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good afternoon thank you for taking part.of Richland 101 it is it does my heart.well when I see that the citizens of.Richland County are generally interested.in what goes on in county government and.not just say okay spend my money and do.whatever you want.welcome to album that's been Detention.Center first question I ask is how many.of you knew you had a detention center.in Richland County this is large there.was a large weirdest second largest and.square foot and the third largest of.course inmate population so you have a.very large facility this facility has.over 1,000 120 beds for adult side and.24 juvenile beds yes we housed juveniles.also don't know don't get us confused.with DJ J or the Department of.Corrections we are we are totally a.pre-trial facility and I don't when I'll.discuss them about me as you see I'm the.director of the facility this is my.staff this is cowboy she's the captain.of operations this is captain buffered.what you do man.that's all I tell captain Buffett is.basically he's he's in charge of.programs transportation training I miss.something admin and admin yes basically.make sure everything's captain kept more.processed folks in process amount.captain buffing makes you all the.paperwork is great and I got another.capital was chief of security he's.responsible for the bulk of the work.that goes on here because no matter what.in Corrections one thing we always.preaches security security security.chief of security is Captain Higgins.he'll be he'll be here in a sec so we.waiting on two people in.come up so without any further ado I'm.gonna talk about it I'm trying to get.through this quickly because to be.honest with you this is one of the.lonely stores that you want to take.because what what it is we have four.different styles housing units so and I.trained it so we're not even further.long to get into the presentation feel.free to ask me any questions you can.stop me at any time I'm going to to try.to be as informative as I possibly can.if you have any questions please please.ask guys well I'm in the middle of.something I'll stop and I can always.pick it up okay all right so this is.overview of what we're gonna do provide.you as many facts as we possibly can.about jails and you know why folks.walking on the street chain how many.I've heard of chain gangs we don't do.them no more okay that's what's walking.down the street with a chain on their.leg in chopping trees and picking up.they call it a litter control but you.don't see the restraints on them now get.tough on crime and I'm explaining a.little bit about get tough on crime cuz.a lot of times we don't know we asked.one we said get tough on crimes and when.you say get tough on crime guess what.you're saying.you don't lock up more people locking.them on people do what it costs more and.the more people you locked up the more.facilities you got to be able to keep.those keep those people and looking.spreading the roles of county jails okay.we are an accredited agency with our.American Correctional Association there.are more than 3,300 jails in the United.States as plenty of jails basically you.know just it's like you know if you.think how many counties in the United.States but almost every county has a.jail there are some regional jails um in.Virginia and a couple other states but.almost every county has a jail so 3300.jails.in and Isis out of 3,300 jails in the.United States there are less than 300.that's fully accredited and.accreditation means that you got to.follow uh-oh.thank you there's big old thick book.basically with a bunch of rules and.regulations in and you got a document.document document document so basically.what you're end up doing is proving that.you're following constitutional law.proving that you're running an efficient.and effective operation that's what the.purpose of accreditation so I'm proud of.that because you see that little plaques.on the wall that basically says we are.created we're going through our we're.prepping up for our ery re-accreditation.which occurs every three years they come.out every three years and check your.files check your records I'll see what.you've been to see what you've done over.the last three years an occasion they'll.pop in on you doing that three-year.period that you like really doing.anything to make sure that you're doing.with you because if he's not going.supposed to you can lose your credit.which we try not to do that we're all.into that also our medical department is.credited by the National Commission on.health care which is NCHS which is a.actually plus force.I was willing to talk our mission.statement type facility population.categories functions personnel.organization cost of operation which.everybody loves and then you're finally.gonna do the tool mission I saw my.mission statement up in three and three.words safety security let's tell them to.test for my captain's over there because.that's all we do safety security and.what's wrong so if we are safe secure.and we're protecting the public that is.our main task most reason why you.protect the pub how do you protect the.public we keep it about how to close.doors that's what if we're not.protecting the public if I keep America.out of high closed doors then you don't.have a safe jail you don't have a.security so that is what I that's our.major mission because we see that