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Idaho Bar Examination Reference Form Idaho State Bar Idahogov Isb Idaho : Customize, Finish and forward

hello all of you Facebook followers here.on the Canadian immigration Institute.Facebook page this is Mark Holthe e.Canadian immigration lawyer ex.immigration officer and former high.school teacher tuning in once again to.welcome you to another edition of the EE.live Q&A which is the Express Entry live.question and answer series I've got a.bunch of really great questions that.have been sent in via email for those of.you who are tuning in or watching this.as a recording as always let's see if.I've got it right here remember all you.need happen all you need to do to get.your question asked if you're not able.to attend live is to send Stephanie an.email and don't forget to put ie live.Q&A in the subject line well I'm just.waiting here my wife is gonna shift she.was gonna send me a couple quick photos.from an unbelievable week that our.family has had it has been so awesome my.daughter came back from remission and.once she forwards those to me then I'll.share a few of those images and many of.you have posted pictures in the Calgary.Airport as you have been landing in.Calgary Alberta and completing your.permanent residence well I can tell you.that it was a pretty awesome experience.for our family to be there and to get.pictures taken with my daughter who we.haven't seen for over a year and a half.so it was awesome so so good and it was.nice to have her back and she's actually.gonna help me out a little bit with my.Canadian immigration Institute until she.goes back to school down in the u.s. in.in January of next year so awesome let's.see who we've got here Yuki says hello.hi JIT says hi sir hello JIT Andrew Paul.good morning to you too.and is back good to see you and Mara.hello I sent questions during the week.hope you select them well Mara I guess.we'll just have to see hopefully let's.see if I've got you on my list here Mara.did it to do I don't so your questions.may not have made it through and.hopefully you sent them to Stefan.hopefully you put EE live Q&A in the.subject line because if either of those.things we're missing that may have.resulted in them not getting through and.Stephanie is the gatekeeper so the.questions have to be general in nature.you have to be beneficial and useful for.all of the listeners who are watching.and and if they are then you've got a.great chance of them making through.making it through.Aditya says hey Marc hey Mahesh says hey.Marc from India hope you're doing good.I'm doing awesome my friend those of you.who are tuning in and watching live.remember to always post in the comment.section where you're listening from it.gives me a really good idea how far.these EE live q and A's are stretching.I've also had a few people say that the.volume on my microphone here might be.turned down too much so how does it.sound while we're waiting for people to.connect and in this to appear on their.time lines just post in the comments how.the audio is can you guys hear me okay.do I need to turn it up a little bit if.it's too quiet that's not very good and.I don't want that to happen so so yeah.please just post in the comments and let.me know if you are hearing me fine and.dandy all right so uh mayor says yes I.did okay Mara well we'll have to take a.look yours may not make it through but.you can always ask it again here in the.live section ok Islam says audio was.fine.oh the so Ken says I'm optimistic I'll.learn a lot today he said to nyan Joel.here from Nigeria parth says it's okay.Amrit audio is good that's great that's.what I wanted to hear.all right we've Myra is Mexico the.Riviera very cool very cool all right.and we've got lots of positives with the.audio out to all says your smile is good.great all right well I have a bunch of.things coming up and it seems like it's.never ending the Canadian Bar.Association keeps me so busy I am we're.organizing our national conference.tomorrow I'm attending I'm heading to.Banff to attend some meetings for the.Conference Board of Canada and then.after that I'm sticking around for.an awesome conference with other lawyers.of faith who are members of the J Reuben.Clark lost and we have our annual Canada.conference and we've got some awesome.speakers come to talk about everything.from religious freedom and just us being.you know finding ways to use our legal.background to help the members of our.community those who are vulnerable those.who just need support and so we always.talk about ways to just give be better.at giving back to our communities and.obviously is you know having the role of.a lawyer there's a lot expected of us.and it's not just to provide people help.who can pay for it but to be out there.volunteering doing pro bono work and.giving back to our communities which is.an important part of this calling that I.have as a lawyer.okay JIT says he's got his visitor visa.repute refused what should he do JIT.unfortunately my friend this is where.people always call me more than anything.else and they want to book consults to.talk about what to do and we do do that.I had a really successful judicial.review happen just recently from one of.my clients we submitted a really good.study permit and the officer refused it.so that's fine.we judicially reviewed that decision it.was consented to and sent back for.redetermination and now we're they've.asked us to provide more documentation.so we're fighting and that's what.lawyers do we don't just accept a.refusal but we fight and we use the.courts to fight when it's necessary and.it's all about being reasonable with the.decisions and it's not easy for an.officer to be able to make decisions.they have high volumes they're dealing.with augmented adjudications are in full.force that's artificial intelligence.used to adjudicate applications and so.sometimes that plays our role in it as.well so with all of that going on some.people just like g8 faced problems and.faced applications getting refused and I.am very close to getting my study permit.do-it-yourself guide released and in.that I'm gonna have a separate section.on what to do if your application is.refused that's an important part of it.more and more people are applying so you.have to assume that the more people that.are applying and the more the government.is gonna want to restrict the numbers.that they allow in therefore they're.going to be looking for ways to refuse.in a way kind of like Express entry so.it's an interesting world that we're.living in here and you'd think that it.would be simple straightforward and as.easy as the government tells you it is.when you're filing applications but.that's not the case it looks simple on.the surface but once you start getting.into it it's not like jit here who who.indicated you know that he had it.refused well the reality is it probably.looks super easy and there was not much.to it right everybody can do it right.and sure everybody can do it until it.gets refused and then I can tell you for.my purposes it's twice or even three.times as hard to get it approved after.you already have a refusal all right so.keep posting where you're tuning in from.I love to hear where that where you guys.are tuning in from we're just about at.the stage now where we've got a good.group of people that are ready for this.live Q&A as always I want to let you.guys know that I am actually I don't.think I posted it in the comment section.I don't believe I did but we have I'm.gonna I'm actually gonna have to.manually I didn't post it in the.description but I'm gonna manually post.it right here.in the comment section but as you've.seen all of my banner images have.changed and this is a way for me to get.these special offers out when I post.them and for under $200 u.s. I am.offering basically 60% off my regular.Express entry complete step-by-step.guide lifetime access and I can tell you.guys I have never gone lower with a.discount than this this is it and so.because I'm celebrating well there's a.couple things I'm celebrating one of.which is obviously the fall the close of.the summer the end of this this last.year and that's why the coupon code is.the way it is but if I post right here.I'll just pop these up I'm gonna remove.these ones I'm slowly starting to figure.this out I'm gonna pop these ones back.up but until October the 20th I'm.actually offering 60% off and with that.in the links I put here.if you just follow the link that's in.the comment section there it will take.you to where you can click on it and get.access to it and basically it will take.you right here to this page and this is.where I think I'm sharing my screen yes.I am this is where you can get access.for only 198 80 the full Express