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County or in Franklin County.after you've been arrested is something.that would require a whole nother video.and so Jeremy started talking because I.was editing the video and he he was.talking to me about like his experience.in Franklin Franklin County and then.also his experience in Delaware and I.was like wait wait just save that.because we can use that for a video you.know whatever I'm done editing this one.so that video is rendering right now so.I figured we would sit down and just.kind of you know see what comes out.because he seemed pretty relaxed and and.ready yeah I'm ready yeah.yes we want to talk about so tell me.what your experience was like you know.being arrested in Franklin County and.like going down to the workhouse and.stuff I thought it sucked any other time.that you get arrested.I mean the first place that they Bobby -.was the big Franklin County Courthouse.downtown which is like how they're doing.it now would they put the jail on the.very top so you can't you know you can't.get off or get away get away or whatever.and that was it was it was like being in.prison seemed like you know just a bunch.of open cells it was real dark you know.one TV and he you kind of got to.makeshift something to push the button.for the chance.[Music].like ten feet away you know you go like.15 spoons like tied together in plastic.you know it's ridiculous man.those darn spoons good sports the sports.oh you guys got sports.yes bored maybe that's another video I.swear I've got like I've got all these.different tips and tricks and like.bootleg you know how to's for getting.through jails so maybe we could do a.video like that together I think that.would be pretty pretty funny yeah as a.matter of fact there was another thing I.was thinking about I dug up my mug shots.my three mug shots and when I get to a.thousand ways okay thank you sweetheart.when I get to a thousand subscribers on.the mama sage channel I'm gonna release.my mug shots so this is your call to.action become a subscriber if you want.to see my mug shots yeah you got to do.that we just hit 62 so thanks so let's.keep moving so anyway you were saying.you guys had sporks I think we as works.but we had coffee and you know just.anything else.oh yeah coffee bunks you know bunk beds.and you guys make crack no we didn't I.wasn't even there that long I think I.was only in there for like three four.days I think was was how long I was in.the workhouse and and I I'm very happy.very glad that I wasn't in there longer.because you know there was probably 25.30 people in just my cellblock and it.was just crowded you know yeah the first.thing you know you almost get into a.fight first night you're in there.because the the one guys.nobody stuff's on there on the bunk and.you think that you know some guys like.yeah I took that book and as soon as you.go try to get it you know somebody's.like that's my book you know I'm like it.doesn't have your name on it you know so.it's not yours technically they're not.gonna take it home with you or whatever.so yeah real territorial in there you.know and the foods food sucks.so you just I knew I was it get be in.there very long so I would just you know.give most overhead keep the coffee and.in the fruit or whatever you know I mean.and there was a couple guys trying to.make try to make some some hooch you.know I have like a little Styrofoam cup.you know like you're gonna get something.out of that maybe a shot you know first.you're not gonna be there long enough.yeah yeah so did you go down to the.workhouse yes yes Oprah tell me about.going down to the workhouse so that was.the workouts that well it's not the.workhouse that's the jail the jail yeah.that's the jail so okay so in Franklin.County the workhouse is down on Jackson.Pike that's where I win Jackson and then.but you said that you were downtown no.person they transferred me okay with.shackles and you know yeah yeah hog-tie.you know they don't shackle your feet.together as a woman they just handcuff.you to the person next to you so you're.handcuffed to that person like your.wrists are together and then there's our.together so you're just walking next to.each other and then you have to sit in.the same seat on the bus because they.take everybody downtown on the bus and.so did you ever go from the workhouse.back to court no no I went from downtown.Franklin County to the workhouse and.they transferred us in a van okay a.cargo van or whatever you call it yeah.um.sheriff van mm-hmm so and they didn't.shackle us like that from what I.remember they just checklists so they.had us like in a line and you guys are.like we had individual ties but more.tied to the person of you yeah so was it.like like ankles waist and ribbon wrists.yeah and then all of that was like.attached to the person in front of you.yeah yeah okay yeah and then whenever.you get in the vehicle like they'll just.they have like a bar in front I think.there was a bar.right they just tie everybody to and.then whenever they take you out they.release the end and then they just pull.you off one by one.yeah ha that's interesting um okay so.whenever we whenever we got ready to go.to court all three times that I went to.court as a woman which this is how they.do it in Franklin County if you're a guy.then a lot of times they'll take you.downtown to the police station and to.the court or to the courthouse and they.will house you at the courthouse until.your arraignment and then they take you.down to the workhouse I'm Jackson Pike.now for the women well as soon as you.are done with your intake if they put.you in a holding cell downtown then as.soon as you are done