What Are FMCS Forms?

To know what FMCS forms are and what they are used for, it is first important to understand what the FMCS (Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service) is all about.

The FMCS is the government agency that offers mediation and arbitration services to communities, industry, and government agencies across the United States.

The Agency is also responsible for facilitating and mediating the resolution of workplace problems and disputes with absolute confidentiality and neutrality.

To engage the service of this organization, you need to fill out specific forms. Therefore, the FMCS forms are used in obtaining FMCS services, including requesting an arbitration panel or filing notice of bargaining.

It is also used in the Labor-Management Grants Program. Suffice to mention that there are different forms for different categories of requirements.

When Do You Need an FMCS Form?

You will need to fill out an FMCS form when you need to obtain the service of the FMCS. If you need to request arbitration, labor-management cooperation grants, a notice of bargaining, and Freedom of Information Act requests, you have to fill out an FMCS form.

If you request that the FMCS provide the service of Arbitration for your organization, you will need to complete the Arbitration forms. With the completion of the forms, you will be provided with panels of arbitrators that have wealth of experience in labor-related matters.

The FMCS also offers mediation services and to engage this service, you will need to fill out the associated FMCS forms. This will enable you to access experienced mediators that can help resolve workplace disputes while establishing stable, enduring, and sound labor-management relations.

What Are the Components of an FMCS Form?

The FMCS form has different components and the details depend largely on the specific form that you are looking at. For a Request for Arbitration Panel form, you will find different sections on the form. Each section requires that you provide specific information.

The first part covers details of the employer. These include the company’s name, company’s representative name, company’s address, email, and phone number. The second part covers details of the union and it requires the same information as in the section for the employer.

Other details include the site of dispute, type of issues, type of industry, requestor’s name, and signature, among others.

How to Complete an FMCS Form?

It is recommended that you complete your FMCS forms online to fast-track the process. Cocosign offers the editable format of the forms on its platform. Therefore, locate the specific forms that you need and carefully fill out the blank space.

Make sure you provide accurate information to avoid any delay in your processing. You can also use the e-sign tool on the Cocosign website to add your electronic signature to validate your FMCS forms.

Next, download the form and upload it to the appropriate website. It is easy to complete an FMCS form online through the Cocosign website.

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