entry.complete step-by-step guide now I've.posted some other videos and I encourage.you to go back and watch them I don't.want to take a bunch of time going.through this because what's important.here is that I'm helping you guys with.the questions that you need answered and.so go back in check it xx that comes to.an end and this is your chance to get.access to everything and there is a ton.of information in there I believe in it.I believe that it says it's as valuable.as hiring any representative but people.just for whatever reason just don't.understand they think oh whatever I can.get all the free information online well.I don't know what to say other than the.guide itself is there to help you guys.to not make those critical mistakes and.fine if you want to book a concept with.me that would be awesome I'd love to do.it if you want to hire me to represent.you I'd love to do it but the reality as.many of you are struggling to just get.your settlement funds sorted out to get.enough resources to be able to to meet.the minimum proof of funds requirements.and in those situations you just simply.don't have the money and that's why I.created the guide right from the very.beginning that's why I created it so on.top of that I also want to point out.something really really cool I'm gonna.go here I'm going to shift over to the.my Facebook page I'm gonna pull it up.here and I'm gonna find the Express.Entry Law Group and I want to show you.guys something cool and I click on about.this is hard to believe it really is.hard to believe but if you look here.where it says history group created on.October the 13th 2015 so just this week.just two days ago was when this group.was created four years I should say two.days ago it was the four year.anniversary and it's unbelievable to see.how this group has evolved now I welcome.your thoughts and your suggestions on.trying to make the Express entry law.private Facebook group as good as it.could possibly be I'm not sure you know.I.I don't know if there's you know if.there's other agents or representatives.going in there and answering everybody's.questions just so that they can try to.mine for more work I don't know if you.guys still feel there's value in that.group that the people who are answering.questions are helpful I sure hope so.the reason I do these EE live Q&A s is.because well for the simple reason that.I just do not have time to be able to go.in like I did before and answer.questions it's just not possible so I'm.trying to amplify and expand my teaching.and the information that I provide as.good as I possibly can so that then in.those circumstances I will be able to to.actually help as many people as possible.with the limited time and resources that.I have now I just got a message from my.dear wife here and I'm going to drag.these pictures right in there so that.you guys can see what made me so.unbelievably happy I've got a couple.here I'm gonna show you this one right.here okay I'm gonna drag this one over I.think I am let's see hopefully I still.have it yes okay check this out this is.what made me so happy this week right.here my daughter Jessica home from her.mission and it was one of the most.awesome days for our family I don't.think you guys unless you've actually.well I think a lot of you guys have.probably been living in other countries.and had to be separated from your family.but boy I can tell you the the waiting.at the airport waiting for her to come.back was just walk through the airport.terminal was the most just I don't know.our hearts just soared is the only way I.can describe it when we saw her walking.through and it was just an amazing.amazing experience so I'm so so happy to.have my daughter back and like I said.she's gonna help me a little bit with.the Canadian immigration Institute.including helping to direct people to.the many resources and information that.I've already did that I've already.completed that answer the vast majority.of the questions within our group and.over the last while I've noticed a few.things I've noticed that people are not.diligent in putting links back to the.government site where the information is.held and there's some people that have.been answering answering a lot of.questions.that's almost given the impression that.their immigration representatives.themselves and I don't really know for.certain what I'm gonna do with them I'll.be honest because the goal here is to.share knowledge to share information but.I just don't know exactly what role the.Express Entry Law private Facebook group.is is filling and I want to make sure.that it's worthwhile so I welcome your.comments I welcome your thoughts and I.hope that you know for those of you who.are a member of the group you feel like.there's value there and I want to thank.you guys so much as well for.contributing to it and if I had more.time if my Canadian immigration.Institute was was growing and I had the.resources and the ability to expand it.then that would free up a lot more time.for me to do all of the other things.that I love most which is videos like.this and responding to people's.questions so I'm in the process of.trying to figure out some creative ways.to add value and that's really what this.is all about helping you guys navigate.the complexities of Express Entry and.Canadian immigration and so you know.having my daughter here helped me a.little bit with that I'm excited to have.her and then also I wanted to point out.let's see here I think I have another.one I'll show you with the crew oh yes.this is a good one here so we'll pull.this one here and this is what we were.this is what we had waiting for my.daughter that sign right there and this.is this is our family my oldest son is.still down in Suriname but this is right.in front of the Canada neon sign right.as you come out of the International.Arrivals and so right here just yeah.this is awesome so so awesome to have.her yeah come home anyways okay so.there's it so that's enough of that one.let's get down to the mix as you can.tell why do I share so much about my.family it's because I want you guys to.understand that I'm a real human being I.am a father I.a okay I can't help this I got to show.you one more my wife has just been.dumping these onto my my camera feed.here look at that one that is the.biggest hug and I think that a father.could ever receive from a daughter and.and so yeah alright I think I've spent.enough time talking about my family.getting emotional here I'm sorry about.that it's crazy this is a live video.here and I am like tearing up when I'm.trying to teach people about immigration.how serious are people really gonna take.me if I'm if I'm here trying to do a.live video and yeah anyways I'm so sorry.okay I'm gonna get composed here and.we're gonna dive back in and start.answering your questions about express.entry so thanks so much for everybody.tuning in we've got a bunch of other.people.okay so Ralph says many groups now mark.spread wrong information.okay well the most important thing Ralph.is that my group the Express Entry Law.Group is not spreading false information.so if people are you let me know as far.as the other groups I could care less.they can do whatever they want I do see.some of our members who are pushing.other groups at least some of the ones.that are very vocal and they're probably.gonna get blocked because at the end of.the day I can't control other groups I.can't control information that's being.shared and the thing the reason I have.my moderators is to keep everything safe.alright okay let's go back here and.let's see who else okay so those of you.who are posting comments if you have.questions remember hold off I'm gonna do.the email questions first then I'm gonna.dive into your answering your live.questions okay Arian says what happens.if conservatives come to power mark well.not much for the purposes of express.entry in fact the Conservatives are not.they don't have any further like when it.comes to you guys economic immigrants.they have a different position I think.when it comes to asylum seekers or.refugees but for the purposes of Express.entry and foreign workers and things.like that they definitely see the value.in them.and so I don't think any of you guys.need to be concerned and you'll remember.Aryan that I did a video just a couple.weeks back if you go to the Canadian.immigration Institute I actually did a.video if I share my screen here with you.guys.we'll get this opened up I'll go to my.channel and you'll you'll remember that.I did a video specifically on this topic.so if you scroll down you can see here.the one is Express Entry doomed in 2020.I recommend that you guys check that one.out because this one I talked about in.detail and I'll actually I'll just make.a copy of this and I'll