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Notes: A Stepwise Guidebook on Signing Mississippi Licensing Information Legalshield Online

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The Definite Guide to Mississippi Licensing Information Legalshield

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Check How to Enter the Mississippi Licensing Information Legalshield

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Russell.pedan has number one so congratulations.for that but but it's it's exciting for.me because I've always believed that.every single person that I come in.contact with or every single person that.I know needs legal shield and ID shield.ok and I really take that charge to.heart which makes it very easy for me to.share this with people so I'm gonna.teach you that system before I go into.that system though I really thought.these because this is really kind of the.backbone of how I'm able to do this and.and let me back up for just a minute you.know when this whole pandemic happened.and you know I've been in quarantine.nail or lockdown mode whatever you want.to call it I've been.home safe with my family since March the.12th okay when all of this hit me really.what kind of made me chuckle is number.one I have to be honest with you I was.very grateful longer in the real estate.business and there's nothing wrong with.being in the real estate business but.I'm glad that I wasn't relying on that.is my bread and butter I was so thankful.that I took legal shield and I treated.it like a business and now I'm sitting.here you know going into a multi.six-figure income and obviously working.with some of the most incredible people.in the universe and it's incredible to.be able to rub elbows with like-minded.people but here's the thing I chuckled.because you know I do work in the b2b.division so I had been on the road and.I'm coming home and I just chuckling so.lock myself back in into my office would.just where I'm out right now my den.which is my office and I'm going to sell.memberships and team-build and and this.is what I typically do okay so I kind of.just chuckled and said hey there's.nothing wrong with this I'm gonna stock.up at the grocery store we're gonna have.plenty of food and we're just gonna do.this and continue to build this business.so if you're in that situation right now.where you're thinking what do I do I.need to make some extra cash and maybe.at this point I you were using legal.shoulders of part-time spare time income.gig maybe you've been furloughed and you.need a bump that you need to bump your.income you need your Legal Shield income.to grow then that's that's what I'm.gonna teach you today okay mail all.these three philosophies number one.having the right attitude or mindset is.as we all know you know a bad attitude.is like having a flat tire you're going.nowhere until you change it right you.know in speaking with that nine said you.know I want to share with you also you.know kind of my own.first of all I'm not in line you know.there's anyone that you want to be mad.at it's out of manie's okay I didn't Eve.are the ones who ruin this for us I'm.not mad at God for having to give my.daughter back but I do look at this as a.charge that God chose me but he went on.that's me okay.out of everybody he could've chosen he.chose me to be her mama to be her.advocate and he also blessed me with the.three best years of my life and you know.I know that may sound crazy but anyone.who who is a parent understands that.love and and that burning fire and that.love that is like no other and I'm so.happy that I got to experience that so.that is my attitude and my mindset okay.that's why I'm not in a corner you know.I still you know shivering with grief.over what happened because I understand.everyone has this happens to be my.journey okay um have you ever been.around people though that always have a.black cloud over their head and it's.like they can't shake it they have the.worst luck and then you meet people who.you're just there their positive.energetic and it's like they always get.the lucky breaks.you know why is there life so great and.maybe mine's not it all the law of.attraction okay and if you're not.familiar with the law of attraction you.can actually just go on Pinterest.there's some incredible information.there but with the law of attraction.whatever you put out is what you're.bringing back to you fortunately if.you're talking about your problems.you're creating more problems okay.if you're complaining oh I don't mean to.complain but you're in victim mode and.this is what's going.off this day I'm off this day and and I.had set this goal of getting my ring in.Cabo and we get a Cabo when I'm home and.I've you know mapped it back out again.of where I'm gonna be at and anyways I.don't have the day that I was expecting.to power for five to six hours while.they put in a new transformer okay and.they just wanted to give me a heads up.and I'm immediately for real quick is is.the audio is off a little bit can you.turn off your camera that may help with.the bandwidth but just doing your.training part you may need really better.nail we adjusted it was garlic even.maybe turn your camera off that I help.with band with your cell phone New York.laptop or something for some reason you.aren't garbled it up but then it gets.better but it gets bad sometimes they're.so funny now awesome thank you mr. Paden.yeah let me know okay so so anyways long.story short the power company comes and.lets me know that they're gonna shut my.power off for five or six hours and a.good next door to let my neighbor know.who's 90 years old and.come back LegalShield corporate has.called me to tell me that I've earned.