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care oh my.god we made it we made it we made it we.made it honestly traveling to spawn has.to be the like.most hardest journey i've ever had to do.in for or.not fortnite guys listen i'm just.getting used to this minecraft stuff all.right guys.oh he dropped a skull no way we need to.get that no way.i got a wither skull hey it's like this.tick tock song.if we if we get three skulls we can.summer the summon the wither and we can.get a beacon that's.actually so lit should we kill the other.ones yeah i kind of want to.it's very rare that they drop skulls but.that's so sick.i know ducky made a portal from this.place.to go all the way to the end maybe i.might have to check out one of his.videos to see.exactly how to get there because.everybody already killed the ender.dragon like we didn't even get a chance.to do that we were kind of late to the.server but it's all good.i've probably done this journey like at.least eight times already let's check.our shop.let's hope somebody actually bought.something give us at least like three.diamonds i'll be happy.ah that is this one doesn't open.oh yeah that one's stuck wow what nobody.bought anything.[Laughter].why did nobody buy anything babe nobody.likes our shop that's really sad.at least we got a wither skull man that.actually hurts my feelings that no one's.buying anything.yo you guys better do some advertising.for us all right just go in people's.videos and just tell them to go buy.something please.we are a starving couple out here okay.we literally have.no diamonds everyone has full diamonds.that's all right though all right we.gotta go to the end yeah did ducky make.any diamonds.what you need maybe we gotta lower our.prices oh no no no no no.babe no one's buying our stuff hey but.it's because.now our prices are so fair you know how.hard it took us to get those lanterns.yeah we grinded for that anyways let's.just go back in here we're going to go.to the end anyway because we really want.to make some goated armor.all right guys oh my gosh i almost just.fell off this bridge all right we're.chilling all we gotta do is just go.straight from here and we should end up.at the end portal entrance ducky's a.great guy for building this for us you.know are you ready to go to the end for.the first time ever.yep oh is that it i think this is the.portal right here all right here we go.we found one of these uh and and sit no.this is not an end city what is this.place called i forget what they're.called but this is basically where the.end portal is supposed to be oh it's.right here babe.here we are wait what is it oh i don't.like this.yeah i don't like this either but this.is how we go to the end i don't know if.i'm ready for this.wait let me take a screenshot oh oh you.never mind all right here we go.all right we're in the end babe how do.we get back oh wait what.oh no we're actually i don't know how to.get back i don't know how to get back.i'm serious.i don't know how to get back wait how do.we get back i don't know how we're going.back home.oh there's so many endermen wait there's.some stuff over there wait dude will.these other men attack us if we look at.them i don't think i've ever been to the.end before like ever.in minecraft maybe once yeah where's the.farm there's a portal here.i'm guessing this is how to go back wait.there's a portal over there too.or what if these are traps for the farm.oh you see what i'm saying.i just want to know where the farm is.and where the end cities are.i feel like oh.run away run away run away run away are.they still chasing me yeah here i'm.gonna build you a little thing.to run into and keep running just keep.running they're going to kill me.okay come in here run in there i'll like.cover you up or something.babe no no no.grab my stuff grab my stuff please.they're attacking me they're attacking.me.oh my gosh i spawned all the way back.here grab myself at least describe.myself.they're chasing me babe what do i do i.don't know i have no idea.i don't know what to do i'm in the end.alone.i'm literally thousands of blocks away.please i can hear them chasing me.okay maybe we should not have gone to.the end guys oh my god.are they ever gonna stop chasing me i.don't know i don't know what to do.oh my god oh ow ow robin.i can't i don't know what to do i'm.gonna get some armor and i'm gonna run.as fast as i can.babe what if i die what happens if i die.don't well i'm i can't get your stuff i.don't have time to put anything down.wait you have a full inventory.why didn't you deposit the fish in the.shop because i forgot because i was sad.that's over we can't get our stuff no go.get it go get it now i can't it's too.late it's gonna despawn.no it's not you know how to get there.you're wasting time go.go go go go go go should i come with you.yeah just run away i'm coming with you.get fish we need fish we need fish bro.that is literally the most unfortunate.situation i had the best sword in the.game.i had the wither skull skeleton thing.that one thing was so rare here make.some warmer make some armor let's go.listen i'm never going back to the end.ever again i don't know how to navigate.around there.oh wait i just realized aren't we.supposed to use like the pumpkin heads.to like walk around the end.yeah there's like a method you could do.to walk around the end how did you make.them mad.just by being there they don't want me.in their home well don't look at them.next time there's like thousands of them.what am i supposed to do.look at the ground oh that's such a huge.l guys i'm.so sad hopefully that our stuff stays.there because we're not in that chunk so.maybe.who knows just push and push and push.them baby wasting time.go go go go go go go they're all gonna.chase us oh my gosh there's like 10 of.them oh my god this is so bad.yep there's literally 10 of them chasing.us right now oh my gosh look.oh my god oh oh my god go don't look.back.don't look back whatever you do do not.look back oh no we gotta get out of here.oh they're all coming.they're coming they're coming going here.going here all right go.run run i closed it off i closed it off.why do we deserve