copy the link.and I'll post it into the comment.section for you guys that one talks.about my views on the future of Express.Entry and pardon my hand here and why I.really don't feel like there's gonna be.any negative issues at least in the.short term all right okay.let's see where we're at here with a few.other things before we jump forward so.if you've posted a question hold off.Ralph please hire mark is good thank you.my friend thank you okay.all right let's see URI says where's she.going to URI she actually came back from.Indiana in the US so she was there for a.year and a half she's home now and then.she's going down to Idaho to bring him.Young University Idaho in Rexburg Idaho.that's where she's gonna finish her.theater degree so theater and.performance and music okay Salamis is.beautiful missionary thank you all right.Mohammed ool says where I process.how many dollar cost from Portugal.Bangladesh passport accepted ok these.questions mama Dell I'm not sure if you.are saying if you're do live in Portugal.moment all do you is that where you're.at.yeah you can I'm not quite sure you're.Bangladeshi with a Bangladeshi passport.you live in Portugal is I'm not sure.quite what you mean by the costs okay.and then other people here have.questions today as you know is Ralph.Marc voted shear or Ralph.okay we're moving on anyways we're not.talking political here this is all about.I am a representative the Canadian Bar.Association's table officers from the.National Immigration section and and you.know the Liberals have done a lot of.good for immigration and and the.Conservatives they had their role in.shaping what we have today to a large.extent so I think really what what does.that play here as much as anything is.the civil servants who run the programs.good people who are genuinely trying to.do what's what's best for the country.and what's best for the program and so.yeah so as far as who wins who loses I.don't think there's gonna have a big.significance on immigration all right.okay Gurjeet says hi mark how are you.doing I'm doing just fine Kieran is.asking about the simp yes I do do the.Saskatchewan immigrant nominee program.but today we're just gonna focus on.Express Entry all right.and then we have Ralph my good friend.shoutout to you as well okay it's now.officially time all right so now we're.gonna get to the questions thank you.guys for for tuning in those of you who.are just catching up late as always this.is sponsored by the Canadian immigration.Institute this is my source the Canadian.immigration Institute for all of the.information and knowledge and everything.that you can imagine related to Canadian.immigration is all going to be housed on.my new home which is my Canadian.immigration Institute website and this.is where you can access all the.information you can find links to the.podcast you can find links to the.YouTube channel and everything else that.pulls into this whole world of.information that I'm sharing on Canadian.immigration so definitely check it out.and I can't help but point out one other.thing guys right here I've just been.trying to announce this recently at the.bottom in the bottom right hand corner.you'll see a link that says affiliate if.you click on that link right there it.will take you here where you can become.an affiliate of the Canadian immigration.Institute and what does that mean well.it basically means that you earn 30%.when someone purchases using your.affiliate link it's as simple as that so.you can sign up and then you'll have.your own.and if you have friends or family and.you say hey I've used the Demark ze DIY.guide or one of his other guides if you.purchase through my link then I get a 30.percent essentially commission for that.sale and so I've started that it's.really exciting more information is here.and I found that this is way more.effective than then using paid Facebook.Ads so if you want to become an.affiliate just go here click on the sign.up button right here fill in your.information and and make sure you use.your paypal email because that's how you.get paid back all right ok so that I.think we have sufficiently covered.enough now let's jump into the emails.okay and I'm gonna pull up the comments.here close where I can see them okay.here we go.Oh Jeb deep says hey mark new fan thanks.for the info you provide helping both me.and friends a lot you're very welcome.you need to become an affiliate than.Javeed okay here we go this one here.comes back to the proof of funds sorry.no the gift deed which which is kind of.the the beginning of really the flagship.question for this particular episode so.the question is hope you're a well this.is from Crete II and Creed II says hope.you're doing well I have concerns about.proof of funds I currently have $1000.Canadian in my bank account and I'm.considering to take $12,000 as a gift.from my mom is it fine to take such a.huge amount as a gift considering the.fact that the gift amount amounts to 92.percent of the proof of funds for the.gift I will make an affidavit of gift.along with the copy of the check and.highlighting the transfer what else do I.need is it fine to do so please share.your insights well how many people just.have all of this money saved up the.reality is there are many many people.that don't some are able to demonstrate.over the past six months that their.their savings account is slowly.increasing and increasing because of the.money that they're able to save but the.reality is when it comes down to most.people they may not have all of the.funds available they may need to get.money gifted to them by a parent or well.a Clos.family member and I've always said and.I'll repeat over and over that family.give money friends loan money so if.you're getting a money from a friend.you're gonna have a little bit harder.time proving into immigration that that.money you got from your friend is just a.gift just a gift.many friends are not just gonna pay.$12,000 to you for your proof of funds.so with that being said I want to.emphasize here for Crete that if it's.coming from your mom even if it's ninety.two percent of your total proof of funds.that's okay now you've indicated here.that you're gonna attach an affidavit of.gift which I'm assuming is a sworn.statement a gift deed is what it's often.called in India but depending upon your.country it's always different but that.affidavit of gift confirming that the.gift and the money that's being given is.an irrevocable gift it's not something.that can be taken back if the person.changes their mind that the money being.given is not alone and it is for the.purposes of you settling in Canada and.in many cases the language also was.included that it's given freely as a.result of love and affection so that's.the thing that is being given and why.it's really why that money is being.given so for those of you out there who.are wondering if you can actually use.money from a family member to comprise.your full settlement funds that you need.for landing the answer is yes and even.if it is 92% even if it comes in just a.week before you find you finalize your.electronic application for permanent.residence that's okay and I love the.fact Creedy that you've indicated here.that you've got the cheque highlighting.the transfer often I'll show the bank.accounts where it's deposited and where.it came from and with the gift deed that.really covers things off so really good.really good okay I also want to point.out that in my guide and you know what.it probably makes sense to show you guys.because I don't think you know people.often fully appreciate what's in there.so if I click on my library here and I.scroll down this is what you would look.like if you had purchased a subscription.I go into my courses and then for me.here's the main categories right here.this the the modules basics submitting.preparing to submit your express entry.the profile come how to complete it.completing the EAP our forms and.remember these are actual tutorials that.walk you through each step of the.process so right from the beginning here.if I click play and pause my audio here.and I just zip through it you can see.this is actually as it's playing you can.see this is the actual Express entry.portal so it took me an unbelievable.amount of time going through redacting.my clients information so that I could.show this but what I want to show you.here is actually in it's not module 4.but it's module 5 so I'm gonna scroll.down here and you can see all of these.modules 39 total modules well if I go to.the next category here and I pop this up.its document checklist principle.applicant that's the one that I am super.proud of and if you look here you can.see on the right side all of these.downloads and these are sample documents.for you so you