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Tips: A Detailed Guidebook on Finalizing Broker Workshop Series National Mortgage Professional Magazine Online

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The Stepwise Tutorial to Broker Workshop Series National Mortgage Professional Magazine

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Guidelines with regard toBroker Workshop Series National Mortgage Professional Magazine

on this episode of content sessions we.talk getting on Google and creating.content for your new mortgage brokerage.welcome to another episode of content.sessions I'm with Carolina.Horta keep on Lisa Karolina say Karolina.care what state Karolina and you're with.dominion Lending yes so tell us a little.bit about that so I just open up my own.mortgage brokerage with Dominion lending.and I'm very excited and I'm a learner.vus at the same time because I've been.hiding in the back office doing.underwriting so I think after seven.years I'm ready to get out there.nice and were you an underwriter with.the same company what was centum way to.save which is a brokerage owned by my.family my father yeah and so I don't.know a lot about the mortgage industry.so were you.it was there any affiliation but so.Dominions like the brand of yeah so.basically the franchise just like Remax.and 221 it's a known franchise for.mortgages mortgage industry and we have.lots of mortgage agents and when.dominion Lending is looking for mortgage.brokerages to join them they look for.the best making sure that they have a.good reputation and mortgage brokers.know what they're doing.and so you've been in kind of in a bunch.of different areas within the space yes.that's correct so before I became a.mortgage agent I was a receptionist law.clerk at real estate firms and 321 and.Remax and also go a Strela D and then I.moved on to working at our lawyer's.office and doing basically a clerk.reception learning everything I can.about real estate so then I was ready to.become a mortgage agent because I kind.of knew all aspects of the business.hmmm and then do you have to be an agent.for a certain amount of time before you.can so basically you can be a mortgage.agent for two years and then take the.course to become a broker a lot of.people stay as a agent because usually.get your license as a mortgage broker if.you're gonna one day own a brokerage god.it's this kind.like the planning you don't do it unless.you're planning I'm going yes okay very.cool and and so now is your family.competition no no don't want me to.succeed and they want me to be.independent yeah basically take over the.business.later on yeah and I just want to be more.independent a lot of people know me as.my dad's daughter yeah yeah but I'm at.this point in my life that I'm ready to.network and let people basically know.what I'm doing.cool and then so structurally so you own.the brokerage and then you you're gonna.bring in agents the kind of that I just.hired two new brand new agents and I got.two agents joining me from centum two.DLC NASA Casas got it and the way that.you were underwriting policy before do.you have someone like that here or is.that done so basically I was the.underwriter for all the deals checking.compliance collecting documents and then.telling agents that needed help or.working for other agents I'm gonna.submit the deal there this is the best.fit for the client and basically meeting.with clients signing the commitment and.explaining all the terms cool and so.then the agents that you bring in will.kind of I guess they deal with that so.new agents that are coming into the.industry they're gonna need a lot of.training so just well what I've been.doing for seven years training learning.from each deal.each deals is different and that's one.we be doing the training new agents cool.we talked a little bit beforehand about.you kind of have a niche or like a.specific kind of audience that you're.looking to service yes in my industry.right now the big focus that I'm gonna.what I want my needs to be is.self-employed a lot of people who are.self-employed are having a very hard.time getting together it's great it's.really rewarding because they go to.banks and they don't get a mortgage and.they come to me we work a plan and they.leave here very happy thinking you know.we should have came to you first like.the process was really easy and I'm so.happy to get a mortgage and that's where.I get my referrals problem is clients.yeah.well I think you know most of the.businesses that.we interact with that we talk to their.biggest base is always you know.word-of-mouth referral base those are.always going to be your best customers.and I think so can you.I guess when people are reciting their.mortgage ones they can come now come.over to you even though they were with.you somewhere else or hi so basically.you know first-time homebuyers if did.you're self-employed they usually it.takes up to three four months to get.approved get your all your documents in.order and then we do a pre-approval and.then they're stress-free because they.know how much they could afford they.know that they could actually shop for.now right and get that mortgage right.but the people that you've done.mortgages for in the past could they.then come over to you on when they next.of course yeah I love it I love when I.have clients coming second time third.time referring them to their friends and.they're coming to me it's it's great.it's what I want yeah I want them to.only think of me when it comes to.mortgages or any financial advice.awesome and so you know obviously that's.gonna be a good base of people for you.to communicate with yeah those referrals.but then we're talking we were talking a.little before but now I got to get more.people gotta feel a lot more people next.time so just take me through from the.agent perspective so as the owner of a.brokerage all right you're kind of.thought is I just want to bring.attention into the brand that will give.people things to do are the agents.responsible for trying to bring on their.own stuff as well how does that like I.know with real estate like you've kind.of got some marketing support at the top.level but you're kind of responsible for.your own well we're all self-employed.gonna have to get our own clients so.basically you have to network you have.to get out there to get your clients.yeah and that's why for me it's an issue.because I've been hiding the back office.doing underwriting and it's like for me.it's new coming out to social media and.talking about payment this is what I do.I'm a mortgage broker yeah okay awesome.and so there's a couple topics we wanted.to touch on Google search yes was the.first thing so kind of the background.there we were saying that your.fathers brokerage is showing up yeah.yeah and yours is not yeah yeah I just.want to know how do I promote myself how.do I get to be on the Google search so.when you do google my name or I need a.mortgage and mississauga I would like to.know like how do I sure get the process.started so fundamentally there's two.things that you can do number one is.your you can show up organically in a.search so when you look at a Google.search typically there's some paid ads.at the top and then there's usually a.map and then there's usually other links.below that so the two ways you can get.on Google are you can get there.organically so that's in the map and.then in the the listings kind of part.way through the page and those are like.that so what you do for that is called.search engine optimization you're trying.to optimize your website so that Google.is like oh this is a this keyword.matches what your website says and we're.gonna make you there on the page because.we feel like you're a good option the.biggest thing with Google is they want.the people that are searching to.continue coming back there to search now.Google unlike some of the social stuff.they don't have as the competition is.not as fierce right now people are just.gonna leave to go to Bing but Google's.premise is still based on the amount of.use that it has is directly related to.their revenue right because they sell.ads so for them what they measure is if.somebody comes to your website and they.spend a whole bunch of time there and.they click around that's a good.interaction according to what Google.says right if someone comes to your.website and leaves right away then.Google saying well maybe this wasn't the.right thing and so you kind of you kind.of have to match the little copy on your.website to match up with what Google.thinks what keywords you want to show up.under so if you want to show up under.mortgage broker