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Hand-in-Hand Teaching Guide to fill in K12 Txva Transcripts Form

youtube video

K12 Txva Transcripts Form Request Guide

so yeah we we appreciate everybody.joining the webinar today as we've said.a number of times being recorded it's.going to be sent out please use the chat.feature to introduce yourself correspond.with us throughout the webinar we.welcome your participation this is a.fantastic opportunity for us to connect.with you hopefully give you everything.you need as we prepare for this very.important final transcript season it's a.starting to feel a little bit different.than than other years um but hopefully.we can get you everything you need and.get you prepared so that as much as we.can it's business as usual we're gonna.go over a quick agenda before we get.started we'll talk about processing.transcripts during kovat 19 so we do.this webinar every year talk about final.transcripts season well this year's a.little different obviously and so a big.part of processing transcripts during.kovat 19 is going to be student.communication so what are the best.practices to communicate with your.students even though you're you're not.in the same school building with them.anymore and then michelle will go.through the student demo and.administrator demo showing you a little.bit of the students ID which you don't.always get to see how do they actually.place.a final transcript request to you and.then how do you fulfill those in an.efficient manner and then of course.we'll see save some time at the end for.question and answer.but please don't wait until the end to.ask your questions use that chat feature.to ask your questions so that we can.actually correspond with you start a.dialogue and I'm sure the question that.you ask maybe on someone else's mind as.well so please don't be shy if there's.something very specific to your school.will share some contact information for.your account executive and we can always.follow up afterward to make sure that.you get your question taken care of but.please don't hesitate to use that chat.feature.so I forgot to introduce myself here my.name's Matt Stamberg I'm the director of.our k12 professional team I oversee our.Account Executive and implementation.teams and it's my job and it's our.team's job to make sure that all of the.folks like you all the schools and.administrators that they use parchment.find it valuable know how to use it and.and continue to want to use our service.so that's our hope for for this group.today is that you guys walk away feeling.more equipped than you did before you.join the webinar and and hopefully you.guys use this time to learn a little bit.more about how to make this an efficient.process for your school and then we're.very lucky to have Michelle Devaney who.is our training and development manager.her role is going to be to show you guys.exactly how to use the product today and.she's also responsible for creating a.lot of our content that's available as.resources that we'll be sending out a.number of resources after this but.things like YouTube videos and resource.documents will go into how we're gonna.deliver those to you a little bit later.but Michelle is responsible for creating.and if you don't know who your k12.Account Executive is take a look at this.map here so it's it's based on regions.there what there is one exception to.that and that Maggie works with schools.that are less than 500 students there's.some exceptions some state exceptions to.that but you should have got an email.from your consecutive at some point in.the last several months we try to.regularly communicate with all of you.make sure you have their contact.information if you've used parchment for.a number of years you know obviously.you've heard from your executive but.wanted to just quickly give you a.snapshot here so that if you don't know.who your kind of executive is or maybe.you're brand new to parchment this is a.great time to grab their email and we'll.also display this this slide at the end.so of course this year things are.starting to look a little bit different.this picture probably represents what it.used to be like for you guys during this.time you'd be in the school building.students would be gathered together well.none of that's happening and things for.you might look a little bit different it.might look like this this picture on.your screen where you're trying to do.work at home you've got a dog that's.barking you know the blender is going.off in the kitchen you've got kids that.you're trying to home-school and do your.job at the same time it's a little bit.chaotic but the good thing is we believe.that we're going to be able to continue.to support you seamlessly during this.time and that there shouldn't be any.interruption in in your service and so.we feel like in some ways parchment was.built for for a time like this.everything should operate the same way.your students and alumni can request.online via their parchment comm accounts.and then all of you can fulfill those.requests for transcripts and.verifications through your parchment.account so you can log into parchment.from your home you can access your.student information system and the.transcripts from your home and so really.nothing should change there's no need to.be at the school building for the.majority of your transcript requests so.what is changing and that's gonna be how.you communicate with students and that's.the big question that we're posing today.and that ultimately you're gonna have to.answer for yourself so if I were you I.would sit back and think about this how.will I communicate to my students about.final transcript season I can't just.make an announcement over the intercom.anymore right and so things have changed.you think about what you used to do you.might do a handout or a poster you might.stop by the homeroom do a school.newsletter or maybe students would drop.by the office and you just kind of.direct them where to go or how to place.a transcript request well now that we.have this distance learning and we're.all virtual we don't