pretty properly all right.three apples equals 30 an apple and two.bananas equals 18 banana - coconut it.goes to coconut plus a plus banana.equals two question marks.find the value sorry sorry what what 16.yo it's your answer 16 yes oh that was.actually very fuzzy good job guys.on the speed but utter is wrong yeah.girls cool a chance who they succeed I.was reading yeah I was trying to prove.who's it come on the answer is 17 oh.it's trowel 70 is over 17 because what's.your final answer 15 16 15 Kevin Kevin.just saw it but hold on guys.all right so the guys got 16 and the.girls got 15 the girls got it right okay.uh do you guys want to explain how you.got 16 all right that the us so you give.away three is a 10 okay and it deals one.bonus at four okay all right then 4.minus 2 just way okay so 2 plus hope us.then it should be 16 but then wait okay.so this I got 16 yes so that's how you.got 6 it okay girls how did you get 15.oh my goodness.so this teaches you that you must be.very careful when you're doing a people.[Music].question number five where can you add a.straight line to the following statement.to make it true then the four questions.just consider moving all right the girls.have an answer goes what is your answer.that's not you go to five five zero.technically you are not wrong but that's.not the answer you're looking for yeah.it's actually a trick question in math.it's more logical than Matt's.close your eyes and draw a straight line.just do it man just close your eyes draw.a straight line.Giorgos all right guys for the sake of.the show you have ten seconds left.all right girls wanna come down all.right voice what is your final answer in.our channel to be sure they're working.to the to the camera I'm not proud of it.I'm not proud of all right Denise can.you please explain to the boys.all they needed to do and just add the.light on top of the plus sign it becomes.545 Wow.I feel like right rerun if you make a.bad joke and then we ignore it on.purpose don't say it again and waste our.time just remind you guys there's a.thousand dollars on the line right so.girls how do you feel number six hey.Jasmine and Jasmine and Juhi used sixty.one dollars and twenty cents each to buy.some followers jasmine has a 15% off.promo code and bought six more followers.than Juhi how many followers did jasmine.bought all right guys a little social.media trivia for you guys you need to.know we need to know them all followers.you have read this is the most intense.I've seen both team just make some noise.the boys have opted for a distraction.plan because the community thinks Jade.guys are better at math yes the girls.are working in groups as in like that's.three different groups of people getting.there and the boys are unified as one.unit just to let you guys know this is.AP SL e questions this is BS Elliot do.you know what in addition encouraged.okay that's all I can say no matter how.oh you are you should not buy followers.especially if you're doing PSLE wow that.is a moral correct answer but what is.the final answer since you don't believe.a clue and we are not really that.confident but I feel we we have we have.a method of working it it's just say.sorry sorry sorry yeah thinking man 646.all right so the boys have finally came.to a conclusion that the answer is 46.but the answer is wrong you have one.minute left girls all right boys III.think I think we should tone down on.instruction the girls are left with 30.seconds okay you wanna call five months.thank you all right the girl finally.came to an answer what is the answer.juhi ability talk superstar came up with.an answer me Julie should know it's her.father she would know all right Julie.what's the answer.your final ice age 66 was the boy's.answer just now 46 yeah the answer is.wrong the answer is 40 we are very upset.because Trev got the simple answer at.the start if you play a flashback Trev.got it he was at you guys I think it's.40 we need to know more follows we need.to know them all follow what you have.right but then we had to overthink it.and somehow we have 46 I swear it's.because they're lighter no but if.they're light did not turn off Jeff.would have said yeah instead he said he.said all right so no one gets a point.for this question.all right girls how you feeling III I.could tell that you guys were really.baring our brains out on that question.okay Denise looks devastated matter how.you believe Denise ladies and gentlemen.we're going up to the seventh question.at first John had some $10 notes and $2.notes in the ratio of 3 to 8 after.exchanging to $10 notes for to $2 notes.the ratio of $10 notes to $2 notes.became 1 is to 3 find the amount of.money.John had I think this is the most.intense you've ever seen the boys and.the girls go head-to-head but the girls.still sticking to their tactics of.having divided groups working to see.whether they can get the same answer and.the boys are all relying on one group.yes sir.when you say after changing $10 note for.