Mississauga or mortgage.broker in streets Phil or whatever.different variation of that what you'd.want to do is you want to put some.information on your website that Google.can read that says that you the fact.that you are a mortgage broker in.streets ville so you're you're the copy.on your website will want to match what.those keywords.are now you can't just repeat the words.over and over and over and over again.because it won't it loses its kind of.power but one challenge with your.industry is that there's a lot of.mortgage brokers yes.same thing with real estate same thing.with a lot so the question always.becomes you know you can implement some.content on your website but is that.gonna be enough for you to actually get.ahead of somebody else on the page and.so there's two kind of factors that.Google looks at to determine who's gonna.show up number one is gonna be against.you number one is gonna be the authority.of the domains how long has it been.around how much traffic is it had what's.its historical you know so because.you're starting with a brand new website.you start a little bit behind because.you're saying well I don't have Ivan.been around so I don't have the.authority on the page and then the.second part is what is the content on.the website so what I mean by that is so.on each page on your website you're.gonna have a title and then you're gonna.have copy right so the titles of your.page should all be very closely tied to.the keywords that you want to show up.for and you kind of have to balance it.though right you can't just write.mortgage broker in streets ville because.a consumer looking at the page they're.reading it they're like yeah I know you.are you can't just you can't just have.content that's like super keyword.focused or consumers that are reading it.are gonna say this isn't doesn't even.make sense right because Google's ideal.is reading those really really really.simplified things mortgage broker in.streets fill mortgage brokers streets.fill those variations that's all Google.cares about but what your customers need.to see are who you guys are as a.business and yeah you know so there's a.fine line of like how do you write that.content to make it make sense.I'll send you some I'll send you some.information about kind of like how you.could how you would be able to write.some content that would help you rank.but I think to be perfectly honest the.process of doing that and optimizing.your website you should do it as a.fundamental thing but I don't think.organically it's gonna be that easy to.get especially for Mississauga yeah.streets ville maybe because there's a.finite amount of people so the more.niche you can get the easier it is to.get yourself up there so I would avoid.things like you know real mortgage.broker in Mississauga in terms of copy.because although it is true and you can.have the fact that you're in Mississauga.on the website there's gonna be a bigger.pool of people that are trying to get.there because Mississauga is so wide so.anytime that you can niche it down into.a neighborhood so the more you have the.word streets ville in your copy on the.website that will help identify you as.if someone searching for streets ville.it'll be easier for you to rank there.I've been trying to say like I'm gonna.fight everybody in Mississauga for a.spot yeah does that make sense and so I.think my takeaways for that would be.keep it like keep your copy very niche.and make sure that the keywords that you.want to show up for are displayed in the.titles of your pages as well as the.first 300 words on the page okay right.and so it can get a little.counterintuitive because you don't just.want to write I'm a mortgage broker and.Steve gets a little like yeah I get it.but you have to weigh the kind of.technical writing with the more.consumer-friendly writing and it's it's.an interesting process but I think for.you keeping it two streets ville for now.to try and rank on that is probably your.best bet the Mississauga is it's gonna.be really hard not to crack and the.other side of Google is the paid side so.on Google they have a product called.Adwords and so you buy the you buy you.bid on a phrase so I want to bid on.mortgage broker in strength so you tell.the platform that and what happens is.you would bid on that and whoever else.wants to be up on the page would bid on.that keyword and the search the time the.search happens Google actually runs a.whole bunch of different algorithms to.decide who's gonna show up and where and.so the things that factored into that or.like how much your bidding who else is.bidding at the exact same time that.you're bidding on it.so it's a really weird it's an auction.system essentially Google ads are an.auction system so if you say I'm willing.to spend two dollars to be on the page.if somebody else saying I'm willing to.spend three dollars they might show up.above you okay but you set a bit you set.a budget for a day so say it's 20 bucks.a day or whatever it is and so what.happens is you bid and you come up.either you know 1 2 3 4 or you come up.lower where you come up on page 2 or 3.or 4 now as soon as you're off of page 1.you kind of lose no one's going to page.2 right yeah especially if I'm looking.for a mortgage broker one of the first.couple of results are gonna be if you.think about the way that you shop if.it's something specific like if I'm.looking for a roofer it's like one of.those first four websites or the roofer.I'm going to choose so I'm not gonna go.past that and so it's a you bid on it.but what happens is if you show up on.the page and someone doesn't come to.your website you don't actually pay.anything okay you only pay if they see.your ad they click and they come to your.website and the cost of that click that.traffic to your website it depends on.again the type of time of day who's.bidding and how much they're bidding so.with Google AdWords the the the.challenge is always well I want to be.near the top but is it worthwhile for me.to always be at the top because if I.have to pay four or five or six dollars.to get someone to my website you know.and there's a hundred searches every day.I'm not gonna spend five or six hundred.dollars a day Google so you kind of you.kind of balance it by seeing okay I got.ten clicks from Google Ads this week and.then you look at it on your website and.say well what happened right did they.leave right away did they stay on for a.long enough period of time did they go.to multiple pages like those are the.kind of indicators to let you know if.the people coming to you were good right.so if I'm if I'm clicking on your ad and.I come to the first page and I spend 15.seconds there that's usually not a great.indicator right but if I click on your.website and I see I you know spend 20.seconds on the home.Paige and I click to one of your.resources or I click to the contact us.page then that's a really good indicator.that that person was you know had some.intent to contact you and so what I.recommend always with Google Ads is like.I think the key the niche keyword thing.is still the right idea cuz bidding on.Mississauga vs. streets ville there's a.lot of people trying to fight for the.keyword of Mississauga so you might pay.six dollars for someone to click on.Mississauga you might pay three dollars.or two dollars or one dollar for streets.ville specifically and so from a.budgetary standpoint it's like.especially when you're testing the.waters like it's intimidating the idea.of spending five or six dollars to get.one person on my website how quickly am.I gonna run out of money right that's a.conversation we have with people all the.time and I think it's I think it's have.a small budget run it for a couple weeks.and see what those people are doing on.the website because you gotta remember I.haven't seen your site but I think.everybody has the same website it's like.a micro yeah yeah so I think you know if.you're driving people over there taking.a look at whatever those the analytics.are to say hey did they spend a bit of.time you can actually even see like you.can set up analytics in a way that says.like did they click the call me button.did they fill out a form how do I search.that that would be good to know yes I.have no clue now the only challenge you.might run into is if it's going to a.website that you don't have control over.like is it dominions website and you.have like a sub page well I have my own.name.Carol mortgage oh great and if they.search for clients is looking for.Mississauga agent my brokerage will come.up right and then they click on my name.and then right away my website shows up.so they go from the Dominion like it's.almost