our.priority we protect the public and we.protect the facility then we protect the.staff then we're protecting inmates last.while they may class because if you.don't have other three you can't do.nothing at all that's why they're not.and in that category we're gonna provide.everybody a constitutional level of care.what we knew in that constitutional.level now you can provide people to care.up here which is gonna cost a lot and.their nose I talk a lot about cost when.you're running the facility when one you.got to be if you got to run a facility.efficient everybody don't need I passed.how many other iPads at home don't want.to meet you have iPad I mean we can.provide them I bet that's what I'm.saying a constitutional level care you.make sure they get the app you wanna.make sure they get the sense they're.essential needs and that's why we said.constitutional level carry they get.their central needs they're not gonna.get they may get some things above that.but we wanna make sure we take care of.health food and security.type of population we have and and and.when I break this down remember earlier.before everyone came and I said there's.a difference between jails and prisons.jail is almost 90 percent 99 percent.free trial we have some sentences.inmates here but when you look at our.population as a whole we are very very.hittable not a percent set of pretrial.pretrial meaning they have not been.sentenced or convicted or adjudicated.yet that's what that's what they.basically mean so when you talk about.jail.jealous pretrial East and South Carolina.most of us pretrial we do have some.sentence inmates cinesín makes make a.very small percentage of our populations.you say seven percent now who are those.students people some of them are going.to part my correction they may be here.if they send us on the Monday we tried.to get them out by Tuesday.um if they sent so means try to get my.about Thursday.they sent us on Friday we'll try to come.out by Monday or Tuesday as soon as we.get the paper if not we shipping out and.South Carolina sometimes one of the very.few states where usually I have to hold.a sentence inmate convicted of a crime.just not quite hold anybody over 91 days.91 days to go out Department correction.anything less than 90 days they stay.here at Alamos and in detention center.so we don't house people for long.sentence unless they are a civil offense.such as contempt of court and they have.I thought was basically all this.contempt of court I think that's it yeah.Family Court Family Court cases which is.a silver case.juveniles we have 24 bit juvenile.facilities a small bit of our population.and knowing we have about excuse me.lately we've had about 10% and excuse me.about 10 juveniles not 10% 10 to 12.juveniles every day which is good.believing that I didn't we don't house a.juvenile unless they're charged with we.don't keep them when I stare generally.charged with course murder something.better with intent to kill grand larceny.of a motor vehicle burglary first.burglary second I think those are all.the things well hold a juvenile rule.changing he knows I look at them a lot.because I'll tell you this I don't know.everything.believe no I don't know everything.that's why I always tell if I say.something wrong make sure you correct me.I don't mind being corrected in front of.folks because that's that's what they're.there for 9 percent male population 10.percent female population people are.charged and I dropped down to malicious.mr. Mertle we house everyone here.prisons they normally they'll go to what.they call reception evaluation of prison.and they'll go to a particular prison.for what they call it maximum custody.inmate or medium custody and me in jail.you have it all we don't know what's.coming until they get here if the person.commits a murder I tell everyone guess.what the first guess was the first stop.they made they come to a jail that.person you see standing on the street.that's drunken a police officer side to.wrestling.guess where they come they come to jail.everybody comes to jail anybody move.what the prison they had to go to jail.first cuz normally the jail your.fingerprint photograph that's where.you'll first that's where you actually.start the process that's basically how.you start that's how you get into what.we call the the criminal justice system.arrest and you go to jail that's when.you know I'm a fingerprinting photograph.and now we know who you offer the rest.of your life so just remember jails hold.everybody does not matter.it holds everybody.population our population and I give.them I have to get some kudos to the.solicitor and our population is really.going down willing to very few jails in.the state where Papa our population is.actually keep going down down down and.currently we have about 800 inmates in I.think about 800 million said today and.believe it or not this gentle at one.time we always said 1,100 beds we're at.1500 and one here we had 15 and 15.hundred minutes a day that's about 78.years ago but we've our population.dropped down we're gonna talk about that.later also type facilitated with type 4.facility which means we house juveniles.and adults long term now we'll talk.about the good stuff direct supervision.versus linear the difference is the.pictures linear is this direct.supervision is that notice the.difference there's a bunch of trash on.the bottom one right that