can see here gifted.sample copy so if I click on this then.it pops it up here and then I'll show.you right here is a word document that.you can use as your sample as to how you.can formulate your gift deed but then.there's also if I scroll down here.further let's see if I can find it I've.got a bunch of other ones okay here's.one right here.so here for those of you who are.wondering well what should this really.look like in real life well here's a.gift deed sample right here that's all.been redacted so this one's from India.but yours can be similar in your place.or wherever you're from but all of this.here guys is all contained every sample.document that I could think of.everything from proving your sibling.relationship to reference letters.obviously birth certificates and other.documents are related to your country.those civil status documents there's.what RCMP criminal records look like.everything even I've got some samples of.work permits educational credential.assessments sell pip IELTS the TEF so.that you know if you're getting it that.you're actually getting something that's.correct and true even name change what.happens if you if your name has been.changed so all of this is contained in.here as well as going through details.all about what is contained within your.personalized document checklist so gift.deeds what do they look like the guide.for and like I said 198 is all it is.it's not brutally expensive at all but a.hundred ninety-eight dollars and 80.cents us is how much it costs and if you.click on the link in the comments here.that I've posted you can access it.before the 20th okay all right and.that's me plugging it and I'll just keep.plugging it because guys I don't know.what else to say like you can search.hundreds of hours online you can spend.your whole lifetime searching for.information and not have as much as I.have all contained in one spot here at.an unbelievably economical price and I.don't I just don't know why people.aren't willing to purchase it because at.the end of the day I put my heart and.soul into that thing and I know that it.will benefit anyone even people who have.done it all themselves have done all the.research are in the process of.submitting their EA PR have read all the.completeness check all of that there are.nuggets in there that you cannot get.anywhere else.and not just nuggets explanations of how.to answer the questions and a.demonstration not just information this.is my step by step here's what I do but.actual demonstration using live client.information that is redacted and with.their permission to show you and teach.you all right.moving forward next question is from.pooja and pooja says dear Marc I have a.question related to the reference letter.I've been working for a company for four.years now and for the first year my.salary was $30,000 annually the second.year it went up to 35,000 the third and.the fourth were at 40,000 in my.reference letter do I have to mention.all the salaries at least the increases.the raises we call them from year one to.four or just the amount of salary that.I'm currently receiving in the reference.letter my employer has mentioned she is.being paid 40,000 per month.or I guess I stand corrected the 40,000.is probably in the local currency but.they haven't provided the breakdown of.actual salary for each each year is it.okay and if not how shall I proceed.pooja I can tell you that it is 110.percent okay to put your current wage.and not worry about all the increases.over the years the only thing that the.government is cared about and concerned.about is whether or not you're actually.paid it's as simple as that.do you receive a wage and so one of the.ways they ask for you to do that.is to list is to list your annual salary.and where does that come from well I.could go in and I could show you if I.flip back to my screen here we could go.back to the federal skilled worker.program and go to eligibility and I'll.open this up and I'll show you so this.is the policy and the actual regulations.are worded differently but this is close.enough for the purposes that we're doing.here so when I go through skilled work.experience yes you need to show that you.perform the state that all the.activities in the lead statement all the.duties and most of the main duties but.here's where it comes down to what you.have to show you have to show that your.work is skilled in the same job type I.won't get into all of the details there.but understand this is for the purposes.of qualifying for the federal skilled.worker program so in this case yes for.this assessment alone not the CRS not.the comprehensive ranking system but for.this assessment you need to make sure.that you show that it's all in the same.NOC within the last 10 years and paid.okay.so must have been paid wages or in.Commission volunteer work or unpaid.internships don't count so that's where.we're getting this so when we're trying.to factor in what needs to be included.in the reference letter it's okay you.just need to put the last wage that.you're currently earning and that is.good enough it's not an issue the only.change I would say is if over time your.position changed so you started in one.role and you actually were promoted into.a new entirely position then in that.case you're yes you're going to separate.those out and indicate separate wages.because they're actually different NOC.codes that were where you're trying to.claim.additional comprehensive ranking system.points okay all right so that's that one.good question Thank You Pooja.okay let's see now we've got Mohammed.and Mohammed says dear mark and.Stephanie hope both of you're doing.fantastic I am thank you very much.my questions are I'm showing income tax.returns for the employment proof and the.date mentioned in the tax return is this.so basically what he's saying is he's.using income tax returns to show that.he's actually receiving employment.income but when the tax return is.translated and in this case I'm just.looking here scrolling scanning I'm.assuming it's like Arabic or something.when it's translated because there's a.different calendar it comes out to May.12th 2076 it's so so the question is.when you get something that's translated.and it's a wonky address like this which.clearly isn't the case it's not accurate.he says what do I do.do I need to get that translated.properly so that it's converted to AD if.yes what else shall I said man well I.can tell you that I'm not worried about.that I really am NOT but in a letter of.explanation that's where you can clarify.and please note that we're working on a.different calendar and because of that.my the date that was literally.translated resulted in it being 2076 and.I would explain it you have to be.careful always how you're doing it but.every chance I can I use my letters of.explanation to explain any uncertainty.or confusion and officer could have okay.all right the next question I'll answer.both of these for Mohammed because.they're both really good he says can we.highlight the relevant points in the.supporting documents for work experience.in order to make it easier for the.officer to verify now he says for.example his salary sheet for the company.contains information for 20 other.employees as well well in those.circumstances I would redact or remove.the information the confidential.information from the other employees I'm.not sure how it works in your country.but I would redact it or block it out so.that only yours is remaining and then I.would explain.in the way I do as pervasively as.possible that this is your record having.been paid your wage great question.Mohammed thank you very much and I see.some hearts flying there awesome those.of you who are posting questions hold.off a little bit okay because remember.once I tell you to post then you could.move forward okay this one is from Visha.and Visha says g'day mr. whole fee can.the primary and the secondary applicant.have riyals done at different doctors if.they are in different countries at the.time when rhe medicals are requested so.Visha is basically asking and she's.describing a situation where probably.both spouses obtain their immigration.medicals from the same panel physician.and then they're requested to do a.romantical or possibly the old medical.has expired and they're asked to do a.new one there's no issues with going to.a different panel physician as long as.that panel physician is able to find and.locate your previous one and make sure.they're all bundled together and sent.off to the exact same UCI number linked.to your immigration record okay so yep.there's no issues with that ficha.okay we have mohamed as well here and he.says good day mark at the time of.landing in canada i heard and read so.many posts in groups that you must