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Notes on filling the How Do I Add Shotgun Let On Hire On My Firearm License West Mercia Police Form

youtube video

Get Your How Do I Add Shotgun Let On Hire On My Firearm License West Mercia Police Form Signed Quickly

hello and welcome to the gun shop a desk.today is a little bit different we're.hit for help you talk you through this.the firearms application form the.shotgun application on the same form the.first few pages of form is 15 pages long.the first 11 pages or the farm's.application form and the last three are.notes it actually says to read these.three pages before you complete the.thing sense would say put that at the.front however we'll work our way through.front page to back page and we'll get.into the notes eventually but read the.notes first obviously very important.it's a bit like the quiz quiz the test.when you're a kid that you heard about.that oh the last question was leaving.the other questions blank for 100% or.something like I know.let's get applications they brought when.you or a firearm or shotguns together.there's a door of course so the first.page as you'll see it starts with the.heading and then goes into I'm applying.for for the purpose of this video we are.going to fill out this form ish in a.manner for a terminus farm and shotguns.difficult for those of you who want a.shotgun link drop the firearms pop those.of you who want barns only drop the.shotgun part that's it but if you kind.of do reason to do so save yourself 86.quid 80 pounds for a grunt and 90 pounds.for a coterminous so yeah if you are.gonna block both let's do it once so.Part A all about yourself this is really.simple for those of you don't really.understand this that this is probably.where you should stop but you know a.gender male female take your pick.title surname for names your home.address postcode home number mobile.number home email your height this is.obviously because when they pull you on.file and have your name in the.photograph it says you're five foot.seven and you are sick for some bloke.standing next to.I'm pretty sure that's something to do.it on line draw but it's all to do with.date of birth place of birth nationality.occupation work address postcode worked.of a number and work email basically.everything about you so they can.research you find out whether your.crazy allowable license ID - they can.contact your work and Tom said to you at.home and generously they got information.about you so you are contactable if they.ever need to contact you in regards to.this once it comes in touch your farms.license part be personal health and.medical declaration if you have you.should download the notes package with.this you shouldn't fill it out without.the notes package then it's packages and.far more concise than what I'm offering.you now however I'm just going to talk.you through it as as it is to try and.help from from my perspective without.essentially just give me an audio book.of the notes read notes sick four to.twelve before completion these notes.essentially better question ten very.important do you suffer with any.relevant any relevant medical conditions.depression that sort of thing if so you.probably won't be allowed a license it's.also to do with your medical history you.have to disclose this because after this.the details of your GP or GP practice.they will contact your GP and who will.tell them if you've had depression it's.a phrenic that sort of thing there's a.high chance you'll not get a license the.whole point of this licensing is to make.everybody else safe so if they deem you.as a threat or a possible threat or an.irresponsible human being you won't get.one however unfortunately there's a lot.of medical grounds we can't really have.jobs unless in scy-lab PTSD that's all I.know being reasons people have been.stopped from having you so you're going.to fill out your GP a lot people don't.go to their GP especially as he ness or.xx so these are most people try and.avoid it like the plague so um so.lightly diet if you have had a previous.GP practice from the past ten years feel.like the next bit so so forth there's a.bit the one which says I give my police.permission to contact my GP and or.specialist to obtain factual details and.learning medical history in relation to.my suitability to possess a pharmacist.if ago essentially sign the bottom.always so that they can get to talk to.your doctor if you don't sign this they.won't contact your doctor but if they.then even get to save you to come see.you they can ask why you shouldn't have.anything to hide.it's a legal thing so don't hide.anything because they'll find out I.don't know if you think we've tried to.hide stuff please is on to this the next.page.hello offenses quite simple here have.you been convicted of any offense.including speeding drink driving.anything like that.parking offences that sort of thing.reciprocal tip yes if so fill out the.next form I hope people with speeding.their drink driving there's a lot of.reasons why you have to fill out this.side aren't don't make you a there we.are a criminal unfortunately but don't.make you a bad person so bad person.aside you fill out this all you don't.feel this how you take the no and you.move on however if you have things put.them down like I say with the other part.of the doctor they will find out a lot.about you from your previous addresses.all the things you have filled up in.this pre past page and you go into here.and you fly my country Houston says so.what about that time you did X hit a.copper they've got caught drunk driving.set fire to your school shed forty five.years ago that's it will think that that.is interesting to them you know I know a.lot of people would previous Commission.to have licenses not big ones obviously.and they're not banned from owning.firearms however it's about proving that.you've changed if it was twenty years.ago and you've gotten a bit of rough.when you were eighteen on the town.you're now 48 or whatever thirty years.later there's a real chance that that's.not gonna be forgiven your body you've.received some sort of nectar on it.however in thirty