What Are West Virginia Tax Forms Used for?

Any employer who is making payments in the form of wages or salaries is subjected to the West Virginia personal income tax. He is liable to deduct and withhold the tax from such payments (wages or salaries) and pay the tax withheld to the State Tax Department.

Employers must remit the withheld tax on or before the fifteenth day of the preceding month. If you are filing quarterly returns, they will be due on or before the last day of the month, according to the end of the calendar quarter. Employers file different West Virginia tax forms to remit the withheld tax.

What Should Be Included in West Virginia Tax Forms?

West Virginia tax forms must incorporate some basic things, including details of your social security number (SSN), which is available on your social security card. It must include your name and address. In case you are married and filing a joint return or filing separate returns, fill in your spouse's name and spouse's social security number. If the taxpayer or spouse deceased during the taxable year, enter the decedent's social security number and death date. The tax form must have an option for an amended return if you are filing for an amended return. Make sure you mention the reason for amendment with the amended return or include a copy of the federal 1040X with West Virginia amended return. If you are eligible to file as a Special Non-Resident, specify it in the form; otherwise, file as a nonresident or part-year resident.

Key Considerations in Drafting a West Virginia Tax Form Online

First clearly state your filing status. Select 'I' if you are the one filing status. Mansion for your spouse only if your filing status is married and you are filing jointly, and your spouse can't claim as a dependent on another person's returns. If you are filing for a dependent, enter the number of eligible dependents in the box. Mention the name, SSN, and date of birth in the dependent section.

Lastly, If you are eligible to claim an additional exemption as a surviving spouse, enter the spouse's social security number and year of death.

You can also file current-year amended tax returns online if the software you choose supports this function. It's a more fast, accurate and convenient method for tax filing. If you have filed more than 25 personal income tax returns last year and will be using tax preparation software to file one or more of these returns, you must file those online for the current tax year.

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