have those same.communication channels so you're gonna.have to email students put more.information on your website maybe you.have the ability to send them a text.message with directions you can rely on.social media and then maybe some of you.are doing zoom meetings or web meetings.like this so you don't have all of the.tools that you used to have but maybe.this is an opportunity to take advantage.of these other tools and perhaps they're.even more effective so we're going to.share some ways that you can can send.out those communications virtually and.then as we break down the big question.is how you're going to communicate with.your students and these are some just.kind of drilling down digging into that.question a little bit further do your.students know the process of placing a.request seems like sort of the same.question but you know first off are your.students used to using parchment for all.of their requests if they're used to.logging to parchment you really don't.have to communicate to too much to them.maybe just a slight variation is your.website updated with information on.parchment so maybe you your students.regularly use parchment but you just.haven't gotten around to updating your.website well they're probably going your.website much more frequently than then.they normally would and so this would be.a great thing to do and we'll go through.instructions on how to update your.website and then can you email or text.message students directly and then if.you can do that what will it say and.we've got a sample up here on the next.slide a suggestion of what we think you.could potentially send out as hey as you.prepare for graduation make sure to.place your final transcript request via.parchment to place your request create.an account or log in at the below link.as you see on your screen there that.link is a custom URL every school is.that that uses parchment has a custom.URL so when they click on that it goes.directly to your school's registration.landing page and then we also recommend.that you tell them to select hold for.grades Michelle's going to go into that.in greater detail and then you can say.hey this workflow document is attached.to show you everything you need to click.on and we'll send you those.instructions in that document after this.webinar today so this is just getting.your brain going here thinking about how.are we going to communicate would I be.able to send an email such as this and.you know you guys can obviously put your.own spin on it but this is just one.man's opinion on what might be valuable.to send out to your schools with that.Michelle I'll pass it over to you to go.through student ordering and.administration.perfect thanks Matt as we get started.one of the things I want to point out.today is that some of the things I'm.going to be going through might feel.really technical and so after our.session today not only will you be.getting this recording but you will be.getting a guide that is step by step.instructions on everything we talked.about today so uploading those rosters.batch uploading those transcripts I know.sometimes watching it here it feels a.little overwhelming and you feel like.you have to take a lot of notes my goal.today is that you can watch and know.where to come back to for additional.resources so you like I mentioned you'll.have the recording the guide and then at.the end of today's session if you.haven't had a chance I'm going to show.you how to get into our quick bytes.videos our quick bytes videos are quick.two to three minute videos in each one.of these topics so that if you just need.a quick refresh you can click into that.particular video and watch just how to.upload a roster and so forth so just so.you know there's a lot of resource.coming out to you afterwards so don't.feel overwhelmed with all of our content.today are they our goal really today is.to provide it to you and then you can.come back to it as you need so one of.the things I think about today is two.main takeaways one is we need to talk to.our students about this hold for grades.process and how they can place their.requests for their final transcript and.what that looks like for you and the.perspective of having them hold for.grades and then the second phase of this.is going to be once the student makes.all of those requests what do I need to.do to process all of them so we're gonna.start out first with the student.experience I'm going to refresh this.here for us it might time us out just as.I had assumed we're gonna log in here as.ELISA and as we login as ELISA your.students are able to create their.accounts in a couple of different ways.one your students can go ahead and just.click on that custom URL that I will.show you where to locate you can put.that in a variety of different places so.your students can go there to get.started and that really is a really.great way so that they're at the correct.location the second option is that they.can just go to parchment comm and drill.down until they find your school.and the third line which is some of some.of you may be using our registration.codes today I'm not going to be getting.into the registration code process but.that also is an option as your students.are getting started so that their.information is in the system and you can.go ahead and send out those registration.codes that happens a lot in the fall so.if you're interested in you know best.practices for that you can go ahead and.join in our back-to-school webinars that.we do and we really do get into that a.little bit more during that session so.once your students have created their.accounts in any of those manners.they'll have their account here and then.they'll go ahead and see the items that.you've made of it available for ordering.and in this example we have transcript.and letter of recommendation so for.Alyssa I'm gonna go ahead and order a.transcript by clicking the green button.here and then it's going to bring me to.my destination screen and there's a.message that appears here this message.is what we call a ordering message I'm.going to show you in a little while.where you can