years people can.change quite a lot obviously and it's a.all about proving that you are have.changed alright next to a previous home.addresses so they can set you up to.clarify Part C offenses which leads us.on to page 3 page three is for firearms.only those who are apply for a shotgun.certificate don't need to fill this out.quite simply here we have Part D farm.details any firearms currently held much.are sort of applying for a grant the.answer is none if you apply for renewal.you click yes and you like what you.already own in the my other two for.three hundred fifty you stick those in.there next and this is probably most one.question fifteen for those apply for an.application the best or.when you're four groans right not very.Oh applying for a grant.here it is question it's the important.one this is where you fill out what you.want.this is caliber obviously guys the Tarot.thing the type rifle sound moderator.barrel spare barrel everybody something.like a blazer you want to have the rifle.you want to place their barrel on it I.don't know.and the reason so for example here you.would put caliber I want a point to to.type action reason talking shooting X.club membership attached point to 2.Samuel greater reason target shooting.club members you attached brackets.always control all that sort of thing.next you go no travel 250 270 whatever.you want action understand what else you.fit up both always put both if you want.to sum what are its most you put a cell.moderator on here because I'm gonna.magic you one and my twin occurrence you.suggest that you have one specially if.you'll apply for a grant on new land.that hasn't been vetted it will probably.come and check it and say we wouldn't.you to have moderator on this man.because there's X my houses over there.I'm not annoyed again something they.can't legally do however something that.I have heard of done suggested.recommended and it's usually working.away recommendations you want to fight.the farms Department it's not going to.help anyway so on this one you go I was.going to do on mana farm.White House farm white horse farm.wherever you want to do whatever farm.you have or land you have permission to.go and shoot X Stalkings indica.you write that in here please provide.land club details that will be the name.of the club light and darkness usually.worth putting.see appendix whatever and staple them.together the letter from your landowner.the map this sort of thing and statement.back saying this is a this is everything.you want to do watertight know a lot of.people who applied for grants who have.put in and then they don't put enough.these and they just go on [ __ ] would.bury well who the hell's Barry Barry own.mate owns this farm you sure on his farm.you need to go to barrage mate who owns.the farm whatever his name may be get.his name get the land details and you're.left from him saying you're bonafide.shooter on his land boom this is quite a.bit like the shoot you'll want that.a target you want the membership on that.and that's that just make sure you put.moderators barrels rifles whatever you.don't need put Bob action for example.though that's not a bad idea you know.you know if you want to buy a straight.pool by a stripper just type rifle.simple as that.obviously sex more shotgun you go.caliber 12 or type shotgun section one.hydropathy high-capacity shotgun reason.berman control so on and so forth it's.usually worth putting in if you're gonna.go for something a bit like the 243 to.put which one will dear on this land but.I also on it for foxes while starts.talking and I would also like to.preserving all ranges if you fill all.this out it's very lot you're gonna get.that anyway but the more thorough you.are at this stage the easier it's gonna.be later on to justify what you want.when he's come around he's already read.that you kind of know what's going on I.think that's important to do.also yeah fill out as much as you want.if you go for a grant and that's what I.have a few rifles would say you don't.need them but thank what you want do.what you need so let's moving on we are.onto page page sixteen page four.question 16 it's not question really is.it details the max amount of ammunition.to be possessed this used to be a.two-parter you used to have a master.maximum amount to buy max amount to keep.now they just do it as a maximum amount.to be possessed so you can come to a gun.shop and you can go I want all to uncle.arounds but if you've got one round and.you're breaking the law if they then.come around as soon as you come home and.see what 201 rounds on 200 you're.probably gonna lose your license so it's.burns down to you to police how much.ammunition you have to use to be for.example I want to buy two hundred and.keep three hundred so I can borrow 200.wait till I've gone down to a hundred.and go buy another 200 up to three.hundred and work my way down to a.hundred now it's a case of what you want.there will be two shot to put too much.ammunition here you know I've seen.licenses permission to keep 40 rounds.it's not a lot of bullets and it is a.lot about me to show my squad homes here.amount of 300 Win Mag or whatever to go.and buy but back to his boxes for.example are in 200 so you'll generally.get a slightly better rate on that 200.cars and if you gotta buy 200 rounds and.us.something that's not an annual supply.some people that ten years supply but.you never want to be caught sure you.don't have to max it out but at the same.time if there's a offer or you want to.go shoot down the range you then have to.go up by 40 rounds but I spend all day.down the range and I'm gonna shoot more.than 40 then go back to the gun shop to.get some ammo to go back out and shoot.some foxes 40 pounds isn't a lot.obviously depends what you want to do if.you're shooting a lot of targets you'll.probably want to own X amount of up to.500 but 200 is a sort of a generally.large amount for most centerfire rifles.unless you are target shooting in which.case this is also the place to put heads.if you're going to reload and want to.expanding heads put it as you've got.calibre metric or imperial point 270 you.can I put quantity 