like the like they have like a.reference page but then it comes out to.your personal so yes.okay great cuz that someone could go.personally on my web.right great so yeah I would set up so.Google Analytics is the product it's a.free product.and depending on how your website's.built like if it's like WordPress or.wicks or Squarespace I'm not sure what.platform is built on but there will be.there will be a code that you get in.Google Analytics so you sign up you sign.up for a free account and it says like.Kay what website are we gonna drive your.traffic to you just fill in whatever the.website is and then you hit OK it pops.up a code and that code goes into the.top of your website so the way a website.works is it's got a header and the.header goes across every page and then.the page content is different on every.page right so the header is usually your.navigation your logo right whatever is.at the top so you want to track what's.happening on any page that people go so.the code goes into the header of the.site and then whether they're on me you.know our services about us our contact.wherever they are on the site it's.tracking what page they go to and how.long they spend on there depending on.how the website was built if it was like.a website builder like a Wix or a Weebly.or.Squarespace they usually just have a.place where you can copy and paste the.code right in okay yeah and from the.time that you do that it will.automatically track it'll automatically.track what pages people go to how long.they stay on the website you know how.many pages on average they go to when.they come on so if I come on and I go to.the homepage I start on the homepage I.go to services they go to contact and.that's three page views yeah for the one.user that came on so it'll tell you the.average amount of pages that people come.on to and having that data is important.I think the most important stuff as a.beginner like there's a lot of stuff.analytics can tell you you can go down a.rabbit hole of parsing through.information but I think the most.important things for you would be so.people the amount of people that come.the amount of time that they spend and.the amount of pages on average that they.go to because that's a really good those.three metrics are really good starting.indicators you know.if I just come to the homepage and then.I leave it could still be okay could.just because I just wanted your phone.number and I called you and that was the.end of it right so it's not the it's not.a terrible thing but I think you know.especially if you are gonna be putting.out content that's gonna help.self-employed people you're gonna.provide some resources some tools for.them I imagine on there yeah we also.have it's an you think that came out.with dominion Lending a mobile app okay.and it's kind of exciting when someone.downloads it I get a notification.oh man down what does it what does the.app do anything you want to do so it has.a calculator figure out so you figure.out it's your payments that you want to.make on a mortgage how much you can.inform afford for purchase it talks.about refinancing self-employed employee.so it's it's right it's kind of great.that one you get a client and they.actually use it they're at home and.they're using I know that they're using.it so it's kind of like can you send.them notifications I could also send.them a link by email no no but I mean.once they have the app can you send them.like a message in the app I'm not quite.sure it soon might be a thing I know I.get a notification and then yes I would.take a look at that only because the.idea of like so that they're called.within an app they're called push.notification they should know and so.that'd be like a customized message so.the same way you'd get an alert for.Instagram like this person like your.photo you might actually be able to send.them out messaging okay in there and.that might be a cool way like especially.if there's a new something that's coming.up on your and that would be important.for them to know or maybe there's.something customized and I think even.having like you know hey thank you so.much for doing business with me you.could send some messaging which works as.well via email but I think we're on.alert on your phone is gonna get like.almost like a hundred percent response.rate cuz you can't make that doesn't go.away til they open it whereas an email.you can you don't have to open it I get.an email I notice who downloaded it.maybe what they may eat if they make.some sort of calculations okay I kind of.know what their what their turkeys.sneaky marketing yeah what's brand-new.playing with it so so far yeah that's.really cool and yeah I think I think.from the standpoint of like setting up.Google Analytics I can send you some.stuff offline about it but essentially.all you do is you just it's.analytics.google.com sign up for a free.account you get and you just put the.code in the website and rest soon as you.do that it automatically starts tracking.whatever happens on your website so it's.a great tool and then I'll make a note.of a couple like those metrics to look.at because I think I think if you.especially if you're going to put paid.dollars if you're gonna if you're gonna.buy you know your been a bit on a.keyword on Google Ads yeah you're gonna.be been paid traffic you're gonna pay a.couple dollars for people to come to the.site it'd be good to know hey it seems.like the people that are coming or you.know going to at least two pages and.they're spending at least 45 seconds so.I would say the metrics you want to.think about are like if someone if.somebody's on the website for more than.like 40 seconds that's a great indicator.and if the average amount of pages more.is like 1.75 or higher that's a good.indicator what I'm looking for is maybe.the search I know everybody has.mortgages mortgage broker maybe.self-employed well I think he was.probably a ton of people that would.search for that specifically and I know.I was thinking and I think I think.because especially in the early stages.of a business where your marketing.budget isn't like $20,000 a month and.it's maybe you know on Google it's maybe.a couple hundred dollars the more.specific and the more niche especially.when you're serving that market the.better so I would I would think about.keywords that are like mortgages for.self-employed people yeah how do I get a.mortgage if I'm self-employed like those.people are like those are your sweet.smart so Google ads when you sign up.it's similar to analytics you just sign.up it's a free program it has a what's.called a keyword planner yeah so you go.you go into tools and keyword planner so.you can actually go in and it will give.you the amount of searches that actually.happen for all the keywords you're.thinking of.and so you can see how strong the.competition is for it as well as some.other ideas so you go in and say hmm I'm.thinking about mortgage broker in.streets ville mortgages and streets fill.you give it a bunch even you know.self-employed how to get a mortgage when.you're self-employed you type all those.in and the Keyword planner will give you.the historical amount so how many.searches every month happen on Google.and you can even narrow that geography.to say like I'm only I only care if.they're in Ontario or Canada white or.whatever you want like and so you can.get real numbers on how many searches.happen and it'll also tell you how could.