actually update this.ordering message this is a great.location to put in there things like you.can order until this date at no charge.if your school has an annual.subscription for your students you know.that may end on July 30th once they.become seniors and joggers first comes.around they no longer can get those.transcripts at no charge if you only.have a current student subscription very.great information to put here if you.would like them to select hold for.grades putting that message here and you.can see in our example today it even.provides some messaging that you know.our doors may be closed at school due to.Kovan 19 but we're still processing and.you can still go ahead and go through.this process with us so a couple of.things to put there as a best practice.and we'll touch on this more in the.admin experience in just a few minutes.so at this point we can go ahead as a.learner and select our destination they.have two options here they can choose.from the academic organization or.themselves or another individual so for.today I'm just going to type in.University and University of California.appears I'm going to go ahead and hit.Search.you can see that all of the different.institutions campuses and graduate and.undergraduate.appear and so I'm gonna go ahead and.select undergrad here for ELISA and it.brings us here to our order details.ELISA would like to send a second.transcript so I'm going to choose add.another destination and this time she.may be sending it to someone who isn't.in our receive network so our receive.network is over 8,000 schools across the.United States scholarship organizations.and c-double-a things like that.basically they have a verified inbox.with us through parchment now if they.don't have that we can still send to.them electronically or via paper they.would just need to choose this option.here by choosing send to yourself or.another individual again they can choose.electronic or print and mail as the.option they would determine if it's.sending it to themselves or someone else.and let's say we're sending it to.someone else so I'm going to uncheck.this box and then I'm gonna enter in the.name of the person that I'm sending it.to and then entering in the email.address of the recipient once we're.ready I'm gonna go ahead and hit save.and continue here and now my order is.placed for two separate transcripts to.go to two separate destinations the big.piece here is when do you want this sent.you'll notice in both orders it defaults.to send now and this is where you need.to communicate to your learner's if you.want to use this functionality to have.them go ahead and select hold for grades.here and this is a great spot to put.this messaging in that ordering message.if you would like for the transcript to.wait until our final grades are in.please select hold for grades and we do.have some resources that will provide.you actually in print that you could.email out to your learners as well for.this process I'm going to go ahead and.hit save and continue here the learner.in it just like in any typical online.shopping experience will see their final.cart they can make edits once they're.ready they would go ahead and hit.continue they sign off and they say.under penalty of law that they are who.they say they are and they go ahead and.hit save and continue the next screen.which we won't see here will be a.payment screen if that is an.option for your learner's if you do have.a subscription or a no payment option.through your state then they wouldn't.have that payment screen populate but.I'm gonna go ahead and do that here and.then we're going to come to the order.confirmation screen and I'm sure you.guys are getting those questions that.say what's the status of my transcript.when did you send my transcript did they.get my transcript I mean those questions.are things that probably come up to us.on our sleep one of the things I want to.point out to you all is that you can.direct them back here to take a look for.themselves and so at the top of the.screen it says orders here they can look.here under orders to see the status of.all of their current or previous orders.so they can see if it's still at the.school level they can see if it's been.uploaded up into parchment or you can.see if the recipient has actually.received it so when they contact you and.say what's the status of my transcript.you can let them know to come back here.and check it out they also get an email.every step of the way anytime there's a.change in status they will get a.notification so they can look in both of.these places now I do want to point out.though there is a quick bite video that.we're going to reference at the end one.is how to create an account as a learner.and two how to go through this actual.workflow for ordering a best practice.would probably be to grab those YouTube.video links and you could email those.links out to your learner's so that they.see how to do this and they can watch.the videos they're very helpful a great.resource for you all take a look at.those on the parchment YouTube channel.that I'll show you in a few minutes.alright before we go any further Matt.I'm going to stop there and see if.there's any student ordering questions.that have come up yeah we had a few.questions around pricing you know we.can't really talk about pricing for your.school just because it's gonna be it's.gonna be different based on the type of.license you have with us depending on.the state that you're in all that all.these other factors so we can't really.answer that for you guys what we can say.is if they place a request it's a.question regarding the print and mail.specifically but if there is a fee for.student and again that's gonna vary.based on your school all this other.stuff but if there is a fee they they.pay at the time of the request and so.then it's up to you to fulfill that and.so if they place a request and there's a.shipping and handling fee for instance.they would pay for that at the time they.place the order and then so the bottom.line is they're not charged when you.fulfill it they're charged when they.place the