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Mv7 Form Demand Assistance

greetings dear ones I'm Kryon of.magnetic service before I speak at all I.asked permission from the ancestors of.this valley for an uplifting message of.truth that they will resound with dear.ones this is for the listener a place.called mystery valley you're giving this.message which is number seven in the.series called the Monument Valley tour.some of you may wonder what kind of.place were in because it echoes and the.walls resound with the the sound of our.voice.it's an alcove which has a ruin at the.top and the group sits at the bottom.against the walls to listen to yet again.another message it was given in this.very place could it be that there are.places on the planet that are more.conducive to healing and understanding.and epiphany than others and the answer.is yes it's already been mentioned even.as they as to why that might be because.humans leave an imprint on the earth and.it's difficult to explain that for we.have to get into nonlinear concepts.which so many believe are esoteric and.yet there can be proven when you walk.into a battlefield of any kind where so.many have died there are those who feel.the energy and will know something.happened there even if you don't prompt.them to say well this is an in ancient.battlefield even if you take them for a.walk and don't tell them where they are.they'll feel it some human beings are.more sensitive than others some will.feel it greatly some will feel it.marginally some won't feel anything but.the question is this is what are they.feeling what is the process where a.human being could relate to something.that happened in a place so long ago and.it happens daily dear ones that those.would go into a place they didn't expect.where something has happened and feel.energies and later they find out that.was a burial ground or that was a.battleground or that was sacred land in.the past and so the object of the lesson.today is to tell you that there are.things that you don't know that are.beyond that what you do and what you do.know and understand so profoundly is the.linear existence and reality you live in.one step at a time.day by day survival making a living and.yet that is just a piece and a part of.what real actual reality is it's so.interesting.to see what your scientists are.discovering about multi-dimensional.things now they are saying well there.has to be at least eleven maybe as many.as 22 dimensions as you walk around and.yet you're only aware of four and so.this whole idea of multidimensionality.is not somewhere else it's here it's in.the mud that you walked in to get to.this place it's in every cell of your.body it's just that your awareness only.puts you in to four of them why do I.tell you these things mystery mystery.valley let's talk about the greatest.mystery of humanity the one that all.wonder about and none can prove what.really happens when you take your last.breath what is it the mysteries abound.and have through the ages and through.the cultures if you take a look at how.this is treated overwhelmingly you see.one single thing that is a commonality.there is ceremony around the passing of.a human being and the ceremony is.different for each culture and profound.in many in some it is even guiding what.they do next here.there's always been the idea of those.that pass will go to a place and.eventually will be accessible as the.ancestors now this is not uncommon with.indigenous all over the planet.it's intuitive as far back as you go.there is the idea that death is not the.end of a life it may be the end of a.four dimensional linear life of a.corporeal body that walks around but.it's not the end and it really doesn't.have much to do with religions or belief.systems it has to do with common sense.and cultures my partner took me to a.place far away in the southern.hemisphere and Island five hours off the.coast of Chile called Rapa Nui some call.it Easter Island and they had their.ancients the Rapa Nui owned the land.they managed the land and they are very.aware of what happened in that place and.if you sit down and ask them what about.all of these odd statues some weighing.13 tonnes and there's over 800 of them.that still exist and the interesting.thing is they all face around the middle.they're placed upon the beaches and they.face the island and up to a few years.ago there was the idea well they're.indigenous that means they celebrated.and worship rocks and then they realized.that it was a lot more than that that.there was an elegance in that.and then when they talked to the Rapanui.finally and asked them what is this all.about the Rapanui said these represent.our ancestors so that they can continue.watching over us and our civilization on.this island as they have for thousands.of years does that sound like anything.on this land and the answer is yes.thousands of miles away in a different.hemisphere you have the same almost.identical idea that when you pass into.another place and take your last breath.something grand happens there's another.kind of life you'll find it even in the.ancients that you can go and visit so.profoundly the Egyptians did it they.believed very strongly in the afterlife.not just for the Pharaohs you see in the.Egyptian photos and the Egyptian history.all that the pharaohs did so that they.will go into the next life with the.right accoutrements and the and the.right boats and the right weapons and.the valuables but maybe they didn't tell.you that even down to the lowest