$2 notes does the exchange with himself.or his exchange outside.oh all right boys and girls you have 20.seconds left to answer trap doing his.own calculation Kevin is supposed to do.a little calculation so now I can see a.separate in a group the girls are now.unified so it's kind of a twist in.tactics are you pop to have your answer.it looks like Jeff on the outside you.doubted yourself before why would you.want to tell yourself again trail and.your time is up boys and girls all right.the girls want to try for an answer.okay give us your answer charging $20.okay boys what is your answer.Ben what is your answer money 292 all.right boys and girls let me just tell.you this none of you got it right the.correct answer is 731 $20 by the girls.we're all to the last question of this.section all right are you guys feeling.you you look more serious now honestly I.feel pretty venesection right pretty.I'm feeling frustrated like my mind is.just not clear just like reading the.questions trying to figure it out so is.that why you've been distracting them is.this whole time yeah I mean if we can't.answer there we go.to make sure they can what was her.careless mistakes it's not my thing.oh very very simple premise mistakes me.wrong all right boys and girls were on.to our last question of this section but.let me just say this all right.the girls are currently in the lead and.if the boys get this question right you.guys will end of Section B with even.marks because right now we stand at 21.months and 18 months no pressure no.pressure on you extending all right on.to the last question of section B how do.you make seven even without addition.subtraction multiplication or division.or follow the girls before I finish my.sentence yes Debbie you look very.confident take out the acid seven.they take out the s in seven the answer.is it's right got it right so it shows.that the girls team have definitely.clawed their way through Section B.overtaking the boys through 24 months.and the boys still 10 and 80 bucks all.right guys let's just say you do it what.are you planning to do with the 1000.smackeroos well obviously it's all on.black.all right so casino is the answer for.the boys team girls what are you.planning to do with that $1,000 we are.heading into Section C so for this.section get ready because you'll be.facing up against each other.1v1 all right so each student will have.to choose a subject and now within the.subject there are five questions so both.students will have to answer five.questions each and no matter how many.questions they get correct as long as a.person has more points they get the five.marks for their team so for the first.couple going up face to face we will.have Hakim and Vicky.all right so the person on the table.will get to choose one person from the.team to help them with the question all.right all right Akemi picky scissors.paper stone the winner gets to choose.the subject okay music before you can.get music game has chose music Hakim and.Vicki your first question for music is.it is commonly referred to as the treble.clef what is the other name for it again.then again it is commonly referred to as.the treble clef but what is the other.name for it all right.Vicki who would like to choose in your.group to help you know know what to help.you choose.just say something random basically this.clever.Hawking got basically Vicki it's got no.other name both of you are wrong the.answer is the G clef all right next.question okay.I'm sure how many keys are there on a.standard piano you have to lock down.your answer if you want to answer use a.bell well it if you want to answer it.Vicki has an answer what is the answer.Vicki the answer is correct even a.xylophone as more itself choose who's.helping us before you give the question.all right sure that's that's true what.Vincent said you have to choose okay.Vicki chooses Abby how can you try to.choose to help you with the next.question.okay I would choose mr. Jenner okay all.right question number three which singer.talk Forbes list of highest earning.celebrities this year making one hundred.and eighty five million dollars pre-tax.Hakeem what you answer her.ariana grande ariana grande the answer.is wrong so thank you next Vicki lofty.what is your answer.Taylor Swift do you even know any of my.songs.Biggi got it right fayla truth is the.highest peak flavor tea business is.really all right tough question is the.digital sorry the didgeridoo correct did.you redo is the wind instrument from.where Australia the answer is correct.