request and so that's already.taken care of by the time that it gets.to you basically see another question.that just popped up in terms of.receiving notifications what typically.we the if you're a primary sender in our.system we'll send you an e-mail 24 hours.after a request has been placed and no.one from your institution is logged in.to view it that's when we typically send.notifications so if you're not getting.those notifications you can contact your.account executive we can make sure that.you're set up appropriately but that's.that's typically the workflow there and.so and then Stacey has a question do.they receive a refund if their order was.not located no they don't not.automatically and so it's up to you to.either put that order on hold or cancel.that request and then the student can.request a refund if their order is not.processed obviously and our support team.could handle that but it's not.automatically done because it's up to.you to kind of determine what the status.that order is and then for student to to.complete that with our support team and.then in terms of the print mail see.another question just popped up who.mails it it's a great question we mail.it so we have a print mail facility we.send just about a million documents a.year through our print and mail service.and so if your student places a request.and says I want my transcript mailed.here you still don't have to do anything.different you process those requests the.same way we print it and we mail it so.it convenience there for you but yeah.with that Michele I think you can kind.of move on to the administrator side.okay perfect so I'm gonna go back over.here to our presentation really quick.and show you guys just a couple.things first of all we had talked about.updating that messaging so there's a.couple things I want to point out under.the Settings tab the first thing I want.to point out is under the Settings tab.under the sub tab of ordering the very.first place that it brings you is this.ordering setup option that's where.you're going to find that unique URL.okay that custom ordering page that we.had talked about so a couple of best.practices that we like to talk about.here not only during covin 19 but as you.move forward throughout the school year.I'm sure that you're getting emails.where students ask you or even alumni.how do i order my transcript and so one.of the best practices is if you you know.save this image or copy this image and.you can actually hyperlink this URL to.that image and you can put it anywhere.you can put it in your email signature.someone emails you and says what's the.status how do I order a transcript you.can say click at the link at the bottom.of my email great we've got tons of.great feedback about that you can also.post this button in a google form which.which i'm going to show you in just a.little while you can send out to your.students to get them ordering you are.able to post this in a variety of.different locations honestly you don't.want the call to say where do I find.that you want them to be able to find it.on their own so the easier location the.better even do you want to make it in a.spot that you can communicate quickly.please go to the students tab click on.transcripts right you want to put it.somewhere that they can easily find it.without having to contact you first so.that's where you'll locate that link the.second thing on this page here is still.under settings and then we're under the.sub tab of ordering but then we're over.here on messaging and you'll see here.under messaging that we have a ordering.message the second box we went into.detail on that when we were in the.student workflow that's where they see.that message at the top but then we have.a second message here that is the.Welcome message this Welcome message.again can be edited and this is the.first thing that your learners are going.to see this is a nice place to put the.cost of the transcript if you're a.current student versus the cost of a.transcript if you are an alumni who to.contact in your office if they have.questions.any information here about kovat 19.entering that in if you want to put the.information right here about hold for.grades it's not a bad idea some schools.have told me Michelle I put the same.message in both places because I can't.guarantee they're going to read them.both.hopefully they read one and so I thought.that was a really great tip so they put.the same message in both locations so.this welcome message will appear at the.opening of your school specific web page.here on the custom landing page that's.where that welcome message will appear.and you can go ahead and update that at.various times throughout the year but.this is a great place to get that.information out there so they're not.calling you for questions okay I know.you guys are really busy and we want to.make sure we can get as much information.out to them as possible and again just.to review that's where that ordering.message appears and we did get one.question Michelle someone said that.settings tab is not showing up for me.and that's because you're not listed as.a site administrator and so if you have.that site administrator role that allows.you to go into settings and make changes.not everybody is going to have that but.we let you guys determine who has that.level of access at your school so if.you're saying to yourself well I don't.have that access I really need it.someone who's got an administrative.account your school does have it and.they can go in and actually assign that.to you so Lacey if you look at your.account.oh my colleague Jodie she also has an.account have her log in and see if she's.got the Settings tab if she does that.means she can assign you as a site.administrator so that you can then have.it but we like to kick that back to you.guys so you can determine ultimately who.has that that level of access great.thanks Matt a great question so the next.piece here we talked about that student.piece number one on our take away now.the second one is really what are you.going to do as far as processing these.orders and so you have to