peasant.every Egyptian goes into the afterlife.this is intuitive dear ones the question.of course remains what's the afterlife.what happens truly at that last breath.there was a famous illusionist named.Houdini it was so interested in what he.called the occult and he wanted so much.to find out how to contact the other.side of the veil he spent a lot of money.and hours.with those who could talk to the other.side and realize that most of them were.charlatans and no one really could do it.and so he made an agreement when I pass.he said to his partner I'm gonna do my.best to get through to you he named the.The Times or the the times of years to.try so that they would both be aware him.on the other side of the veil that his.partner in in 4d here I'm gonna contact.you here and there and I want you to.listen because I'm gonna really try and.nothing happened so when you start to.ask the question not only what happens.when you go but can you then in some.fashion talk to the ones who remain and.the answer is this not in 4d not to make.an appointment not to have a seance.although this will be controversial.because many still do it's not about a.time on a clock or or sitting at around.a table and then calling someone's name.it doesn't work like that.that is so linear oh but it works I have.given you information in the past about.what I call the journey of the soul to.Spirit creator you your soul is eternal.and whether you believe in that which.reincarnates or not it doesn't matter.let's say you don't let's say you only.believe you have one lifetime on the.planet this still works that your soul.is always there always has been perhaps.it's as old as spirit itself perhaps as.we have taught before it somehow breaks.off for.the creative spirit and becomes human.but it has always been there inside you.as a piece of that creator that's the.soul and when you pass it then returns.to where it was now over 80% of the.earth believes this in that they believe.in an afterlife and so almost all the.planet intuitively celebrates the.passing of a human being into another.form of some kind and this is the lesson.of the day we speak in so many times.spoken to you so many times about the.difference between linear things and.nonlinear things and yet none of you not.one human truly can put yourself in a.nonlinear place you can say well I've.I've dreamed there I've had visions.there but all you've done in that is to.watch a movie you never have truly.understood how things can be in multiple.places at once.one of the most common experiments in.early physics was that of the.examination of light itself was that a.particle was it a wave then they.discovered it could be either then they.discovered that it reacts to being.looked at then they realised light.itself seemed to know things then they.realized that it could be in two places.at the same time then they stopped.looking entanglement.is so confusing to the linear mind for.it speaks of the idea of one thing being.in multiple places at the same time what.appeared originally in the experiments.as two things communicating over long.distances instantly became the.understanding of oneness it's one thing.in two places one on a star far away and.one on the earth being one with both and.therefore there's no communication.they simply are one that's entanglement.you can't grasp that with the human mind.it's impossible for you to put yourself.in that place but what I'm going to tell.you this is that the ancestors who are.here right now and listening are smiling.and they're laughing because I'm talking.about them they have always been in this.multi-dimensional place because of a.thing we've told you about the journey.of the soul when you pass from this life.dear ones you become part of that which.is all dimensions you no longer are.restricted to this planet to this earth.you exist in all dimensions in every.single way and that means that that soul.of yours can be in one place to place 18.1 million places at the same time for.your one with everything you want to.consider your loved one still in a.linear form with their body and their.face and their mind and their.consciousness and their thoughts and the.way they looked but all of that.disappears after they leave this planet.and they become magnificent just like.you do when you take your last breath.and that means those ancestors in this.valley are exceptionally real it is not.simply a tradition long before this.modern civilization that you belong to.existed indigenous all over the earth.understood this and the whole idea and.the reason was that they could continue.understanding the wisdom that didn't.leave the earth with the last breath but.continued in this place there is what we.call the crystalline grid which we have.talked about before and it amplifies.this the ancestors are those which.passed and have come back now what makes.this extremely complex to most humanity.is that you will say well if they've.come back how can they then be on the.other side of the veil after all they're.in this valley and that's when we don't.answer because you don't know what you.don't know but those who believe in.reincarnation I'll give you the biggest.puzzle of all I've told you that souls.come back with an agreement to live with.their loved ones with their children and.their grandchildren and they remain with.them to help them and guide them and.love them and those who believe in.reincarnation will say well yeah but.what happens then because I think I know.that they've also reincarnated and the.answer is yes