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Tips: A Detailed Guidebook on Filling out The 20xx Annual Report For Licensees Participating In The Pilot Online

CocoSign works favorably for your business by improving document workflow and optimizing business processes. Can't wait to know more about the The 20xx Annual Report For Licensees Participating In The Pilot ? Read on to find out how to create and complete your form easily.

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The Stepwise Tutorial to The 20xx Annual Report For Licensees Participating In The Pilot

youtube video

A Complete Manual with respect toThe 20xx Annual Report For Licensees Participating In The Pilot

hi everyone welcome back to my channel.happy new year we have arrived at the.new decade and yeah I'm really excited.for this year I hope and I know it's.going to be a great one because we're.going to make it so today we're going to.be continuing on our stock series and we.are tackling a new topic and it's going.to be about how to meet an animal report.so if you are a stock investor or if you.are wanting to be a stock investor this.is something that is very crucial for.all of us because this is yeah an.essential skill for us to actually pick.up nuances and more knowledge about the.companies that we want to invest in so.the previous videos what we talked about.was how to pick stocks getting a general.sense of which stocks you want to.identify before we actually narrow them.down and after that we talked about how.over again I mean I need a memory jog.okay after that we talked about how to.analyze companies getting to know the.numbers that are essential and these are.the basic numbers that we just need to.know first and today we're gonna be.talking about how to read an an oral.report so first things first we gotta.know what is an annual report and in a.general sense an animal report is.actually what the company uses to.communicate with us as shareholders or.the general public if we are not yet.invested in the company and in this mo.report it's a document it's a huge.document actually where they detail a.lot of things like how they perform in.the previous financial year and yeah.it's just a way to communicate to us and.brag about all the things that they've.been doing and if they have not been.performing they will also let us know.excuses or actually reasons as to why.they did not perform the way that they.project that that they would where we.can find the a no report is actually on.the company's website there would be an.investor relations tab if they are a.listed company they will have it right.there we can download it by clicking on.it.and another way that I like to access.the endo reports is actually using a.local or a country specific website for.us Malaysians we have a few and what I.really like to use is KL se screener I.will link it down below and what you do.is you just type out the stock name that.you want to check out and they will have.an animal tab and you click the View.button and that will lead us to the.annual report oh okay yeah before I.forget to mention this piece remember to.subscribe down below and if you enjoy.this content give it a like and stay.tuned for more videos and also check out.all videos if you have missed a couple.let's continue okay so we talked about.what it is and where to find it let's.jump into how to actually read it.because it's a huge document right and.it is kind of intimidating I'm not gonna.lie because when I first started reading.annual reports it was really bizarre.because there was such a huge document.and if you don't know where to start you.get overwhelmed and after that you will.tend to give up or at least that was my.case so I'm gonna pinpoint specific.locations in the annual report to focus.on first before you really want to read.through everything and I don't think.everybody reads through every single.page of the ANA report that's kind of.crazy okay so the first thing you want.to focus on is the first few pages where.you get an overview of what the company.has done in the past financial year.here's where they actually detail like.their revenue numbers and they give you.beautiful charts and graphs and they're.all very nice to look at so just study.them for a bit and see whether the.growth has been on an increasing trend.and they will include numbers that we.have mentioned before such as net profit.but I think they usually talked about.operating profit or profit before text.because that's the bigger number first.and yeah they will look at other things.like earnings per share and we will talk.about that in a later video let's keep.it simple at the start okay so after the.overview what you will tend to come.across.X is the Chairman's statement and this.is one of the sections that I like to.focus on because it gives us a sense of.what the Chairman sometimes CEO mostly.Chairman when the Chairman is actually.seeing from the company and how they.have performed he will tell you the.market landscape what has happened.sometimes they will give you a little.bit of an economic outlook as well and.yeah the strategy and the vision moving.forward so that is a section that I.would really recommend to focus on and.then after that you have a couple of.sections where they kind of detail who.are the board members which is the.management of the company that is also.quite essential to have a look at but I.would recommend to look at that later on.what I would really recommend for us to.look at after the Chairman's statement.is the management discussion and.analysis that is super important because.that actually gives us a detailed.insight to what is happening in their.business segments so this is a really.good place to find out what the business.does say they are doing a service what.different types of services they offer.if they are offering products you can.actually get a sense of what their.different product lines are what are the.categories and subcategories within them.and for example for the case of Nestle.they actually give you the portfolio all.their products that they actually hold.within their company yeah you get the.idea like Maggie Nespresso Milo and all.the other products yeah things like that.so this is a pot where I would spend.some time on get a paper out or if you.are actually reading the physical report.actually I doubt it that you would be.reading a physical report because you.only get that AGMs.annual general meetings if you have your.laptop out or your phone out just have a.pen and pencil somewhere near you and.jot