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it's the new year and one Detroit is.back.we're in Midtown at the block coming up.Nolan Finley and Stephen Henderson.joined me plus as people build new.businesses to attract their friends and.their family they come from other places.and so it's almost like they've imported.other cities culture right into the.heart Eric Thomas on his op-ed that went.viral exploring the need for black.spaces in Downtown and Midtown and will.end with a specialty pizza joint that.serves up a new business model giving.neighborhood employees ownership I'm.Christy McDonald stay with us one.Detroit it's coming up Masco corporation.is proud to manufacture innovative and.environmentally friendly products for.the home delta faucets crafts made in.Maryland cabinets and bear brand paints.have all been designed with you in mind.masks oh and it's family of companies.serving Michigan communities since 1929.support also provided by the WK Kellogg.Foundation a partner with communities.where children come first the Cynthia.and Etzel Ford fund for journalism at.Detroit Public TV the Detroit journalism.engagement fund business leaders for.Michigan and by how does diversity bring.energy to us all at DTE Energy we.believe that it's the contributions of.all that build great communities as a.company we grow stronger by welcoming.the unique perspectives of everyone as.community members we support our state's.broad culture and heritage from working.closely with women and minority-owned.suppliers to embracing our local.cultures DTE Energy is powering.diversity the DTE Energy Foundation is a.proud sponsor of Detroit Public.Television also brought to you by Ally.Nissan foundation and viewers like you.thank you.[Music].hi there and welcome to one Detroit I'm.Christy McDonald it's 20/20 and we are.taking on the new year at the block in.Midtown.coming up Nolan Finley from the Detroit.News and Stephen Henderson from American.black journal will join me they'll give.their thoughts on the new year what the.biggest issues are in Michigan I gotta.pay for roads and making sure that.everyone is counted in the 2020 census.plus we'll have a bigger conversation on.the need to acknowledge black spaces in.downtown and in Midtown.Eric Thomas's op-ed has a lot of people.talking and then not only is Pizza flex.a place to get a rare Naples style pie.it's also a business model making a.difference in its southwest Detroit.neighborhood that is all coming up on.one Detroit let's start off saying hello.and Happy New Year to our one Detroit.contributors Nolan Finley the editorial.page editor of the Detroit News and.Stephen Henderson host of American black.Journal happy 2020 guys I believe it's.2020 no I must be kidding no I just keep.kind of giggling every time I say well.you're still here it is 2020 and.everything feels kind of fresh and new.in January starting off and everyone's.you know thinking hey anything is.possible.yeah I can I can do all the things I.wasn't able to do 20 days ago springs.eternal so let's talk about some of the.things that really really gonna be.facing in Michigan in 2020 and one thing.that you wrote about this week Nolan is.looking at road funding so let's put.away what happened in 2019 in terms of a.tax increase and but now what are we.looking at if you couldn't get a track.to tax increase in 2019 I don't think.you're gonna get one in 2020 okay with.that really the Statehouse everybody.will be up for re-election in the fall I.just I think getting a significant gas.tax passed through in an election year.is impossible even if they alone even if.it came down from 45 to like 20 25 or.just the idea of a tax is just not.popular I just don't think yeah well I.mean Snyder couldn't sell a 15 so I.don't think conditions have changed.P everybody likes to complain about the.roads but they think there's some money.somewhere so if the conditions haven't.changed have the has the idea about.raising revenue change what are you.hearing well I'm hearing that governor.Whitman is now looking at a bonding.proposal where she would float up to two.billion billion dollars in bonds revenue.bonds every year paid back with some.smaller increase in the gas tax or some.feed that would generate two to three.hundred million dollars a year to pay.off this bills now the front these bonds.but the problem where that is you're.heading a lot of debt today they'll have.to be paid back by tomorrow's tax payers.it's what got us into this mess in the.first place not wanting to live up to.our responsibilities gonna have to pay.for it somehow and it doesn't alter the.fundamental underfunding yeah that you.have from year to year and you'll even.at that level even if you sell that many.bonds it will still be true that more.roads are deteriorating than are being.fixed and so you you're digging the hole.deeper but now you're doing it with debt.on top of that but it may never only.what only thing that you can get Paul I.mean I mean I made sort of come down on.the side of that's worse that than doing.almost nothing because you're adding.that on top of really not fixing the.problem and in ten twenty years you're.gonna have a yeah but if you do nothing.I mean we're right in crime pothole.season right now where people are gonna.start seeing terrible we have now been.at this for four or five years where.we're appealing to people's sense of.responsibility and you know it is.terrible to destroy your cars both.governors now Snyder and Whitmer it.stood out there with chunks of Congress.and stood under deteriorating overpasses.and still it's C it's about seventy.percent disapproval rating for a text.for anything to make people budget well.it's gonna be interesting to see what.she comes out with in her State of the.State which is the 29th of January we'll.look at that see if you mentioned census.2020 that's on your mind this year.terms of making sure people get counted.or that people actually trust the.process of getting counted what do you.see that we're gonna have to deal with.you know I mean each decade in Detroit.there's an issue with making sure that.the people who live here get counted.it's harder to count people in a city.that's got as many poor people as.Detroit