[Music].it also tell you how competitive that.keyword is so if a lot of people are.fighting for that spot then it'll tell.you your average click is gonna be.expensive and if it's very niche so the.ones that you'll I think that what.you'll probably come across or like.it'll be stuff that only has like twenty.to a hundred searches every month but it.won't be super competitive so that's.probably a great place for you to think.about playing especially like again when.you're investing money that you've never.invested in a Google product or a.Facebook ad or whatever it is making.sure that you know you start really slow.that you can test you understand what's.happening with it it might be the case.where you hire that work out but it's.always good to have a decent fundamental.understanding it's the same like for me.even if I'm picking a vendor for.whatever it is like I'm gonna outsource.this task within our business I always.like to know like the basics of it so.make sure you know you're getting it.from like a reputable provider or.whatever but you could I think you could.and I mean we can sit down about it but.helping you kind of get something set up.but I would for add I would think about.how to keep everything really really.niche the other benefit to ads is it.helps start bringing traffic to your.website and what that helps with is your.organic search right because Google is.saying well the the sites that get a lot.of traffic and the people are spending.time on are the ones that we want to.show up and if nobody can find you it's.hard so sometimes people will do paid.and that will help feed the organic.piece of it so now I've getting a.hundred people a month or 50 people a.month or whatever that number is so.Google saying oh people are looking for.this and they're coming to this website.and they're spending a little bit of.time and it helps move you up.organically okay there's no like clear.path of like it takes ten thousand.clicks to the website to make you show.up it doesn't exist because every time.you hit search there's over a hundred.different programs that Google runs to.decide who's gonna go up even on the.maps even on the ads so to try and like.people will try and like dissect okay if.I do this strategy or this technique.this will make me go but like if Google.changes their mind on how they want to.position stuff then whatever you've done.can kind of go out the window.but I would say that doing a little bit.of google paid in those specific really.specific keywords will help even just.raise your profile on those specific.keywords on the self-employed on the.yeah you know what I mean so I think I.think spending a little bit on Google.Ads makes a lot of sense yeah but just.even thinking like bruised credit no.income verification like and that could.be stuff you put in the ad copy on that.cop yeah I think you so you don't so.with the keywords you want to be there's.there's two different types of searches.there's intent based search and then.there's research search so unless you're.gonna be a wealth of knowledge for.information you don't want to right now.especially if you're gonna start with a.lower budget you don't have you bidding.on stuff that people could be using to.research so let's take like let's take.an interior designer for example design.ideas or like ideas for designing my.living room is not a keyword that an.interior designer wants to bid on.because that might be someone looking.for a Pinterest board on like give me.some ideas but like interior designer.Mississauga is like I'm looking for an.interior designer in Mississauga.so keeping keeping the searches so that.like you only want to bid on stuff that.like if I was actually looking for your.service that's what I would type okay.because you can go down a path of like.oh if people have bad credit it would be.good if they know.but people with bad credit could be.looking for an auto loan yeah and then.you kind of like you're never those are.never gonna be customers okay so to know.yeah so intent based so I always I.always break it down so I usually use.thing in place place Thing Thing place.mortgage broker streets ville mortgage.broker in streets Ville streets Ville.mortgage broker okay those are like the.three most common ones and when you go.into that keyword planner if you type in.a couple of things it'll give you some.suggestions Oh people also search for.this and you can say who if they were.looking for a mortgage this does make.sense but making sure you focus on.intent based searches those of those are.gonna be the thing that'll bring you a.return does that answer I mean that's a.lot to say again but for me is more like.how do I get out there what sites do I.go on to do the what you were saying to.actually go and register and be on.Google search yeah yeah so I would say.anywhere where you can create a free.profile will help link back to you so I.would go on there's so many in like.which ones actually work yeah which one.am I supposed to use thing that's one.pick two three good ones yeah what I.would use there's a program called wise.kick that we use and so it it puts you.on ten of the most popular directories.but it does it all I just does it all.for you.so why is kick and so what it does is it.it'll put you on like the yellow pages.on this business directory that business.directory you just go into wise kick you.fill out all of your information you put.your logo you put your hours you put.your you know your whatever whatever.other info and then it uploads them to.all the sites for you okay and then if.you change the information on wise kick.it updates your profiles everywhere else.so it's actually a really easy way to.put yourself out we've also used there's.somebody have you ever heard of Fiverr.it's like it's like a marketplace for.people that are giving you.services for $5.00 okay so there's a lot.of weird stuff so like I will draw a.picture of your dog with a crayon for.five bucks or like all right.this or all record something for you and.so you go in and there's like there's.like stuff for marketing there's stuff.for art there's stuff it's like a weird.place of you know there's people that.will write blog posts for you for five.bucks and you can they add stuff on so.if you want to get it faster you pay an.extra four dollars and if you want to.get a longer blog and then it costs you.an extra five dollars so they bundle.stuff together but one thing we've used.on Fiverr specifically is there's a guy.who will go manually register your.business information on a hundred.Directory Sites that's cool and it was.like 13 bucks and at the end he sends.you an email with the login for each one.he manually goes in and does all of them.so we've done that for a bunch of people.and I'm like it was like 13 bucks like.how you're not even making money at this.point but it's a lot of people overseas.like India and China where it's like.like it's because of the labors and.expensive there to them it's like 15.bucks great and so Fiverr is a great.that's good tool for that yeah yeah for.a lot of stuff nothing for like like.branding or like creative like I.wouldn't get graphics made on there but.just for like little weird tasks to.outsource that take time that take time.yeah and if you don't have an assistant.yeah right the other website that we use.is sometimes it's upwork.it's similar it's a fiber but like you.would say I need this thing done so you.would say I created this blog post and I.would like it listed on a bunch of.websites already like it sent it.whatever so you can go on up work and.post it's like a job posting but it's.all like freelance and it's like they.tell you how much their hourly whatever.is so again little things like this.where if you're like hmm it would be.cool if we signed up for this on a bunch.of different websites or whatever up.work or Fiverr or great places to go.where you can pay like under 50 bucks.and just have somebody manually do the.whole.thing and then you don't have to deal.with it cuz that's stuff it's like it.would take you hours probably I have to.fill a mortgage application yeah so and.so those are great there it's it's.what's called like a gig gig site and.it's like I we there's some stuff where.like we we had somebody that was working.full-time like just doing administrative.assistant stuff for us and like.sometimes even with that person it would.still made more sense to pay someone.four dollars an hour like sometimes we.just wanted a list of all the businesses.in this area and we would say hey we.need 200 we need a list of 200.businesses in this neighborhood or.whatever it was and we would just have.sources to them and no $40 and they.would give us this big spreadsheet back.and there's a lot of like little things.and you can have a source on up work and.on the fiber it's just it takes a little.bit of getting used to the first couple.like you put the you put the tasks up.and like 200 people apply and you're.like no there's too many things but like.what we've done is we found a couple.that we like working with and I can I'm.happy to share those contacts because.they we use them over and over and over.again it looks like 675 an hour and it's.like if you have like little.administrative things it's a great just.outsource those switch gears a little.bit to content so one thing I know we.talked about offline was just about you.need to get out there ya need your face.that their brand out there you need all.the pieces so you've got an office here.so let's talk about what we have access.to you right so we got a new office in.streets ville yeah cool location got the.front of the building coming yeah small.boutique yep it's Diane yeah and you've.got the we've got the front of the.building you're gonna brand yeah we got.the TV so we could actually do.advertisements on the TV oh like TV out.of the window yeah yeah when people