[Applause].okay here's a fun fact for you Hakeem a.she stayed in Australia for a few years.so he would know both banks alright last.question for the music category as of.right now Vicki has to correct answer.Hakim has one correct answer so if Hakim.does not answer this correctly Vicki.gets the point number five what is the.most dream song on Spotify I'll let you.guys know it has over two billion.streams song right it's a song ten nine.eight seven six five four - what no help.line.alright come up with an answer now Vicki.ladies first three - all right now Kim.your last chance what is the most stream.song on Spotify okay the most stream.song on Spotify is C - Justin Bieber.baby justin bieber baby.let you guys know that's the most.watched video on YouTube but it's not on.Spotify because the most stream saw on.Spotify is the shape of you by Ed.Sheeran alright so for this subject the.girls win because Vicky got to crack I.said hockey when you go back so fibery.must go to the girl did you redo alright.guys so right now the Knicks students.I want up against the table is Jasmine.[Applause].alright you can only offer help to your.team member for one question only.vincent and jasmine scissors paper stone.history be chosen by Vinson Wow fan of.culture so on the subject of history the.first question is what year did.Singapore gain independence Jasmine what.is your answer 1955 sorry my journey dr..Yan sir 1955 it's wrong then sir you.have 10 seconds to adjust.sorry wasanta 1956 that's what he said.both your answers are wrong guys it's.1965 we know every year we F National.Day that's how you don't forget all.right.second question who was the first.president of the United States of.America.George Washington is correct what point.in right number three which country was.Vietnam colonized by France.the answer is we yeah which means.correct yes yes this is smart in history.guys Wow all right question number four.who was the first man on the Moon.Vinson with the hat trick it is by right.the boys team have already won because.they got three out of five right but for.the sake of the last question in what.year did the fools the first iPhone come.up okay so everyone in what here.lifeline knife line okay Brida wat yes.hello all right I think this this might.just bite you in the butt.okay Vincent okay Jasmine what is your.answer 2009 2010 2009 he says nine you.see.in 2008 both of you were actually close.because I chose 2007 all right so the.boys take this before we carry you.underneath how you're feeling because.you've been fidgeting with your hands.lately all right next up let's have been.a juhee at the table already you know.the rules no discussion only one.lifeline for what question scissors.paper stone I mean I guess it was the.subject go pick your subject science.scientist the first question for.scientist on the periodic table what is.the symbol for the element silver.lifeline okay who's your lifeline Trev.okay Trevor what is on the treble G a G.the answer is correct.[Applause].all right the boy say the first question.the next question is what is the only.metal to be liquid at room temperature.Julie mercury is correct yeah Oh.all right question number three who.created the theory of evolution and.natural selection lifeline lifeline.jessamine jessamine what is the answer.so you say delegate Charles Darwin is.the answer that's right right why you.got his baby brother stories twist to.one question number four what part of.the cell is commonly known as the.powerhouse this is my favorite brain.cell but the answer did not take too.much brain because that is wrong the.answer is the mitochondria last site.last question we need this all right.it's either a point for the team for the.girls team or points for both of you.question number five when exposed to.lower air pressure does the boiling.point of water increase or decrease been.increase well the answer to this is just.on your chances of winning this game.actually because I say it decreases so.yes you have only one other answer which.is which was decrease yes the answer is.decreased so the girls take the science.subject Reeboks add boys look pretty.much devastated army.[Applause].all right next up let's have Kevin and.Charlotte okay.all right Kevin it's early and you know.the rules one lifeline each let's go see.this paper stone and Kevin wins the.scissors papers all right Kevin you get.to choose the subject it's all theory.based so the first question for physical.education is what does Nava stand for.you want to use your lifeline Sheldon I.see you looking back whoa whoa whoa.Kevin the answer.Kevin what is your angle national.aptitude physical fitness.hey Kevin out of the five words you have.given me only three are correct.you did get national physical and.fitness but the answer is yes a wrong.sherilyn you have a chance to answer.all right oh you got it wrong I taste.national physical fitness award know the.N is from the word national alright.second question for PE which muscle in.the body is the only muscle that is.attached at one end you know I'd say.stock the answer is correct.the answer is the tongue question number.three how many meters are there in a.mile Sharleen rang the bell first surely.1.2 km 1.2 km but I asked in meters so.your answer is 1 mile is approximately.1.6 kilometers 1.6 km is easier with us.1 6 0 0 meters that is correct.all right question number 4 which part.of the body are the gluteus maximus.muscles located a lifeline convinced.sharing