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Hand-in-Hand Teaching Guide to draw up Lagos State Health Service Commission Form

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How to avail yourself of The Lagos State Health Service Commission Form ?

[Music].[Music].thinking about building a smart city.creating jobs a better life for all one.thing makes it possible life on this.episode we'll focus on developments in.Lagos state's health sector as it.strives to build a skilled but most.importantly a healthy workforce I'm all.new Sunday and this its destination laid.off the Ebola outbreak in 2014 marked a.turning point in lagos state health.sector it brought to the fore challenges.and potentials in the state's health.sector in the past few years health care.in Lagos State was described as free as.patients paid little or nothing in the.general hospitals for treatment with a.population of over 22 million people and.Counting this was not feasible to ensure.a more sustainable and unhindered access.to health care the state's Ministry of.Health embarked on renovating building.and equipping primary health centers in.the state we're using both private and.public providers to provide services at.the different levels of care so even the.governor doesn't have enough money to.build more fast lap I'm a hockey.facilities either we need to build more.it can contract the service or primary.care providers and private sector.Bruckheimer care for as long as a.magazine a song from off limit and it.put the same process to if you can go.active service is not a primary health.care sector you reduce the pressure on.this recording and pressure castle so.that.will to do the specialty functions and.now if you really have to create the.proper refresh systems and I know in our.system now you cannot entirely her.scepter except food oral care provider.is what they cannot reach that level of.care do not fail you to think about if.you circumvent that you pay three.dollars if it will let citizens the.government order into the sister.Esper Patrick a resident of a volu.aguado or cure do local government area.was a frequent visitor at the General.Hospital far away from her residence the.first two pregnancies were difficult and.it had nothing to do expected labor.pains.the PHC in Esther's local government has.also saved her 90 percent of medical.bills she would have been cured at the.General Hospital my previous two I had.it in general system and it is a little.bit fast this trace green so early in.the morning coming partly because they.so many populations for say were your.home painting the Nazis are so friendly.they are Google Earth interest in life.in general citizen restoration up apart.from the blood donation registration and.everything accused of the safety.it's a thirty thousand they yes.registration and delivery of three.thousand at the second level renovage is.long green the same thing I won now for.some horses now who provide.maternal child care listen we give that.as way we did maternal just sent us past.government to test if functioning for.the last way now we are trying to.complete transitions to increases access.of care food sources so owners are.they're not there you have specialties.services neonatal care for requests of.child.I mean modalities death of children in.utero or minute after bath a new medical.services.jaundice or dosas and once we can detect.them alien country damar evolves the.consequences on it has referred to as.pursuits you give up those capabilities.at the circle first level of reference.upgrading transport infrastructure has.contributed to healthcare delivery in.most local government areas in Lagos.State according to a goon volusia lot.improved infrastructure have opened a.community to the rest of lagos state if.they should tell me 20m most time to.come this area would be like this or.well the premier clinic a same time our.argue with a person seriously especially.the roads this clinic and i can see i.can see and i know we are going to.achieve a lot of things in this clinic.because most people go to Quogue knows.is true that process they lose they lose.their babies so I'm soldiering.delivering ordering label do it get on.the floor it relates to makeup problem.but with with this s Center I know it.will it will give the are going to call.a morning it should be absolute it.should be affordable primary health care.is an integral part of the health system.it caters to residents at grassroots.it's important cannot be overemphasized.as service delivery at this level is.known to be affordable and accessible.illegally we have children twenty.celeritas.centers that are located in everywhere.the wards the blue cabinets and we have.those some ones that are actually.designated as comprehensive health.centers where we weren't ready for us.there are 57 of such IE one in each.local domains and LCD we make sure that.we serve innovation.of those ones we started equipping them.with the state-of-the-art equipment and.I will tell you that last year his.Excellency magnanimously approved summer.1.5 billion to do that our commitment to.the improvement of the primary addresses.them is on shaking to ensure health.services at the doorstep of every Lagos.resident the Lagos State government.established a special program unit whose.responsibility it is to make sure.healthcare is available to the.vulnerable the underserved and.hard-to-reach areas on the 1st of March.this year the units launched a free.health program known as the Eco free.health mission catering to over 3,000.patients per day in every local.government area the Eco free health.mission has seen over 2 million.residents in the state Walla would.normally do is set up camp at a.designated area we have five units we.have blindness prevention units we have.general outpatient units where we just.offer primary health care we have health.education units we have the HIV testing.counseling and treatment centers then we.have dental care the strategy really is.to take this program to places that near.primary health care centers because we.have realized over time that the help.seeking habits of the Gaussian.especially that vulnerable group is very.poor and the program is free medication.is free interventions of free health.education is free and what we say to.them is after this period of time visit.your nearest army health care centers.and the program is still going on.because we actually have measured impact.scientifically and we've seen that after.each outreach the attendants are the.is spike incredibly the free health.mission provides the state an.opportunity