have.goods to follow and goods to.accompanying lists ah okay gotcha.I see what you're doing Mohammed is.asking about customs related things not.immigration this is about bringing goods.to Canada but let's hear him out so he.said although it is possible to say.someone doesn't have goods to follow it.must have goods to accompany so in this.case what set of for Mundt do we need to.follow doing you need to write every.single thing like a laptop cell phone.jewelry set you kindly have a look on it.okay so the issue here is that when you.come to Canada you're bringing stuff.with you and the most important part to.realize is that if you have goods that.you're not actually bringing with you as.you land in Canada but you're planning.on bringing them later then that's where.the good to follow form actually comes.from so let's see if I can shift my.screen and I did a little bit of look at.this before so let's go back one this is.where you're going to get.information you're looking for removing.or returning to Canada so yes when you.are looking at I'm going to copy this.and I'm going to paste it into the.comment section okay so when you're.doing this this is what you follow and.if you are coming to Canada as a newly.landed settler a newly landed immigrant.to Canada you can see there are certain.things that you can bring in that are.import and duty-free and those things if.you want to claim them when you're first.landing to Canada then you need to make.sure you provide a list of everything if.you are bringing your belongings with.you then goods to follow doesn't doesn't.apply but how you describe them and.everything is all listed here this.information I'm not going to I'm not.going to go into a bunch of detail and.then also right here is the actual.personal effects accounting document the.BSF 186 and I open that one up before so.I'll pull this one up and here it is and.so you can see personal effects.accounting department and it is settlor.which is you former resident seasonal.resident or beneficiary so you'd be the.settler and so you fill out this form.and you have it with you when you're.coming through to land in Canada and.there's other information that's listed.here and you can see here there's a.description of goods including serial.serial number if applicable as well as.the value in Canadian dollars the.reality is when you're coming through.you're going to just do the best you can.to estimate it and that's basically how.it is structured so if you're coming.it's not a big deal if you're bringing.stuff with you but often if it's.traveling in a separate at a separate.time then that's often when you will.include your goods to follow but even.when you're landing and the goods are.with you let's say some people are.coming up from the US in those cases yes.you're going to include everything.that's in your u-hauls that you're.bringing with you it's all gonna be.included you're gonna have that form.ready to go you may have a separate.sheet with everything listed on it.that's totally fine too with the.estimated values and and then all of.that can come with you without having.any duty charged okay no taxes charge.charged for it alright great question.and guys that is it that is it so well.start here after I'm rod says I need a.candidate work from it you can help me.nope I can't.I don't provide job offers so after am.red I'm red con at that stage then you.guys can start posting your comments and.while you're posting them I will work.through from that stage there in the.interim I just want to show you a couple.more things that I have going on like I.had indicated before so I'm going to.share my screen back with you and we're.gonna go to the Facebook page so here's.our Express entry law Facebook page so.essentially all the rules and everything.are here but I have posted and I.probably should link it if you go down.here you can see whenever I post.anything it doesn't last long once I.posted it disappears but here's the link.right here - if you want to become an.affiliate you can just click on that.link or go to the Canadian immigration.Institute and remember that's 30% of if.someone uses the link to purchase it and.you guys are all open to it anyone can.become an affiliate and you guys are.already sharing so much so why not give.you an opportunity to earn some money.when you share it and then going through.here you can see all of the questions.that are posted it takes forever until.you finally get to this one where I go.into great detail about the actual.Express entry guide and I dive in and.show you what's contained within.everything and so this is the link March.the 20th or sorry October the 20th boy.I'm about six months behind October the.20th is when the 60% offer offer comes.to an end and so in like manner you get.your your link you sign up as an.affiliate and then you can go from there.and anyone who purchases the guide you.can earn 30% of the proceeds of that.that purchase if they go through your.personal link and when you register as.an affiliate here and you go in and you.sign up and you become an affiliate and.I think I can maybe even go in here I'm.not sure if I can't I've got so much.going on here no I can't remember my.password I test this stuff and I don't.remember but when you register then you.have the ability to get your own.personalized link and it's that link.that then people use when when they.subscribe and they and.go to purchase it I've got so many links.going here now all over the place when.you click on it and they actually go.here and purchase and you can see right.here the discount then you would get 60%.sorry 30% of that the proceeds of that.purchase all right so that is just a.little update and as always I also want.to point out one other thing for you.guys I'm gonna go to my Canadian.immigration and you guys don't even.realize that I have this too not only do.I do the videos but I also have my.Canadian immigration podcast and right.here I actually did my most recent one.Express entry tips to avoid disaster is.some of my best tips for navigating.Express entry safely and it's an audio.that you can listen while you're.traveling back and forth to work you can.click on the player and then I go.through all of my best tips ok and I.also have included a slide deck that I.used when I was presenting to the.immigration lawyers in Quebec just this.past week alright and as always the.Canadian immigration Institute is the.sponsor ok looks like we've got a ton of.people posting questions which is.fantastic so let's jump in and let's.start having some fun let's start.answering some questions ok the first.one here that I see ok Masoud says good.day mark thank you for being ever so.helpful you're very welcome.Pakistan police certificate seriously.ok these ones are the tricky ones they.do not mention particular dates I lived.at the address instead they've added.years 2005 to date although I've moved.out of Pakistan after 2013 does it cause.any issues Masood I cannot answer that.one actually Pakistan police.certificates are crazy half of the time.I don't understand what they're trying.to get at because most countries are not.linked by date so not they're not linked.addresses and dates lived there because.your police certificates are issued by.the local authorities and not at a.national level like most of the other.countries it becomes very very confusing.excuse me to know exactly what what is.acceptable and what isn't.so Masood I want to tell you too.that unless I have a chance to actually.look at it and assess it the key.whenever you have police certificates is.to make sure that you have followed.explicitly what I RCC says you're.supposed to do so this is what I do I'll.share my screen with you again we'll.jump pass my podcast we'll go to IRC see.and we'll pull up police certificates.then I'll find I'll click on how to get.it and then I will go here and I will.click on a P push me down to Pakistan.and then I click on how to apply and so.here I follow the instructions.specifically so yes you need it for.permanent residence congratulations but.if you're a citizen and you're living in.Pakistan then you need to follow this.specific instructions okay and obviously.it's going to have different rules based.on your particular circumstances so.there's instructions for if you're a.citizen living in Pakistan if you're not.a Pakistan citizen there's instructions.for everyone so if you follow all of.these explicitly then you've got a.defensible case you can you can actually.defend the position that you have if.some officer says oh no that doesn't.look like the actual police certificate.in the form it's supposed to be so.Masood I can't answer that 100% as to.whether or not your police certificate.is good enough but I do know that if you.follow those