does as many people were.disconnected this time they're there.expecting things to be just as difficult.as they have in the past convincing.people that this is worth doing a B that.there isn't some negative consequences.that they could face right that the data.doesn't go somewhere and count against.your child support or be used for.citizenship questions you know with.deportations and things like that I mean.we have a lot of those issues in the.city and people believe a lot of people.believe that the census is a way for the.government to get at you for things that.you don't want them to know about you.see a foundations are putting in a lot.of money a concerted effort to make sure.to try to change the message and try to.change that narrative but how hard is.that going to be Noah well I mean you've.got to get a crew of people willing to.go into some pretty rough places to.count folks who don't want to be counted.you know there is still a huge transient.population in this area people who don't.want you to know where they are goes.beyond mistrust of the Census to you.know I'm off there right off the grid I.don't want to be counted if you're a.squad or even rent do you want you think.list of issues but we're looking at the.preliminary numbers that say Michigan.only gained what 2700 we're still in a.very slight with no expression.we are brothers going to lose a.congressional state and you know as is.California for the first time in a long.time right probably gonna lose.congressional seat but it's.disappointing that we're still not up to.national average growth we're still.lagging the nation and growth we've got.you know we've been creating jobs here.I'm sure that the expectation that.population will return here or that new.population will come is is realistic.yeah we're going to address our privacy.we're going to put some roads if we're.gonna raise money for education work you.can't you keep generating more money.from the same pool of taxpayers you got.to grow that pace.all right well those are some of the.things are gonna be looking at and then.in the year to come but you know.recently I want to election well there's.a little presidential we have plenty of.time to get into that this year but you.know obviously the the Free Press ran an.op-ed piece by Eric Thomas who's a.speaker and he's in marketing it's a.native Detroiter talking about the need.for black spaces and a lot of people.commented on it on Twitter and on.Facebook talking about how black and.white friends have different experiences.at the city core and how businesses play.a part in that Steven you spoke to him.at length about this a really.interesting conversation yes yeah I mean.you sort of start with some some facts.that would suggest this couldn't be true.right this is still a city that has 80.or 83 percent african-american most of.the political leadership in the cultural.leadership is african-american and yet.there are places you can go especially.in the Downtown and Midtown sort of.seven point two square mile area that's.really experiencing change and.development where you just don't see as.many african-american faces all right.well let's go ahead and take a look at.your conversation viscerally I think I.had the feeling in the gut reaction yeah.right you find yourself in places where.it looks so different I mean over the.last five or six years I grew up in a.city where you could go anywhere and you.could feel welcome not about just the.complexion but in the tonality and the.way people spoke and the way people.carry themselves and the types of music.now you can go in places and it feels.almost entirely foreign as people build.new businesses to attract their friends.and their family they come from other.places and so it's almost like they've.been ported other cities culture right.into the.heart but those are cities that don't.have the demographic makeup and so.intentionally or unintentionally you.feel neglected disregard it yeah and.then of course there is the how do.people treat people who are unlike them.right if you skip all of the troit you.come from Oakland County you skip all of.Detroit land in the middle you're gonna.act like an Oakland County person but we.have historically felt uncomfortable in.the region around us.and so now the region around us is.inside of us is inside the city so so.let's be clear you're not saying that we.should be unwelcome in the way that we.respond to new people who want to be.here you're not saying that new people.shouldn't come to Detroit shouldn't want.to be part of the place you're talking.about the way in which that happens and.the sort of necessary attention to where.you are who you're around and whose.culture you might be having an impact on.I I think it's one of those I think if.you were to go to another country if you.went to India and you were in a party.and there were no Indian people there I.think you started to start asking.questions am i doing somewhere in the.indian people is almost Africa right.it's 80% if you're in a place and it I.don't even say you have to have 80%.black people in that space but if you.have to black people out of 100 people.you have to start asking questions of.yourself what am i doing to make this.space not welcoming it's easy to not.think about that because it kind of.looks like where you come from but you.are not at home right and so going into.someone's house you kind of wonder where.their family is that's kind of what I'm.thinking it is it is strange to me if I.go to a place where I know there is a.type of culture I kind of want that.culture and it feels weird to say you.love Detroit great you love Detroit.hustle as though Detroit grit and hustle.doesn't come from a type of people.Detroit is not a gritty urban landscape.Detroit is full of gritty urban people.that have had their mark on the city if.you love grit if you love hustle if you.love creativity if you love sound and.music and soul you love people not.buildings and so in order to preserve.the the rich cultural.history of the place you have to have.those people in there yeah yeah.so when you say preserve black spaces.talk a little more about what you think.that means how we do that and how that.might change this dynamic that we