to understudy the areas.visited and the disease's prevalent in.such areas which helps with research and.data collection information gathered is.usually shared amongst various health.units including the Center for Disease.Control for further analysis I will tell.you about the goiter corrective surgery.program this program came about after we.visited if a tackle area and leggo sweet.but I agree specifically and we notice.that out of every 80 patients.one had an X wailing so it's raised.suspicions that this is not usual why is.this gota thin why is the incidence high.or the prevalence high in Badagry.we actually went back to do studies we.administered questionnaires we did a KP.Studies knowledge attitude and practices.and we realize that it's just a lack of.knowledge and their attitude that as a.hospice it's a River Rhine area the.government provides iodized salt and.water because goyahkla is caused by luck.on imbalance of iodine or because it's a.river right in area they tend to deal.with fresh water and modern government.waters so we came up with an.intervention and also prevention.intervention in the form of surgery we.actually did almost over a thousand.surgeries they started three four years.ago and it's still ongoing we have also.done a lot of health education and.advocacy on prevention and this time our.target audience is not the adults we.have gone to schools we have gone to.primary schools we have got secondary.schools we have gone to religious homes.to educate on how to prevent Gotha.and interestingly our register is.becoming empty they're less and less.efficient to deal with Lagos State has a.fast growing population and the.government anticipates that the mission.might soon come under pressure.the League of Health Insurance Scheme is.one way the government hopes the panel.the pressure head on a package that.we're offering is it's called the legal.health plan it's a basic minimum package.and most of the services they are on the.primary health care of course it's.focusing on maternal and child health so.we have delivery we have immunization.services family planning services and so.on and so forth and that is something.that we feel you know would be able to.meet the health needs of the average.nicosia look at it in the proportion of.the population who are poor who cannot.even afford to pay for health care.that's immigration and as a responsible.government effort we need to address.that and the past the government talked.about free health if analysis scheme to.type of financing but worldwide is known.globally that that cannot walk it's not.impossible to buy for free how to.everybody how it is thought that it.should be contributory you've got my.hard work to prove themselves have their.own rules to be so as long as you put a.little token as your premium depending.on your level goes across your social.status you would access L through the.health insurance either the ones that.have been run by governments or the ones.that are doing by private entrepreneurs.so I'm going to charge equally at the.turmeric and level because the.government is only given the enabling.environment and the goggles go to.control it because the judge won't be.verified by a family who would have done.with the acquisition and.we should address those serviceable in.that and of course not you are given the.people advice if I'm contributing money.then I already to tell you I'm not happy.with you so if the people ever have to a.provider a the person has the choice to.change another provider the mission to.build a healthy workforce in Lagos State.continues after the break welcome back.because joining us you're watching.destination leg off and the focus is on.developments in Lagos state's health.sector the health of a nation is a.reflection of the wealth of that nation.this is common knowledge it is also.common knowledge that the health sector.in most African countries have major.infrastructure challenges addressing.these challenges is a priority in Lagos.think the hospital is Lagos State only.test sherry teaching hospital it's one.of the health facility under.and upgrade this awful trained medical.students on state and then we also.trained consultants there is active.residency training program in the.hospital that builds capacity for.consultants service in the state and.it's arranged in such a way that medical.officers who have passed the parasite.exams that are working in the Health.Service Commission essentia for training.to become consultant and eventually when.they when they when they when they.graduate they will be distributed all.over listed for service delivery.I admit both to say that this hospital.has capacity in terms of the equipment.in terms of staff to read them thicker.side training that makes them able to.perform everywhere al and of course we.also attach only a dream we ensure that.some of as well this candidate solve the.scripted doctors go to India where they.can have hands-on training we were given.the opportunity of is it India so very a.go and lead arrangement with some.institutions that will allow our.residents and you are consultants one of.the tops of dip their their their skills.the driving objective of lasses is to.reduce the number of patients seeking.medical care abroad to achieve this the.aim to become a world-class teaching.hospital using cutting-edge technology.and highly developed human resources to.provide excellent medical care for the.people of Lagos State and beyond the.critical care unit of license is also.well equipped with modern facilities to.ensure operation the intensive care unit.we have the filling pendants to supply.oxygen that way you don't have to bring.oxygen into the room we have a gas room.where the oxygen planta and it's an.automated system where we never run out.of oxygen.anytime it was designed in addition to.that we have proper ICU this.multifunctional electric we have very.little that are commonly called.life-support machine I don't think.there's any teaching hospital that has.this many Isis that we opportunity this.and each one of them has its own monitor.we have infusion pounds we have syringe.forms we have ten of the ventilators and.our monitors are multifunctional they.can do so many things including measure.the blood pressure directly from inside.of the blood vessel the operating room.is set up for us to be able to do any.type of surgery we can do transplants we.do hip replacement surgeries we do knee.replacements the operating light in the.operating room has a built-in camera.where we can actually record the cases.that we are doing if we need to do.training