instructions explicitly.then you've got a defensible position.you can go back to an officer and say.uh-uh.no I followed everything exactly as it.was instructed and in all honesty I'll.show you one other thing I always do.this I scroll down to the bottom and I.make sure I copy the page so that I can.show when it was last updated so this.was last modified January 29th 2016.these instructions so I make sure that.I'm following them explicitly clear and.100% in line with what they've told me.to do okay and I make a copy of it to.make sure that I've got proof that they.don't come back and say hey you didn't.do it properly and then I said hey on on.as of the date that I submitted my.police certificates I don't care if they.changed after that fact I followed your.instructions exactly as I was told at.the time in which I submitted my.application so it's just insurance but.that's me right I battle I'm.make sure that I've covered off every.every possible Avenue okay next one is.Aditya and he says is it possible or a.good idea to make changes to our profile.after the PNP nomination is approved and.600 points are awarded for example if I.received an AI NP based on primary NOC.1241 of one year experience and a.bachelor's degree and get 600 points can.I remove another NOC from the profile.which will essentially reduce one year.in 25 points but I will add a post-grad.diploma which will add 33 before ITA.at each ed this one is super super.involved I would my mind is already.spinning and I think the rest of the.people are too my friend you'll need to.book a consult for us to go through this.I'm not quite certain as to what the.impact or why you're choosing to to make.changes usually everything should be.100% complete and accurate at the time.in which you submit it if it's an issue.of you're not getting a reference letter.that's you know or you're worrying that.the work history you're claiming you.can't prove very well well that's a.discussion that we have to look at.together and just see whether or not.it's easier just to provide a letter of.explanation saying look I don't need.these CRS points I already have 600.through a nomination and and so I'm not.providing a reference letter because I.can't get one maybe that's the response.but as far as just removing not quite.sure why so I recommend that you.actually book a paid consult so we can.go through all that together and with.the paid consult those of you who are.new to this.I'll just put here and I'm going to put.it in the comment section as well maybe.I can search through and I'll put these.in the description on the YouTube.channel but essentially this is the page.that you go to there's the link in the.comment section fill out this schedule.and then it will automatically go into.our system so that we can very quickly.onboard you because we get tons and tons.of individuals asking for consultations.ok faisal says hi there you're doing.great job someday I hope to connect with.you.I hope so too faisal thank you ok ok.Ralph's got another one here Express.entry I guess I can close that we don't.need that let's go here so Express entry.question let's say I get my ITA today ok.well that would be pretty cool.and start submitting documents during.this time I turned 30 and lose some.points which brings my CRS lower than.the cutoff I was selected for where do I.stand well Ralph I can tell you if.you've received an ITA your age is.locked in so this comes down to the a.11.2 explanation the program delivery.instructions so I type in a 11.2 which.means section eleven point two of the.Immigration and Refugee Protection Act.that's what a stands for if it was R.eleven point two then it would be the.Immigration and Refugee protection.regulations but I put here a E and I'll.throw in I'll throw in a eleven point.two EE IRC see that should be enough.there it is okay so here's the.instructions and I want to show you.something here off all right so if I.scroll down here I'm looking for.birthday ok bla ba ba change in.circumstance maintain maintain blah blah.P and P hey here we go here's your.answer my friend I'm gonna copy this.right here and I'm gonna paste it into.the comment section oh I did the wrong.one let's try that again.copy and paste that should work and.right here you'll see if an applicant.may have a birthday after they receive.an ITA but before they submit their EAP.are their change in age may lower their.CRS score below the lowest score in the.round of invitations which is possibly.the case it may also result and you no.longer meeting the federal skilled.worker eligibility requirements and.consequently no longer meeting the.minimum entry criteria resulting in a.refusal based on a 11.2 and you can see.here if we're take this all the way.through to the actual legal part let's.open it up and look at it so you can see.here this is the actual Immigration and.Refugee Protection Act and section.eleven point two says an officer may not.issue a visa or other document in.respect of an application for permanent.residents to a foreign national which is.Ralph who was issued an invitation to.make that application if so.so here's the law if at the time the.invitation was issued or at the time the.officer received their application the.foreign national did not meet the.criteria set out in an instruction given.under paragraph ten point three 1e which.is right here if we look at the actual.basically this is oh not that one.eligibility which is basically these.eligibility requirements for the federal.skilled worker program or did not have.the qualifications on the basis which.they were ranked under an instruction.given under ten point three one H and.were issued the invitation so basically.it means if they won't issue it if you.no longer meet the minimum criteria for.the federal skilled worker program or if.you didn't continue to hold the same.ranking in which you were given your.invitation to apply so that I just show.you guys that but that's the actual law.and that's why the government creates.this but they decided wow that's kind of.unfair and cruel so instead what they.allowed here is it says when a change in.age results in the candidate no longer.meeting the minimum entry criteria in.your case the federal skilled worker.program or having you there recalculated.CRS points score fall below the lowest.score in that round of invitations and.here it is officers should consider.applying this public policy to exempt.applicants for permanent residents from.certain age based requirements between.and this is the key invitation to apply.and application so and based on a twenty.five point to which I won't dive into.that you guys can just accept me that.I'm telling you that the the legal truth.here and so this consideration can.result in an exemption from the refusal.of an application under a 11.2 okay.there we go which is super good and.there is the answer for you good.question okay.heis o'hare Libya Sun so here thank you.okay Massoud says does it cause any.issues if I show my.through a recently opened bank account.the amount will be made available.through a gift deed nope no problem at.all as long you can show all those.things that I talked about.okay Zahara says could I have study.permit after university admission letter.could it be helpful to convert PR along.with my family thanks a lot.yes I hear of course if you are going to.school and you are able to secure a.study permit and actually study in.Canada you're gonna get an extra 15 to.30 points and that comes from the CRS.criteria so we'll type in CRS criteria.EE here we'll pull this up so that you.can see we'll click on this link right.here and then we go down we look at the.points and if we scroll right down to.the very bottom.it covers off the bonus points and I'm.gonna shrink this down just a little bit.because it's pretty big letters here so.that we can get more on a page so you.can see right here that if someone.completes a post-secondary credential of.one or two years they get 15 points if.it's three or more years they can get an.extra 30 comprehensive ranking system.points so yes there it is definitely.beneficial for you okay RN says hey mark.does the past visa refusal and.detentions to some other countries.matter after we declare them in stat.deck in a statutory question sorry could.an immigration offence in some other.country make you inadmissible to Canada.if you get a police certificate with all.clear report re n this is one ID it.totally depends on the circumstances.because it's it's not just a police.clearance but it's also an if something.that you do could equate to an offence.or breaking a provision of one of the.Acts of Parliament in Canada which.extends to some extent a little bit.further than the Canada crimp the.Canadian Criminal Code so if