confirm that.the grades have posted in your parchment.account this is one workflow that we put.in.place for you guys to make things a.little easier for you also let's take a.look at what this actually means here so.let me actually go to the live demo let.me refresh and we'll do this over here.so when we log in here we're going to.see and I'm sure you guys have seen this.many times before but your orders are.going to come through here and either.going to see that there is a.notification up here at the top and I.know that I've had people tell me.anytime I see numbers up there that.drives me crazy I want to know what to.do with this information so at this time.of year you're going to get one that.looks like this our records indicate.that the grades for your semester are.due to be updated so basically what this.is saying is that there are some likely.some orders that are on hold for grades.that you had told your students to do so.those student orders are gonna be.sitting here in this on hold tab when.those grades are ready which means.you're ready with the transcripts you.haven't uploaded them yet but the grades.are in basically this functionality is.going to take any of those orders that.are on hold for grades and move them.over here to the open orders section.it's going to do that for you.it doesn't attach the transcript for you.but it takes it over manually so let's.go ahead and close out of this really.quick I'm gonna click on this on hold.tab I'm going to show you something you.can buy know me by no means you can.totally do this but I by any means I.should say you can actually remove them.individually so come in here click on.remove hold it we'll go over to open.orders and you can do that individually.so let's take this first order for.Alyssa and we can go ahead and click.remove hold and now her order is going.to be over here in this area.now if the order came over and you need.to do a manual upload which means it.looks like this what you would need to.do is locate Alyssa's file you would go.ahead and choose select file so you.would find her transcript save it to a.secure location on your computer you.would upload it here click on upload new.file you would go ahead and find her.transcript wherever you have.saved and attached it here and that's.what it would look like to do one at a.time okay and that's coming through as a.manual match if you're a smaller school.and that makes sense for you definitely.if that works go ahead and do that so.you'd come in to on hold remove the hold.individually and you can go ahead and do.that the process I'm about to show you.now is going to take all of these.learners who are over here on hold for.grades when we click on this.notification it's going to say show.details and it says please confirm that.your grades are posted or update the.expected posted date which means are.your grades in so when you click here.you get to choose yes or no are you your.grades ready so basically are you ready.to move those orders over so if you hit.yes they're going to go over if you.didn't know then you can go ahead and.enter in a new date by entering a new.date you'll just get that reminder again.you'll get that notification that says.are you ready now okay so for the sake.of today's example I'm going to go ahead.and choose yes just like this and so in.the background that's moving those on.hold for grade orders over and please.note that there may be reasons that you.have them there other reasons and you.may see here now that on my on hold tab.if I put orders over here for any other.reason see it says hold for other they.are left behind only my hold for grades.have moved over we get a lot of.questions about that okay so if I had.any other reason that they were on hold.they're there so I'm going to go back.over to my open orders now and so any of.the orders I've moved over here are all.here now ready for me to add the.transcript okay now the next thing I'm.going to show you quickly is how to.upload a roster if you need to upload an.updated roster now many of you might.have said well I've already done that I.don't need to upload the roster well I'm.going to quickly just walk you through a.couple of quick screenshots so that you.guys can see that actual workflow really.quick so that you are reminded now let.me tell you that there is a youtube.video that walks through that in.your process of uploading that roster.okay.so I want to walk you through this.really quickly you will click on the.learners tab you would click on the.upload multiple learners option here and.then you would go ahead and enter in the.name of the roster that you're going to.be uploading and people might be.thinking why am I doing this well maybe.you've had a transition you have a lot.of new kids that have come in since the.last time you've done it you want to.upload the roster to add those new.students in before you upload that new.batch of transcripts now you can add.them individually one at a time and.there's also a youtube channel video on.that as well but some people if you've.had quite an abundance of new learners.coming in you might want to just do the.roster a second time not required but.definitely a best practice so once.you've entered in the grade or the grad.year that you're entering in you would.go ahead and browse for that template.now you will go ahead and have this.saved previously which has the student.first name student last name student ID.date of birth and grad year as required.fields here and then you would enter in.that email address as an optional field.we always find it's a best practice to.include that email address and add that.in there so entering in all of your.learner information here and then once.you're ready browse and attach it and.then you're going to go ahead and map.the columns here so when they first come.in all of them will be in red and at.this point here you would just go.through and make sure that first name is.lined up with first name last with last.and so forth and making sure that the.spreadsheet you've entered in.everything's lining up correctly so that.it gets uploaded correctly