What Are DOI Forms?

In the United States of America, there is a department called the Department of the Interior. This department exists because the management and protection of US-owned lands and natural resources is a priority for the government.

The department also handles everything related to Native Americans, Native Hawaiians, and Alaska Natives as well as territory-related incidents. Sometimes, people have to sort certain issues regarding US lands, natural resources, and tribal statuses like the ones listed earlier.

Any forms gotten from the Department of the Interior to sort these issues out are DOI forms. Although not many people have much to do with DOI forms, they are very important for those who need them.

When And Where Do I Need DOI Forms?

If you’re someone who wishes to have any legal association with US lands and territory, you will need a DOI form. The forms can also come in very handy if you're a Native of any kind or want to be connected to native lands. For instance, you need a kind of DOI form to officially recognize and legalize your ancestry as a Native American. That is, through the DOI, you can get a Certificate of Indian Blood.

The process involves filling a DOI form with necessary information about your relatives and known ancestors. If the information proves genuine and correct, you get the Certificate of Indian Blood.

How Can I Get A DOI Form?

If you’d like to get DOI forms the old-fashioned way, you can walk into the Department of Interior’s building in Washington, D.C., US. However, if you would rather do things with ease, go online. You can check the DOI official website for the form you need. Simply check the Bureau in charge of the process you wish to do.

CocoSign also has lots of templates of DOI forms. So you can also sign and save on the same website you get the template. That saves you a lot of extra stress.

DOI Forms FAQs

Here are some questions people have about the Department of the Interior and DOI forms:

  • Do I always have to use the DOI given template?

So that the department can easily process your form, it must be up to standard. The templates they provide are drafted in compliance with those standards.

  • What is an ATO which a DOI form can get you?

The acronym ‘ATO’ stands for Authority To Operate. You need a DOI form to get an ATO if you want to operate on any portion of land that isn't authorized by the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP).

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