your.foreign police certificate shows a clear.report well that's probably going to be.a good sign that things are okay but.ultimately you say could an immigration.the fence in some other countries make.you inadmissible to Canada it depends on.what that offense may be okay all right.say it says he's an accountant and wants.to go to Canada great okay Kuji says I.have a cousin awesome love the family.members in Saskatchewan who is a.Canadian past.holder I'm a secondary applicant my.question is when I have to make an.express entry profile I I make it right.away.yeah there's no answer for cousin so it.doesn't they're not going to be giving.you any extra points at all okay so yeah.ultimately when it comes to claiming.points for family members cousins aren't.on the list and so this really won't.affect your applications substantive lis.in any way and so when it comes to the.express entry process yeah there's.there's nothing really no work to.address that okay all right Salman says.hey mark my air war is the 20th of March.it's been six months and 18 days now.only my criminalities passed and.eligibility and security has not started.yet.why CSA is taking so long to process the.cases well Salman I RCC CIC was the name.they went by over almost four years ago.immigration refugees and Citizenship.Canada is taking as long as it takes.80% of the applications are supposed to.be processed in six months that doesn't.mean a hundred percent maybe you were in.that extra twenty percent that's just.taking a little bit longer because maybe.your country isn't cooperating with.Canada when it comes to the security.screening that they're doing okay.I'm run says thanks for your response.you're very welcome I'm red.okay okay Ralph says last question mark.if my Knock not in demand knock what we.should do.I can't help you my friend ultimately.the in demand even Saskatchewan is kind.of blown up and so what I mean by that.is there are very very few occupations.that aren't included in the list but.going forward when it comes to the you.know if your NOC is not in a NOC in.demand there's not much that you can do.that's your work history you can't.fabricate something else just to get.your occupation on the list.okay Kabir says hi sir hope all is well.please advise can I sponsor my brother.Kabir I need a whole lot more.information about that but generally.speaking siblings cannot sponsor.siblings to immigrate to Canada okay if.you wanted to get more information I.need to understand your background and.that becomes more specific which require.a immigration consultation I paid one.and you can do that at the link which I.showed you before and post it in the.comments section which is on this page.right here so just fill in your.information in each of these boxes and.then you can set up a consultation with.me and we can talk all about your.brother.and potential options for him coming to.Canada okay all right.xerath Ameri says does it count points.if I have different jobs but they all.together sum up 15 hours per week whoo.that's a loaded question when it comes.to counting work history you have to.meet the minimum level and the minimum.level if we go back here and see if we.can find the page there the minimum.level is what's listed here if you're.outside of Canada as a federal skilled.worker okay so the key here for the.minimum requirements is to understand.that yes you have to have performed all.the statements at the activities in the.lead statement all the essential duties.and most of the main duties but the.biggest key here is that it has to be in.the same job type right here basically.the same NOC to meet that first one year.and that's where your question kind of.falls off the rails a little bit my.right because I don't have enough.information and you said up to 15 hours.a week suggest to me that you mean.possibly getting the equal amount in.part time or 15 hours per week from one.year full-time so yes you can but it.needs to be continuous it has to be in.the same NOC and if you're bouncing from.one to another it's unlikely that you're.going to be able to demonstrate this one.year of continuous work so yeah so.that's kind of where where you're at.there's a lot more to it and if you.wanted to go through we'd have to look.at things very very carefully but it's.gonna be really hard okay yes and Myra I.can see yourself employed and non self.employed you can you can do that but.remember it has to beat these minimum.requirements so it needs to be within.the same the same NOC okay so that's one.of the critical aspects of it and you.need to be able to show that it's.content.and remember this is just for the.federal skilled worker program this.isn't for the Canadian experience class.if your work experiences in Canada but.understand self-employed work experience.doesn't work for Canada so that wouldn't.work for you okay going through.Masoud says relatives in Canada my.paternal aunt married to a gentleman who.had grown up children with his first.marriage those children live in Canada.should I mention them as my cousins no.need to mention cousins in the.application Rena says how much do you.charge initially well for a consultation.I charge about two hundred and ten.dollars Canadian and that'll give you a.25 minute consult but understand I get.you to fill out the actual forms when.you go to this site I actually get you.to fill out this information and then.once we've got this basic information I.send a questionnaire an online.electronic questionnaire for you to.complete that gives me as much.information as possible so that every.penny of your time is spent with helpful.advice and direction for you not just.sitting there having you tell me your.story for half an hour and then saying I.need to do research and I'll call you.back in another week after I've done the.research know when people book consults.I've got the answers and I answer them.right on the spot so great question and.Rena I highly recommend that you.consider for basically less than a 25.minute consult you get my entire whole.do-it-yourself guide full of everything.and you can see all these modules all.these like there's 44 lessons on within.this whole process and they're all.different sections different lengths.because some people may need information.on spouses others don't some people may.need how that completes information for.a dependent child that others don't so.they're broken up into little pieces so.that when you're going through this.there's sections for the principal.applicant as you can see here and then.actually I kind of jumped ahead there a.little bit as if you can go back and.then there are sections that are.specifically tailored to the spouse and.just like this and finally as we shift.to the next page there are sections that.are geared specifically to dependent.children okay so I recommend you take.advantage of this by clicking on that.link and actually.purchasing a lifetime access ok next.tier pratik says hi mark is it ok if I.can get a gift deed from my brother than.from my parents will that have any.negative implication to my application.and should I provide any documents about.relation with my brother thanks in.advance 100% you're definitely gonna do.that.so yes you're gonna provide birth.certificate showing that it's your.brother you're gonna get a gift deed the.funds are going to be transferred you're.gonna be able to trace them from the.your brother's bank account to yours and.that your brother signs that gift deed.that says you know these are irrevocable.funds and and they're made because I.like my brother alright so I'm okay with.that but document it heavenly ok.Mayoress says I'm a dancing.choreographer as my bachelor's degree.says ah okay so then she gets into a.whole bunch of stuff here about all.these other things and she says can I.mix both dance and choreography it all.depends on whether or not it fits within.the same NOC code it's as simple as that.mara if if those duties fit within the.same NOC code then yeah you can use it.as one continuous knock for the purposes.of meeting the minimum one year okay.pre G says okay he forgot a travel.history to his home country so he missed.it will this missing entry in the travel.history create any issues if I find.something that I missed then I'll.actually upload it I'll do a.case-specific inquiry and I will upload.it so that the document is 100% correct.especially that stuff when it comes to.moving as well then I'm obviously going.to update the I'm gonna go out of my way.to make sure that I've updated the the.address history so that nothing is out.is really expired within the information.I've submitted in my EAP are okay files.list is I'm working for a reputable.Canadian company as a full-time offshore.employee for the last two years with.that