into our.system once you're all set with that.then you're good to go.so you've uploaded a new roster.basically adding in any new students.that weren't there before and now you'll.have a spot for those new transcripts to.be attached to.so we've uploaded those rosters the.second phase of this is then uploading.the credential or the transcript so at.this point this is the second step so.there's a video on just this.typically as well you would go in and.you would click on the coupe's click on.the credentials tab and click on add.credentials here by clicking on add.credentials you're going to get the drop.down menu of which one and you're going.to choose that transcript and then you.would browse so basically you've gone.into your student information system and.created an entire batch of however many.transcripts you have requested so maybe.it's a hundred transcripts or 300.transcripts you can do that all in one.file and you would save it as one PDF.and by saving it as one PDF what you're.going to do now is attach it here and.then it's actually going to come through.into your to do list here on the.learners tab once the learners have been.uploaded in the roster and once their.transcripts have been uploaded you'll.see these check marks here now if this.is the second time you're doing this if.you did it in the fall that's awesome so.you should be you know pretty clear on.how to do it but what it's going to do.is replace the old transcript with the.new transcript okay parchment only.stores one transcript per student so.it's going to take away that old.transcript and add the new so at this.point now we've up what we've moved our.students from on hold to open orders.we've updated our roster if we feel.that's necessary we've then uploaded the.new batch of transcripts and now when we.come into this particular order we're.going to come back to the to-do list.and instead and I didn't do this in live.that was a demo environment but when we.come back to the to-do list now all of.our orders will have this nice Auto.matched option here which means that the.transcript is attached to this order and.so if you'd like to preview the.transcript that got attached you can.always click here on the file date for.some reason if you need to make a change.you can always remove that one and go.ahead and add the new one if necessary.so maybe Alyssa had a grade change after.you've done the batch upload come in.here remove the document and you can.just do this.that looks like this and upload her new.transcript there okay I know that seems.like a lot of information as we went.through all that technical stuff I want.to remind you again one you have this.recording to we're sending you a guide.with all of this in written format and.three I'm going to show you the quick.bytes videos that have each of these.segments broken down we also have our.support team in our Account Executives.able to answer any questions if you're.having troubles with any of the work.flow we're happy to make sure that that.gets running smoothly for you Matt I'm.gonna stop right there and see if.there's any questions yeah so a few.people asked you know why would I upload.the roster again so I just want to go.through the order of operations here and.make sure that everybody understands why.you would upload roster you do not have.to upload a roster to use parchment just.to be clear for everybody on the call.today you can have your students go to.parchment comm or your custom ordering.link create an account place a request.but you're gonna have to manually either.drag and drop or browse your computer.for every transcript request that comes.in we will not automatically be able to.match any transcript that you have sent.previously or they you've uploaded.previously to that student so you see.here on on the screen.Alyssa Adams has an automatch transcript.so the beautiful thing is if it's the.same transcript that I sent last time.it's correct all I have to do is click.that green process order now maybe your.school that says you know.dragging-and-dropping it's kind of fun.you know it's it's monotonous work but.gives me a break in my day I don't mind.doing it that's totally fine you don't.have to to do the roster but if you want.to do batch uploading and if you're the.school that's going to be sending out.hundreds of transcripts during final.transcript season it's a major time.saver the roster allows us to take a.transcript that you've uploaded.associate it to a student so that when.they register we can match their account.with that.script and again all you have to do then.is click that process order so the.roster allows you to do batch uploading.it also allows you to send out.registration codes to them so there's.another way you can communicate to your.students and get them to register.another person said and we get this.question a lot well I don't like to.upload a roster because I don't want to.use their school email address email is.actually not a required field in the.roster upload you can upload a roster.without email so if you are one of those.schools that don't want their your.students to use their school email to.create a parchment account don't include.it in the roster upload we do get that.question a lot students can change their.email in parchment we do recommend that.they change their email in parchment to.a personal email if they are currently.using a school email today because that.allows them to effectively like reset.their password if they forget their.password you know two years after.graduation and whatever the case may be.grad your date of birth student ID and.first and last name are required fields.for the roster upload I had a question.about how many rows the limit is three.thousand rows I know that because I.uploaded a roster today as a test and it.three thousand is the max and so if you.had an issue with your roster you can.contact our support team and we can.assist with any additional questions.all right so we'll have time for some.more questions at the end let's go ahead.and continue on here just with a few.best practices it sounds like some of.those are already