$100,000 ring okay so here was the law.of attraction I decided I'm gonna track.the ring okay and as soon as I did that.I changed my mindset I had earned the.ring and didn't even know it.okay so it really matters what's gonna.happen okay how are we now oh we matter.just just keep talking you'll see all.right only disciplines you know what I.want to share with you is Jim Rohn are.we good mr. Paden for now okay all right.so Jim Rohn says it best you know that.you know eating an apple a day keeps the.doctor away.however eating seven apples on Sunday.does not have the same effect okay and.so it really matter.what you do daily and what that being.said small actions lead to big results.so if you are part-time spare time.because you're busy you know I've got a.lady that is on our team that is awesome.she works multiple jobs.she's full-time in school and she works.her business and 15-minute intervals.guess what that's perfectly okay but you.can't make up for those at the end of.the week got a do every single day my.daily discipline I am so regimented just.so you understand that I don't let.anyone take anything away from me I work.from 9:00 a.m. until 7 o'clock at night.if I'm not quite there where I want to.be on my production goals then I working.a long day Tuesday Wednesday Thursday I.typically work from 9:00 until 6:00 okay.9:00 a.m. and if I hit my production.goal that week then.[Laughter].if your schedule is permitting you to.work your LegalShield business where.you're not full-time go ahead and still.open that calendar even if you're at.home working your traditional job okay.and you've got time slots that you're.working LegalShield.making sure that no one takes those time.slots away from you.that's yours so if your best friend is.having a crisis and needs to talk just.say hey look I'll have to call you.tonight after seven o'clock I'm so sorry.I'm in production and it's really funny.because once you get your mind set that.way you train your friends and family on.how to do it.I even trained my puppy dog you know not.to bring a toy squeaking a toy until.after five six o'clock in the afternoon.and and it's amazing because you know.everyone learns that they even learn.when you're pushing into the month goals.they know not to bother you so you know.you're the one who's in control you are.your own CEO so I just kind of want to.share that with you also with those.daily disciplines I think it's really.important to know what are your personal.production goals you know whether you're.recruiting whether you're selling.memberships whatever what are you gonna.bring to the team what are you gonna.bring to the table me personally I'm in.a place right now where my goal was 75.premium dollars a day Monday through.Thursday I'd do that four days a week.and that's gonna give me over $1,400 in.premium okay and you know I've got that.one in the bag I've had that in the bag.a long time so I qualify Edie on my own.okay and that's just me personally.that's my personal goal when I got.started doing this system another reason.for the system was it I could not.control what my team was doing you know.this is a volunteer army.I couldn't hold a gun to someone's head.sometimes unfortunately they want it so.that being said I knew that if I did at.that time we were on counters if I did.seven sales a week okay which Neal.obviously if you take 7 times 25.you know if I'm doing X million dollars.in premium I'm going to hit my $700 in.premium that I need to qualify for a tea.you know my 7 whatever and I grow with.them.as soon as I'm able to master one goal.then I start working towards the Nets.goal and continue bitching you know I'm.at eleven thousand dollars in premium.for the year so far for 2020 okay so.those are my three philosophies let's.get into the nitty-gritty because I know.you're here to learn how we did this so.let's talk about the system and letting.the system so I shared with you before.that this system is for everyone so if.you're like mister Peden and you've been.in the business 27 years and you're a.veteran associate and you have a great.team you may still want to increase your.premium dollars because under business.builders you're if you've got those 20.plus recruits as a executive director.you're now going to get a hundred.percent of your network premium right so.what that means and mr. Biggins shaking.his head yes so what that means is if.everyone is putting in that effort and.boosting their premium dollars in a lot.okay will you