stop.by for a walk there's a lot of people.coming for walks here and down for ice.when you especially in the summertime on.Fridays if you have like saw Sunday here.in the square.yes there's a lot of traffic yeah so.we've got the TVs.put more ads on the TV yeah for sure and.are you thinking about from the ads.perspective obviously you know here's.the prize our service here's what we.offer is something that would go up.there.one thing I would think about and it.kind of ties into my opinion about.content as a whole is be cognizant of.how much is selling versus how much is.building awareness or building a.community or building a following you.know you know especially if you know.you're posting on LinkedIn - you're.posting on Instagram which we'll talk.about but one key thing is like it's.same thing with our service right like.we have a training program and we do.marketing for people people aren't.always in the market maybe they have a.company that they've already they're.already using and maybe we're not the.right fit right now so if every post I.did was hey do you want do you need this.training hey do you need this marketing.thing hey do you need this from me then.people have no reason to follow you.because all you're doing is just saying.buy this buy this buy this buy this so I.like to keep the amount of buy this.content to like less than 20% if you and.maybe 20 percents the number and so that.that 20% is the to me with what we've.seen across you know a lot of different.businesses that we've worked with is the.right amount of like you're gonna put.out different stuff and we'll talk about.that 80% because I think that's the.biggest thing to focus on but so of that.20% those are gonna be those like I've.already been in communications I already.follow you and then you say something at.the right time being like do you need.this now and you're like yeah I do need.this now that'll help there will be.people that will come across you for the.first time who are looking for the.service right away and so you don't want.to you know you don't want it to be 1%.where everyone every hundred posts is.buy something because then they're like.oh I I didn't know I wouldn't have known.that you did that because you didn't.offer it to me so I'd say about 20% of.the stuff you put out should be hey we.offer this thing here's what makes us.different come buy it but only 20% and I.would think about it the same for.content as you would for the front of.the board right like I think you know.hey we offer this thing and having that.on the board is great but maybe that's a.section of it maybe the other section of.it is.like I don't know what's valuable to the.people what's valued with people walking.by hope you enjoy your salsa tonight.shake a leg for me you don't even like.building building community building.awareness around just just interacting.as a human that's the biggest piece then.a lot of but a lot of and it's more so.true in kind of corporate settings like.bigger companies they don't know how to.believe the like we're actually humans.to like here's the product and every.time you see a product it's they're.trying to tie it into like here's some.content that's either valuable or.entertaining so I I think about content.in in three buckets.there's informational providing value.and that should be safe forty percent.then there's entertainment and that.doesn't have to be you don't have to be.making something funny but that could be.like building a real relationship as a.human that should be 40 and then the.selling should be 20 and so to break.down those two 40's informational is you.know there's gonna be people that have.questions about your industry about your.products about things that are related.even to your industry and you being that.source of information to them can be a.great help so you know maybe there's an.article here's an example of one of.those piece of content from that bucket.maybe it's a video or an article saying.hey do you like to own your own business.and here's Pearson myths about trying to.get a mortgage when you own your own.business yeah you know there could be.some stuff about hey here's some of the.things to look out for you know it could.be could be some stuff like here's you.know when you're filling out a certain.form here's a couple like ways that can.help you and I don't know if there's any.ways but but I think there's a big pool.of information of like what would your.potential customer what do they need to.know and how can you deliver it to them.so it's not somebody else.I think one thing that happens in that.bucket is they say well I'm giving you.this blog on the things you need to look.out for if you're self-employed person.looking for a mortgage by the way come.get a mortgage from me no no no that's.that's you're selling bucket and you.keep you got to keep them separate we.were meeting with a friend of ours who.owns a gym they're growing like crazy.it's a fitness and then a boxing gym.they own two gyms and he said well if.we're putting out this how to exercise.content they're informational bucket.well can't we just say by the way come.to a class with us like no because what.that does if you're providing something.with someone that's valuable to them if.the answer to that thing is you being.the sale it's kind of like saying I like.your hair but you know I mean everything.before the butt is like okay now I don't.believe anything you said if you're.saying here's information that will help.you finding a mortgage whatever those.whatever those pieces of information are.it has to be standalone it has to just.be they should be able to take that and.be like damn that was so nice that you.made that this helped me this is great.because the people because what will.happen with that content is 20% of the.people won't do anything with it because.they just read it they're like I didn't.need that then you'll get a bucket of.people that will read it and say oh.that's all I need to know thanks bye and.they're not gonna become your customer.anyway but you will get people that read.it and now have a trust in you because.you were that source of information and.then when you try and use the sales.content later or maybe they just come to.you on their own but maybe they're like.man I didn't know this and you provided.that information for them then when you.come to your sales bucket later they.already have a trust and then you're.asking them for something but they have.a trust in you because you provided them.something with no strings attached yeah.does that make sense yeah so your.informational bucket is there and we can.kind of go into like what you can.actually do there but then your bucket.of entertainment is another big piece.and that's building brand that's.building awareness around you guys as a.company so what I fit into that bucket.is like stuff it's like what's going on.in the office day-in-the-life.right little video clips you could do.you know little profiles of the.employees if you're thinking about.as a local business here's you know hey.we checked out pizzaiolo who's actually.a client of ours today but they just.opened over here right that is their.location so even going into there and.having you know a little Instagram video.or something being like hey guys were at.PCL we're checking checking out their.new dog can't wait to grab a slice then.when you're putting that up you're.tagging them being like hey check out.what these guys are doing it's really.cool.maybe there's a scuba-diving store being.like you go in you take a picture of.yourself in there and you're tagging.them so it's like building equity around.you and it's content that you're putting.out that you're thinking wait why is me.and a scuba-diving shop relevant to my.business it's not but it's relevant to.people connecting with you as a human.and it's making other business owners be.like that's so nice a day she came in.here and she you know her brand is.sharing story about us or talking about.us in a way and it just makes people.friendlier to you and the way that that.procedurally works is then their cousin.then their daughter who's looking for a.place oh you gotta you need a mortgage.we just go down the street that she's a.great human ya know to me and so the the.the entertainment bucket doesn't have to.be produced content but it could be you.know congratulating customer that just.got a home that could be stuff that's.going around here events that are going.on outside right it could be anything.anything that's that's got a human touch.but making sure that you you and your.employees are at the forefront of it so.it you know just having a picture of.this event