pending coming up in.the questions so a couple of things to.recap today then so we are going to.provide you with this graduation exit.form in a few formats we're going to.provide it for you in a Google Form.we're going to provide it for you in a.Word document.and you guys can edit it and do whatever.you need here but basically what you.find is it says have I logged into.parchment to request my final transcript.so you can go ahead and put that there.and then they you know that's part of.their steps to being able to go through.the graduation and then finally have I.logged into my account to change my.email as Matt had said people are always.hesitant about that we actually have a.youtube video that shows the students.how to add their personal interest email.address to their account so by putting.this here you can say and watch this.video it will show you how to add that.one of the nice things about adding the.email in as Matt had mentioned is being.able to communicate to your students at.the beginning of the year in getting.their accounts created with the.registration codes and as I had.mentioned that's a channel ARC's me a.video that we'll do at the beginning of.the school year but it is a nice.resource but definitely as Matt.mentioned not required in any way but we.do show them how to change it right.there in our YouTube channel the next.thing is updating your website and.messaging we talked about that putting.that button out there updating those.welcome and ordering messages great.options here and then even emailing out.that URL to your students it takes them.to your custom landing page and they're.able to click there to get started on.their ordering batch uploading just as.we had talked about talked to putting.all of those transcripts into the system.at this time of year.by using batch upload with your seniors.you're adding those final transcripts.into the system and when they make a.request come October maybe January of.next year that transcript is already.going to be there all you have to do is.click preview it and hit process that's.the great thing about batch uploading is.that it stays within the system.for any future orders and that's really.really helpful for these seniors as they.move on that's that will stay in your.system and then finally sharing out.those quick byte videos so let's take a.look at where those are because I think.I've mentioned them a few times so here.we are our YouTube channel is parchment.videos we are going to send this link to.you in our resources at the end of the.call today but what you would do here is.you could come in and you can see that.there's a parchment success checklist.take a minute and watch that one that.one actually walks you through all of.these different pieces and how to make.sure you're being successful within.parchment but take a look here it says.how to upload a roster how to add or.delete learners from your roster this.one is understanding the to do list if.you're on here today saying wow I'm.really overwhelmed I'm just getting.started with in parchment I feel like I.didn't get everything I needed this one.will be really helpful because it walks.through other functionalities within the.system and then you can kind of take a.look at some of the other videos a.little further down in the list are the.learner videos account creation ordering.and even adding that new email address.so you can provide that on to your.learners as well we really took a lot of.time in creating these so that you guys.had exactly what you need whenever you.needed it so I hope you find them useful.ok Matt so I'm gonna go ahead and see if.there's any other questions and I can.toggle your Michelle is there thinking.about okay I've got to confirm the.posting of grades I've got to do my.batch upload of transcripts you know I.want to do the roster first obviously.but should they confirm their posting of.grades and then upload the final.transcript batch or so they upload the.final transcript batch and then confirm.the posting of grades what do you.recommend I recommend that you confirm.the posting of grades first that way all.of your orders are over in your to do.list that they're gonna come through as.get credentials it'll look like there's.nothing attached but then as soon as you.upload that batch they will all Auto.match in your to-do list before our call.today and I verified with our.engineering team I wanted to be sure.that I was telling you guys the correct.way and definitely they suggested to.confirm the grades first upload the.transcript second.great there's another question how can I.get information to share with a neighbor.school on using parchment we appreciate.that question referrals are the.lifeblood of our business just being in.education I'm sure that when many of you.signed up for parchment you relied on a.reference from a colleague or peer.institution and so we appreciate when.people are willing to to share what they.use with with other people but your.account executive again is going to be.the best person to contact in terms of.getting information to your your sister.school or another institution that you.know so you're your kind of executives.gonna be the best spot for that so one.question that we've been getting a lot.recently is what do we do about our.alumni transcript requests so I can.handle our current student requests.because they're in our student.information system right I've got a.digital access to them you know I can go.into PowerSchool or Infinite Campus or.Skyward or whatever you use and I can.pull it up and send it through parchment.great but what about all those paper.records what about those microfilm.records how do i process those it's.actually not something that's incredibly.easy to solve right now unless you've.digitized your older legacy records and.so we have this service called scan and.index and in it we talked with you about.how you store your records the format of.your records the process for how you.handle records and basically decide if.it makes sense for you guys to then.digitize your records and ultimately you.guys have to make that