your initial are you soft like.you just laugh like a fly can we use.this lifeline well who's your lifeline. hard kid.I came so what must what part of your.body are the gluteus maximus muscles.located your thighs sherilyn do you have.a life I used the ones you didn't know.every a be so lifelike ok a be a.lifeline what is your answer.both of you got close but it's wrong.last question for physical education is.last question you got is what type of.equipment does a spin class use but.cherylin surely where's the tricycle you.use it came in what is your answer.electronic bicycle electronic UIC car.both of you a robot called a static.bicycle alright so the winner of this.group is the boys as you know it so the.producers have just came in with in.sunaquot the news all done uh-huh okay.okay Shauna alright so the producer has.um came up with a VAR okay I said that.they will allow electronical bikes so.the boys get five points all right next.up we will have a B versus Trev.[Applause].[Music].dancing there once Travis this is.episode on okay trav cheese your subject.geography geography alright so for.geography mr. worldwide your first.question is which continent is the most.populated Trev rang the bell first.traveler Santa South Africa.[Applause].let me just say your answer when totally.cellphone that is wrong AJ is right.sorry those are not continents as well.as other countries second question for.geography what is the capital of the.Philippines.[Applause].third question of geography this might.be the making of Viki for the girls team.what is the name of the second highest.mountain in the world.Trev answer first Trev you wanna answer.I use a knife in the second is a second.highest mountain in the world.everything the boss man here boss man oh.yeah I gotcha and go that's that we have.a key I think the mouth will come up key.key yes yeah as Santa you can use.your lifeline okay sure okay Denise was.answer Denise she said Kinabalu it is.not kinabalu k2 Oh Jenna was across this.is a click okay - what is the bullying.for kid - okay summer please check godly.alright so no one got the answer right.k2 is also known as dot with.questionable for in geography what do.you call an area where water flows over.a vertical drop of series of whoa Abby I.will finish my question sorry Santa.waterfall are you sure about that answer.you want me to finish the question.over a vertical drop of series of steep.drops in the course of a stream or river.the answer is waterfall that's actually.correct finishing of points when we.interrupt you for the sake of the last.question yeah you did win early but now.you get to show it in their face like.have been sending previously whoa.all right last question is what is the.name of the biggest desert in the whole.wide world Trevor so hard answer is.right but still the girls took this.round with five marks all right all.right all right right now we have the.second last couple of shall we have.Debbie and Ronnie's young all right boys.and girls you know the rules one.lifetime for one question literature.where do I choose this literature for.literature the first question is who is.the author of Charlie and the Chocolate.Factory.Debbie was user lifetime my own answer.Wow do you never use your life do you.use your life and there was posted on a.lifeline okay.surely I wrote down as is correct is.wrote down question number two what book.are the characters - Dee and tweedle dum.from a book okay.and if you don't or something on it is.it no that's a nursery rhyme and that is.wrong okay we don't know jack use is my.lifeline your lifeline okay who's your.life so Alice in Wonderland is the.correct answer so the score is even.right now so question number three what.is the name of the little girl in Peter.Pan we're doing Wendy well I guess we.know where the girls are not going to.eat because wendy is the correct answer.number four who is the partner off.Sherlock Holmes oh grid one if you.answer this correctly you get a chance.to win this round what is your answer.Harry what give me a full name heavy.Harry Watson is it hey what's in Debbie.what is your answer dr. Watson can I.just get a random first name.I don't know the answer is you know what.I'll give both of you wrong dancers.actually John Watson alright last.question last question for the.literature subject complete this.sentence to be or not to be.yes we don't what is the question the.answer is wrong.Debbie what is your answer the answer is.to be or not to be that is the question.but at the end of this round ridwan wins.[Applause].the five points to the boys - was it.just Deb I'm just kidding so y'all know.who's the last couple on the table let's.give it up for Jenna and Ernie's father.last subject it's a sign it's a sign.first question is what do you call a.word that reads the same backwards and.forwards Jimmy Fallon Jimmy is correct.