make more money okay but.you're also gonna make more bonus money.okay I also want to say one more thing.if I get started.residual its residual its residual your.so we can continue working on this.together okay awesome I really want to.acknowledge one of my favorite quotes.since this whole pandemic started we all.know who Grant Cardone is obviously is.coming and done some of our trainings at.LegalShield.incredible entrepreneur and a speaker.and motivator grant cardone says never.waste a crisis okay so this is nothing.you know obviously I have empathy for.the people right now that are sick.and/or have passed away and my heart.goes out to those people but we're in a.position right now which reminds me very.much of where I was in 2009 but this.situation is probably a lot worse to be.honest with you we're in a place right.now where sixteen point six million.people are out of work.they're unemployed okay with that being.said people have the most legal.questions that they've ever had they're.scared they have employment law.questions you know what happens if I'm.furloughed they have mortgage questions.what happens if I defer my mortgage and.all these things are rattling in their.head so let me explain something to you.right now you are the beacon of hope to.your friends and family.members you are a beacon of hope to your.past clients okay through this crisis.I'm gonna talk with you how I'm hell.I've change a system around and how I'm.narrowing in on this situation that.we're all in with this Cove in nineteen.and the reason I'm doing that is because.Legal Shield corporate has created the.most amazing coronavirus Resource Center.and I had this link here I wasn't able.to get the link to work for you guys but.all you've got to do is go into your.prospect app underneath share links and.resources you're gonna see your own link.that you can share with friends or.family members and it will look very.similar to what my link looks like up.here this document is a live document I.am so proud of it it is updated every.single day are we still good on sale mr..Pete and if you'll give me a thumbs up.it's breaking up every now and then but.just keep at it and if we don't we're.getting developers training so just keep.it up it's great okay awesome okay so so.the situation is that the the.coronavirus Resource Center is a layered.document is updated by our law firms.that we pay hundreds of millions of.dollars to every single day and it's a.beautiful document that we can be so.proud of as a two billion dollar company.that we are okay so this is a document.that I want to share with my clients.okay so anyone who's seasoned right now.you can actually go into your back.office under reports you can pull your.active member report and you can.obviously see their cell phone number.their home number and you can call them.I think it's so important right now to.reach out to people I think the human.touch is phenomenal so let me explain.something to you I don't want you to.take this resource center and email it.and blast it out to all of your past.clients and the reason for that is.because it's passive marketing when and.it doesn't work so when I started the.real estate business.my broker in charge basically gave me a.thousand postcards and said Jennifer.send out these thousand postcards to all.your friends and family members letting.them know that you're in the real estate.business out of those thousand postcards.I basically had one person that called.me okay that's passive marketing active.marketing in the real estate business.was when I went knocked on your door.okay and you were for sale by owner and.I did my dog than pony show and I had an.opportunity to get to know you active.marketing works I had a 50/50 shot every.single time I knocked on one of those.doors the same thing happens here so.we're gonna reach out to our past client.and instead of reaching out to our past.client and doing things like hey you.know I know you have LegalShield would.you like to add ID shield or I know you.have a combo plan do you want to add our.gun owner plan or do you need a home.business supplement instead of doing.that let's really bring an incredible.resource that adds value to our clients.this also is going to help your.retention rate because the client if.they were juggling their expenses and.they're starting to cut down what.they're spending on they're gonna keep.their legal shield if they were thinking.about maybe getting rid of that expense.right now because they were thinking.about not using it this Resource Center.is going to be an incredible reminder of.why they need Legal Shield right now.okay so I've included some scripts for.you and I'm gonna go through these.slides down pretty quickly but I've got.these scripts for you so you can see how.this works so let's say I sold Sally a.membership a couple years ago I'm just.gonna reach out to her and if I was.gonna start making phone calls I would.start mid morning finish or so and I.would continue to call those until the.evening until about seven o'clock so hi.Sally.this is Jennifer McLafferty I'm so glad.I