200 and then you'll.go caliber point 270 expanding missile.quantity 200 missile whatever you want.so just make sure again you're a.thorough as possible with what you want.looking to the future perhaps as well as.the past so the present so if you want.don't want to reload in the future and.you're sure about that.don't put it on but if you might.consider reloading in the next 5 years.to buy it stick on the ticket and simple.as that always remember with rimfire get.bricks at 500 so 500 a thousand to keep.whatever you want and you will burn.through more rimfire as a matter of.target shooting practice and throwing.intro you'll shoot 20 rabbits perhaps.but you'll only shoot one day a day you.might shoot more only wrong but that's a.sort of ratio you might expect on.bullets to use he will use more green.fire plus it's cheaper so it's better.for shooting targets and practice with.especially if you're going to stuff like.prone rough you want to be definitely up.in the 1500 mm mark because you're gonna.buy batches of a thousand obviously this.is all run specifically and if you want.any questions about that please ask.below and we're here to help as much as.possible so I'll point in this video we.get a lot of people coming in asking us.to help fill out these because they're.confused they don't really know if you.answer the questions there's videos to.stop people coming in and asking for.help but you know I mean he's try and.make everybody's lives a little bit.easier question 17 details of your.current vehicle got proposed security.arrangement where your cabinet is do you.have a cabinet as you've been kept and.go Ruby giving you a gun shop so on and.so forth make sure before the man comes.around she has your bike everybody.it's not your house it's very like.you've got a grant a lot of people would.get in here go or don't buy cabinets he.comes around make sure I've got my.certificates I don't want to waste you.in Japan it's not the ways to turn.Japan's by 200 cabinet.bolt it in if he's coming around he's.going to have it if you're worried about.not getting it you've probably done.something in the past maybe there is an.opportunity there however the most.people you are very likely to be granted.your license if we want these questions.actually a realistic well if it is says.all I want I want a friend with my.reason shooting foxes we're on my.corporative garden in the middle of.Birmingham is unlikely gonna give it to.you however genuine reasons that have.genuinely got many reasons you shouldn't.own it first I make you drop caliber.ladi Dadi darling they might suggest a.few others but for the most part they're.quite reasonable oh no this is all very.simple if you share the security with.enough security holder Panamera.munitions storage separate safe.obviously your farms license you need to.keep your section 1 emissions safe in.it's safe in a fight in an ammo safe.away from your rifle with your shotgun.it just needs to be kept to vaguely.secure you know don't leave open front.doorstep however outside find somewhere.safe and inaccessible usually even.definitely somewhere different to the.gun next h5 grant renewal of a shotgun.sticker we're going for a grant put.nuttin if your own guns already put them.in there.again proposed security arrangements.much like the other obviously filled one.out fill the other one out it's.important it's right the same answers.and makes your life easy any additional.information right up on this blank page.everybody loves a blank page h6.declaration of on page 7 I hereby make.firearms and shotguns difficult you've.read this this is quite important.basically this is declaring that you are.not lying on any part this is the legal.enticing part read through everything.you have written before you sign this I.know people have missed out their names.but the date of birth wrong also measure.is legible legibility is quite important.you know if it's not really right that's.something to be particularly ashamed of.get supposed to fill out for you if you.can read and write yet your writing is.like.I'm sort of Salvador Dali artwork give.you pen somewhere else and ask them to.scribe for you so here we go I've.enclosed the feet it pounds like a.clothes for identical photographs I've.read notes 12 to 15 make sure you read.the notes it's quite important I provide.the details of referees we'll get to.that and I've signed the medical consent.on page one I say you don't have to sign.it but if you don't sign it it's unlike.you to get your license and they're.gonna come around you're wasting police.time they're all stretched all farms.departments are stretches in here so.please do not waste their time okay.moving on.oh yeah if you want to retain your.parent or guardian is to sign it.[Applause].breakfast honestly you need one referee.for a shotgun and you need two for a.pharmacy so find a referee song you have.known for more than two years used to be.of someone of upstanding quality but you.know as long as it's not got the Ripper.you're usually pretty safe or is it.better to have somebody respectable.you can't use farms dealers and you.can't there's a list of people you can't.use something clean something that sort.of thing however read the notes get your.referees second referee page ten first.department hate the forests of the world.page ten is left intentionally blank.page eleven heart hates the Equality.questionnaire personally I think is.entirely useless but fill it out you.know is optional number question one is.I prefer not to answer any of the.following questions so if you don't want.to answer them and answer them.however for the sake of it it keeps them.happy and you know and what have you got.to be scared of the ethnic group ethnic.group group six options of an ethnic.group three options of agenda and age.groups there's ten or eleven age groups.who are those boxes that say you.couldn't say you prefer not to say on.any of those questions that's exciting.do you have a bit disability is question.too.say five questions for questions if you.discount I prefer not to answer any of.the following questions all with the.option I prefer not to say not to.pressing.