see.unfolding so I think there's two.different things to think about right.there are places that are culturally.black right you talk about like trying.to black Madonna you talk about bakers.jazz cafe' these are places that are.culturally richly black and then you.have other places where they might be.new but they're in a city that is 80%.black and so they should have at least.appreciation for the types of people.that were there before and are still.there if there are over 200,000.middle-class Detroiters which there are.your spaces don't hold 200,000 people so.there could be at least of.representation of that community it's.not saying like Detroiters can't afford.what you have there are Detroiters and.so when we will talk about preserving.spaces a patronising supporting.celebrating including is important yeah.and then when we have new places what.are you doing that reflects back into.the community to say we love you and it.has to be more than just Motown.I think everybody's excuse they just.turn off some things that have happened.so in these new spaces you do see a lot.of folks struggling with the idea of.where they are and and and who should be.there if you had advice for a store.owner a restaurant owner in these sort.of new parts of the city with new people.a quick list of things that you thought.they could be doing different what would.look like I think a you want to hire.from the community so the people who are.the face of your organization connect.with the community I think it has to be.more than security guards I think people.have decided that the only way they're.going to include black people in their.spaces to kick black it's like chill I.think that thinking about I think one of.the main things that changed the tone of.a space is to change the music into.space right like what is it.sound like what does it feel like is.there hustle is there bustle and then.get with people who have had longtime.long-standing understanding of how to.make people feel welcome we have hair.salons we have places like Savannah blue.that have incredible staff that come.right out of the community you you can't.tell me you can't hire and create great.service when I have seen it work so at.some point you need to create a I mean.there is a restaurant Association right.there are coops of stores and facilities.the question is who is doing it well how.do we create collaboration with those.people and then how do we share a.workforce that makes us all feel.included I think I think it really comes.down to that so we can have real.conversations real banter and feel.really safe inside of those places you.know I also feel like one of the things.that needs to happen is that some of the.new folks and new businesses that are.that are locating in the in the city.need to need to experience the parts of.the city that they are not experiencing.right yeah don't just skip over.everything and come to downtown in.Midtown maybe go to Livernois maybe go.to the east side maybe go far west and.and try to experience a little more of.the city so that you're more comfortable.with it yet again with I mean and also I.mean we could do a good job as.Detroiters of welcoming people in and in.talking to people and connecting with.them and sharing our cultural resource.you know that was a it was a great.conversation you had with him and I.really enjoyed reading the piece and it.you see so much change downtown but you.don't take into account and I think a.lot of people who are coming to.experience Midtown downtown coming from.Oakland County kind of bringing.themselves here in large groups and then.leaving again without really any sense.of perhaps maybe some of the spaces they.are stepping into yeah.I mean there has been so much change in.the last decade that it's hard to even.keep track of all of it and now I feel.like the pace is even faster in terms of.new places opening and new things being.available and new people coming and.there's nothing about what Eric wrote.that says we don't want that to happen.right we want people to come but this is.a city that has a very distinct identity.and ethnic identity identity a.demographic identity that I think feels.not just left out of some of that but.also disrespected by it right it's.unacknowledged by some of the people who.here and I think some of the merchants.who are opening places some of the.people who are creating these spaces.needs to just be more mindful of that.ethnic and demographic dynamic when they.do that and it brought to mind Nolan the.column that you wrote no how many years.ago did you say five years ago about.kind of the to Detroit's really yeah.where are all the black people anyway.you know I think it's still true you you.go to a lot of new places that open up.in the downtown area in this whole.Reviver zone and the clientele still.mostly water and we haven't still.figured out the why behind that or how.we get create places where all folks.come together so that's really kind of.the intentional solution I mean you do.have to be mindful of the idea of making.a place walk with me making sure you.have a diverse staff when you open a.restaurant and.downtown Detroit and dealing with people.in a way that that doesn't seem as.though you're near Marco Polo in the.middle of this Newfoundland I mean there.were people here before there were.things here before that deserves.recognition and respect and I think.that's the right way to make sure.everyone feels but you know also.recognizing Detroit is going to change.things are going to make it fail all of.this development investment activity.it's going to bring in different kinds.of people and it's going to create want.a different environment it's not gonna.be like it was 15 20 years ago.everybody's got except that but you know.this idea that we're going to still have.two different Detroit's going on at the.same time I think it's just a really.important and thoughtful conversation to.have and I hope people you know go to.our website we'll have the link to.Eric's column there and you can see more.of your conversation and just really.think about think about this and and and.in maybe a different way keeps coming up.yeah all right thanks guys you know and.finally we're taking you to a place