caught you how are you and I'm gonna.listen whatever she says okay great I'm.glad that you're safe and sound I'm.calling you is because legal.has put together an incredible resource.called the coronavirus Resource Center.to help our families by answering most.of the pressing questions that we all.have right now this is a live document.it's updated by our law firms nationwide.and I'd like to send you the information.do you prefer text or email so she's.telling me how to send her the.information okay great.will you do me a favor if you think of.any friends or family members that could.benefit from this info when he just hits.me their contact info I would like to.reach out to them.okay and so that's how about handle that.I am nail going to send Sally.disinformation she's asking me to text.her I'm gonna text her that link nail I.don't we'll just a blip a blind link I'm.gonna add something like hey Sally this.is Jennifer with LegalShield here is a.coronavirus Resource Center information.I was telling you about please let me.know if you have any friends or family.members that might need this information.I appreciate you now what I'm gonna do.is in two business days I'm going to.text or email Sally back okay if she.asked me to email her the information.then I'm gonna I'm gonna do the same.thing or I may just go ahead and tedster.but I'm gonna follow up and I'm gonna.follow up in two business days and the.reason I'm waiting two business days is.because we have no idea what day it is.anymore okay.we're on Facebook we're seeing things.all the time like you know instead of.Monday Tuesday Wednesday it's this day.that day the other day days are going.together and it's a blur okay so if I.Tex Ally the information I want to give.her the appropriate time to take a look.at it and again we're not in our normal.world of things right now in two.business days I'm gonna text Ali just.something really simple hey Sally is.Jennifer McLafferty just checking in did.you find the coronavirus Resource Center.information valuable and I'm gonna wait.for her response and she's gonna say.okay.you know she's gonna say yup I did it's.great then I'm gonna say okay awesome.I'm so glad do you have any friends or.family members that you feel like would.benefit from that info and she.immediately comes back and says yes I.sure do I'm gonna want to know who these.people are you know is is Tom her.neighbor her brother you know and I'm.gonna get that information and then I'm.just gonna Transpac and say hey you know.where what state does Tom live in or.what state does Julie live in and the.reason that's important is because I.don't want to call someone that may be.in the licensed state that I'm not.licensed in and I need to know what to.do with that okay.also I want to know do they text so for.example my dad does not text so if I'm.contacting a friend or family member.that doesn't test I need to know that.because obviously I'm gonna handle that.a little bit differently Neal.Sally gives me Tom so Neal I'm gonna.reach out to Tom who is referral so this.is come from Sally and I'm gonna give.Tom a call and I'm gonna say hey Tom.this is Jennifer McClafferty your sister.Sally asked that I reach out to you and.share some information and he's like.yeah Sally told me you would be touching.base okay great.I wanted to send you a link to our.coronavirus Resource Center this is a.live document it's free of charge and.it's updated daily by our nationwide.network of law firms this documents.answered many of the questions that.we're facing today.and sadly thought you would find the.information useful would you prefer text.or email okay.and so again I'm following the same.system that I did with Sally okay um so.I'm gonna send him the coronavirus.Resource Center which again is that.layer document but awesome notice that I.said this is a live document and it's.free of charge so I let him know that.it's free of charge because I don't want.them to think they've got to pay for.something and I want them to go ahead.and open it so if Tom asked me to send.an email I'm gonna get in customize an.email just to make it friendly you know.hey Tom this is the information that.your sister Sally asked me to share with.you.is the coronavirus Resource Center it's.a live link and it's updated daily by.our nationwide network of law firms what.I'm actually doing is I'm doing nothing.more than being a beacon of hope sharing.information sharing a resource okay.and so that's obviously super simple but.I'm also building credibility okay and.build an incredible credibility they're.able to go in there and see that.information and nail I'm not getting the.question of what is it $25 a month law.firm look like because they're seeing.this beautiful document that's updated.every single day by our law firms and it.is a live document okay so now I have.emailed this information to Tom this.system is what I use every single day.for referrals I never run out of clients.to talk to and never run out of people.to touch base with and now it's become.warm and the reason that it's warm is.because I know you from Sally