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The Instruction of Finishing Hunting License Application Marine Corps Base Quantico on the Internet

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CocoSign's Guide About Finishing Hunting License Application Marine Corps Base Quantico

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Hunting License Application Marine Corps Base Quantico Request Guide

welcome to marine corps base quantico.the crossroads of the marine corps this.is an active training base for military.commands and law enforcement agencies.the ranges and training areas are.situated in a beautiful landscape that.also provide great habitat for deer.turkey waterfall bald eagles and a host.of other wildlife hunting is a great.recreational activity and a traditional.way to enjoy these wonderful natural.resources but hunting must be done in.keeping with the overall mission and.security requirements of the base and.that of its supported tenants your time.spent hunting or accompanying another.hunter on the base should be safe and.enjoyable while being transparent to the.trainer's employees and residents of the.base in order to make this possible you.must understand and abide by the hunting.procedures that are currently in place.the following program will answer some.of the most frequently asked questions.about our hunting program this.presentation will not cover all of the.base Virginia of federal hunting.programs it is your responsibility to.know understand and by abide by all.regulations so be sure to read the.handouts that have been provided to you.have fun be safe and good luck.hi how you doing the day I'm doing well.what can I help you with well I just got.back from deployment and I was wondering.how can hunt on base first thing you.need to do is purchase the appropriate.license for the game you intend to hunt.both federal and state once you do that.you'll attend the base orientation.course which would give here at the game.check station after that fill out an.application we'll get you into the.system you'll be good to go you're going.to want to read the regulations that we.provide as well as the state and federal.regulations that will give you.information on the seasons and the bag.limits for the species you intend to.hunt once you've done that you've read.and understand all the rules of.regulations and you're in the system.you'll be good to go we'll give you your.license and we'll send you out so can I.just start going hunting anywhere I want.to on base no there are areas that are.off-limits but these areas change on a.daily basis depending on which ranges.are open entry into one of these ranges.could result in your injury or death you.must obtain a daily hunt pass before you.hunt here at Quantico every day we.coordinate with range control officer.candidate school and other commands to.identify areas that can be safely hunted.you will be issued a daily pass that is.good for one day only and only for one.specific area you will not be assigned.to an area where there are other.scheduled activities or conflicting.events there are designated training.areas parking areas and waterfowl.hunting blinds we're hunting is allowed.these areas are shown on the base.hunting map and the map is updated.annually so make sure you use the.current year's map to locate your area.is it possible that i'm going to.encounter other people my ensign hunting.area yes always be aware the other.personnel may enter your side area never.aim a weapon in the direction of.movement or sound in areas west of i-95.you are likely to encounter other.hunters military personnel joggers and.cyclists areas east of i-95 are adjacent.to housing office buildings the officer.candidate school and numerous.recreational facilities we emphasize.that you may encounter other people and.some of them will not be wearing blaze.orange how do I determine which areas.are open for hunting open and closed.areas will be posted at the game check.station instructions will be provided at.the game check station if the.information is also posted on our.website or available through a telephone.answering.system so how do I check out to a.hunting area daily hunting and parking.passes for an open area can be reserved.by calling the hunter tracking system.after you make a reservation you will.then come to the game check station to.swipe your license at the appropriate.print terminal to print the daily pass.the past is good for one day only and.only for the specific hunting area.written on the pass how far in advance.can I make a hunting reservation you can.make a reservation beginning the day.prior to a hunting day we call this the.early checkout period during early.checkout you can call the hunter.tracking system at your designated.category time to reserve permits for the.next day's hunt during the early.checkout period military personnel.assigned to Quantico and headquarters.Marine Corps get priority for checkout.followed by other military personnel and.then by civilians a minimum of fifteen.percent of daily permits are reserved.for off base civilians your category.will be denoted as green blue or brown.on your base hunting license early.checkout times are shown for each check.out category in the current base hunting.bulletin also note that there are.separate early check out schedules for.fall and winter hunting seasons spring.gobbler season and waterfowl blind.assignment on the hunting day all.available permits at the opening time.and unclaimed reservations after 30.minutes will be available to all hunters.first-come first-served many civilians.find that this is the best time to.reserve daily passes what do I do with.the hunting and parking area passes the.hunting pass must stay with you at all.times the parking pass must be clearly.displayed on the left side the driver's.side of the dashboard if there is more.than one hunter riding in a vehicle all.parking passes must be visible look for.training area signs these are posted on.the boundaries of the training areas and.correspond to the hunting area.assignment some areas are off-limits for.the safety of yourself and others there.are 200 meter safety zones adjacent to.the ammunition and fuel storage areas.rifle and pistol ranges dwellings and.any occupied structure and designated.recreation areas hunting is not allowed.within 200 meters of paved roads during.the deer firearm season and 100 meters.during all other seasons you must know.the boundaries of your assigned hunting.area if you are unfamiliar.with the location of an area do not try.to find it in the dark failure to stay.in your assigned area could endanger.yourself and others could there be.dangerous conditions in the space yes.the Marine Corps training ranges to.shoot real ammunition the daily hunt.schedule ensures that hunters are not.assigned to areas where live firing is.scheduled occasionally last-minute.changes to training schedules require.that hunters must be removed from an.area continuous or alternate siren.blasts will be used to indicate unsafe.conditions and that all personnel must.leave the area if you hear siren blasts.while in your area immediately go to.your vehicle for instructions from the.game warden or range management.personnel another safety concern is the.presence of unexploded ammunition or.duds in some hunting areas these are.very dangerous and must not be removed.or disturbed in any way do not touch any.military training devices if you find a.dud mark the location without touching.it report the location to the game.checking station what are the legal.hunting seasons and hours on Kiwanuka.the base hunting seasons and hunting.hours are printed in the annual hunting.bulletin there is no hunting on Sundays.Christmas Eve Christmas Day New Year's.Day and after 11am on Thanksgiving Day.sunrise and sunset times will be posted.on the daily hunt panels at the game.check station my game species can I.legally take at Quantico the legal game.species seasons and bag limits are.listed in the annual Quantico hunting.bulletin understand that Quantico season.dates and daily limits may be more.restrictive than those posted in a.virginia game digest so be sure to check.the Quantico bulletin please do not.shoot or harm any species not.specifically authorized in the base.hunting bulletin most non game birds.such as herons hawks owls and songbirds.are protected by federal laws please.report locations of wild stray or lost.dogs to the game check station hunting.with dogs for small game turkey and.waterfowl is allowed on base and.sometimes these dogs stray from their.owners please help return them to their.lawful owners now can I use the shotgun.with a buckshot no the use of buckshot.is prohibited on base legal firearms our.shotguns no larger than ten gauge and.muzzleloading rifles 45 caliber or.greater.for deer hunting shotguns must only be.loaded with slugs traditional and.compound bows and arrows and crossbows.are legal archery tackle but I really.like to hunt with my 30 at six all right.except for approved muzzle loader so you.can't hunt with a rifle pistol or.revolver and you can't have them in your.car or on you while hunting can I use a.shotgun for squirrel hunting while.carrying archery tackle for deer hunting.you can't carry a firearm while hunting.with bow and arrow during a special.archery season or while hunting in an.archery on the area.

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