for.a rare find authentically certified.Naples style pizza made in southwest.Detroit it's called pizza plex but it's.not just known for its pizza but it's.community space and a business model.that includes their employees in the.success of the restaurant will Glover.has our story on Verner in southwest.Detroit the only place in the city to.get a certified maple style pizza like.co-owner Alessandra carrion grew up with.in Italy my family in Naples when I was.growing up actually had a pizzeria had a.tattoo yeah and you know I remember.playing in the basement with the cheese.wheels right so so I have to I have to.acknowledge and honor that that start.Pizza Plex is a literal representation.of what happens in this space and it.really was intended to be a more playful.way of bringing people together if you.think about cinema plexes or you know an.omni-flex where you can find all sorts.of things we want it to be that kind of.a place Alessandra and her husband Drew.teamed up with Cohen or nathan Hannon to.open Pizza Plex just over two years ago.and worked hard for the distinction.to make true Neapolitan pizza in order.to become certified as avera Pizza.Napoletana or in other words true.authentic Neapolitan pizza you have to.you have to pass like a certain a.certain rigorous kind of thing where.you're like filming yourself do every.step of the process and then they send.someone out to come also watch you do.every step of the process and that's.literally from the ingredients are.buying from how you're preparing dough.from how you're forming dough balls with.your hands to how you touch the dough.ball after it's already risen to the.time that it also rises the order of.what toppings you're putting on and then.to how you cook it that temperature that.you're cooking it the timing of it so.for the first in Detroit second in the.state and 98th in the country but what.makes pizza Plex even more unique is its.deliberate investment and not only the.neighborhood but its employees manager.ashley at our pizza box is really unique.in that it doesn't just operate as a.normal restaurant there is a very.special community organizing component.that is built into our values and our.mission Pizza Plex is moving toward an.employee-owned business model where.employees share an ownership decision.making and profit so we started this.business before we even opened our doors.with the intention of ensuring that as.we sort of establish business viability.and operational sustainability that we.would make sure we got to a place where.everyone who works here felt ownership.not only in the processes and the.democratic decision decision-making but.also in you know any profit that we.generate so the reason for that is you.know the why behind worker ownership is.because that's literally an embedded in.our business plan in our business model.if you are gonna do anything try and.make the impact immediate and the best.way to do that would be to go.worker-owned and that was feedback we.got directly from community members in.southwest Detroit this may not be the.solution for every neighborhood business.but it's something Alessandra and Nathan.are committed to working and it's making.a difference for their staff.if we can work to employ more people.from this neighborhood the community and.obviously it from any point in the city.that this concept of wealth.redistribution happens in such a way.where it's not concentrated and that if.we can bring more people into this if.you can grow the pie if you will so that.more people benefit from it we just.imagine you know a more successful.business and a more successful business.ecosystem if other businesses wanted to.or wanted to implement the goal of going.worker-owned and it would create actual.equity here in Detroit having actual.economic ownership of the establishment.that you work at is an example of.putting resources into someone's hands.its power.it is literally power it just makes you.push a little bit more knowing that this.is yours right as far as like going work.our owned one of the beautiful aspects.is is like you're adopting kind of that.mentality that oh this is mine this is.mine to take care of and I will see that.directly come back to me we're not at.all thinking about this as you know it.stops here with Pizza Plex and that's.the end of the story really our dream is.if pizza flex can do it what else can.you know the our workers or our partners.or people within the city do you know.with with what we learn so I hope that.at the end of our journey we're gonna.see more businesses that sort of put.people first and that'll do it for one.Detroit thanks so much to the Block in.Midtown for having us I think I smell.bacon if you want to learn a little bit.more about this place just check out one.Detroit pbs.org we'll have an extra.segment for you there and come back and.see us next Thursday for another one.Detroit I'm Christy McDonald and I'll.see you that.[Music].you can find more at one Detroit PBS org.or subscribe to our social media.channels and sign up for our one Detroit.newsletter.Masco corporation is proud to.manufacture innovative and.environmentally friendly products for.the home delta faucets craft made in.maryland cabinets and their brand paints.have all been designed with you in mind.Masco and it's family of companies.serving michigan communities since 1929.support also provided by the WK Kellogg.Foundation a partner with communities.where children come first the Cynthia.and Etzel Ford fund for journalism at.Detroit Public TV the Detroit journalism.engagement fund business leaders for.Michigan and by how does diversity bring.energy to us all at DTE Energy we.believe that it's the contributions of.all that build great communities as a.company we grow stronger by welcoming.the unique perspectives of everyone as.community members we support our state's.broad culture and heritage from working.closely with women and minority-owned.suppliers to embracing our local.cultures DTE Energy is powering.diversity the DTE Energy Foundation is a.proud sponsor of Detroit Public.Television also brought to you by Ally.Nissan foundation and viewers like you.thank you.[Music].

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