with that like.they'll take you out of the drunk tank.or whatever and then they get ready and.they they process you and then they put.you on a bus or an or in a van and a.sheriff's van and they take you down to.the workhouse so what happens up at the.workhouse is you're sitting there and.you get processed in it takes forever.you're sitting in essentially like.what's supposed to be a one-person.holding cell but they'll put like two.three five ten people and there are 15.people in there it just depends on how.long it's taken a process everybody and.how busy it is so then after that you.get your you know you get like your gel.scrubs and then they'll take you back to.your dorm well or like your your cell.block so whenever it's time to go to.court then they will take all the people.out of like your cell like out of your.big like group cell they'll take you out.of there and they'll line everybody up.that's that's coming to court that.morning from all the different cells and.then they'll put everybody like group a.whole bunch of people together like 15.people together and they'll put them.back in those holding cells right there.in the lobby today yeah they put it like.they crammed in there's there's a lot of.people.they did give us lunch but I get I.didn't want it was nasty what did you.get for lunch miss Peter burn jelly.it was the paper and jelly over whazzup.banana or a bologna sandwich or.something like that so okay I've never.had peanut butter and jelly going to.court I've never ever had peanut butter.and jelly go to court that's one of the.things that you know if you're going to.court in Franklin County and you're.leaving from the workhouse and going to.court what you get for lunch because.you're gone most of the day right so you.get breakfast early in the morning and.then they come and they start taking.people out for court so whenever they.take you out for court and they put you.in the holding cell at some point they.give everybody bologna sandwiches and.what this looks like is it's two pieces.of white bread and a piece of Bologna in.between it and you get two sandwiches.like that that's it that's it all day.that's all you get right until you come.back and you get dinner finally at the.end of the day and it's not that bad but.the food alone there's just not a lot.there you know I mean like you're hungry.and and you're also you're bored you.know lonely yeah tired hungry angry.lonely tired yeah and it's just the.worst but that's like the though it's.like the one thing everybody knows if.you're going to jail in Franklin County.and it's time to go to court is you're.going to get to bologna sandwich just.leave from there either no they probably.like you get out they don't even tell me.like after your court hearing is over.they don't tell you when you're gonna.get released right I was they didn't.tell me they didn't tell me that you.could not leave from there I'm good um.so what I've got out from them when I.was getting released from the work out.oh I'm talking about Oh tell me that.they didn't know I was like I'm about to.walk right now forget it on this cab and.they're like yeah I can't you can't do.that they'll arrest you put your back in.Selma so they.yeah so like somebody has to let you.know and not all of the guards or all.the sheriff's deputies that do that that.work down there at the Franklin County.workhouse not all of them will let you.know but you're not allowed to leave.there on foot.because the workhouse is on a highway so.they get paid and so how many people in.there then they can't get paid I don't.think they're that desperate but you.have a turnover you know right well I.mean where there are people there are.criminals that's just kind of how it.works you know and so in any rate like.whenever it's time to leave you have to.hope that you've turned your your cell.phone off or that the officer who.arrested you has turned your cell phone.off you know or whoever books you in.turns your cell phone off says you've.got that or you've got a hope that.you've got some change or you've got to.hope that whoever you call to try to.help give you a ride home after court or.after they release you that they will.accept a collect call and it doesn't.always work out like that like there's.always people whenever you get released.they're like hey do you have a hey do.you have any money do you have a couple.quarters because they do have a couple.of payphones at least a couple of.payphones.yeah but you cannot leave because yeah.they'll snatch you up if they catch you.walking alongside the road alongside the.highway they will snatch you up and I'll.throw you right back in and so a lot of.people will tell you whenever you're.getting ready to leave you know that.that you better not try that because.you'll just end up right back in there.there was a like I was talking to a.couple cats I was locked up with and.they were like well as soon as you like.if you run hook across that parking lot.and you get up that hill I mean it's.like they can't catch you once you get.past that point.I'm like oh yeah but something like well.it's just a big neighborhood you don't I.mean you can just do whatever you want.in there you know just run back and.forth on my world it's not a great and.it's a big industrial area too it's not.like it's just this really like nice.residential area or something I mean.it's not super rural you know but um but.it's an industrial area and so there are.a lot of businesses around there but.they're fairly spread out and there.aren't any closes really or any houses.really that are that close so it's not.like you can just dip out and also my.favorite part about getting released.from the workhouse