this bad luck.first nobody buys any of our stuff then.we lose our best stuff.okay we're back at the end portal all we.gotta do is just go through the end and.grab our stuff and find a way out.i'm not looking at them try to stay away.try to try to not.run into them i found ourselves found.our stuff let's go it's all still here.hi.guys just gonna grab our stuff i think.we should go we should go we should go.wait it's not all of our stuff yes it is.no my stuff is right here i think this.is the entrance to the xp farm.oh yeah let's go ducky is such a great.guy for making this you know shout out.ducky we should get some of this end.stone too.okay how does this farm work though.that's the question so i've never.actually used one of these xp farms oh.yeah oh my gosh there's so many of them.here.oh my goodness all right well.i'm just gonna start slaughtering them.oh my gosh i'm getting so much xp from.this.come over here wait come walk this way.it'll follow you look at it follow you.oh.yeah i'm getting so much xp still this.is crazy.i wanna try here go try go try isn't.that crazy i'm gonna grab some of these.ender pearls actually.oh well well well look at what we have.here some diamonds.no i'm not gonna take this wait we have.to pay to use this now there'll be a.sign.uh guys so we are.trying to get out of the end right now.because we got enough levels and it.looks like we just beat the game.can we skip this oh no do i have to sit.through this oh no hit escape hit escape.oh.wait what it takes you back to your to.our house perfect.hey let's go does it do that every time.that would be nice if it did that would.be so clutch.well that's really nice yo we should.make a chest for ender pearls.um let's do this top one right here so.should we make some enchanted diamond.armor thoughts.all right let's do it i don't think.we're gonna be able to make two full.sets but.as long as we get pants and a chest i.think we'll be fine oh i have the skull.by the way.oh nice save that hey all right there we.go.cover me with diamonds let's go all.right yo let's go do some.insane enchantments oh actually you know.what i'm gonna grab like some iron armor.just so i can like do like trash.enchantments on that.in case i don't like the ones that i see.actually wait hold on so i was told the.reason why we only have up to level.eight here.is because of these slabs we actually.gotta get rid of these.apparently they're blocking enchantment.signals into the bookshelves.oh wow yeah someone was right whoever.left that comment thank you that's why.we always read every comments guys.because you never know what we're gonna.learn well look there's like.stuff there's like letters coming in and.from the bookshelves do you see that.yeah yeah yeah wait hold on the max.level's still level.28 though i don't think we're allowed to.have four enchanting tables side by side.this is a huge waste of diamonds right.here i know it looks very aesthetically.pleasing but.we gotta redo this whole thing look at.you coming into my room and just tearing.it apart.it does my room was voted the best room.for a reason all right you know what.since you want to make fun of me for me.trying to help i don't know where i'm.going with this.anyways all right guys so i'm pretty.sure.how do i how did i do this the first.time hold on one two three.one two three 28 bro what am i missing.30 let's go all right now it actually.works so let's see what we get here for.the chess piece we get i'm breaking.three.ah what about the legs i'm breaking.three.okay we got them breaking three for the.boots is it always on breaking three no.it's not what do you get when you put.the armor in there.protection three oh okay i'm gonna give.you.half lapis enchant that chess piece.that's gonna be yours.yeah yeah what else does it give you.unbreaking three nice.all right see i wanna send it but like i.don't wanna just get on breaking three.you know what i mean i wanna get a lot.of good stuff so you know what i'm just.gonna do the.actually wait i just remembered i'm just.gonna get rid of these iron boots.hold on let me just test this yeah i'm.going to be honest guys i have no idea.what i'm doing when it comes to.enchanting so please don't roast me let.me just.enchant these iron boots see what.happens okay protection three i'm.breaking three now what happens when i.put the diamond ones in.depth strider three okay oh fire.protection five pants i'm getting that.fire protection three and unbreaking.three nice.ooh i like this outfit all right now i.gotta do the chest piece wait here.here's some shoes oh fire protection.again i don't know if i want that for.the diamond chest plate.my shoes are fire protection three what.do i do do you already have that.yeah i have fire protection three on my.pants.yeah don't do it then just enchant like.something else like here enchant this.i don't want on breaking three actually.i don't have a protection three so i'm.gonna do that for the chest plate oh and.thorns too.i will take that you know what i might.as well enchant the helmet because we're.gonna be going to the nether a lot so.aquafinity hey now it's got.multi-purpose what does that mean you.can breathe underwater.yeah oh wow the gold helmet's actually.nuts aqua affinity i'm breaking three.protection three not bad.i might as well enchant it if we're.going to the nether all the time if.anything we should enchant a pickaxe.like a brand new one i'm gonna do that.efficiency four again hmm why not.we do need more efficiency pickaxes and.so touch.okay that's not bad what did you get i'm.breaking three efficiency four and silk.touch.oh okay your pickaxe is really good all.right guys well that is gonna wrap up.this episode here today hope you guys.all.enjoyed as always don't forget to drop a.like on this video and subscribe to the.channel if you guys are new we really.love posting craft night and we're so so.close to doing this daily i know i've.been saying that every episode but i.promise we are very very close thank you.guys so much for watching leave a.comment if you have anything to say we.love you guys we'll see the next one.you.

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