was just.cleaned up 30 minutes prior prior to.that officer probably making the tour.nuts taking that picture direct.supervision the officer is inside the.unit and linear style the officer does. just makes around security checks.now you are going to a direct.supervision unit this is not maybe I up.there humming young and you're on a date.y'all self so y'all may remember that.let me remember that now some of you.might probably not you won't like to.lock up with something like lock up on.Discovery Channel one of those challenge.but there's a difference I have IVM up.the ending behavior management.everything in this jail is based off.inmate behavior we give them a choice.it's long as you behave yourself you get.to walk around talk watch TV talk on the.phone as much as you want to as much as.your family can pay for because the.calls will collect.you get the order of commissary.visitation you get access to those.things if you don't behave then we have.to take some of those privileges away.notice I said privilege is not a right.we take some of those privileges away in.order to control them that's part of.innate behavior management we lay down.the rules every morning they get at.enemies could probably bout 30-minute.briefing every morning and said with.these are the rules do we have to do it.every morning yes we do because you.can't have to remind people this is what.you're supposed to do this how you.suppose that your beds supposed to be.made in time to guard your baby supposed.to make you be things are not supposed.to be posted on the walls we basically.tell them this every morning to make.sure that they understand with.requirements of being in the facility.cost of bed space cost of bed space.we'll talk about that later but.basically how we normally determine how.much it costs to keep an inmate in jail.which is technically it's just it's just.a term we use so on because you may hear.that when I say calls to bed space it.cost us about 72 hours about 69 I think.it $69 keeping invade in jail now from.6-9 dollars a day now really if you take.one inmate out the only thing we.actually say this breakfast want to do.them because we still have to keep the.lights on you still have to have staff.in place you still have to feed.everybody you students have that and you.still have to have to provide medical.treatment for them I'm explaining front.door back going I'm talking about jail.population reduction scratch front door.back door front door amount of arrest.types of rest how they said barn.citizens demand changing attitudes and.legislation mandates and new and.changing laws all that's basically.saying remember I told you about get.tough on crime when we get tough on.crime in three strikes you're out.we might tell you our population one.fifteen hundred because three strikes.you are because inmates will not want to.plead guilty and if I did it if I got.arrested three times and was convicted.two of those times you and no matter.what I do I got to serve 80% of.sentence on the on my third offense do.you thing on the plead guilty when I'm.gonna do 85% I go to a trial and.possibly get off with the trial.that's why populations go when you say.get tough on crimes think of programs.think of whatever things you want to do.to actually help a person from type of.behavior well I put a person you have a.drunk a person that has a drug.dependency you put them in jail okay.he's in jail jail have programs we.continue but the best way of doing it is.okay see what we can divert possum and.put him in a drug treatment program and.see if we can help them through this.addiction help him find them a job.helping become a productive citizen.that's one less person you may have to.place in jail so if you just keep.locking people up the cycle just.continues so you got to find other ways.of handling handling how your arm.deal people who cut me a crime.especially drug offenses oh we can.affect interstate how long it takes one.to go to trial that's based all this how.long does it take if it takes a person.five years to go to trial UGL becomes.fool if it takes them a couple of months.to go to trial you might be just swing.people in and out of jail we used to.book in 60 people today which is really.amazing whose process 60 people in the.day and 60 people out of that intake.process in some way down normally.process 20 thousands of people in a year.oona process 15 people are 15,000 people.in calendar year 2015 we classification.remember I told you about inmate.behavior earlier classification is a.process we go through to learn more.about that enemy we learn about their.past we learn about their current.criminal history we learn about any.medical issues we put all those a little.color decision tree it's a.classification form and it decides on.whether this inmates gonna be none of.them custom which requires less security.risk rate measures.mean him customers requires a little bit.more match security which requires the.highest security measures we can.possibly have.so that's what our classification how do.people we process the court we move.19,000 inmate 19,000 incidents of folks.going to 2020 half the street not to.have that something on one Main Street.and to our barn for it just that's.inmate move that don't include the times.that we send in classify me just walk.them around from civil itself that's all.going to court medical medical had.medical assault