people.will work with us if they know like and.trust you so as long as I don't act.goofy or too strange or too weird or get.weird they're gonna like me okay and.they know me from Sally and now they're.gonna start trusting me based off the.information that I'm telling them okay.I'm giving them a free documents.completely free I'm emailing them just.as they asked me to and so I'm building.that trust factor a matter of fact you.know this information is also in the.book that I shared in in Nashville.couple years ago from stage on one of.our trainings but it is a Todd Duncan's.book high trust selling okay and it's.about building that trust through that.relationship so I'm going to nail follow.back up with Tom in two business days.okay and I'm gonna text Tom and say hey.Tom this is Jennifer McClafferty with.LegalShield just following up did you.find the information on the krona virus.Resource Center valuable so now I'm.going from passive marketing to active.marketing.okay awesome glad I could help would you.like me to send you the LegalShield and.ID show video wait a second we just went.active he's gonna say sure I'm gonna say.okay great.when would be a good time that I can.follow up with you and answer your.questions.he says Monday 10 o'clock okay perfect.the video is we help people dot info so.let me share a little bit of information.of why Judah system first of all could I.could I actually get on the phone with.Tom and go through the features and.benefits yes I just did that this.morning on our open house presentation.but a picture is worth a thousand words.I would much rather send a video plus.this is saving time how many more people.cannot touch just by sending out this.information.okay next notice okay I'm going to give.me a black eye for this but notice I'm.not sending prospect information okay.this is just my personal system I'm.sending a text message okay.I'm controlling the information because.I have a follow-up Monday at 10 o'clock.okay.I'm not real concerned me personally.when he opens it when he watches it when.he reads it because I have a follow-up.at 10 o'clock I also personally choose.to use we help people dot info because I.like this presentation Larry Smith and.Michael Dorsey I have done this.presentation and you know Michael Dorsey.is really really low-key he earns.$100,000 in the company he per year you.know he's not rah-rah and in this case.I'm being a beacon of hope I'm sharing.this information I personally just like.that in from I like this presentation I.also like the fact that it goes over.both Legal Shield and ID shield okay so.I still combos ninety-nine percent of.the time.99% of the time I'm selling a.LegalShield and ID shield membership.combined okay which obviously boosts my.premium and that's how I did forty two.hundred dollars in premium in February.Neil at ten o'clock I'm going to nail.follow up with Tom and I'm gonna use the.three question clothes okay which.obviously is is so simple but it really.really works.so I'm gonna call Tom and say hey Tom.this is Jennifer McClafferty how are you.look thank you so much for taking a look.at the legal shield and ID shil video.please tell me what did you like best.and he tells me and in that one question.I know whether or not Tom is interested.in legal shield and ID shield or just.one of the other because he says well.Jennifer I really like the legal plan I.have some questions I want to get.answered I really like the identity.theft because I think that's rampant.right Neil and I want to protect my.family.boom he's given me he's already fallen.into my lap okay number two Tom do you.see any reason why someone would not.want to protect the ones that they love.most.well no Tom would you want to go ahead.and get enrolled today it only takes and.you're gonna go ahead and get your app.for your phone app links so that way you.can begin using your plans right away.because yeah let's get started.I'm gonna immediately take a paper app.and I know we all love technology but.here's what's going on in my household.my husband teaches school he's a school.teacher he's on his laptop all the kids.in my neighborhood are on their Google.Chromebooks Internet is bad which may be.why I'm breaking up right now okay.Internet's bad I'm not going to pull up.the information and start trying to type.it in and I Neal have to ask Tom for his.credit card three times over I also.don't want to send him a share link to.do his own cart and now I'm chasing Tom.for three weeks down the road to see if.he's done it yet I'm not in the business.of chasing people so I take the app I.punch it in okay or get ready to punch.it into.app and I'll say okay Tom you're gonna.get these welcome emails in just a.couple of minutes it's gonna welcome you.to Legal Shield and ID shield you're.gonna be able to download your phone.apps if you have any questions or you.don't see those phone apps go ahead and.give me a call and I'll walk you through.that also you came to me from Sally okay.do you have a friend or family member.right now that you believe might have.some of the same questions that you