this event in this event this.event is okay but having like a selfie.and you can have your employees taking.yeah pictures here and there hey if.someone's gonna be going to this.Christmas event can you take a couple of.snapshots cuz we're gonna do some posts.about it and then I think connecting.with the locals right connecting with.even if you do it's funny you don't even.have to go in and buy anything you're.gonna say hey I just opened up down.that's the same way you would network.now hey just opened up down the street I.just wanted to introduce my.and say hi there's anything I can ever.do for you guys let us know oh by the.way could you mind if I grab a snapshot.and then you could say hey we walked in.and checked out this company today.tagged them so they can see that you've.you're showing them some love and that I.think we'll build that gives people a.reason to follow you even if they don't.need the mortgage right now if you think.about the brands that you follow on.social media or on LinkedIn like I.there's very few how many how many.brands you phone right unless it's like.I like their line of products or they.have a personality that makes me want to.see what's going on a lot of this.industry 99% of it which is where I.think you can really set yourself apart.you've got a good personality you seem.like a nice person is like you could.have your the brand your the personality.this all the other stuff is just.secondary people will follow you because.hey what's going on day in the life.right oh those quirky guys are playing.Yahtzee again in the office.it sounds arbitrary but people like.watching what other people are doing so.the more you can unveil let people in.through that curtain the better chance.you're gonna have of drawing in a bigger.audience of people and then those.audience even though you're saying well.but they're not looking for a mortgage.right now but maybe their sister is.maybe their cousin maybe May when.they're ready if you have them and.you've won them over.when they need it then they come to you.or when their friends need it you've.built the brand and it's good that they.know what I actually do because people.don't know what I do that's a factor.yeah you can even have a session that's.like yo family yeah this is actually.about oh hey Susan this is what I'm.actually doing with my day and and.people buy in people like people and.again if you if you think about the.brands and the personalities and the.things you follow on Instagram it's.often if it is a brand this you know.this cup company if all they did was.post pictures of their cups in different.kitchens I'd be like I don't care.like how boring is that yeah but you.know what I mean but if they had like.you know they emailed their customers.that have bought it and be like hey tell.us like what your favorite drink that.goes in.goes into your cups are and then it's.like hey Fred from Alabama likes this.type of drink in his cup then they're.like Oh seeing connecting with the.customers it's giving them a shadow so.the more of that you can do even though.it's counterintuitive because you're.thinking it's not to do with mortgages.it's not driving me business right now.it will help you build the profile.people that follow you and then it's a.long-term play but it's building real.brand yeah because the thing is like.mortgages overall it's a bit of a.commodity yeah very.it's the biggest payment you're making.every single month and you're giving.information to a person everything about.you all your financial information so.it's like they have to trust you so.making yeah putting you and your people.out front of it as much as possible is.the biggest biggest thing so so.informational and that can be anything.from you know you can shoot like little.short videos you could write blog posts.for the website they can be short they.can be simple things you could make like.I know with real estate like you could.produce like first-time homebuyers.checklist yeah you know if you're.searching for mr. for that so like.whatever resources that you would have.in the industry anyway I would say don't.have to reinvent the wheel just put your.personal spin on them and give people a.little bit of you know maybe make it.make it your version of that document.and so informational entertainment which.is that the forty percent which is again.as much human interaction as possible.connecting with local businesses.profiling your customers profiling your.employees what hey here's you want to.see what a day in the life looks like.you get on Instagram going from this.meeting of this meeting of this meeting.people want to follow that if I could.afford it I would have someone followed.me around with the camera and shoot me.behind the scenes of me doing this and.going from meeting again because people.would just be attracted like I wonder.what it's like to be in this industry.and you actually what will happen with.that is when people when other agents.see that you're looking for the top of.the top to bring onto you like that will.also help people be like.could like the awareness she's great.look at like it feels like it's a cool.place to work it's an interesting.interesting stuff happening so it'll.help you recruit as well as get clients.from my experience and we're the type of.office that we're not closing a5 right.last night I was here till 9 o'clock.yeah does that so do you have any kind.of questions about anything kind of just.split into from those buckets of.information basically it was the Google.Instagram how do we get people to follow.me.yeah so I think the two biggest.platforms for you I think are so.LinkedIn I think is really really really.really powerful.I don't concentrate on Winston yeah so.LinkedIn I don't get any clients from do.you put up when was the last time you.put out a post on LinkedIn so so I mean.LinkedIn is obviously more of a business.environment so your your entertainment.content is not really the content for.that the entertainment content is more.Instagram yeah your informational.content with your personal spin on it is.more LinkedIn and so cuz right now on.LinkedIn I because I changed my name.mortgage broker and owner I'm getting.just other mortgage agents yeah mortgage.brokers or just the mortgage industry.yeah every time I do anything on.LinkedIn I get 10 people being like hey.I need employees likes you that's gonna.happen yeah but what I would say is like.there's a lot of guys like me who are.self-employed on LinkedIn and if you.were publishing even just a piece of.content every month that was like and it.could be so what I would say is the the.intimidating thing about producing.content is like I make this piece and.then I got to make the next then I got.to make the next there's always a way to.do more with one so what I would do is.if you were to write you know the myths.about getting a mortgage as a as a.self-employed person and maybe if.there's five different pieces.articles about that right so article.goes on your blog on your website and.then the article you then put it up on.LinkedIn as well so you're like hey you.know do you know anybody that.self-employed like I've I wrote this.great piece about this go check it out.on the website so you link it back onto.the website but that becomes a LinkedIn.post it goes out to your entire the nice.thing about LinkedIn right now is it.goes out to your entire network if.somebody likes it or comments it then.shows up to their entire following so I.don't know if you've ever seen on.LinkedIn recommended for you so see I.you don't spend a lot of time so what.happens is if I if Jess writes an.article and then I like it.and we're connected and you're not.connected with her you would see on your.feed article recommended for you because.Mike likes it so it's her piece of.content that you see because I've liked.it so the ability for that to.reverberate if you can get a couple you.know people liking it is insane and I.think it goes again you might catch.people the thing with all content unlike.a Google AdWords like I'm looking for.this thing right now that's more like.I'm gonna close that deal right now all.this other stuff is like some people say.well I don't see if I put this one post.up is that gonna mean I have a client no.might not mean anything ever but it's.gonna give you a great chance and it's.gonna be able to build a personality.around the brand so when you put out.that one article you know it might fall.flat maybe nobody cares but it could be.that 10th one that Susan sees and she's.like oh this is really good my friend.Mike has a business that he owns and he.can't get a mortgage I'm gonna share it.to him he