forward had 12,000.almost 13,000 incidents oh when they saw.or treated someone now put it on put a.put us in perspective.our populations about 800 spin up its it.was about 900 last year but we got about.800 this year so imagine how many times.they kept saying they've seen the same.inmate or hundred times how for that.medical department is almost 13,000.incidents where they saw or touched.someone mental health.nothing that was one of the biggest.issues we have in jail today I have a.third of the population in Allen let's.go attention Center invited to the map.about eight and three and eight um three.and eight and tell them how many times I.mean it what's that know so we got 250.inmates on psychotropic drugs right now.are there two invested over about close.to a fourth or fifth of them are a kid.George L's is truly a mental health.hospital and gels are not equipped to.build mental health hospital we're not.therapeutic we cannot staff its office.staff is trained but not trained to the.point of dealing with the folks we need.to have trained with Dylan folks with no.health issues gels and I build that.because we don't have the type of.fixtures therapeutic environment that.you need but 3,000 people treated from.millet that that are here we are through.a year we actually had treatment out or.so I say you probably full cleaned it.without over 1100 people if you're told.that all up how many times we had to.move the inmate was inside this facility.almost four to 1,000 times and then.actually moved inside of so that's a lot.of movement that's a lot of moving parts.for the jail we have parks for 35,000.Records here at at any given time that.something that focuses came in within.the previous year and the current year.that's a lot of paperwork video.conferencing we have we're actually just.can basically set a ball and that's the.only thing actually is doing South.Carolina do your first arraignment.however we also have another type video.visitation for the inmates sure they.want to be able to should have family.who decides not to come to jail to visit.the manthe as you walk past the kiosks.should say the visitation boots in the.front lobby you can also do that over.living there it is a at a cost and I'm.not advertising it but instead of just.driving down here you can possibly sit.at home it works well for folks who.living out of town who can't get here.and within an hour so they get there.have a 15-minute visit cost about five.dollars it's not not bad saving gas.prison maybe we could not exist without.inmate labor.inmate workers old terms to be trustees.for those who folks who know about the.jails inmate workers clean the building.they mop they do some of the repairs.they cook some of the food not someone.who they they actually they help prepare.all the food so we could not function.without inmate labor inmate labor saves.us money yeah because we have about 40.and a in person minimum wage 40 in.we have 40 people in our inmate labor.force right now and that's still not.enough so imagine just paying them just.minimum wage how much that would.increase the cost of operating the.facility incident reports well like I.said we document everything the cost of.writing writing writing writing.maintenance requests we constantly work.on this building this part you're.sitting in is 20 years old 21 years old.we opened in 1990 1995 so what you're.sitting in is 10 21 years old when you.go back in the lock down there with the.first part is 21 years also so this jail.has been here a while so we're.constantly trying to keep it presentable.the county jail and jails are not like.county headmen.county at man is is it open now not.generally club a jail is 24/7 constantly.operating 24 hours a day which is hard.for us to keep clean so we're constantly.moving moving people around and.constantly cleaning mopping floors.because that's the only we can take care.of the building.ah programs into my program or that put.you on the spot it's your building in.this unit engage give them something to.do because as you know they're here and.we have outstanding GED program we have.different type of programs for domestic.violence drug abuse and all those types.of stuff to make Vania is engaging the.inmate keeping them the mines on time.and we do have some very good.instructors a lot of people that you may.know that come in from different.churches gentle organizations volunteers.that come in on their own dime to assist.us down here with the program section we.have our classes our stuff that you see.up here you know inmate behavior and.break behavior management that's part of.it.TVs are part of inmate behavior.management.I don't minds is what there you go no.have any preaching again well I.don't mind if you have to keep them.engaged if you do not keep them engaged.they don't get a missed you but programs.you'll be surprised once an inmate.enroll in programs you very seldom to.have problems out of that inmate because.in order for them to go to programs they.have to do the things that are right.they have to follow the rules and.facility it is a waiting list and.sometimes it makes get very upset.because they can't attend class but we.only have someone we have two classrooms.one library.and you said you saw them in the.programs we had it's about 12 up there.and it's hard to schedule all that stuff.try to get everybody and that's one of.our biggest problem issues we have