have.and maybe they want to get their wills.done or maybe they have college students.and teenage drivers and they would like.to talk to an attorney.and get some legal advice without having.to pay an arm and a leg and he's gonna.go ahead and give me some names and.numbers and then obviously I'm going to.be following up with those people so.that's the system let's talk about what.we do really quickly with prospects this.is not a past client we're not getting.started with a past client this is what.we're doing we're going back to our list.so let's say for example you know I've.got friends that are in the b2b world.and they're telling me I've been a need.to be for five years I'm a top producer.and make multiple six figures but I've.never shared this with my friends and.family if I start sharing with them nail.are they going to be offended absolutely.not.let's look at the script hey Sally it's.Jennifer McClafferty how are you okay.wonderful I'm so glad you guys are safe.and sound as you know because that lien.our friends as you know I'm normally on.the road but I wanted to make sure that.my friends and family have access to the.resources that I've enjoyed throughout.the years my company Legal Shield has.produced an amazing resource center is.updated by our law firms nationwide in.this document it's a live document and.it answers so many of the questions.we're having right now it's completely.free of charge but I wanted to see if.you want that information through text.or if you'd like me to send it through.email okay great do me a favor if you.think of anyone that might benefit.from this information when you just text.me their names and numbers so that I can.follow up with them now we just gone.through my system so I had this.conversation with Sally I hang up the.phone i text message her the information.what is the system I'm gonna wait two.business days okay so if I share it with.Sally on a Saturday which normally I.would I would do it on the Monday if I.talk with Sally on a Monday I'm gonna.follow up with Sally on Wednesday okay.I'm gonna text Ally.hey Sally it's Jennifer McClafferty I.was Jennifer I just wanted to check in.did you find the coronavirus Resource.Center helpful okay awesome would you.like me to send you the video a legal.shield an ID shield she says yes when.would be a good time that I can follow.up and ask you a few questions.noticing I'm asking her questions I'm.not telling her she's gonna ask me I'm.gonna follow up and ask you a few.questions okay great I'll call you.Saturday morning at ten o'clock.here's the video I'm not sending out any.event information if you're a big.recruiter.like mr. pedan and maybe you've got some.friends or family that you never got.around to sharing this with okay go back.hey I know that you know I'm a top.recruiter with Legal Shield I'm normally.team building and searching for talent.but I wanted to make sure that my.friends and family have access to the.resources that I've enjoyed throughout.the years or I've benefited from.throughout the years and this repeatin.is is he's getting this right now my.company Legal Shield has produced an.amazing resource center that's updated.daily by our nationwide network of law.firms so again I'm gonna send that out.so whether you're in b2b whether you're.a top recruiter go ahead and hit that.nail on the head that hey they know your.life has changed to your nail working.they know your life has changed so go.ahead and use that sprit what are you.gonna do you're gonna give them two.business days you're gonna follow back.up with them and you're gonna say hey.Sally it's Jennifer I just want to check.did you find the information on the.coronavirus resource center to be.valuable question mark she answers I did.awesome I'm so glad I could help.would you like me to send you the video.on Legal Shield and ID shield yes when.would be a good time that I can follow.up with you and answer those questions.so let's let's run and say okay you're.brand new you're just getting started.and you're scared.you're scared to death because you've.never been in the sales field that is.perfectly okay okay maybe you're in a.position that right Neal you just.started this business because you were.just furloughed and you need to feed.your family how are you gonna do this.super easy hey Sally this is Jennifer.McClafferty look I'm so glad I caught.you how are you okay great I'm so glad.that you're safe and sound I don't know.if you've heard yet but I've been.furloughed by you know by my company and.so I joined this amazing opportunity and.this other company that's helping a lot.of people right now and they produced a.live document that I just found awesome.it's updated daily by our nationwide.network of law firms and it's answering.a lot of the questions we have right now.is called the coronavirus Resource.Center it's completely free and I'd like.to send this information to you to see.if it helps your family as it did mine.okay great would you like me to send it.to you by text or email okay.also Sally do me a huge favor.right now we're helping a lot of people.and I want