they have they've done.both they're in two places at the same.time just like light are you confused.yet.that's the grandness.of the multi-dimensional soul that's who.you are now I want you to think about.this for a moment I want you to prepare.your children with something that.perhaps is not taught to you in any.place with this place I want you to look.in their eyes and say they'll come a day.when I pass it doesn't matter how I go.that's just in linearity what is.important is this is that a piece and a.part of my soul which you now know is.gonna come back and going to be with you.until your last breath and I want you to.feel me and I want you to talk to me and.I want you to remember me like I'm.really with you and I'm really there and.if you start telling your children that.they will make this more real than it is.today for in linearity it is so.difficult for you to imagine this one.who has passed coming back and sitting.on your lap in another form not.available necessarily in seance.but available personally intuitively to.you every single day for those of you.who've lost loved ones you already know.of what I speak it's not an imagination.it's not just that which is intuition or.hopefully that that person actually.might be with you still they are and.they're with you in a way that you can't.even imagine in every single cell they.are with you.and over a long period of time dear ones.this is how the bulk of ancestry is.built and that is why the ancients can.turn to the ancestors as a group knowing.they've all returned.in some form of wisdom to help them to.help them and guide them in places like.this imagine how advanced thinking this.is for the ones who dwelt in this valley.and if they could listen now and some of.them can they still are winking and.laughing that at this time in 2019 we.are rediscovering something so basic and.so advanced and so elegant that they all.know the ancient ones were advanced in.this they knew how it worked and claimed.it and lived by it and you can too.there are those in the modern age you've.said Kryon they write to me they say.Kryon i am in a country where my.ancestry is everywhere I have no real.ancestors like the indigenous did with.one bloodline I've done my DNA test and.I am everything how can this work in a.modern day let me start by this do you.believe in what I have told you about.the esoteric nasaw soul that you live.after you die and if you do then how.many past lives do you believe like.worker you've had and in that how many.have you met how many have you loved how.many children have you had in those.lifetimes esoterically not the lineage.that you're measurable with DNA I'm.talking about the esoteric Ness I will.then tell you that how old you think you.are how many lives you think you've had.on this planet old soul that every.single one of those children you've had.and loved and the parents you've had and.loved are in your DNA now in an esoteric.way there are your ancestors did you.ever think of that did you ever think.that each one of you might have your own.entourage your own ancestors as you walk.along the street it gets complicated and.to some it gets eye rolling because it's.not standard it's not what you were.taught you've all lost people there ones.in the last years between the time my.partner brought me to this valley and.today there have been at least two that.we met here that are no longer here of.the Navajo I want you to picture for a.moment every single one you've loved and.lost including those two all right here.in a way you cannot imagine or believe.or maybe talk to in a linear fashion but.that you can feel and if they could have.a message to you right now they would.say there's more than you think going on.on this planet there's more than you.think in the shift in the evolvement of.consciousness and they will say this.they will things will go away sometimes.that you thought were so precious but.it's time for them to become one with.other things things do not stay the same.and the wind blows differently in.different times and then they would.smile and they would say we are always.with you we are always here we are.always available just like you're going.to be for your children and your.grandchildren let them know now so this.will be part of their belief system just.like it is in this place on this land in.this culture when they turn to their.ancestors and ask them for guidance and.wisdom and they get it what happens in.your last breath more magnificence is.what happens it's time for you to.celebrate that and they'll come a time.perhaps where the courageous won't do.funerals anymore.they'll do celebrations and so it is.

How to generate an electronic signature for the Mv7 Form online

CocoSign is a browser based application and can be used on any device with an internet connection. CocoSign has provided its customers with the best method to e-sign their Mv7 Form.

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You have successfully signed PDF online . You can access your form and email it. Excepting the e-sign alternative CocoSign proffer features, such as add field, invite to sign, combine documents, etc.

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Google Chrome is one of the most handy browsers around the world, due to the accessibility of a lot of tools and extensions. Understanding the dire need of users, CocoSign is available as an extension to its users. It can be downloaded through the Google Chrome Web Store.

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