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Pa Sales Agreement 2012 2019 Form : Customize, Finish and forward

hey it's Jeff with remax here and this.is just a quick overview of the.Pennsylvania agreement of sale now keep.in mind I'm not an attorney so I can't.answer legal questions I'm explaining.this based on my experience of over a.decade and hundreds of transactions if.you have any specific questions on this.agreement please let me know I have.about 3 to 4 different ways to explain.each concept in this agreement of sale.and I have the time to explain it one.way but would love to answer any.specific questions you have so let's.start with here on page 1 and we put the.buyers names here sellers names here we.put the property address in here along.with the tax ID number to make sure we.get the right property then we put the.company information for the buyer's.agent buyers agents information here.along with license numbers for both same.with the sellers agent and agents.company we put in the date that we're.making the agreement the price and we.put the deposit in here there are.provisions for multiple to plot deposits.typically it's a single deposit due.within 5 days deposits do get made to.payable to the listing company unless.it's a situation where there is not a.listing company or other provisions need.to be made we put that information here.if you need sellers assist it's not.required but if you need it now we put.in a flat dollar amount here or a.percentage amount the maximum allowed is.based on the loan type that you're using.put the settlement date here and this is.an on or before date can be extended if.both the seller and the buyer agree as.well as moved earlier add settlement all.the taxes get prorated based on the.settlement date and the tax period and.transfer taxes gets split equally.between the buyer the seller unless.otherwise agreed to we put a date in.here for acceptance to be on or before.that date in a perfect world we always.have hit that date it doesn't always.work that way but we navigate through.that as it comes up we put in the type.of Zoning right here and things that go.along with the property so there are a.lot of things that are attached through.the property like.wall-to-wall carpeting windows screens.storm windows etc things that may not go.with the property would be like.refrigerators or washers and dryers.maybe some barstools or wood stove.things of that nature then things that.are least a common example would be.propane tanks and things that are.excluded let's say the refrigerator does.not go with the property or if there's a.sentimental attachment to the chandelier.in the dining room that the seller is.going to take not at the let us know.that beforehand if you're not getting a.mortgage you would waive the mortgage.contingency if you are getting a.mortgage we put the loan amount here the.term of years and type of mortgage.sometimes we use the loan-to-value.percentage but not always we do put the.mortgage lender information here along.with interest rates and we put the.mortgage commitment date here that date.is when the lender says hey we have most.of the things that we need for.underwriting and we're committing to.doing this mortgage they're the biggest.thing that you have to remember with the.mortgage is making your application.within the first seven days of the.execution of the contract the signing.date that way all of the timelines that.belong with the mortgage contingency.fall in place not quite automatically.but it makes it a lot easier so seven.days make that application and here's.the different timelines and information.that goes along with that mortgage.contingency if you're using FHA or VA.financing the property does have to.print appraised for the purchase price.or you'll have to bring more money to.settlement if your financial status.changes say a loss of the job or some.other type of financial emergency that.does not allow you to move forward with.the transaction we need to know that.right away so we can let the seller know.if it's public water or on-site water we.notate that here same with a sewer.public sewer on-site sewer you name it.there's different types of septic.systems that are found throughout the.state there are other types as well but.these are the most common any historic.preservation or land use restrictions.for.like preferential tax assessments for.example clean and green we have to know.that stuff ahead of time moving on to.the seller disclosure the sellers.disclosure sheet it was developed to.comply with seller disclosure law and it.gives an opportunity for the sellers to.list everything that they know about the.property it also is designed to protect.you as a buyer where you can look at and.go out here's everything they know about.the property any public or private.assessments for example if the.homeowners association or a municipality.is bringing in streetlights for example.and they do a special assessment based.on the amount of people that it is.affecting we'd have to know that ahead.of time as well.highway occupancy permits is not.something we typically deal with but it.can occur Internet of Things homes are.becoming more and more connected and.tech-savvy as it were a seller has the.obligation to make sure that they are.clearing out all of their accounts for.things that are connected to their house.at the time of settlement you as a buyer.also need to go in and make reasonable.effort to make sure they don't have.access to those things left in the house.anymore you have the ability to do some.due diligence and do some inspections if.you waive those inspections you're.agreeing to the release in paragraph 28.which I'll cover later you have the.ability to do visual and functional.inspection so home inspection they're.gonna look at building materials they're.gonna look at downspouts.swimming pools they're gonna run the.systems in the home if it's too cold.they may not be able to run the AC unit.as an example everything that they can.run they definitely will we have to have.you initial to elect that or initial and.waive the right to do that we're.destroying insects termites is a common.one again visual inspection are not.ripping into things or opening walls.deeds or restrictions or zoning if you.want to do a specific thing at that.property and if you can't do that then.you can't buy it that's where you would.use this contingency or due diligence.water service checking the quality and.quantity of the well this does not.usually apply with public utilities raid.on the state allows 4 picoCuries per.liter and if it's above that you can ask.the seller to mitigate that all not.septic they check the tanks check the.drain field make sure it's functioning.properly and you can check to make sure.you can get insurance