determination so.many of you have physical space.limitations and that you your records.room is overflowing some some of you.even have to drive to another building.and so it takes you forever to access.these records and then some of you are.worried about fire flood all that type.of thing and so digitizing these records.it would have been nice if that had had.been done before all this the pandemic.and you could have access to all these.records in process all in might requests.most of you probably already have.digitized your legacy records but if you.haven't we wanted to make you aware of.this it's something that we offer as an.additional service to schools and.districts and there's a quote from.Helena public schools there and.basically what that's he's saying there.is our customers our alumni they're used.to getting immediate access and that's.why we decided to move forward and.digitize our legacy records because.they're customed to doing things online.well how does it work well it works you.guys basically ship your physical.records to us we scan and then index.them which is really the critical part.we don't just scan it and send it back.to you we take the key data points from.the transcript like first name last name.student ID date of birth grad year and.we index that so not only do you get a.file back a PDF file of this this alum.but it's indexed with all their.information so you know exactly the the.contents of what's in that PDF we upload.that to your credential library so you.have access to in parchment and then we.also send you a PDF copy back for you to.store on your own servers so if you have.been talking about this with your.district in the past we'd love to to.talk about it with you the fastest.question we always get when we talk.about this service is how much does it.cost and that totally depends on the.format of your records and how many of.them you have so for instance paper and.microfilm are different fees and then.the quantity if you have a million paper.records that's obviously going to be.different than if your school has a.thousand paper records so if something.to consider and your account executive.is the best person to have that.discovery call with to see if it it's a.good fit for your district and then also.want to do a quick plug for parchment.learn so Michelle has done a fantastic.job and invested a lot of time energy to.do these self-guided training sessions.so learned a part rent comm is a great.resource for you it's complimentary it's.short easily digestible videos that you.basically take a short quiz at the end.of each.them and then you can download the.resources throughout the learning path.so every time you get to a certain phase.you can download a user guide that.applied to what you just learned and.then you can keep them in a binder or in.a folder on your desktop so that you can.not only know how to use parchment but.you can transfer that information to.your colleagues for the long term so if.you haven't checked out parchment learn.please do so it's a great resource and.then I want to reiterate what we talked.about at the top we are here to serve.you so the last thing that we want.during this time is to be another thing.that you have to worry about our hope is.that as you get through this time that.you think to yourself wow I'm really.glad that I that I had parchment this.was given everything going on not not.too bad right this act you saved me a.lot of time that's our hope and the only.way we can do that is to continue to.collect and process orders to mail.transcripts via print mail to send them.digitally and then to be available to.you when you have questions and need.help and so we'll advance to the next.slide and this is our contact.information please don't hesitate to.reach out to us I know that we did not.get to every single one of your.questions today.I'm gonna put my email in the the chat.right now just so that you can copy and.paste it if it's hard to read any of.those emails hopefully you already know.who your account executive is you can.always email me and I can either answer.your question or route you to your.account executive so I know we didn't.get to everything today but we are.available and standing by to be able to.assist you over these next few months.so I'll pause there point out one thing.and we had a couple questions about you.know what the difference is between.parchment learn and the quick bite.videos I do want to let you all know if.you just need to know how to upload a.roster just as a refresher go to the.quick bytes on YouTube you just have to.watch just that one video to refresh now.if some of you are on here thinking this.is the first webinar i've ever come into.with parchment there's a lot I need to.learn go to parchment learn because it.takes you through the entire process.from start to finish.you can't really jump around in there.it's a really good workflow and it takes.you through the entire process so quick.bites are just a reference when you need.them.parchment learn is if you're bringing.someone new on to your team or if you.would like to sit through and listen to.an entire training I think the entire.thing takes a little over an hour just.like our typical online training it's in.different segments and it's self-paced.it's a great great resource for you to.use for both you and your team and just.to reiterate we'll send out a recording.of this webinar along with a number of.other resources the exit form a guide on.how to place a transfer final transcript.request for your students the YouTube.video link and a number of other things.so you're gonna get a lot after this and.hopefully you can weed through it a.little bit and get get your school and.your students squared away from final.transcript season so I don't see any.other pressing questions but again we've.got our emails up on the screen please.contact us if you need anything else.moving forward we appreciate your.partnership and best of luck and stay.healthy throughout this season thanks.everybody thanks everybody we appreciate.your time.

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