[Applause].very confident girl see now alright.second question what do you call a baby.kangaroo in her life line first there B.is a life and what dances right girls I.popped up guys are looking for me.nervous.third question and possibly the last.answer what about the following sentence.is incorrect irregardless of the rain.they were determined to carry on jinho I.think is irregardless the word should.have been regardless all right the point.is to is to one number four what is an.adjective.Jen how describes the other is correct.so the boys have caught on to point.apiece.the last question what does the word.like add icicle mean lifeline okay Jen I.have to use a lifeline.push your life leaplet a seeker like a.die seeker like a day acoustica you do.you even know the meaning of your works.i won i want to notice spelling of this.l ck EDA is IC al but Jen how you are.extending your time so you have ten.seconds left.sorry ten nine eight seven six.it's not basically juice how this work.before my time.meaning I'm gonna guess that it means.something like a bit lazier so we've got.lazy as a book a book but then.technically Danny's got her vocabulary.book just right now because it actually.helped out is collect Lizzy so the girls.take five points five marks yes by much.alright so at the end of Section C the.score stands at the boys with 33 points.and the girls have a total of 44 right.so that's one more section to go to.section D and this one is a real.turnaround the boys still have a chance.in this game because the next session is.gonna have a lot of marks so before we.head into section D how you guys feeling.I feel stunned like I feel like yeah I.literally feel few code after death I.don't know what just happened but I.don't even remember that first word that.she say it was a purely palindrome me it.sounds funny even say I know what's like.what's like like a bites I don't know.it's like a disco days ago and my mind.is blown by what whatever just happened.right now so Denise how are you and the.girls feeling you totally owned a ramen.Pauline Jimmy took us all the way girls.how y'all feeling.I would like a double make spicy thank.you all right before we continue in.Section D we have to bid adieu to one of.our female contestants Abby has to go.off ladies and gentlemen we have arrived.to our last section section D which is.the impossible questions boys you have a.chance in catching up because this is.worth 8 points or 8 marks alright just.remind you guys $1000 is on the line.okay all right and write your answers on.the whiteboard and show it to me at the.same time all right boys.make some noise let's go with the first.question for the impossible section what.is the 12th letter of traps full name no.copying each other.[Laughter].show me your whiteboards what is your.answer boys the letter H the letter H no.and no one gets points because the.answer is mmm because you see trails.full name yes so what thoughts after the.first question you know very chicken no.no no I find it very funny music amazing.huh yeah then why didn't you say the.odds are I'm not gonna make it easy for.you guys you guys are adults let's go.question number two impossible just.think Denise once to study for three.consecutive days but she can't include.Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday.Saturday or Sunday.so what days can't you study on you have.only one minute guys just let you know.each correct answer is worth eight marks.ten nine eight seven six five four three.two and A one all right markers down.whiteboards up by twice what on Sony.alone - one more for the boys so girls.what is the answer to your consecutive.days boys what is your answer everything.every day I don't even want to see every.day.and the answer is yesterday today and.tomorrow.all right guys are you ready to go on to.the third question so question number.three a Ben is running in a race he.overtakes Vicki who is in second place.what position is Ben in now you got one.minute to answer oh you got answers yet.all right I don't have to tell now that.all right lift your answers up now watch.answer.second and second and for the first time.you both got it right because you only.overtake the position second place nice.you're still in second place got this.one one guy in front of me.all right the second part to this.question.Kevin is running in a race he overtakes.Ben who is now in second place what.position is Kevin in now you go one.minute three two one all right so you.answers to the camera now what does the.girl have what do you guys have first.what do you have Kevin doesn't run but.if he does Kevin doesn't run but if he.does he would be in first place well I.did say that the answer had to be on the.whiteboard so the boys getting points.because Kevin could never overtake been.in a race and Kevin doesn't run.[Music].okay okay Kevin how do you feel I want.the guys to win by just kind of hurts.