What Are Delaware Tax Forms?

The state of Delaware, US has a Division of Revenue that serves as the main collector of revenue for the state. Part of the division’s work is attending to taxes and taxpayers in the state. The Delaware Division of Revenue makes use of some forms to process the different taxes. These forms are called Delaware Tax Forms.

There are different kinds of Delaware Tax Forms, depending on the type of taxes being processed. And, most of them are divided into years. Learn more about what to do regarding Delaware Tax Forms here.

When And Where Do I Need Delaware Tax Forms?

You need Delaware Tax Forms if you have to pay any kind of taxes in Delaware. A Delaware taxpayer is someone or entity recognized by the law that lives in the state or enjoys its state benefits. There are individual taxes (or personal taxes) and business taxes, therefore there are both types of tax forms. The type of tax form you use depends on who you are or what you do in Delaware.

For example, you want to start selling some commodities in Delaware to the citizens. You are required by law to pay a Franchise tax every year. The amount you will have to pay depends on how much authorized shares are in the corporation. In this situation, the Delaware tax form you will have to fill is a business tax type of form.

How Can I Get A Delaware Tax Form?

You could walk in and get your Delaware Tax Forms from their offices, but since technology has made things like this significantly easier, you can get it done by visiting the website of the Delaware Division of Revenue and downloading the form.

You can also make use of the templates on an e-signing site like CocoSign. Simply go to ‘Delaware Tax Forms’ in the form category on the CocoSign homepage, and choose the form you need. Fill it out, making sure to crosscheck that nothing needs editing, then put an e-signature.

Once the form is signed, you can save it to make it available for redownload, printing, and then submission.

Delaware Tax Forms FAQs

Many Delaware taxpayers ask similar questions regarding their tax forms. Here are some of those questions:

Where are the offices of the Delaware Division of Revision that I can get an offline Delaware Tax Form?

The Delaware Division of Revenue has different office locations in its major cities: Wilmington, Dover, and Georgetown. You can also contact them on the telephone before you decide to go there yourself.

Can I get a copy of the Delaware Tax Form I used for a tax return?

Yes, you can get a copy of a tax return you filed. Just provide some required information to the Delaware Division of Revenue.

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