gets it he's like holy crap.this is great he calls you like it's all.it's out there and and just the more you.can put out there the more at-bats you.get to drive somebody in so with.LinkedIn I would I would do like if.you're creating stuff on your website.share those articles out there and.concentrate more a little bit yeah a.hundred percent cuz the other thing you.can do is like there might be groups on.LinkedIn that are you know self-employed.groups right there's there's different.like a Facebook group they have them on.LinkedIn so like I I joined when the.other day I was getting rid of boxing.tickets and I joined this like LinkedIn.boxing group because I was like hey does.anybody want these tickets and they were.gone but you found like you know.self-employed style groups and you go.into that group so here's what a lot of.agents will do they'll go into that.group in the be like hey guys I need.mortgages for people that are.self-employed come get something from me.and they're like who the is this.person spamming our network of people.like you know what I mean if there's.10,000 people in this group you just.post something about what you do in.there like hey I'm selling this thing.you're gonna be like who is this person.why they just could if you think about.like the spam or like cold email that.you get you're like this is not I don't.I don't need this go away but if you go.in there and say hey group I wrote this.piece that's really helpful to you it.doesn't equal you having to buy.something from me.you don't I mean it's just here's.valuable stuff it's gonna be way more.better it's gonna be better received.than if you say hey guys I offer this.service come buy something for me does.that make sense and so I think it's like.you create one piece and it gets.something that goes on your blog you.share it on LinkedIn you share it into.LinkedIn groups maybe even Facebook.groups right people that are.self-employed in facebook groups and you.go in you say hey administrator of the.group I'd love to share this article I'm.not selling anything it's just a great.piece if you'd have it I'd love to put.it in there and then those 10,000 people.see it and that could easily be become.business right and if not it's somebody.that came on the website maybe they.followed you on Instagram and maybe a.year from now they do business with you.so it's just it's just putting out.consistency is the biggest piece so if.you're gonna do LinkedIn maybe you say.you know what as a starting point I'm.gonna write or someone in the office is.gonna write one piece of content every.month it'll go on the blog and then.we'll post it on LinkedIn once a month.that's it see what happens see because.when you put the analytics on your.website if somebody comes to you from.LinkedIn you're gonna see that okay and.you're gonna say oh.I'm getting I'm getting five or six.people every time I do a post and then.you might say well maybe if we start.doing more.host maybe that brings in more people.and you see so when you when you're in.analytics it's gonna say people that.came directly to the website so they.typed in the URL directly then there's.gonna spew that found you on Google.organically and then it's gonna say.people that came to you from social.media so you'll be able to see how many.people came to your website from.Instagram from LinkedIn from Facebook.and then from there you can break down.those metrics we talked about earlier.how long are they staying on the site.how many pages did they go to and if.you're saying you know what LinkedIn is.driving 20 people a month and they're.all staying a minute and a half and.going on to four pages you're like we're.onto something here we should be putting.up more on LinkedIn so you can measure.the effectiveness of all this via your.Google Analytics cuz it's gonna tell you.yeah so I think LinkedIn is a good spot.for your informational bucket you can.talk to people right on there like hey.do you know any small business do you.know any you know independent business.owners this is a really great piece of.content for them again you can do a.little bit of selling hey send people my.way that they're looking for it but a.bigger pool of information should be.just helpful practical stuff and then oh.by the way I'm selling but never.together.never here's the helpful stuff I'll buy.something it's like here's the helpful.stuff oh now buy something independent.content understand and then from the.Instagram side I think that's more it's.a visual platform I think you get.followers around like I think it's just.day in the life stuff like pictures the.team pictures of like local stuff.getting into the habit of doing it one.thing that in our training that we find.is the process of if it's not the.perfect thing it's hard to put out.analysis paralysis I've been doing for a.long time and I helped a lot of come I.still it still happens to me sometimes.where I'm like I'm sitting there I have.the video recording for like 25 minutes.and I'm sitting in front of the computer.screen it was just something I hadn't.done yet and I was just like.and it took me 25 minutes to be like.okay I think I think I'm gonna hit.record now and that was recording but.the other part wasn't recording and has.like watched after I'm like just.hit it go and then you know if you.really hate it then kill it and that's.there's gonna be some stuff like that.but I think with Instagram its its.volume and its consistency so I think.having one post every day is important.and whether that's you may take the.picture or you might find some stock.photography some local stuff or share.someone else's but having a post that.goes that every day is great and it.could be as simple as like I don't know.you follow a couple people that you know.did do photography around here or a.letter artists here hey we're sharing.you know post their thing.hey we're shouting out this company like.look how cool this pieces we loved it or.you take go around and take a bunch of.pictures one thing that we find.practical is if you have a photographer.or videographer come in for the day and.just go and just do like go like.when it gets warm go sit in front of.different businesses go have pictures of.you walking around go have you.interacting with other business owners.and just shoot a ton of stuff for one.day and then you have it for the next.four months thing is I've been here for.so long like we went to a restaurant.here and yesterday over there we're.having our staff birthday one of their.birthdays combined in you know three.months because we've just been so busy.and I was taking time off and just next.week we're all having a birthday yeah.all of it like three of us had birthday.so we're actually gonna do a birthday.and we're supporting the local community.here too so even if you grab a couple.pictures yeah you know couple pictures.of that front um and they sometimes it's.hard to like is it's always not always.practical to grab the selfie so you know.I recommend grabbing like it sounds.funny but we've been doing it grabbing.like a little camera tripod like for.your phone yeah so you can like set a.quick timer set it out whatever it's.weird to do the first ten times but when.you see the better better pictures of.better angles and you're like oh it's.better than just this where you see your.arm in it.a selfie you're like oh man this is.great but then some people say I just.find it very hard to do that habit so.what you might do is once every two.months either get a student or get an.inexpensive photographer and just have.them come in for a day and you know.setup people in here and set up.different configurations just take what.we've also done is like if you know you.having a meeting with employee X right.and then you take a couple of different.angles and then you both change shirts.like now I'm wearing the white shirt now.you're wearing a blue shirt you you know.move the books around move your laptop.and then take a couple more and just.store those for another day cuz it.doesn't matter when it's taken but like.find ways to maximize if you're gonna do.a day of content shooting I always.recommend that you can probably get two.or three months worth of posts and then.when you're out and about you're taking.them you get those extra ones but I.think having some like you know not.stock like branded stock photography you.know like have people come in take some.shots be always happening something's.always like we had the manager from RBC.come on Thursday we it was like a Fat.Tuesday with doughnuts.yeah like european-style and once a year.it's it's called Fat Tuesday so I was at.the bank I invited the manager he