is that they let you.out at like midnight one o'clock in the.morning two o'clock in the morning after.Court is over they have to process.everyone's paperwork so you come back.from court and you go back into the cell.that you were and with all the other.people that you're with and then you.just sit there and you sit there and you.sit there and you're just waiting you.know and you stay up you're just waiting.because you know that they're gonna call.your name and they start pulling people.out I would say around 10 o'clock at.night maybe for maybe a little bit but I.swear did you really all three times I.got released I'm pretty sure it was 10.o'clock at night or later I think the.latest I got released was like 1:00 or.1:30 something like that I don't recall.time it could have been 11:00 like that.in the morning.mm-hmm I know was snowing all but you.got you probably got released the day.after you went to court right No or did.you have a release date like okay so.we're good enough to serve a couple of.weeks I know it was like three days I.was in there like three four days and.the night they were I know that were you.drunk whenever you got arrested no okay.now I'm curious we're gonna talk about.about this a little bit more because I.want to dig into the details but I don't.want to do that on camera so that was.drunk you know he was struggling every.got arrested truck and I wouldn't know I.was on percocet it's real bad yeah it's.hard to tell.what even knows I mean it could've been.anything you know good about anything um.so let's see what are like some things.that probably only people that have been.to jail in Franklin County.would be able to identify with mats.that'll give you you know stupid mats.everyone's yeah stupid matching the.blanket you know me I guess that.slippers those by Archer slides baby.half a shower is not working you know to.mean just random people talking up to.you and walking up to you and trying to.start something either trying to start.something or just trying to hustle you.or we're just trying to just try to talk.to you I mean Joe that's how jail is you.know mean a lot to you pretend that it's.you lie to me for 10 minutes that we.will take a two-minute break.nice that's jail pretty much yeah just.pretty much basically what it is now.down at the workhouse did you guys have.like like one big cell but it was split.into two areas like whenever what I was.in was there was one room or it was it.was separated into two rooms so one side.had all the bunks in the shower and the.toilet yeah it's like it's like four.metal.picnic tables the first time that I ever.went to jail they still had little.lighters on the wall you could light a.cigarette with no no whenever I went to.jail the the three times that I went to.the workhouse the that's the only place.I've ever been to jail but the three.times I went to the workhouse they were.not allowed to smoke there and actually.I think I've talked about this in a.video before there were girls there that.wanted to be convicted and sent to.prison because they knew that regardless.of what was going to be going on they.were gonna have to serve some time and.they would rather go to prison because.at that time at least you were still.able to smoke it yeah yeah.at the Marysville women's Correctional.Facility mm okay so I don't know what.it's like now if anybody knows let me.know you know kiss charge process faster.or whatever something like that so.basically the way it works is if you get.arrested and you go through your.arraignment and there's nobody to bail.you out yeah and you have to keep going.back to court back to court back to.court back to court you know on.continuances until you figure out what's.gonna happen basically it's a month it's.a month like from your arraignment to.your like actual like first court.appearance where you know the attorneys.talk to each other.and then they try to offer you a plea.deal you know the prosecutor tries to.offer your attorney a plea deal and so.if you don't agree to that plea deal.that plea bargain right then and there.then your next court date is scheduled a.month out impatiens what they want right.and so essentially you can I've I think.the longest case that I've ever had went.out like six or seven months before.conviction or before like you know.before before I I pled guilty yeah or.before it was dropped actually I think.it might have been might have been the.assault and domestic violence case with.baby daddy because I kept going and I.kept going and I'm like no this is this.is ridiculous this didn't happen this.way you know and the prosecutor kept.trying to push it and so I just kept.going out going out so we kept asking.for continuances and long story short I.think it was about six months before it.was finally over so once you're.arraigned if you don't have anybody to.bail you out then you're just in there.until all of your continuance or.continuances are finished and you either.you know plead guilty or you take a plea.bargain um you know or your case is.dismissed.so if the girl knew that she was gonna.get convicted and she knew that.was gonna and you know she was gonna end.up maybe having a serve time or probably.having a serve time in prison if you're.gonna serve more than like a year.altogether then once you're convicted.they take you up to.Marysville women's prison now if they.convict you and they're only going to.give you ten months and say you've.already served three right so you've got.seven more months to do and instead of.sending you to Marysville women's prison.you'll just stay there at the workhouse.and do the rest of your year seven.months they're in the workhouse so if.you're in the