and.hopefully what I'm one of the things I.did forget on our inmate construction.project that's one things we need to.include space for program this is.basically personnel here well let me.back up.that's the organizational chart I.reported assistant account administrator.I'm the director of attention services.and this isn't directing my kid mind.it's a creative both chief security.operations professional standing support.services and programs those are base.that's where the captain's are.responsible for that some of the folks.currently we have on 345 spots now now.I'm gonna tell you this y'all know.anybody job anybody job.we always hire and I will tell you - it.sa tough and rigorous screening process.serious it's a tougher rigor and.rigorous training process but it can be.rewarding if a job is what you make out.of it I call this profession I've been.known for 34 years I've been at the same.deal here for 34 34 years three years.31.and they've been around let's see that.they've been around a while.and my point is this it's hard to find.good people to do good work and any.correction a lot of time folks think.there's nothing to correct but it is a.very rewarding profession it's hard.because you work holidays and weekends.anniversaries all that good stuff but in.the end you're rewarded you know every.time I go out and shop I see you know.series and I speak inmates yes I did and.if all of us tell the truth somebody not.found in some way that we don't really.want to talk about so I tell my staff.discontinuous we were no better than.they are.I don't mean upset anybody but they are.human beings just like we're going to.deserve to be treated with dignity.respect but in the correctional.environment we're here to help and.assist I'm looking for some folks who.want to do that so that's my plug that.that's my that's my plug to hiring folks.so if you know someone they need a job.I've got the kids at 21 and trying to.get them out of how to bring mom we.would take care of correctional officers.my support people don't leave I can't.get them out the door but correction is.very stressful it is very stressful.basically you're locking and when you go.back in the back and we'll talk about.direct supervision when you go back in.the back door understand because.basically you lock down with inmates all.day long you'll get a break yes but you.lock down with inmates so you're.actually in there talking and.communicating make sure they do what.they supposed to do if an inmate require.a lot of interaction those are normal.position we have.how can you say that does the jail.provide cleaning inmates or is it just.emergency dental care we do cleaning -.we have a few here for and I'm done I.have to go back and read my er my.accreditation we have to make if an.inmate's here over 90 days we have to.make sure we give them one but it starts.one teeth-cleaning annually then that's.best requirement let me talk about we.have a I'll talk about them now if I.really spend much time on it.our medical we have in our hand on 24.hours a day.we have adopts that it comes here that's.the coming we have a doctor that works.here 40 hours a week.we have psychiatrists to come in for 12.hours a week we have three full-time.national level patients social work with.mental health workers what everyone at.one part time along with the host of.certified medical assistants LPNs and.knuckle that means down so you see the.importance of and not to give you a.figure current we spent 3.8 million.dollars out of a twenty twenty million.dollar budget on you know that's how.important we take medical services so.it's a lot of money that goes in the.middle.that's how budget.we're currently looking at doing an.addition for mental health if the house.slope what we call the therapeutic.environment however now here's the issue.is how much of county funds you want to.pick up to where the state is supposed.to be doing it and this is this is.Ronaldo - philosopher not anybody else's.were they in jail we're already doing so.we might as well provide the level of.service that we should that as much as.we possibly can that's for a normal my.are say so because I'm responsible for.I'd rather provide treatment for someone.hopefully when they get out we've gotten.compliant with medicine because the.curtain we do that now hope we can find.a place for a movie when you start.talking mental health folks you're.talking about homeless people we're.talking about veterans and you got to.have some place for them but for them to.go if you don't have that in place now.you really don't have we try to do it we.do it a fair job of it but I want to do.a next.you.

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  2. Login to your CocoSign account from your device or signup if you have not been pre-registered.
  3. Tick on the '+' option and add the document in which you want to write down your electronic signatures.
  4. Take the area you want to put your signatures.
  5. Personalize your e-signature in another pop-up window.
  6. Place it on the page and tick '✓'.
  7. Save changes and foward the file.
  8. You can also share this signed Alvin Detention Center Columbia Sc Form with other people or upload it on the cloud.

CocoSign aid you to to produce countless electronic signatures wherever. Connect with us now to automate your document signing.

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