came.and it was just opportunity we could.have taken a picture could have like you.know I think of little things after.before it wasn't thinking of it.so one thing like just from the mental.thing is like like how are you change if.you set so this you you created is it so.content creation is just like the same.thing as painting it's just the same.thing as new computer it's the same.thing as like I should really clean that.over there they don't want to do like if.it's not a business goal then it's not.anything like there's so many there's so.many nice to haves I've got everyone's.got a million every business owner I've.got I have a list I have two full.notepads full of just like I want to do.this and I want to sit on a street.corner and answer Google questions one.day and film it like so many millions of.different things but the bottom line is.unless the same way you say I have to.file my taxes or I have to pay my.employees or I have to.file this paperwork if your business.objective is I have to post one thing on.Instagram that day you've posted I have.to put in my calendar you have to yeah.and even if you just say I'm just gonna.start with three a week yeah like Monday.Wednesday Friday I will put one post up.those because those first ones like.you're gonna agonize over it for the.whole day until you get in habit but you.if you make it like a the same way you.would say I have to file this paperwork.because it's a business objective and my.business needs this to run mm-hmm.you will never stop doing it but if you.can if you put it in your calendar and.it's like this is the thing the first.couple are a real big pain in the ass.but once you get in that habit you'll.start discovering like you'll start.discovering like oh guys wait don't.leave yet and then you're gonna.videotape everybody leaving the office.on a Friday and slo-mo cuz you're like.this will be a funny post for my Friday.you know at you know getting out of the.office like and it's everyone like.running in slow-mo you'll start when you.when you're forced into doing three.posts in a week you will naturally start.seeing content opportunities everywhere.but those butBut challenge yourself for.the first two months to do one post.three times a week on set days so that's.a total of three six nine twelve.twenty-four posts in two months which.isn't too bad three posts a week and.then and then okay so then reverse.engineer that okay well I don't want.every post to just be a selfie which.means that I need a couple like this but.we also might need a couple of the.employees sitting around or we need some.stuff of like other businesses because.we're gonna say hey congrats pizzaiolo.for opening maybe it's you know you were.a couple of your team standing then you.take a picture of them outside welcome.to the neighborhood congratulations.that's a post that's fine and you can.plan that ahead you can take that photo.on Monday and you can post it on Friday.you don't you know I mean you can Bank.that stuff but I think setting the goal.as a business goal if you do three week.for the first two months you'll probably.start doing more sooner than the two.months are out because you'll just start.getting in the.yeah but it's yes I mean it's.intimidating to be like I'm gonna put.pictures in the internet great right.Nick for me is actually putting in my.calendar actually doing it yeah even.right now I'm thinking I have this.client and I need to order an appraisal.like this I'm so back-office.underwriting documents I'm not thinking.of these things and the thing is like if.I don't a lot of people won't know what.I do for sure and I mean you know a lot.of people and I've had people that we've.come in to pitch on training or on.marketing who are like oh I don't.believe in this I'm like okay bye.like I know like if you don't believe in.it I'm not here to convince people but I.can tell you that like you know we put.up pictures on Instagram but because a.couple of us are climbers right we had a.climbing business that hired us it's.like oh we saw your content we you know.saw that you do this we saw that you.were also climbers so we wanted to.connect like Chrome Instagram we've.actually probably brought on three or.four pieces of business just from.sharing informational stuff on Instagram.like you know cool ways to use filters.on your iPhone when you're taking.pictures oh I saw this and then I saw.what you did and then I hired you that.happens all the time.so if you believe in that as a way to.build your brand and a way to get.customers over time then it is actual.business objective that you can be like.it's in my calendar I have a strong.feeling about it and I get the sense.from you that you you already get it and.they're just like just kidding I don't.you know with the Google search I don't.know how to get started that's my.problem.vieni started that yeah that's that's a.lot more technical and that'll be more.than kind of what we can cover right the.second that that's more that's a bit of.a challenge cuz like Google AdWords you.can just login and it just says oh put.your credit card in and pick a keyword.like it's a disaster you don't change.some of the settings to make sure it's.done right it'll just waste your money.so fast Google is a really bad plan work.for that so yeah we'll talk we'll take.that kind of offline I think from the.content perspective I know that you're.kind of like excited to kind of like.start moving towards it and I need you.to guide me stay yeah yeah yeah.you know but I think I think kind of.well if you I think from the strategy I.think yeah that's of great formula for.you and then it's just a matter of like.okay great now what does that mean but.if you what I would recommend is as we.go back and listen to kind of what we.talked about going on to some of the.other businesses that you either follow.already or people that are competitors.to you and see what they're doing if.you're like oh well you know eight of.every 10 posts is like it has text on it.saying hey come by our service you're.like I would never buy from them because.all they're doing is selling selling.selling so you'll start to see those.things now that we've kind of started.talking about it of like oh I see this.is a great example of what an.informational piece of content is and.maybe it's a quick video being like hey.mortgage rates are going down come.whatever there's different ways to tell.the story but I think when you.compartmentalize the types of content.and then you see what other people are.doing it makes it easy to be like oh I.could see how I could spin this in my.voice because the thing about content is.you don't have not everything has to be.super unique super original there's no.such thing.it's like use what else is existed in.what's worked put your voice on it put.your spin on it and you'll do fine with.it so cool all right thank you.Thanks thank you.you.

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Broker Workshop Series National Mortgage Professional Magazine FAQs

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How to decide my bank name city and state if filling out a form, if the bank is a national bank?

If your bank is national but has a branch in your town/city you can enter your town/city as the bank's address. Your employer is not relying on the bank's address you enter on the form.

How do I earn a small profit from the free digital magazine I distribute? It is out in HTML and PDF form. It is a professionally designed digital publication. I need the money to support hosting etc.

Get a larger audience base. Show ad networks you have what they want, or better still sell ads directly. In the HTML format of the magazine, you'll earn in two ways CPM. Cost per miles. 1 mile is equivalent to $1 per ad unit. CTR. Click-through-rate. Approx.-$2 per click. AdSense and adsterra are my recommended third party ads network. You can as well include a “donate” call to action button for people that want to support the magazine. You can also extend the support service to the PDF format.

I am a working software professional in the Bay Area and looking to switch jobs. I can't openly write in my LinkedIn profile about the same. How do I approach recruiters/companies? Is there an easier way than filling out 4 - 5 page forms in the career website of the company?

Search for the word "Recruiter" or specifically "Tech Recruiter", invite all who come up. As they accept you (they will because recruiters need you) write them a little note with what you are looking for including a salary range and location. They will be glad you connected.

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