[Music].all right fourth question what word does.Debbie always spelled incorrectly thirty.seconds to answer this one Ted I know.you nine eight seven six five four three.two one all right the question is what.word does Debbie always spell.incorrectly the girls answered.incorrectly.the guys answered points to both teams I.don't wanna be part of this feud but.yeah octave.question number five juice Judy's mom.has three kids the first name tick the.second name top what is the third.child's name 30 seconds starts now.ready ten nine eight seven six five four.three two and one all right girls what's.your answer I can't see the answer that.says juhi boys what is your answer.it's Julie I think it's pretty.straightforward both of them got it.right all right you guys will have fun.with question number six all right.rearrange the letters to make a word.there is only one answer five four three.two and one.all right pens down girls what's your.answer the answer is subtext guys what.is your answer.all right the boys had no answers so yes.it is subtext so we are halfway through.a section D ready on to the next.question if Charlene drops her blue.pinafore into.the Red Sea and then throws it into the.Yellow River what does it become.ha ha ha.boy we got it 9:30 already then do it.for countdown all right 3 2 1 Wow pretty.confident and both of them got them.right all right and you wanted to write.blue okay question number 8 if you could.write run east jumps number of.ex-girlfriend's on your whiteboard oh.okay you'll get 10 marks hands down.whiteboards face the camera what is your.answer.Brittany honks number of XCOM friends.Ronnie's Jack's number of ex-girlfriends.for spelling even though I don't see.anyone's name the answer is actually.correct all right both of them got seen.a lot of boys I think it's pretty much.full when it comes to the impossible.quiz it's pretty straightforward all.right.plus two questions which statement is.correct t1 t 5 female uniforms have a.blue shirt the shirt of the female t25.uniform is blue all right times up boys.and girl please show me your answers.girls none because the shirt is white.boys what that's a nun so but I'm going.to say my dear both of them get the same.amount of points which is 8 apiece.that's right we have come to the point.of the game where it is the very last.question for the last question of class.wars we have you look into the classroom.you see two students kissing secretly.you turn away but when you look again.you don't see a single person in the.classroom how is this possible.and times up pens down.are you show me your answers what did it.girls right they're not single boys what.did you write all right so the girls.unsaid because they're not single and.the boys with the answer of yes.signifies that the boys admit defeat.no you just agree just say you do agree.let's just say you do agree the final.score is to be for the girls favorite 96.points the girls win the first game if.you did agree with that you would have.got an 88 my you only got 80 but.technically two students kissing don't.have no no no just go away from the.pretty safe girls you have won.congratulations.god that's a big gluttonous Maximus.all right in my hand here I have two.cards write the card CEO says steal or.split all right everyone has two cards.each alright so there are two cards.there are split and steal if everyone.puts up split the money is split evenly.amongst all of you if one person puts up.steal and everyone else goes up split.the person who put up still keeps all.the money to herself whoa however if two.or more people put up steal no one gets.the money and it comes back to me for.the next round.Plus worst all right three two one Carta.yeah it's pretty obvious they've been so.positive toward your whole game.it's very nothing but love and support.for each and every one of them guys you.can learn to be more supportive like.that we are suppose that concludes the.very first episode of class Wars boys.tell me how you really feel I don't know.I think just then sorry it was that word.again.pinpin often telling Jimmy yeah.polenta me and like a like a bicycle I.think they deserve it.yeah I think they deserve it we tried.but I would say we had quite a few.mistakes alright so before I head on to.the girls let's talk to the man who's.been very noisy throw this whole game.Ben uh what you've had so much to say.the whole game what are your final.thoughts I had fun though myself and.thank you for having me a man of many.words whoo all right so let's head over.to our champions for the game girls how.are you splitting this money right so.they decided to split the money and.bring the boys as well so technically.dinner is on you right so that's also as.the noisiest girl in the whole group.Vicki what had to say.[Applause].all right my ears need to be checked.because there was so loud.alright guys so that concludes the very.first episode of class walk leave a.comment down below what other challenges.you would love to see the students of.class 2 and C 5 do and its usual guys.subscribe to the channel and watch our.latest video right here and also next.time guys.we'll see you in the next episode.[Music].

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