the students don't have to come.in the room we can actually transmit.what we're doing to anywhere in the.world this is a teaching hospital so.there is no medical or surgical.specialty that is not available in this.hospital classes isn't the only Health.Institute getting an upgrade the sakes.College of Medicine is also on the list.funding is quite essential now we have.funded almost 99.9 percent that.government does an advantage is also a.disadvantage so of course the.disadvantage because government cannot.answer to all your needs and I can.assure you for to James and 2017.everything we requested one meant to.justify them was answered an approved.Vogelman is giving all these 82.6% of.that approved pocket recorder their own.monitor natee another 10 limiting a.treat the governor said the enemy is not.making hundred percent income you will.fund health and education.100% and he's doing that the helipad is.one of the hospital's biggest upgrades.it's one thing to have a fully equipped.hospital and another to have the skilled.manpower to run it the state's teaching.hospital and College of Medicine have.been equipped to do just that.along the line we picked on another.medical specialty which is dentistry now.that's our selling point now I mean an.additional selling point in idea we're.over one doctor to over 35,000 patients.one dental surgeon so for Lugosi.basically amazing to have dentistry.school to produce dental specialist.legal still contributing to reducing the.issue for the country the availability.of equipment have led to remarkable.successes in the lake of State.University Teaching Hospital the.cochlear implant that we did about two.two months ago the bone which to to make.to ensure that children who have never.had sound in their life they it has a.computer chip that is put in the air.that allows it's even an adult who.hasn't had before and now here and then.they are taught to speak with almost.people who are done with otherwise I.can't speak it rather than hear it so.well to start to listen then they we.send them we have the speech therapist.here who trains them and then you we.must have read in the papers recently we.had a cardiac surgeon who would had.surgery Fisher has gone home we had to.reynolds transplantation in the past six.months so those are one map those are.very few decisions in that nigella can.do it and more so every partner in that.exercise are locally within being.invertible they are all indigenous.doctors trained in hospitals in idea but.most of them from the.as the fifth largest economy in Africa.the influx of people in and out of lagos.state increases with each passing day.while this has its economic advantages.it could spell doom for the state in the.face of an epidemic information-sharing.played a vital role in the success.recorded during the Ebola outbreak in.lagos state the state is keen on data.collection and research we have the.biosecurity about 50 bowel banking about.equality before committee which.comprises of staff's offices of the.Ministry of Health the academia.different legal State University.Hospital acid grew from roots people.from all other academic environment who.can contribute effectively to you know.the committee presently Lagos State have.about 40 communicable diseases of Public.Health importance tuberculosis HIV and.AIDS and malaria are of major importance.the components of discharges control is.we create awareness very clear awareness.you do HCT does it IV can't rely on.testing and why you test if you have a.client with a positive we also could.take them on and that the new policy now.in the past we are using criteria we.fall it leaves anybody on treatment we.look at a cd4 cell count of 500 Park.will be that or blood-borne now the new.policy but ability to which are deducted.by deferral is referred and legacy.government without any passing the.tested and it's positive for HIV to.diffusion treatment so we absorbed that.you are lot of a great abilities we're.going to assist Anatomy control is going.to reduce morbidity and mortality in the.individuals and is going to reduce the.risk of spread of infection by that.person while the efforts of the state.government are commendable.apps still exist gaps that represent.opportunities for the private sector the.state government is working the private.sector to establish a medical park when.fully functional.it will provide medical services that.are not available in the country which.will in the end reverse the brain drain.and medical tourism we reach out to.funding partners from time to time.usually there will be a call for grants.and we try and match our needs to the.call for grants but definitely there's a.lot of opportunity because we have the.critical mass apart from religious.gatherings is very hard to fight or.political gatherings very hard to find.4,000 people looking for health care at.a fitting and this is like a gold mine.and an opportunity for development.partners to achieve their deliverables.they work with numbers they want to.measure in fact these people are willing.and they want to assist you to assist.them in terms of building there we are.constructing a facilities we are medical.doctors we do construct a city that.sells so we see what will be organized.every sector the other ones that do or.the construction and that process we.make the make their own profit so then.in terms of drug manufacturing key and.also drug supply we are what we call.joint venture projects in agonal suitors.we are buy from us car companies they.work in conjunction with the ng Co of.the generous hotels to make sure that.the hardly lots of drugs and attitudes.pay for the drugs as the space open just.helps set the door to the private sector.it is committed to ensuring its.residents get quality health care by.establishing the health facility.monitoring and accreditation agency the.state government makes sure health.facilities in leg of our Julie.registered and have qualified personnel.with current practicing license and.that's all we draw the curtains on this.episode of destination leg off looking.for where to invest in human lives.your destination is Lagos State you can.actually counter your return on.investments on the number of lives you.save in return.I warned you Sunday thank you for.watching.[Music].

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Lagos State Health Service Commission Form FAQs

Here you can obtain details to the most FAQs about Lagos State Health Service Commission Form . If you have specific doubts, tick 'Contact Us' at the top of the page.

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