workhouse you can't smoke.you can't go outside there's none of.that stuff you know so but if you're at.the prison for the rest of your time.that at least shooting but you could go.out and smoke and stuff yeah I did three.months and it was was that that were.Delaware County no that was in.Shreveport Louisiana yeah I don't have.very much experience with Franklin can.like I said I've only been arrested.there like once okay Oh about Delaware.County Delaware was that one just one.time there in Delaware how long were you.in there I was in Delaware for like two.weeks it seemed like almost two weeks um.was that your last conviction that was.my last conviction yeah September 27th.2013 so that was just like I was still.drunk when I woke up I remember getting.booked in and all that stuff and.Delaware still just a crappy other jail.you know ii mean way out in the middle.of you know nowhere we're 20 30 40 miles.from Columbus and you know I was at a.campground camping and with my son and.you know I but there's people in there.nod now you know you know oh yeah people.addicted to heroin in there you don't.need and there was a couple other kids.that one kid I got a fight with then.there was a just a bunch of other things.happen almost card sharks because I made.the thing with it you know with the.spoons to try to preach the tea because.they they put the TV like like you're.andre giant trying to reach the TV you.can can nobody.touch it and change the channel but.everybody's got to watch the same thing.well I'm not down with that because you.know that's Yomi you got that big ego I.got control everything I mean you go.watch what I wanna watch you know you.have to control everything too but I so.I started stacking chairs on top of.chairs you and I climbed up there and.then they have microphones inside the.jails I didn't know that and I guess.that's because Delaware Counties bujji.yeah they got all the high-tech stuff.but he's like they could go from there.you know I'm like just trying okay.whatever I just wanna change the channel.I would watch this nobody nobody in here.wants to watch this we took a vote I.made him take a boat so what was it like.getting released from Delaware County.just the same you could actually walk.from you know you could take off walking.from there okay cuz it's so far out you.know I mean what highway is it on is it.off the highway I've never even been to.Delaware County as soon as you get into.Delaware like it kind of makes me I.think rounded out kind of makes a little.curve to the right and I don't know.exactly what Road that is but I know.that it's it's not too far off the.beaten path not too much what is that 16.or that runs from 23 yeah it's not too.far off 23 I had to walk all the way.from there all the way come on the.citizen sucked so well thanks for.sharing with us I appreciate you doing.this video if you guys liked having.Jeremy on this video comment down below.like the video subscribe to this channel.it's a free way that you can help me out.help us out hook a sister up and if you.want to get notifications about the.videos then you can go ahead and also.click the notification bell but if you.just subscribe you won't get.notifications all the time so it just.kind of depends on you know what your.your level of fandom is I suppose you.know my level okay on our level so.thanks for sticking around and watching.this video thanks for hanging out with.us and did you want to say something.oh yeah we do that sometimes like.somebody will say something at a meeting.and it'll be like oh that's you that's.you you're the newcomer yeah one month.what so yeah so thanks for hanging out.with us and I hope you enjoyed this.video I hope you learned something maybe.you can identify with some of the stuff.that we were talking about leave us a.comment down below and let us know what.you thought if you've got any.suggestions or questions questions for.me or questions for Jeremy yeah thanks.for hanging out this.[Applause].

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I have no idea what grants might be available for you, if you’re still in high school, you should try talking to a school counselor, they should be able to offer guidance on where to look or may know what’s available. If you’re already in college, there should be a financial aid officer who should be able to help you find resources. Either way, I commend your efforts to get an education and I wish you well in your educational pursuits! Onward & upward!

Have you ever been embarrassed about having to mention that you belong to an unconventional family?

Hello I wondered about what you meant an unconventional family is however if it meant something like being born illegally or an inter caste marriage or being a brahmin didn't get to do the nitya karma , so on then it’s a tough call for a guy. If the guy has a social standing then it gets tougher. the way out is to accept it to oneself for the sake of inner peace.

What thought can become the enemy of your success?

“I don’t need to do this.” It was the Northern Region SPM Bible Knowledge Oral Quiz. 2015. I sat dumbfounded in my seat, as the question stared at me in the eye. For starters, in Malaysia, we do have a subject for Bible Knowledge in SPM exams, at the end of high school. It covers the books of Luke and Acts, in immense detail. The BK syllabus was rigorous. Get the facts wrong (say the retelling of an entire Parable or Paulian miracle from scratch) and the essay question gets null marks. Some schools offer it as an elective, while others more inclined to the missionary background may even have it compu Continue Reading

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