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How Do I Add Shotgun Let On Hire On My Firearm License West Mercia Police Form FAQs

Hit on answers to listed questions about How Do I Add Shotgun Let On Hire On My Firearm License West Mercia Police Form . Discover the most ordinary topics and more.

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Will guns ever be legal in the UK?

Guns are legal in the UK. Shotguns are easy to acquire, just show a reasonable place to store, reason for ownership, send in the form, the gun is yours. Target or hunting rifles, show that you are a member of a club, have a place to shoot, etc, no problem. Pistols are highly restricted, shoot air pistols or long barrelled pistols or move to France, etc where you can have what you like.

Should guns be legal in the UK?

Guns are legal in the UK. Shotguns are easy to acquire, just show a reasonable place to store, reason for ownership, send in the form, the gun is yours. Target or hunting rifles, show that you are a member of a club, have a place to shoot, etc, no problem. Pistols are highly restricted, shoot air pistols or long barrelled pistols or move to France, etc where you can have what you like.

When did guns get banned in UK?

Because that just wouldn’t work. It completely misunderstands the issue. The US has more guns than they have people. Even well-armed countries don’t have that level of firearms. The second most according to Wikipedia is about 58.21 per 100 of the population, that is Serbia. Estimated number of guns per capita by country - Wikipedia . (From: Estimated number of guns per capita by country - Wikipedia .) The sheer amount of guns makes this a very different problem. That isn’t the full story on ownership though. Some don’t own guns and some own many guns. There are then questions over the illegal guns Continue Reading

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Ignorance in many cases, we hear all kinds of things, and some don’t actually fact check. Also, many Americans view the extreme level with which your guns are restricted tantamount to total ban. There may be some still in circulation, but they are far from available to the common man, and what you are capable of having is severely restricted. In the UK, granted my knowledge may be a little spotty, you can commonly have single shots, double rifles, bolt actions, and various shotguns. Many of those must be housed at a range or collection point. In America, I can have a single shot, doubles, bolt Continue Reading

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