on the property if.the property's occupied most likely as.possible but you can still check and.also check for making sure you don't.need flood insurance property boundaries.would be getting a surveyor to check out.the boundaries and you can also check.for lead-based paint and if there are.other things that we need to do that are.specific to that property we can put.that in here you can also exempt.existing conditions from that inspection.as well the inspection period is.typically 10 days we can adjust that to.be shorter or longer as needed by the.situation by the end of that contingency.period you have to have the inspection.done and you have to have a report to.give to the seller as well as what's.called a buyers reply to inspection so.on that reply to inspection you have the.ability to either accept the property as.it is in its present condition means.you're satisfied with all the things.that came up you can negotiate ask for.certain things to be repaired or ask for.credit for certain repairs that need to.be made.you can also terminate the transaction.and retain your deposit this just talks.about the different timelines through.negotiations of that and if it's.something were to come up with the.septic system there's different.timelines for that as well a title or a.survey and the cost involved with that.so if the title company would require a.survey that would need to be paid for by.the seller not very common but it could.happen if you order the survey obviously.that's your cost of their title work a.if you're getting a mortgage a title.search will absolutely be required as.well as insurance title insurance.required by the lender if you're not.using a lender you pay in cash.we still highly recommend that you get.title search and title insurance if.there's any special notices or.assessments or municipal requirements we.to know that stuff ahead of time so for.example some municipalities require a.use and occupancy certificate sellers.responsible for ordering that that.they'll come out and do an inspection of.the property which is typical and if.there are things that need to be done.for safety reasons they'll give the.seller certain amount of time to make.those Corrections sellers not obligated.to make those Corrections if they're not.going to they have to let us know that.and we negotiate how that gets done and.who's responsible for those costs if.it's a condominium or planned community.like a homeowners association you as a.buyer have the right to review the.homeowners association or condominium.Docs all the rules regulations and so on.stell one has to request that and pay.for a certificate of occupancy or a.resale certificate sorry and if the you.you have a certain amount of time to.review those things if you don't like.what you see and you say I can't abide.by these rules you can terminate the.transaction the assessed value of the.property is what the taxes are based off.of the property does not automatically.get reassessed just because you buy it.there there are there are options for.you to appeal that assessment if you.feel it's too high some taxing.authorities will also appeal that if it.feels too low not very common but it.does happen salad has to maintain the.property with some normal wear and tear.allowed and maintain insurance on the.property until the day of settlement you.can buy a third party home warranty and.we will absolutely give you the.opportunity to do that sometimes the.seller includes it in a sale that really.depends on the situation.this agreement cannot be recorded like.at the courthouse and you cannot assign.it to another buyer unless the seller.agrees to that all parties of the.transaction are agreeing and subject to.the law of Pennsylvania and if the.property is held by a foreign investor.we have to withhold taxes for that that.is not very common and we will know that.prior to making an offer you can check.with the Megan's Law to see if there are.any sex offenders in the neighborhood we.absolutely recommend that you do that.and prior to making an offer so you know.what you're getting into.we represent the property to you in its.present condition and through the.sellers disclosure and.things like that terminating or default.and getting your deposit back a a real.estate company cannot release a deposit.to a buyer or a seller until both.parties have agreed on how that gets.dispersed if you need to terminate a.contract that has to be in writing and.on that termination it states who gets.the deposit and what portion of the.deposit if you're terminating within.your contingency period as a buyer you.have the right to retain the deposit if.you're outside of those contingency.periods you're definitely putting your.your deposit and jeopardy the seller is.when this box is checked seller is.limited to retaining the deposit as.liquidated damages if any disputes or.claims would come out of this.transaction or this agreement we are.agreeing to go to mediation prior to.going to court and here's the release.but you're agreeing to if you wait.contingencies you're releasing the.seller and all the brokers involved and.the agents of any liabilities arising.from the presence of termites or all.those things that you did not test for.this does not exempt the seller from.disclosing things properly the seller.disclosure law and you can still pursue.them in a court if they violated the.seller disclosure law the realest real.estate Recovery Fund is there if you.have a judgment against a realtor and.you can't collect on that judgment the.fund is there to assist you if you need.to communicate the communications.between the buyers and the sellers when.I communicate something from you the.buyer to the listing agent at that point.I'm not allowed to contact the the.seller.that's the listing agents responsibility.so my it stops when I might it's.considered that I've communicated to the.seller once I've communicated to the.agent and the same with the sellers.agent communicating to me there are some.clauses that get put in on an agreement.of sale maybe sale and settlement of.another property or a short sale.addendum or an appraisal contingency and.those things would be listed here also.there are some other additional terms.that we sometimes put into a contract.depending on the situation we will have.given you a.sermon notice which is covered in.another video estimated closing cost.which is also covered in another video.and deposit money notice which we talked.about how the deposit gets made to the.listing company and also LED based paint.disclosure if the property was built.before 1978 that's it.any questions that you've got please let.me know I'm happy to answer any.questions that you've got on this.transaction good luck.

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