to be able to help more when.you take a look at this information if.you think of anyone that might benefit.from this information.can I please will you please send me the.text of their name and number and I want.to be able to reach out to them and.share the same information so Neil.Sally's gonna take a look at the.information you just got started there's.nothing scary.you didn't strong-arm anyone you're just.being that beacon of light does that.make sense all right so does everyone.have this slide I'm going to keep moving.okay.all right so let's say you're in a.situation where you say you know what.I'm not scared of sales.I am brand-new instead of the Krone of.Earth's resource center and waiting two.days I want it I want to move faster.Jennifer what do I do.super easy hey Tom how are you I'm so.glad I caught you I don't know if you.heard but I was furloughed last week but.I'm super excited I've joined an amazing.45 year old company and it's part of my.training I need ten people to take a.look at a 12-minute video would you be.one of my ten what is it well that's why.I need you to look at the video yeah.look at it.okay awesome when's a good time that I.can follow up with you and ask you a few.questions.okay great Monday at 10 o'clock I.appreciate that so much Tom the video is.and we're going to type it out.we help people dot info Tom I'll touch.base with you at ten o'clock on Monday.thanks again.okay so I'm ripping the band-aid off I'm.making the super quick but again I've.got a follow-up appointment with Tom.already scheduled and Tom's looking at.that video we help people dot-com which.is obviously going to sell the.membership for me I don't have to sell.it I don't have to talk about it.Neal what happens when the coronavirus.is over well first of all we have no.idea how long this is going to last.and even if our states do start opening.back up you know there's even then talk.that we can have the relapse and we.could go back into lockdown again if.that happens so there's gonna be.aftermath to happen understand that even.when this is over.people are gonna still have legal needs.prior to the krona virus 57% of all.Americans had an ongoing legal problem.they just didn't talk to you about it.okay I can tell you though with people.having issues with making mortgage.payments and car payments and I issues.with college students and things like.that they need us more than ever.that even when this is over this is a.script I use without the coronavirus.Resource Center super.simple hey Sally this is Jennifer.McClafferty notice I'm always friendly.but I'm always moving fast because.people like to buy from busy people hey.Sally how are you okay good I'm so glad.things are going well look you I just.wanted to send you some information.about what I do you may or may not be.interested but you may know some folks.that we can help if I sent you a quick.video would you watch it for me okay.great awesome what's a good time I can.follow up with you and ask you a few.questions okay great you'll hear I'm.asking for referrals on the front end do.me a favor will you jot down any friends.names and numbers that you feel would.benefit from these services that way.when I follow up with you I'll get that.information from you you see what I just.did there no longer.I'm not sitting there I think you know I.hear I'm wrapping up their cell and now.I am getting them off guard asking them.about who their referrals are gonna be.I'm gonna head up front and hitting that.hey do me a favor will you drive doing.any friends names and numbers that you.feel would benefit from these services.okay awesome I'll text you the video so.I'm gonna attach the video with the Tom.that we already agreed to follow up okay.when I follow up what am I gonna do the.three question clothes hey Sally what.did you like best she tells me I agree.with it Sally do you see any reason why.someone would not want to protect the.ones that they love most okay third.question Sally would you like to go.ahead and get started it only takes.about a minute and you'll go ahead and.get your emails with your phone app link.so you can go ahead and download your.phone apps and start using your.LegalShield and ID shield right away.okay fantastic okay so there's the.system the end we made it one of my.favorite quotes give a man a fish theme.for a day teach a man to fish and you.feed him a lifetime so I really hope.that I will be feeding you a lifetime.with this training.let's all go fish.Jeanne and thank you so very much for.having me and giving me the opportunity.to share this with you whoo.all right good thank you so much.appreciate that matter of fact everyone.for a moment mr. Mohn and we can mean we.want to give our let's give mr. clarity.around applause Leslie if we can get her.muted.[Applause].

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Mississippi Licensing Information Legalshield FAQs

Check the below common queries about Mississippi Licensing Information Legalshield . Communicate with directly if you still have other queries.

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