give me an advantage in the.immigration process faisal it won't you.can't claim that as Canadian work.experience you have to have valid status.in Canada so in your situation it's.going to be the same as foreign work.experience okay satya says I'm from.Pakistan.and I have 12 years experience.Pharmaceuticals how much point I require.in my eligible okay so say dia whenever.we do this if you have specific.questions about your own qualifications.that's something that I direct you to.book a paid consultation and then we can.go through everything with you so click.on that link in in the comment section.and and go ahead and book a consultation.with me okay okay let's see if I can.find some here okay.Kareem you asked about comments on rural.and northern pilot program how do we.approach potential employers I can't.answer that so that's a whole different.discussion that I'm gonna have one of.the communities come and join me on my.podcast to talk about their experience.trying to navigate through that rural.pilot okay and then we've got a bunch of.people here my name says hello hi.session says hey mark session says good.to see ya.ally hi and Elise is how much investment.need to get immigration the investment.Ally that you need to do right now is to.actually go and in the show notes I've.provided a link right here to if I can.find the page let's see if I can find it.maybe I don't even have it anymore right.here so this link I'm gonna push it I'm.going to put it right here for you Ally.right here in the comment section for.only two hundred ninety-eight dollars.and eighty US you get access to my full.step-by-step guide okay my name says.they're an immigration system that does.not require a language test well mo name.I can tell you that there are some where.the language requirements are quite low.Alberta there they're worker employer.specific categories didn't require.language test for skilled workers but.now pretty much everyone has a base.level of English required or fridge okay.okay Jeff eat says I got a police.certificate which was given based on my.current passport but I'm going to renew.it next month do I need to get a new.piece of certificate no you don't just.make sure that you include a copy of.your old one in your application and.then letter of explanation in detail to.explain what transpired okay.myra says how do you count hours when.the payment is not per hour if it is per.project and it has a lot of rehearsal.hours for example Mara this is a tough.one I've submitted an application for a.musician in the US and her family who.hopefully we're going to get a decision.right away quick here but for the time.being it is that's something that is not.easy to prove and it's something I'll be.honest that you'd probably need to book.a consult for us to go through in detail.because it is not easy it took you would.be blown away by the the information.that we provided in order to try to.prove this elite professional musician.there her work experience as a musician.okay last question from Javeed he says.do passports need to have the current.address as I have my permanent address.on the passport and live in the city.where I work please advise no in fact.most passports from other countries all.over the world do not have the actual.address listed all right so guys that is.it that is the the eee live Q&A for.today i was up really late last night.after an awesome family gathering at my.brother's house with his family we.played some volleyball some basketball.we had this massive thanksgiving dinner.because today or I should say this past.weekend was Thanksgiving weekend and.Monday was our statutory holiday where.we celebrate Thanksgiving and this I.want to take this opportunity right now.to just express to all of you guys how.grateful how thankful I am for all of.you I love doing what I do I love.working with people sometimes it's.heartbreaking sometimes it's.heart-wrenching I just had a consult.with someone who lives in Dubai just.today and we talked about some of the.challenges she's going through and it's.terrible all on her own no friends.she's slaving away literally slaving.away working and she she just doesn't.have the the support that many of you.have and so I sincerely sincerely wish.that there was something that I can do.to help her and I'm definitely going to.try so that she might be able to make.Canada her.but for many of you you have lots of.support but I get consults all the time.from people that are really being taken.advantage of so you know and then I do.my best to try to help them anyways.that's all I've got for today I want to.thank you guys once again for joining.this EE live QA and I love doing this.remember a couple things that I.announced previously if you want to earn.a little bit of extra money I am now.offering a I've got so many pages opened.up here not even sure where it is.anymore at the bottom of my page I'm.going to share my screen with you guys.those of you who are tuning in close.some of these other windows here there.we go so I'm gonna share my screen and.if you go down to the bottom so there's.the main page here we'll pull it up if.you scroll down to the bottom here.you'll see there's a link right at the.bottom here where you can become an.affiliate so if you click on that link.you can register and when you do that.you can earn 30 percent when someone.purchases using your affiliate link then.the next thing I want to point out what.you guys can all see right in the banner.image of the of the Facebook page right.here if you scroll up to the top you can.see whether it's Express entry law or.whether it is the actual Canadian.immigration Institute page you can see.at the top I have a very very awesome.offer right now for lifetime access to.my Express entry complete step-by-step.guide to doing it yourself you can click.on the link that's in the comment.section or you can also just type in the.code EE fall 60 and it will give you 60%.off the regular price which is 497 u.s..so it's only one hundred ninety-eight.eighty to get lifetime access to the.course and if you want to go to the.actual site again like I said I've got.so many things going on here if you go.back to the Canadian immigration.Institute and then you click on.individual guides and then from here you.click on learn more it'll take you to.the basic landing page and I have a ton.of information here including all of.these testimonials from past subscribers.to.the II live QA and each of these people.I think all of them if I'm not mistaken.now our permanent residents of Canada it.might be one or two that isn't but they.all successfully went through and used.the guide and in in most cases they.didn't even book a consultation either.they just use the guide so I just want.to say if you want more information you.can look here and then the last thing I.want to point out is that I have a 100%.no worries product guarantee 30 days to.have your money back if you go in and.you realize or you feel like this you.know for whatever reason it's it's not.beneficial to you and I honor that so.there's no risk whatsoever alright okay.that covers off the bulk of what I'm.doing today I want to thank all of you.guys for tuning in and watching it's.always so so awesome when I have people.who who watch and come and participate.and just make this as awesome as it is.so thanks so much everyone I want to.wish you guys all the very very best and.as I was sharing with you guys before.let's see if I can find it right here I.think my wife actually sent me a few.other ones right here I'll share this.one this is one happy father right here.with his daughter who just got back from.her mission and so my wife sent me those.and then this is our big I'll show you.this one as well if it'll pop up here it.is well it's kind of small but I'll.enlarge it this one here is the big.family group hug and so my daughter's.right in the middle there oh good times.good times my friend this is what it's.all about family alright and that's why.I do what I do and I think that's.probably what most of you why most of.you are looking to try to find a better.life in Canada for you and your family.thank you everyone.this is Canadian Mark Canadian.immigration lawyer let me start again.I think I need to go back to bed this.has been a long haul this is Canadian.immigration lawyer Mark Holthe e.x.immigration officer and former high.school teacher signing off wishing you.guys all the best as you navigate this.crazy world we call Express Entry see.you again next week new.Mountain Standard time right here on the.Canadian immigration Institute Facebook.page and broadcasting or I should say.recorded and posted on the Canadian.immigration Institute YouTube channel.take care.

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