down the things that really stick.out to you and there are worth noting.and this is very important because if we.are aspiring to be value investors and.long-term investors we are going to be.investing for a very long time so it is.important for us to actually take know.of what is going on with the company.what we like about it while we dislike.about it or concerns so we actually can.remember it over a long time period.because five years down the line you're.not gonna remember what the net profit.of Nestle is and what their issues were.in this particular year or what they.were promising to achieve or what they.were projecting to achieve things like.that you want to have a dedicate that.notebook or you would like to have it on.digital file so whether it's your notes.on your phone or whether it's an excel.sheet make sure you have that handy.after management analysis and discussion.the next section that I really highlight.for all of us is to look at the.financial statements this is the.overwhelming or intimidating part for.the most part I think this is where the.numbers are at and in the last video we.talked about how to analyze a company on.how to analyze companies this is where.we're going to really take out our.magnifying glass and have a look at the.numbers we have three statements to look.out for profit and loss balance sheet.and cash flow statement so on your n or.reports they will name it some other.long name like statement of profit and.loss blah blah blah statement of cash.flow blah blah blah so things like that.don't be afraid it's just these three.things that we want to focus on again.profit and loss balance sheet and cash.flow statement so we can explore how to.tackle it in another video but just have.a look have a play around with your.current knowledge and signal of what you.actually need to work on because that is.what I do when I read I know reports I.always have questions sometimes I get.confused as to the accounting language.like some of them would say actually it.should be pretty scented but because.there are so many different companies.that issue an or reports they have.different formats or how they go about.it so sometimes when I'm looking at the.cash flow statement and they have.practice.I have to remind myself Oh does that.mean that's - or is that a plus into the.cash flow so it's things like that but.that we will say for a different video.so after the financial statements the.three of them what we should look at are.the notes the notes is where they.actually annotate that there are further.explanations for some of the things that.they have reported in the annual report.and when we read the notes we really get.a sense of what is going on the.explanation of the numbers and that I.find really helps because if you're just.looking at the numbers alone we're not.gonna be able to tell what's the full.story behind the company for example say.AirAsia had a giant disposal of their.property plant and equipment which is.their planes right I hope I'm doing this.right because I'm not so technically.sound here but that was in 2019 so when.they disposed of their planes when they.sold them all that would have appeared.in their profit sorry that would have.appeared in the balance sheet and that.is just number it's not telling us.anything it's when we actually dig and.find out what is the news behind that.that we actually can understand what is.going on with the company and that's.when we can make the informed decisions.so if you don't understand any numbers.that's a neat trick through this you can.actually email I'll call up the Investor.Relations of the company that you are.researching about and they are actually.going to tell you what it's about as.best as they can so yeah I haven't done.that yet but I should actually I should.try and test that out that would be.pretty cool and that was shortcut my.research quite a fair bit as well okay.anything else that I need to tell you.let me think.so when reading an animal report you're.gonna come across a lot of terms like.challenging and optimistic so you need.to take note that it is the company that.is speaking directly to us and as much.as they can they want to portray the.company in a very positive light so take.it with a pinch of salt and yeah trust.your instincts and do more.research and when we are doing research.out there make sure that it is news.instead of noise because there is going.to be a lot of market noise a lot of.people telling us their opinions of the.companies that you are looking at but.remember the decision is in our heads.and it is up to us to actually determine.what we think about the company and we.shouldn't let anyone else's opinions.affect us I know that it's easier said.than done especially if the person is.someone we admire or someone we think.has more knowledge than us.we are definitely prone to listening to.them take it from me I've been there but.if we want to be an investor and a stock.picker we are going to need to spend on.our own two feet and make the decisions.for us and I think that is it for this.video today so remember to hit the.subscribe button it would mean a lot to.me I've been looking at my analytics and.I can see that the vast majority of the.people who are viewing my content has.not subscribed so please subscribe it.would really really mean a lot to me so.thank you so much for watching I hope.you stay tuned for more happy new year.and I will see you in the next one.[Music].

How to generate an electronic signature for the The 20xx Annual Report For Licensees Participating In The Pilot online

An all comprising solution for signing The 20xx Annual Report For Licensees Participating In The Pilot is something any business can benefit from. CocoSign has found a way to develop a simple, acceptable-cost, and unassailable online system that you can use.

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The 20xx Annual Report For Licensees Participating In The Pilot FAQs

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Well I thought that I shouldn't fill that and when I applied, I didn't. However an immigration attorney later told me that it was a mistake to not fill that up. I didn't agreed with him though. I don't have any arguments in favour or against it, but definitely it says if you are an employee so I strongly believe it should be skipped. But on other hand, how do Visa officer knows that how much you are earning ? Tough situation so maybe more consultants need to share their opinion.

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