Connecticut Tax Forms

There are different types of tax forms used in Connecticut. For the sake of state income tax, administrations are needed to retain a Form CT-W4 in their files for all workers.

They are supposed to file copies of Form CT-W4 with the Connecticut Department of Revenue Services for specific workers claiming release from the Connecticut withholding. A copy of Form CT-W4 for all new hires is sent to the state Department of Labor to help implement child support obligations.

For business tax requirements, Connecticut has some range. It includes the mentioned forms such as:

  • Attorney Occupational Tax (Form 472)
  • Business Entity Tax (OP-424)
  • Composite Income Tax (CT-1065/CT-1120SI)
  • Corporation Business Tax
  • Excise Tax Forms
  • Partnership Returns
  • Public Service Tax Forms
  • Sales Tax & Other Vendor Taxes
  • Unrelated Business Tax (CT-990T)

Which Tax Forms are being Used in Connecticut?

Following are some of the leading tax forms that are used in the state of Connecticut.

  • 2016 Ct Seq Form
  • 2015 Form Ct 1041 2017 2018
  • Form C 3 Uge 2011 2019
  • Ct Disclosure Statement 2005 Form
  • Ct 656 2008 Form
  • Op 236 Form 2008
  • Ct 941x 2009 Form
  • Ct3911 2006 Form
  • Online Pdf Editor 2006 Form
  • Cert 125 Form
  • Form Os 114 2018 2019
  • Cert 119 Form
  • Cert 141 Form
  • Form Ct 941 2017 2019
  • Ct Reg 1 2018 2019 Form

What are the Benefits of Filing Taxes?

There are some significant benefits of filing taxes, so have a look and decide on your own, whether you are up for it or not.

According to surveys filing taxes is a hectic task. To save yourself from strain and trouble, you need to be an early filer to do your work before time.

Early filers can protect their refunds from identity thieves. According to the Government Accountability Office (GAO), the IRS projected that online tax fraudsters tried to steal at least $12.2 billion via identity theft tax refund fraud in 2016. If you file early, then there are chances of you protecting your refund.

Early filers with a tax bill have time to make a plan. When you have an income tax bill in place of a refund, it’s normal to put off filing as much as you can delay it. But in case you go for it and fill out your tax forms and file them, you’ll know how much you have to pay, and you won’t have to pay in full.

If you file early, then there is less competition for access to tax experts. The best choice you have here is to avoid all that trouble to get an appointment with your mentor as soon as possible.

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